Mom’s Secret

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Ever since I started masturbating, members of my family had always been the subject of my fantasies, male and female. My mother, Kathy, while not the most attractive of women, still has a good body for her forty-eight years. I’m not ashamed to admit she looks good in a bikini. She wears glasses and has her mousy hair cut short, which adds to her strict persona.

My father, George, has always been a mild-mannered person. At fifty-six years of age, he’s only an inch taller than my mom, being five foot eight. He’s overweight and balding, but a respectable person.

The two of them work for the same company, yet it’s my mom who is in charge. Being a manager, she brings in the money and is the matriarch of the family.

My younger brother, Brad, is the offspring of a one-time affair between mom and a work colleague. Dad being the forgiving type accepted situation, but the birth father was granted partial custody. As such, Dad never really bonded with Brad and even I saw him less frequently as we got older. He’s twenty-six and is quite literally the opposite of me. He stands at six foot three, incredibly muscular with short, dark hair. Most people are shocked to find that he’s the younger sibling. He works as a personal trainer and lives in a temporary apartment. As I’m bi-curious, I consider my brother a very attractive man.

As for myself, my name is Sam. I’m unemployed and still a virgin at twenty-eight. I share the same traits as my father, which hasn’t helped much with my confidence. My brother seems to have gained traits from his birth father.

A usual routine for when my parents were out working, I did what most guys do. Watch porn. This time however I was feeling particularly horny. Reckless, you could say. I decided to place a hidden cam in my parent’s bedroom in hopes of catching my parents having sex, my mom masturbating… Anything! I placed it on the side cabinet which blended in perfectly with its surroundings.

For days I had it there, filming generic, everyday events. It had often captured my parents in the nude. My mom had a stunning body in contrast to her stern face. My dad, on the other hand, looked repulsive. His blubbery body and shrivelled tiny penis almost made me not want to continue with the filming. His penis shamefully reminded me of my own.

One time checking through the footage I could’ve sworn I saw my mom look at it. My heart skipped a few beats thinking I’d been caught. I guessed she just looked in the direction where the camera was.

One evening while my dad was on a work retreat for the week, I chose to stay over a friend’s house leaving my mom alone in the house. I presumed that with no one in the house, she might end up masturbating. The thought of it got me hyped!

I returned home the following afternoon, and mom wasn’t home. I told her I wouldn’t be home until the evening, but I couldn’t wait to see what my mom gets up to alone. I had almost hoped to surprise her in the act of masturbating, but once home alone I felt somewhat relieved. I went to the room to retrieve the cam.

Heart pounding, I copied the recent files onto my laptop in my bedroom and let it play.

For a while, it was nothing but darkness. I considered it to be another day where mom does nothing and goes to sleep. That was until I heard the front door open downstairs. I heard the unmistakable voice of my mom, as well as a deep male voice. The door closed, followed by giggling. My initial thoughts were that dad was home. But dad doesn’t have a deep voice. Was mom cheating?

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs and then the door opened. Mom turned on the light and crawled onto the bed. A man entered the room and stood in the doorway. From the position of the camera, I couldn’t see his face, but he was tall, and muscular.

My heart was racing. Despite the evidence that my mom was probably having an affair, I still tried to find rational reasons. What if this man is just checking out the house? He took off his shirt revealing a familiar silver chain necklace, then unzipped his jeans. His penis was huge. It practically hung down to his kneecaps. My mom took off her shirt and dress, leaving nothing but her own chain necklace and gold wristwatch, and wedding ring. With a sly smile, she beckoned him to the bed with her index finger.

“Come here, sweetheart,” she purred.

The man crawled onto the bed, and I felt my entire body grow cold. It was my brother, Brad.

I froze. My mind was spinning. I was watching my mom about to have sex with her own son!

Mom propped herself up onto the headboard as Brad placed his penis at her vagina lips. He slowly entered her, and my mom shivered with delight. They continued in this position for a while, Brad grunting with every thrust.

“Let me get on top,” mom said.

He rolled onto his back and mom lowered herself onto his penis. She was riding him with a look of pure delight on her face, Brad grinning at her. She placed her hands on the headboard and caused it to crash against the wall.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” mom screamed.

While her hands were on the headboard, I got a clear view of mom’s wedding ring. I shamefully avcılar grup yapan escort became aware of the throbbing erection in my pants.

The couple changed positions once again. This time my mom was facing the hidden cam while Brad fucked her from behind. She grabbed his head and pulled it towards hers, and the two passionately kissed. Their tongues wrestled as my brother’s cock sawed in and out of my mom’s bushy vagina.

“Brad, cum inside me!” mom begged.

As Brad exploded his semen inside my mom’s vagina, my undersized penis simultaneously ejaculated in my pants. They were motionless for a few seconds, and then propped themselves up onto the bed making out.

I sat in shock by what I had just witnessed. My mom is having an affair with my brother, her son! Brad whispered into her ear and they both giggled. Mom then got off the bed and walked over to the camera. She picked it up and looked directly into the lens.

She knew, and I was terrified.

“Sam,” She said with an exasperated sigh. “We need to talk, young man.”

She placed the camera back in its original position and got into bed with Brad. They cuddled and fondled with each other’s bodies, occasionally looking at the camera and giggling, before finally leaving the bedroom. About half an hour later they returned and got into bed and went to sleep.

I fast-forwarded the footage while still in a daze up to when they woke up. They had another make-out session and left the room. A few hours later I saw myself walk in to collect the camera.

I sat in silence for what seemed like hours. I could feel the shameful semen drying on my pants.

“Sam, can you come downstairs, please?” my mom asked.

I was so immersed in the video I had not noticed anyone arrive home. I shakily stood up and slowly opened my bedroom door. Barely audible, I heard Brad talking to her. I walked downstairs to see my mom and brother sitting on the sofa together. She was wearing a black sleeveless turtleneck which made her look incredibly intimidating, yet sexy. I tried to act like nothing had happened.

“Hey, bro!” Brad said confidently, winking.

“Hey, Brad, and mom. W-where have you been?” I shakily asked.

“Oh, your brother and I just popped out to do some shopping” mom said. “I thought you weren’t home until later?”

“Yeah, I… I decided to come home early,” I said.

There was an awkward pause between us. Mom patted the space between her and Brad.

“Come sit.” She said.

I walked over and sat in between the two of them.

“Now, about what you just watched,” mom said.

“Uh, what’s that?” I lied.

Mom placed her hand on my thigh. The wedding ring reminding me of everything.

“Now, Sam, sweetie. You know very well what,” she said.

I looked down in shame.

“Look, bro. It’s ok,” Brad said.

“Do you want to talk about it?” my mom asked

I looked at her, then nodded.

My mom and brother looked at each other, and then mom spoke.

“Well, long story short, I love your father, but a woman needs a MAN in her life. I felt neglected, unfulfilled. From the footage you probably know that your father isn’t very… large down there. Now your brother Brad. These past few years I’ve found him incredibly attractive, despite him being my son. I told him my problems with George, your father I mean, and it just… happened. We ended up having sex, and it was amazing. Do you understand, Sam? Amazing. We didn’t even think of it as… the “I” word.”

“Incest?” I interrupted.

Brad grabbed me by the shoulder and pointed his finger at me.

“DON’T say that word,” he yelled.

My mom continued.

“Yes, Sam, it is, but your brother and I hate that word. We’re just like any other couple. We’re boyfriend and girlfriend as far as it concerns us.”

“But why did you… choose to have sex in front of the camera?” I asked.

“Well, I found out about the hidden camera weeks ago. We were horny and wanted to teach you a lesson. We are sorry for that… But at least now you know.”

I didn’t accept their reason. It was unnecessarily cruel and traumatizing. But I just nodded.

“So… How long have you two been together?” I asked.

“Gotta be about five months now, right babe?” Brad said.

Mom held Brad’s hand in front of me.

“That’s right,” Mom said with a smile. “Sam. Please understand that Brad and I are in love, and if you love me, you won’t tell your father about us. It would destroy him.”

‘Like me now?’ I thought.

“Ok,” I finally said. “But what about you and dad?” I asked.

“What about him, sweetie?” mom said with genuine confusion.

“If you’re with Brad, what happens with dad?” I said.

“Well…” mom looked at Brad. “I plan on staying with your father for at least a little while longer, but eventually I’ll have to divorce him. It isn’t fair for him to be the third wheel in this relationship. Also, as this is my house, he’d have to leave.”

“What about me?” I asked, slightly more aggressive than I intended.

“Well…” mom paused again. “I would like avcılar masöz escort you to live with your brother and me. At least until you get a job and find your own place. Brad is making arrangements to move back.”

I nodded and we sat in silence for a while. My brother broke the silence.

“So, we’re good yeah?” he said with confidence.

“You love mom? And you treat her right?” I asked.

“More than anyone mom’s ever been with!” he said with pride.

Mom and Brad leaned in in front of me, as though I wasn’t even there.

“I love you, Brad,” she whispered.

Brad chuckled.

“I love you, mom.” Brad said.

The loving couple made out while leaning on me. I could feel my erection growing again and silently begged it to go down.

Brad noticed.

“Hey, looks like someone’s excited!” he joked.

Mom looked down and laughed.

“Wow, I didn’t think he’d accept us that quickly!”

Before I could explain myself, mom pulled my pants down.

She giggled at the sight of it as she touched the tip of my penis.

“My, it’s not very big, is it…” she trailed off.

I pulled my pants back up, ashamed of my small penis.

Mom and Brad got off the sofa, and Brad whispered into her ear like earlier on. Mom giggled like a schoolgirl.

“Sam… Since you get, ah, ‘excited’ by the sight of your mother and brother in a relationship… What do you say to watching us have sex in person? No physical interacting, just watching.”

I was speechless. I felt humiliated, worthless. But still, I nodded.

Mom and Brad looked at each other and returned sly grins. Mom held out her hand.

“Come, Sam. We’re going to give you a little ‘sex education!'”

Mom held my hand while Brad’s strong hands were on my shoulders, and the two of them led me to the bedroom.

My heart was pounding through my chest. Did I want this? My head told me, no, but my raging erection told me otherwise.

We reached the door to the bedroom, and I panicked. I turned away to leave.

“Whoa, where you going, bro?” Brad said, grabbing me by the arms.

“Oh, no. You can’t back out now, young man!” my mom said in her usual stern voice.

She opened the door for Brad to lift me over his shoulder and carry me into the room. He lumped me onto the chair facing the bed (the same angle I placed the hidden camera). Brad quickly slipped out of his clothes and leaped onto the bed, while mom removed her pants and made a sultry walk to the bed.

Brad knelt behind her and helped peel off her sleeveless turtleneck. She wasn’t wearing a bra, so her D cups popped out from underneath. Brad then placed his hand inside her panties, and she gave out a little moan.

“Mmm, you’re so naughty, Brad!” Mom purred.

“Only naughty for you, mom,” Brad replied.

My mind was spinning. ‘This can’t be happening.’ I thought to myself. ‘It’s adultery. It’s incest!’

Even so, I remained still, erection pressing against my pants. Even the way they spoke to each other was hot.

Brad took off mom’s panties and gave her vagina bush a little tap. He then grabbed her arms the same way he carried me into the room and pushed her onto her back. He rubbed his enormous penis against her bush, mom licking her lips, then he penetrated mom’s vagina to the point his own pubes were in friction against hers.

“Ooooh!” mom moaned.

Brad’s rhythm sped up, placing his hands under her buttocks and lifting her off the bed, causing the bed to rock. Mom supported herself by clutching the headboard. I squirmed in my seat, pondering whether I should rush out the door in embarrassment.

They changed positions. This time in the reverse cowgirl position. Facing me. Brad’s balls slapped against my mom’s vagina. I looked at mom in the face. She was looking at me with a sly grin on her face. I turned away in shame.

“Sam! You’re supposed to be learning here!” she bellowed.

I turned my head back. Brad’s huge penis accidentally popped out and a speck of pre-cum landed on my arm. Both mom and Brad laughed.

Brad sat up on the edge of the bed and mom slid off his penis. They had a sudden make-out session making pleasurable moans. Mom gave Brad a hand-job, her marriage ring and gold wristwatch blurring from the motion. Brad was fingering mom and playing with her bush, causing her to shiver.

Brad stood up, his penis inches from my face. Mom looked up at him lovingly, a look she had never given me or dad. Her hand gently caressed his arm, then he pulled her up. The couple, pretty much standing over me were in a passionate embrace. Brad’s penis was pressed against mom’s bush. Then out of nowhere, Brad grabbed her buttocks and lifted her off the ground. Mom’s leg narrowly missed my face.

“Haha, sorry sweetie!” mom told me.

He carried her to the other side of the room, mom smiling the whole time, and fucked her standing up. Mom looked almost petite against Brad’s muscular frame.

“Oh, god, Brad! Yes! Yessssssss!” mom squealed in delight. Her boobs bounced and chain necklace swayed from side to side.

“You like avcılar otele gelen escort it, mom?” Brad smirked.

“Oh, Braaaad! George could… NEVER do this!”

Mom saying “Brad” in such a sultry way made my penis ache. I needed to release it from my pants. I momentarily hesitated, then I pulled down my pants.

I quickly regretted it, as they saw me grabbing my penis. Mom’s smile faded. She hopped off Brad’s penis and stormed across the bedroom to me. Her hands on her hips.

“Disgusting young man. Who said you could masturbate?” mom sternly said.

“I… uh…” I stammered.

“Come on mom, let him this one time.” Brad intervened. “He’s a growing man after all!”

‘Growing man?’ I thought. ‘I’m twenty-eight. Older than you!’

Mom turned to look at Brad, who was climbing onto the bed, then back to me. Her stern face softened.

“Ok, fine. Just this once!” mom said while ruffling my hair.

Mom joined Brad on the bed and gave him a blowjob. Brad let out a moan and ran his hand through mom’s short, mousy blonde hair. His other hand rubbing mom’s bushy vagina.

After a short while, mom raised her head, leaving a loud ‘pop’.

“I want your cum inside my pussy!” mom purred to Brad, tapping his chest.

I had never heard mom sound so dirty! It was almost as dirty as her cheating on dad with her own son.

Mom propped herself up onto the headboard, her arms outstretched. Brad shoved his penis inside her and sawed in and out. The strict, frigid mother who had raised me, was enjoying her own son’s penis. Her eyes rolled up and her mouth widened. She was in ecstasy!

Brad was close to climaxing.

“Ready, mom?” Brad breathed.

“Yess! Do it, sweetheart!” she screamed!

Brad came inside mom, both making loud noises which echoed throughout the room.

I ejaculated as well, a few moments after Brad.

Brad’s penis slowly left mom’s vagina, leaving a trail of white semen. He used his still-hard penis to push the semen back inside.

“Brad… Wow!” mom exclaimed.

“Just giving my girlfriend what she’s been missing for twenty-nine years,” Brad said, in a snide remark about dad.

Mom gave a, “Whew!” while wiping the sweat off her forehead.

They got into a cuddling position, mom’s leg leaning over Brad and brushing against his penis, Brad stroking her backside.

“You know, I think we’d make some gorgeous kids!” mom said with a huge smile, stroking his chiselled hairy chest.

It only occurred to me just now: could mom still get pregnant at her age?

“Course they would be, mom. They’d have a stud for a father!” Brad said.

Mom let out another purr of delight, then kissed him again.

They eventually looked over at me.

“Sam! We’d almost forgotten you were here!” she said.

“How’s that for ‘sex education’ bro?” Brad asked.

I was speechless.

They laughed together at my response and kissed for a short time longer. They whispered something I couldn’t hear, and they got up.

“We’re going to take a shower now,” mom said. “Afterwards we’ll cook up a nice meal.”

They walked out of the room, mother and son, arms around each other as lovers.

My heart was beating rapidly. I had literally just witnessed my mom and brother have incest sex in the flesh. Incest sex in mom and dad’s marital bed.

‘Dad,’ I thought. He was none the wiser.

I felt dizzy. I mean, how many guys get to experience something like this? I shakily got up and walked to my bedroom. I heard the sound of laughter from the bathroom.

It was late evening, and I heard my mom call me down for dinner. It only just occurred to me that I had been sitting upright on my bed in the dark, for over an hour. My mind was still swimming. I pulled myself together and joined my mom and brother at the dinner table.

Mom was wearing a revealing camisole, my brother wearing a vest which highlighted his muscles, as well as dad’s Rolex watch. That was dad’s anniversary gift from mom!

‘How dare he?’ I thought.

I almost called him out for it, but for whatever the reason I didn’t speak up.

We ate in silence, mom and Brad holding hands and exchanging loving glances at each other.

“I’m finished,” I said, wanting to leave and never come out of my room again.

“Sweetie, Brad and I brought a movie for us to watch tonight. Sit with us!”

“Nah, I ought to- “

Mom gave me the stern look she always gives, so I stayed with them.

We sat on the living room sofa watching a rom-com. Mom and Brad cuddled up on the sofa, occasionally kissing and lifting Brad’s vest to caress his abs. I tried my hardest to focus on the movie, yet I felt my erection grow several times. In my peripheral vision, I saw the usual golden glow of mom’s watch vanish into Brad’s pants. Maybe absent-mindedly or not, she was playing with his penis.

Brad placed his own hand down mom’s pants. They were no longer being discreet. Ignoring the movie completely to focus on each other. Their tongues wrestled in the glow of the television.

I got up and left to go to my room.

A short time later I heard them come upstairs. I peeked outside my door one last time. Both were fully naked, with their clothes in a trail across the floor. Mom was clutching Brad’s penis towards the bedroom, and they left the door slightly open. I heard them having sex again, but this time they sounded softer, much more sensual than what I witnessed. I lay in silence, heart pounding.

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