Mom’s Leggy Attic Attack

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It was a hot night for late fall as I was taking winter clothes out of my attic and bringing up my summer things, so I slipped into a t-shirt and very short jean shorts, with white socks and sneakers. I’m 51 years old but blessed with a great – and deadly – pair of legs, if I do say so myself, something my 19-year-old son had seemed to be noticing of late.

I’m a single mom, have been for years, and remain in shape and attractive. I have short blonde hair and a slender body at 124 pounds on my 5-8 frame. I do aerobics and run regularly and people have always commented on my long, lean and somewhat sinewy legs, with more than a few of them complimenting me on my muscular calves. They’re not bodybuilder huge, rather sleek and long, bulging nicely in the back above my socks, while my thighs are lengthy and ripple with flowing muscle, not the bunched-up types you see on weightlifting women.

And Randy noticed, he’d always eyeballed me as I walked around the house in shorts or short skirts. As he developed into a young man, I’d notice him checking me out nervously and then hightailing it to his bedroom or bathroom to masturbate; I would listen at his door and listen to his moans of “Oh, Mom, those legs, those legs ” and laugh silently to myself, impressed at both the frequency of his jack-off sessions, sometimes six or seven a day, and myself for making such a mastubatory impression on him.

This day, as I worked in the attic in my jean shorts that barely covered my rather shapely bum, Randy was helping me, fetching clothes from my bedroom and handing them up to me in the attic, using the pull-down ladder, as I put them away and handed him my winter clothes. I couldn’t help him noticing my legs with increasing fervor and smiled to myself. The time had come to show my son what a mother’s legs can do.

There was a mirror to the side of the rack where I was working putting clothes up and in it I noticed Randy standing on the top rung of the pull-down attic ladder, watching me. So I gave him something to see: I stood on tip toes, really balling up my calves above my socks and watched his eyes light up and heard him moan. Smiling to myself, I turned to the side and extended one leg, really flexing my lean, left thigh,a furrow of noticeable muscle on the side between the quad and back of my tanned leg. His eyes bulged – as did the front of his skimpy shorts. I turned to face him with more clothes and he ducked down a bit below ceiling level to hide his stiff cock.

“You OK, honey?” I asked, handing him the clothes, but holding them up higher so he had to stretch and afford me a glimpse of the deliciously sinful bulge in his pants. “You look a little red.”

“No, I’m fine, I’m fine,” he said, ducking down with the clothes. “Be right back, uh, gotta go to the bathroom.”

I laughed to myself and listened from the attic to the grunts from the bathroom just below me. I must be good, I thought, he came in about a minute and then dashed back up the ladder to stand next to me in the attic, and it was then I noticed a cum blob on his rugged young thigh. I pointed to it.

“What’s that? Spill something on you?” I asked, smiling.

“Uh, yeah, I just ate one of those cream donuts in the kitchen, must’ve squirted out on me ” he stammered, making a move to wipe it off.

But I beat hiim to it, scooping the still warm goo onto my finger and holding it up to my mouth. He looked horrified.

“Mom, don’t!” he shrieked.

“Why not?” I asked, watching the thick spoo ooze down my finger as I held it up between us.

“Uh, cause,’s fattening and you look great the way you are!”

“Ohhhhhhh, you’re so cute,” I giggled before popping the finger into my mouth and sucking it clean with my eyes closed, and letting out a blissful sound. “Mmmm cream tastes sooooooooooo good, even at my age! But that doesn’t taste like donut cream and it was warm..oh, ataköy türbanlı escort well, let’s keep working.”

Randy’s face went white as he watched me finish licking his cum from my finger. I looked down. His cock stirred in his shorts. The kid was a machine, I thought. I went back to arranging clothes, Randy standing on the ladder again, hiding his new hard-on. I had to get this kid – my muscular, studly son – between my legs and quickly devised a plan.

“Hey, Randy, remember when you were a kid, not so very long ago, and we’d have those playful wrestling matches in the back yard?” I said, squatting now, really pumping up the sinew of my thighs and calves, much to Randy’s delight, which I gleaned from looking in the mirror again.

“Uh, yeah, Mom, sure I do heck, you embarassed me in front of all my friends, how could I forget that,” he said shyly.

“Yeah, remember how I’d hold you in my legjail, I’d call it, I’d wrap these babies around you and scissor you for an hour at a time, laughing as you tried to free yourself!” I said, turning to stand up and slap my thighs with my hands, quiverinbg the meat of them and then flexing down to pop a pretty impressive muscle pose for a woman my age. “Remember that?”

Randy’s face went white again and he slipped down a rung on the ladder. I was guessing his mom’s legs always did it for him, ever since those days of me putting him in scissor holds on the lawn in front of his friends.

“Geez, Mom, c’mon, that was ancient history,” he said, looking away. “Forget about it.”

I pressed on.

“Think your old mother’s legs could still hold you in my legjail, Randy?” I teased, walking toward him. “Huh? Still think I got what it takes to put you in a scissor with these old thighs and make ya give up?”

“Uh, Mom I gotta go to the bathroom again,” he said uncomfortably, turning to walk down the stepladder.

“Oh, no you don’t!” I yelled.

I quickly sat at the edge of the opening and cast my legs out and around my descending son’s head, capturing the back of it against my shorts crotch and lathering the sides of his face in my lean, muscled thighs, locking up my socked ankles and putting on a terrific squeeze. He screamed in surpise and pain – and humiliation – as I hunkered down and let him have it.

“Yeah, baby! I still got it after all these years!” I hollered. “Don’t ya think, Randy? Huh? Do ya GIVE to Mommy’s headscissors!!!”

“MOM!! Stop! It hurts!” he screamed.

I pulled back so I was sitting in the attic and Randy had to follow me up or I’d break his neck. As his legs came up into view, so did the full view of the massive boner in his shorts. He flailed his legs to try hiding it, but I’d seen it already. I laughed and squeezed harder.

“Oh, Randy, does mommy’s headscissors excite you?” I growled, thickening my thighs against his head. “Does it? I’d say so by the looks of things.”

I snapped the hold down hard until he screamed his submission. I squeezed a second longer and let go, laughing as he hurridedly scampered down the ladder and straight into the bathroom. I sat back, patting my thighs in admiration. I headscissored my son to submission in less than a minute. And I was just warming up.

I went down the ladder quietly and listened at the door. Sure enough, Randy was beating his meat again, groaning and moaning, “Mom those legs, those fucking legs ” I reached for the door and flung it open and saw Randy spread-legged on the toilet seat, a pair of my soiled panties over his head from the laundry pile in the bathroom and one of my sweat socks wrapped around the biggest cock I’d ever seen. It was a foot if it was an inch and as thick around as my wrist. My mouth dropped open.

“ God, you’re huge, MUCH bigger than your father,” I leered.

“MOM!!” he shouted in horror, tearing my panties off his ataköy ucuz escort face and trying to cover that massive piece of man meat. “Please!!”

“C’mon young man, we’ve got a wrestling match to finish,” I hissed, walking over to him and snapping my sinewy arm around him for a headlock, pulling him to his feet and kicking his shorts away. “Time for Mom’s Leggy Attic Attack!!”

I waltzed him to the ladder and held him by the hair now behind me as I walked us up the steps.

“Get a good look at those legs, son of mine,” I growled. “You’re gonna be seeing a LOT of them!”

We got upstairs and I hiprolled him into a pile of clothes. He came up angry and ashamed, his foot-long dong now in repose but still twice the size of any man I’d ever seen before.

“How often do you beat your dick thinking of your Mommy?” I asked, hands on hip, affecting a stern look. “How many times a day do you whack it?”

“Mom, please, don’t,” he cried, falling to his knees and covering up.

“I don’t want you doing anything in private that you can’t do in front of me,” I said. “So now I want you to jack off. Jack off for your mother, Randy. Now!”

He looked up, amazed. “No no I can’t please “

“How many times a day do you jack off, I asked you young man. Tell me.”

“Shit, Mom .I dunno five or six, I guess.”

“Do you always think of me – and these?” I asked, pointing to my legs.

“Christ, Mom .not always but yes OK, I do, I do, I jack off thinking of you and your goddam legs!”

I smiled.

“Good,” I hissed, walking toward him. “Then do it now while you’re IN my legs!!”

I flew at him and took him down in a flying neckscissors, coming to rest on my side, his neck in the crook of my knee. I flipped my locked lower legs up alongside his head, crushing his jaw in my crossed calves and against the back of my muscular thighs. His face went red and as his hands flew up to my legs to try pulling them apart, his fully erect cock sprang into view. I moaned.

“Do it, Randy jack off that big cock!”

He balked, so I flipped him to his back and enveloped his face in my thighs in a reverse headscissors, his face at the denim-covered ass of his mother. I held myself up over his bobbing cock. It was inches from my face.

“Jack it, baby boy, jack it now ” I hissed, smelling the aroma of the pre-cum boiling up in the fat eye of his cockhead. “Jack it for mommy.”

He balked and I hunkered down the scissor hold, hamming up my thighs on his head, sending the sinewy inner thigh muscles tearing into his skull. He screamed and slowly his hand came into view, wrapping around his prick. He slowly pulled it up and down. I extended my tongue and lapped the thick wad of clear gel welling up at the tip, pulling it in a string to my mouth and putting my head back to savor the taste.

“Do it,” I growled, putting my open mouth directly over the thick cap of his dick so he could feel my hot breath against it. “And cum .cum for mommy and cum all over mommy’s face!!!”

He moaned and less than 30 seconds later, gave up a huge, thick, creamy load of boy cum, giant jets of the pure white gold splashing up into my mouth. I closed my lips and swallowed, orgasming as I did, tasting my son’s seed. He shot again and again and again, painting my face with his goop, thick blobs of it hanging from my chin and cheeks and forehead. I leaned down, rubbing my face all over the still-spurting juice from him mammoth cock as I squeezed his head in my thighs harder and harder, my cunt creaming in orgasm.

“Mmmm, that’s my baby, give it all up, every sweet drop of your hot boy cream!” I screamed before popping the ultrathick cap of the oozing prick into my mouth and sucking the rest from him.

I then sat up and back on his face, slowly grinding my denim-clad ass into his mouth and nose, building myself up ataköy üniversiteli escort an orgasm which came seconds later as I hunched forward and back, brutally abusing my son’s face for my own pleasure.

“FUCK YESSSSSSSSS!!” I screamed, flexing my glutes which were now fully exposed as my short shorts rode up into the crack of my muscular ass. “Cumming all over your face!!”

When the orgasm subsided, I heard Randy’s tears under my ass. I dismounted and lay next to him, still stroking his amazingly hard cock.

“Now, Randy, don’t be shy, hell you just spent all that time in my scissors and under my ass, I came all over your face, and I’ve got your hot, tasty cum all over mine and in my mouth, I’d say we’re over the shy stage, wouldn’t you?” I smiled.

He looked ashamed. I shrugged and let go of his cock only to slither out of myh shorts and straddle his muscular young body.

“Mom, no, we can’t,” he protested weakly as I settled my cunt on his scorching, fully erect cock. “We … can’t…”

“We can and we will, young man,” I growled, putting my hands on his chest and leaning forward to settle down on the full foot-long length of his massive prick. “Now shut up and fuck me..or better yet, lemme fuck you! After that orgasm you had, you should last awhile!”

He shut his eyes and couldn’t look at me as I pounded up and down on his huge prick, licking my lips, tasting his come still hot on my face. I leaned forward and made him kiss me, holding his head still in my strong right hand.

“Taste your spunk, baby, believe me, it’s VERY tasty,” I growled, rubbing my cummy face all over his and ramming my tongue into his mouth to share the load.

He obeyed, kissing me back as best he could, trying to move his head away from my gripping hand. I lanced my cum-stained tongue down his throat and swabbed his mouth with it.

“Mmmmm, fuck, Randy, you don’t how hot this makes Mommy, sharing your cum,” I growled, closing my eyes and extending my legs back along his, his cock spearing my cunt as I snapped my hips on him. “Feel Mommy’s ass! Do it now!”

His trembling hands shot back to the assmeat jiggling madly as my pussy devoured his prick, his fingers digging into the soft yet muscled meat.

“Slap Mommy’s ass!” I growled into his ear, biting and licking it. “Fucking spank me!”

He obeyed, eyes wide open and looking into mine as his big hands pounded my ass now, flailing the creamy butt flesh, reddening it as he slapped it over and over again. My cunt tingled and clamped down hard as I rode his big prick and I gushed out another orgasm, bathing his tingling balls witih my juices.

“Mom….gonna…gonna…” he said, shocked.

“CUM!!! You’re gonna fucking CUM in Mommy’s hot cunt!” I shrieked, punching down with my pussy and milking his glorious dong.

He shot a huge load deep into the twitching walls of my gripping cunt, his balls knotting against my ass as he pounded me with his prick and I met his thrusts with my own. His hands grabbed onto my ass for dear life as he banged up and I humped down, feeling gallons of his sweet cream jet into my womb, flooding it and leaking back down around our combined sex and frothing up in a bubbling mass of goo around his dickstem, leaking down my ass and settling in a pool in my butthole and finally dripping to the attic floor, washing his balls on the way by. He finally stopped coming, as did I. I collapsed atop him, gently kissing his neck and wiping his sweat and tears away.

“That wasn’t so bad, was it?” I laughed into his face.

“Oh, Mom, that was the best…can we…can we do this again sometime?”

I laughed and slipped off his shrinking prick, feeling a mountain stream of cum flood my hairy lips.

“No time like the present,” I growled, sitting by his head and lifting his moaning face to my thighs, securing a tight facescissors hold on him, his mouth at the gaping maw of my fresh-fucked and cum-laden cunt. “But I gotta scissor first, it gets me VERY excited. Hope you don’t mind.”

His cock stirred to life as he ate deeply in my pussy, drinking from the well of our combined juices. I guessed he didn’t mind and neither did I, though we never did finish putting the clothes away in the attic that day.

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