Mommy and Daddy Took Turns Pt. 02

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It was Wednesday night, and It had been almost three weeks since my punishment. Every night when I went to bed, I was hoping my parents would come back in to finish disciplining me. However, nothing happened. So, I decided I would get into trouble, so they would have no choice but to punish me. I had decided I would misbehave Friday, so they could punish me all weekend.

When Friday came, daddy told me my mom’s sister was sick. My mommy would be flying out to be with her. She would be gone for about two weeks.

“I want you to be a good girl for daddy while I’m gone.”

“Yes, mommy. I promise I will be a very good girl while you are gone.”

With that, my daddy was off to take my mom to the airport. I realized this was my chance to get fucked all weekend long by my daddy. Every time I thought about his huge cock in me, I got so wet. I knew the easiest and quickest way to upset my father was to talk back to him. So, I planned to shoot off my mouth tonight.

It was around 9 o’clock. I was so horny. I walked around in front of my dad in short shorts, showing off my tight round ass, but he didn’t seem to notice me. I was beginning to think what happened that night was all in my mind. Then, I turned around to my daddy and told him I would be back later. He looked at me, and yelled.

“Taylor, where do you think you are going dressed like that?”

“To see Brad. I won’t be gone long.”

“You won’t be gone at all dressed like that, young lady!”

This was my opening!

“Right! Whatever! I’ll see you later!” I yelled as I began to open the door.

Before I could reach the door, my daddy was on me. He yanked me around and told me I was being disrespectful. He said that was unacceptable in his house. I snatched away from him and turned to walk out the door. He placed his hand on it.

“I see you need to learn some manners!”

With that, he pulled me in the living room and ripped my shorts off. He flung me over his knee and began to smack my ass. He was hitting me so hard, I actually began to cry. He must have heard me because he calmed down. He began to rub and squeeze my ass cheeks . He told me that talking back was simply unacceptable.

As he continued to rub my ass, I felt my pussy getting warm. To ensure he didn’t ankara escort just stop and send me to bed, I yelled at him.

“You can be so stupid sometimes dad!”

With that, he smacked my ass really hard. I started squirming on his knees so he could feel my wet pussy. He kept spanking me, then all of a sudden, he felt it. That one drop of pussy juice that escaped and managed to run down his leg. He slowed down and began to rub my ass again. As he did, I felt his pinky slide between my ass, down to my slit.

“Are you sorry?”

His voice was heavy. He sounded as if he was having trouble breathing. He kept rubbing my ass. Then I felt two of his fingers slide into my pussy. I immediately moaned. He stuck them in deep and started moving them around. I was so wet that my pussy made a squishing sound.

“You are so wet. Daddy’s little whore is so wet. I know what you want. You want daddy’s cock inside you. Don’t you slut?”

I moaned and replied “yes daddy”.

He took his fingers out of me. I heard him licking his fingers. He made a smacking sound.

“So good!” he said.

He lifted me up and laid me on the floor. He spread my legs and just smelled my pussy. He was just leaning over it, taking in its aroma. Then he opened his mouth and covered my entire pussy! I felt his tongue flickering. It was on my clit, slithering between my lips, and in my hole. He closed his mouth with a big slurp. He began to finger me and lick my clitoris. It felt so good. I felt my body jumping. Just as I thought he would make me cum. He stopped.

“Does the little whore want to cum?”

“Yes, daddy! Make me cum, please!”

“No! Not yet. Bad girls don’t get to cum. They have to work for it.”

With that, he rammed his cock in me, then pulled it out. Then he sat back on the couch and told me to get between his legs.

“Clean it bitch!”

With that, he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me to his hard cock. It was glistening with my pussy juices. I sucked it. I gobbled up all my juices and his pre-cum. I was so horny, I would have done anything he asked.

My daddy began to pump my mouth. He was holding my head and pushing down really far. I could feel my dad’s dick in my throat. I thought I would choke, but I guess I was so anxious escort ankara to fuck, that nothing bothered me.

“Are you ready to swallow for daddy?”

I just kept sucking. With that, daddy let out a roar and came down my throat. I never stopped sucking. I swallowed and kept sucking. I swallowed every drop of my daddy’s cum. He lifted his head and smiled.

He lifted me up and kissed me passionately. Now I was straddling him on the couch. He lifted me slightly and slowly slid his cock inside me. It felt so big. Thankfully, I was dripping wet. It was easier to take. Once he was all the way in, he grabbed my hips, and pushed deeper. He started pumping and pushing me back and forth. It felt so good.

I think he was about to cum again because he stopped and just pulled me close. He started sucking my breasts. He would suck them up, then rest his mouth on my nipples. He was biting and sucking them. Flicking them with his tongue. It felt incredible. I felt myself about to cum. I started bouncing on my daddy’s lap. Then he pulled me off of him.

“I told you, bad girls don’t get to cum…yet!”

With that, he had me get on my hands and knees. He pushed my chest down, so my ass would sit up higher. He began to rim my ass. It felt incredible. Then he stuck his index finger in my ass, and his thumb in my cunt. He had a rhythmic motion going. As he thrust into my ass, he pulled out my pussy. As he thrust in my pussy, he pulled out my ass. Soon, I was pumping on his fingers.

“Do you like daddy playing with your ass?”

“Yes, daddy!”

“Do you want daddy to fuck your ass?”

“Yes, daddy fuck my ass! Fuck it now!”

With that, he pushed his head in. It slipped in fairly easily. Then he started pushing the rest of his cock in my tight ass. I began to moan because it hurt a little. As a result, daddy reached under and started rubbing my clit and thumb fucking me again. While he did that, he continued to push his cock in until his nuts were flesh with my ass. Then he took his thumb out and told me to turn my head around.

He leaned forward and put his thumb to my lips and said “clean it bitch”.

I did. I sucked his thumb, tasting my pussy once again. Once he was satisfied, he leaned back up and began to fuck my ass. He ankara escort bayan started off slow, then he got into a fast rhythm. It felt so good. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t decide if I preferred his cock in my pussy or ass.

“Daddy is about to let you cum now.”

With that, he started pounding my ass. As he did it, he began to spank me. With each strike, I felt a sensation run through me. After he thrust, he would hit my ass. I felt my body tightening up. I started to moan and push back on his cock harder. Then, it happened. I came. I came so hard, I think I blacked out for a minute.

“It’s not over yet baby girl.”

Daddy turned me over. His cum was oozing out my ass. He spread my legs apart. They were lying on each side of me. He looked at my wet pussy and rammed his cock in me. My eyes popped open. Daddy was fucking me like a crazy man. Every time he would go in, I felt his nut sack on my wet ass.

Then he put my knees on his shoulders and pushed them back until they were by my ears. My dad pulled all the way out and slammed into my pussy. He kept fucking me until I felt another orgasm happening.

“I’m cumming daddy!” I screamed to the top of my lungs.

“Cum for daddy, you little slut! Fuck your daddy, whore!”

I started thrusting as hard as my daddy was. Our bodies would meet half and make a furious clapping sound then part. My daddy leaned up, keeping my legs on his shoulders. He grabbed my thighs and began to push me back and forward viciously. He was breathing heavily and sweating profusesly.

“You fucking cunt! I am about to cum!”

As soon as he said that, I began to cum, and daddy followed. With each burst of his seed that entered me, he beat my pussy harder with his cock. Once daddy, was done, he leaned up and looked at me. He kissed me lightly and stroked my hair.

Then he grabbed a handful of it. As he pulled out of me, he put his cock to my mouth and said “clean it bitch”.

Obediently, I cleaned his cock. I tasted my pussy and ass, his cum and sweat. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted.

Afterwards, we showered together. Once we were done, I headed to my room to get some much needed rest.

Daddy stopped and smile. He kissed me, as his hand cupped my breast and stroked my nipple.

“Your mother’s is going to be gone for a while, but not long enough for games. So if you want me to fuck you, don’t play games, just ask.”

I replied, “Daddy, will you fuck me again?”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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