Momma Domme, Daddy Slave Ch. 02

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This is a continuation of “Momma Domme, Daddy Slave” i strongly reccoment you read it first to get background.


Ashley awoke early that morning. Beams of sunlight were streaming in through a gap in the curtains and the distinct smell of bacon could be detected wafting up from downstairs. Feeling deeply refreshed by the night’s sleep she had just awoken from she jumped energetically out of bed and waltzed her naked body slowly across her room, enjoying the feeling of soft carpet underfoot and warm air caressing her supple young body.

She stepped into the bathroom and turned the shower on. After waking she would always hop immediately in the shower and today was not going to be an exception. She waited for the water to warm up and stepped under the jets as soon as they began to steam. She tilted her head back for a moment, allowing her body to warm up under the powerful spray. She quickly washed her hair and applied a dollop of shower gel to her hands before rubbing every inch of her soft skin to a state of perfect cleanliness.

She stepped out of the shower feeling thoroughly refreshed and ready for the day to come; a day that she knew would be unlike any other she had experienced in her young life. She toweled herself down and returned her naked frame to her bedroom, quickly choosing out a comfortable outfit and throwing it on. Today she decided on an ensemble that was still sexy but also light and comfortable; she chose a white cotton singlet, similar to the one she had worn the night before only today she neglected to put on a bra beneath it. She slipped on a pair of white cotton panties beneath her denim miniskirt and placed her feet into a pair of flip-flops before heading out through her bedroom door and down the stairs towards the kitchen.

Upon arriving in the room her eyes were immediately drawn to her father who was standing by the stove cooking breakfast, his bare ass still marked from the night before. Her mother was sat at the kitchen table, watching him as he continued in his work.

“Morning,” said Ashley, turning towards her mother.

“Morning, sweetie,” she replied, standing up to kiss her daughter on the cheek. “Breakfast is almost ready,” she added, sitting back down again.

Ashley took a seat at the table next to her mother and joined her in watching her father, the two enjoyed watching his muscles twitch and turn as he moved about the kitchen and Emma took great pleasure in the cane marks that remained on his pert ass.

Before long James had prepared breakfast and plated up a feast of eggs, bacon and toast onto two plates. He placed the plates on the table before his two mistresses, revealing to Ashley for the first time that day his flaccid member. For a moment Ashley was unsure why he had only served two plates but her uncertainty was soon alleviated as her father knelt beside his wife, waiting obediently, like a dog, accepting any scraps she threw his way.

Ashley and Emma ate quickly, James had always been a great cook and breakfast had always been one of the meals that he made exceptionally well. Before long the two had cleaned their plates. Emma placed her plate on the floor beside her and James immediately got to work, licking off the crumbs and leftovers that she had saved for him. Ashley, learning quickly, lifted her plate from the table and placed it similarly beside her chair. Soon James had cleaned Emma’s plate and crawled on his hands and knees towards his daughter, promptly cleaning every last scrap off her plate too. As soon as he had finished he collected the plates and placed them in the sink so that he could clean them up later. He returned immediately to Emma’s side and knelt obediently as before.

“So what’ve you got planned for our little slut today then Mom?” asked Ashley, really getting into the spirit of their new family dynamic.

“Anything you want babe, I want this to be your day.”

“I’ll have to think about it, I’m not really sure what I want to do.”

“Well why don’t we leave your father here to clear up the breakfast mess while we relax in the living room?” Emma suggested.

“Okay,” said Ashley, making her way immediately towards the living room.

Emma turned to James, “We’ll take some coffee in the living room, and make sure you get all of this mess cleaned up properly.”

“Yes mistress,” he said, bowing slightly before standing up to complete his tasks.

Emma headed into the living room and took a seat on the leather couch next to her daughter. Ashley was apparently deep in thought, or at least trying to give that impression, Emma suspected that she was probably still a little embarrassed about initiating anything of her own volition so decided to put her at ease.

“How did you find last night?” she asked, hoping to understand how agreeable her daughter was to their new situation.

“I thought it was strange at first,” she replied, thoughtfully, “but as soon as I saw what he was prepared to do, when you made him clean my feet, I realized that it was actually bahçelievler escort kind o’ fun.”

“And what about the things I made him do to me last night? I assume you’ve experienced similar things yourself in the past.”

“Yeah I have,” said Ashley, looking back on her underwhelming sexual encounters, “but when guys have eaten me out in the past it always seemed as though they were only doing it so that I would return the favor.”

“Well there’s no chance of that with your father,” said Emma, remind her daughter of his utter devotion to his mistresses. She paused for a moment, “but it didn’t bother you to see him do that to me?”

“Hell no,” said Ashley with gusto, “That was hot.”

Emma smiled widely, “I got the impression you thought that, did you end up using that vibrator in the end?”

Ashley looked down at her feet, resting on the footstool before her. “She mumbled her response, “Yeah, pretty much as soon as I got into bed.”

“Don’t be ashamed sweetie,” said her mother, placing a supportive hand on her arm. “It would be hypocritical of me to judge you for it, don’t forget whose vibrator it was.”

“Yeah… I’m not ashamed, it’s just masturbation seems so taboo.”

“More taboo than what you saw last night?” Said Emma; practically laughing at her daughter’s concern.

“Jesus, you’re right,” said Ashley, “Yes I took your vibrator last night, I used it and I fucking loved it.” She said, the tone of her voice injecting finality into that part of the conversation.

James entered the room with two cups of steaming black coffee, the way the ladies both liked it. He placed the cups on the coffee table before bowing gracefully and heading back towards the kitchen to finish his chores.

“There was something that I was wondering,” Ashley said, blowing on her coffee. “Do you ever let Dad have his orgasm?”

“Sometimes,” said Emma, a smile growing on his face. “Only if he’s really pleased me and only if I think it will be more fun than denying him.”

Ashley pondered her mother’s words for a while before asking another question, “when was the last time you let him cum?”

“Thursday,” replied Emma, without hesitation.

“So two days ago?’

“More like one and a half,” her mother corrected, “it was Thursday night.”

“Okay,” said Ashley, taking a cautious sip of her coffee.

The two sat in silence for a while, sipping at their coffees. “Have you had any thoughts about what it is you want to do today?” asked Emma.

“I don’t really know,” said Ashley, looking up towards her mother with an awkward look on her face.

“I understand if you’re a little embarrassed sweetie,” Emma reassured her, “If you like, I’ll give the orders and you just jump in whenever you feel comfortable, okay?”

“I was hoping you’d say that,” said Ashley, clearly relieved.

“You just watch and learn from Momma.” She smiled cheekily at her daughter, “finish your coffee and then we can have a little fun.”

The two quickly sipped down their cups of coffee, Ashley almost burning her tongue in her excitement but managing to finish in the end. They placed their cups back down on the coffee table and made themselves comfortable in the couch, sitting as close to each other as they could. “Slave,” called Emma at the top of her voice.

Her call was immediately responded to and James came running into the living room before kneeling in front of the couch before his wife and daughter.

“We’re going to have a little bit of fun with you now,” said Emma, a menacing grin forming on her face. “Does that suit you?” she added.

“If that is your desire mistress,” he said, obediently.

“It is my desire,” returned Emma always in her element when teasing her slave, she turned to her daughter, “Is it your desire sweetie?”

“Oh I think so,” said Ashley, her voice a little sarcastic but meaning every word she said.

“Did you hear that, slave?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“Lift your head up, I want you to take a look at your daughter,” Emma ordered. He complied immediately. “I want you to tell her what part of me you most like to worship.”

He paused for a moment, his face flushed red with embarrassment.

“I can’t hear you,” Emma barked.

“I like to worship your mother’s asshole,” he said, rushing the words in reaction to his wife’s harsh tone.

“Oh?” said Ashley intrigued.

“Well go on; tell her what it is you do.”

“I like to press my nose against it and sniff her perfume. I like it when she rubs my face with it and lets me lick it; I like to stick my tongue as deep into her asshole as I can force it.” His face was burning red but he did not direct his gaze away from his daughter.

“And what about your asshole?” Emma asked.

“I like it when your mother pushes things into my ass, I enjoy it when she forces a butt plug in or fucks me with a dildo or her strap on.” His face was even redder now but he didn’t lower his head.

“You’re bahçeşehir escort a sick little pervert aren’t you?” Ashley chided.

“Yes Mistress,” he replied.

“What is it about being fucked in the ass that you enjoy so much?” Emma asked, trying to continue his humiliation.

“I like to feel like a little bitch, like some kind of whore, I like to know that you own my hole, and you don’t care how much it hurts when you fuck it.”

“What is it you like to do with the strap on when I’m finished?”

“I like to suck it like a cock, and taste my freshly fucked ass.”

“And why do you like all this?”

“Because I’m a dirty little slut.” He said, the red in his face fading but still clearly there.

“He’s disgusting,” said Ashley, wanting to help add to his degradation.

“He’s a sick fucking slut is what he is,” Emma agreed, “A fucking deviant.”

“What are we going to do with him?” asked Ashley, her inhibitions loosening by the second.

“Nothing just yet,” said Emma, a slightly calmest edge to her voice, “I have a few questions for him that I want him to answer.”

“Cool,” said Ashley waiting for more.

“Did you enjoy cleaning your daughter’s feet with that dirty little tongue of yours last night?”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, “I enjoyed it very much.”

“Did it make you feel like you wanted to worship any other part of her body?”

“Yes Mistress,” he replied, failing to elaborate.

“Well…” returned Emma, a little angry with his short answer.

“I wanted to worship her ass and pussy.”

“Which one did you want to worship more?”

“Her ass,” he said, his face becoming red again.

“Jesus,” said Ashley, “He’s fucking obsessed.”

“What would you give for a taste of that sweet hole?” asked Emma, clearly enjoying herself.

“Anything Mistress, anything at all.”

Ashley looked at her mother she knew that she had something in store for him and was eager to find out what it was. “Well I think,” she said, beginning to reveal her plan, “that before you can even dream of going near her precious little asshole, she has to tear you a new one.”

“I like the sound of that,” said Ashley, becoming excited at the prospect of becoming an active participant in whatever was about to happen.

Emma addressed her slave, “I want you to go and wait in the bedroom, I will be up shortly.” He stood up and walked out of the room. When he had left the room she turned to her daughter, “How would you like to fuck daddy’s ass?” she asked.

“Right now?” she returned, clearly excited.


“I’d love to,” she said, enthusiastically.

“Come with me then,” said Emma, jumping abruptly to her feet. She turned to her daughter and took her hand before leading her out into the hall and up the stairs to the master bedroom. When they arrived in the room they found that James had followed out his orders and was waiting at the foot of the bed, exactly as he had the night before.

Emma turned to him, “On the bed,” she barked, “get on all fours.”

He wasted no time in doing so and was promptly positioned as instructed. Ashley looked on in eager anticipation of what was to come, her eyes fixed intently on her mother as she reached under the bed and slid a plastic box out. She quickly flicked the lid open and removed a couple of items before pushing the box back under the bed, “There’s plenty more in there that I’ll show you later,” she said turning to her daughter.

“Can’t wait,” replied Ashley.

Emma placed the new objects on the bed beside her husband and addressed him directly. “Face down, hands behind your back.” He had been given this order many times before and quickly complied, pushing his face into the soft sheets of the bed, forcing his ass into a better, more elevated, position.

Emma hopped onto the bed and knelt beside her husband. She took both of his wrists in one hand and quickly bound them with a strong roll of duck tape, forcing them together over the small of his back. When she had tied his wrists she turned to her daughter, “are you ready?” she asked, discarding the forceful tone of her voice and replacing it with a gentler, more motherly, air.

“Definitely,” said Ashley, her enthusiasm now inescapable.

“Come over here,” instructed Emma, gently beckoning her daughter to the side of the bed.

Ashley stepped confidently towards her mother, eagerly awaiting her first real chance to assert her dominance over her father.

“You’ll need to take off that pretty skirt of yours,” said Emma, flicking the top of it playfully with an outstretched finger. Ashley was so eager to humiliate her father that she dropped the skirt to the ground without any hesitation. Emma looked at her daughter with pride and offered her the second object she had removed from the box, a strap on dildo. “Before you put it on,” she said, “there’s one more thing I think we should do,” she looked down at her daughter’s panties a patch of moisture bakırköy anal yapan escort clearly visible.

“What’s that?” asked Ashley cautiously; acutely aware of where her mother’s stare was intently fixed.

“I think you’d enjoy it more if I showed you,” said Emma, her menacing grin reassuring her daughter that whatever it was that was about to happen it would probably be fun. “You’ll need to take those things off anyway,” she added, pointing at her daughters panties.

Ashley paused for a moment, still not confident at exposing herself to her mother. “Are you sure?” she asked, conveying her genuine sense of unease.

“I promise you that you’ll like what happens next… besides, I did let you see mine last night,” she pouted her lips and looked at her daughter with puppy dog eyes, the two laughed heartily. Feeling at least a little reassured by her mother’s candor Ashley decided to comply, she quickly removed her panties, exposing her pretty, bare pussy to her mother.

Emma stuck out her hand waiting for her daughter’s panties, “hand ’em over,” she said cheerfully, twisting her fingers in expectation. Ashley placed her moist panties in her mother’s hand with a smile. “You really are excited,” said Emma, noticing the moisture she felt on the fabric.

“Mom!” said Ashley, playfully tapping Emma on the shoulder.

“No, I meant it in a good way, it makes this part even better.”

“What are you going to do?” asked Ashley, although she already had a pretty good idea.

“Watch and learn baby,” said Emma playfully, taking the panties in both hands and compressing them into a ball. She knelt back on the bed beside her husband and pulled his head up off the sheets, with his hands restrained behind his back he was powerless to stop her as she held his nose, hoping to restrict his breathing. Before long he opened his mouth to gasp for air and Emma was able, with relative ease, to shove her daughter’s wet panties into his gaping mouth. He had fought to avoid it but when the panties entered his mouth and the musky taste of his daughter’s pussy hit his tongue he stopped his protestations, he knew better than to fight back anyway. In another swift motion Emma took the roll of duck tape and had taped his mouth closed.

Ashley looked on in disbelief at what her mother had just done, it became clear that this lifestyle that her mother had chosen was one which she had taken to with vigor and her years of experience were visible in every action that she undertook.

Emma looked up at her daughter, reveling in her look of awe, “You’re impressed?” she asked, her voice swelling with pride.

“Hell yeah,” came Ashley’s replied, “You’re amazing.”

“Well I do my best,” replied Emma, feigning an arrogant nonchalance before laughing heartily with her daughter. The two paused for a moment before Emma broke the silence, “Come on then,” she said eagerly, “better get that strap on onto that cute little puss’ of yours.”

Ashley was taken aback by her mother’s comment, nobody had ever called it cute before, for a moment she wanted to protest but she truly was flattered by the comment. Without saying a word she took the strap on and fixed it securely to her hips, struggling at first to tighten it to a perfect fit but eventually getting there. With her cock firmly attached she looked down at it and stroked the side, enjoying the sensation. The dildo itself was made out of some kind of hard rubber; it had some give and allowed the cock to bend but was almost as hard as a plastic dildo.

Emma felt surprisingly proud of her daughter as she looked her over, her bare legs topped by the protrusion of a dildo, marking her role as the family’s second dominant. She reached over the bedside table and produced some lube which she promptly squeezed onto her hands. She rubbed the fluid through her fingers before reaching out towards her daughters newly fastened cock and rubbing the lotion over every inch of the hard rubber.

Ashley enjoyed the view that she was getting, allowing her mother to lube the dildo, it seemed strange for a moment but ultimately she was aware that she found the experience more than a little erotic and it helped to build the anticipation towards what she knew was coming next.

Having finished lubing the strap on Emma turned to her husband and cleaned the excess lubricant from her hands by rubbing it aggressively into his hair. She turned back to her daughter and looked at her with a smile; “Well,” she said, “give me a spin,” indicating her daughter show her the new toy from all angles.

Ashley turned slowly on the spot, enjoying the feeling of power that the strap on gave her and also enjoying the thought that her mother was enjoying it too. As Ashley turned her back on her mother, now halfway through her little show, she was shocked to her call out, “cute tush,” she ignored this outburst but felt a sense of pride welling up deep within her. Eventually she finished the demonstration and was, once again, facing her mother.

“You really are bad,” said Ashley, referring to her mother’s comment.

“Lighten up,” her mother said playfully, “I’m glad you inherited some of my better genes, your pert little rump really is cute.”

“I didn’t mind,” Ashley assured her, “you just took me by surprise; I’m seeing a naughty side to my mother that I never knew existed.”

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