Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day Ch. 14

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Chapter 14 – The Kiss

This was it. This was really it. He was so nervous. He couldn’t believe that he was about to kiss his mother. Once they kissed, once their lips touched and once he parted her lips with his tongue, there’d be no turning back. Once they French kissed, forget about his inspiration as artistic expression to write his Nude Day story, going way beyond that already, he’d be crossing the line.

She looked at him and he looked at her, as if they had already been lovers. With all the mind games they’ve been playing and all the teasing they’ve been doing, they had been lovers, cerebrally but not physically. With all of Jason’s logical thought erased by the lust that he had for his mother, about to cross the imaginary incestuous line, about to go where no mother should go with her son, going beyond the point of no return, none of that seemed to matter anymore. What mattered more was the lust that Jason had for his mother and, obviously, the lust she had for him. Not only were they about to kiss, with her playing the part of the sexy cougar and him playing the part of her cub but also they were about to touch.

Mother and son kissing and touching was only something that he wrote about in his stories. Mother and son stripping naked was only something that he had imagined in his bedroom at night with his hand around his cock. Mother and son having sex was still something that he couldn’t imagine happening. Never thinking that it would ever happen, here he was at the precipice of his own, real live erotic story. For sure, after this night, he’d write the best mother and son Nude Day story ever written, Mom Strips Naked for Nude Day. Oh, yeah.

“Are you as nervous as I am?” She looked at her son, before taking another sip of wine.

“Yes, I am very nervous. To be honest, Mom, focused just on seeing you naked to write my story, I never even thought of French kissing you, while touching you,” he said lying again. “Yet, now I realize for me to write my story, I need to act, as if I’m just a man with a woman on a hot date and not a son with his mother in the living room at home.”

“Being that I’m nervous, too, maybe if we kissed, maybe if we got that over with and out of the way, we won’t be as nervous about French kissing one another,” she said looking at her son, in the way that he figured she looked at those men that she met and had sex with from that online dating site. “Maybe the kiss will allow us to know what to do or not to do next.”

“Okay,” he said putting his arm around his mother’s shoulders and pulling her closer, as if he was at the movies or in his car with his date.

Only, as soon as he touched her, he suddenly felt differently about her. Unlike his dates his age, he realized that she was a woman that he couldn’t control. As soon as he touched her shoulders, as if the incestuous spell that was over him had broken, he realized that what he was doing was wrong. This was his mother that he was about to kiss. This was his mother that he was hoping to see naked. This was his mother that he wanted to give him sex.

She created him and made him all that he is today. She cared for him as a baby. She breastfed him and here he was hoping to recreate that moment and that bond between mother and child by not having her feed him but by having her give him sex and incestuous pleasure. For sure, if he continued and if they went through with this, Mother’s Day would never be the same, he laughed to himself but Valentine’s Day would be oh, so much better.

Although he’s imagined it and had written about it, a first for everything, especially today, he never held his mother illegal bahis in this way. As if she was his date, while hoping to make it to first base, when he held her in this way, she felt so small and so vulnerable and he felt so excited and horny. With his hand sliding across her back to rest on her shoulder, she had a firm, yet, soft body and, by the mere touch of her back and shoulder, along with the feel of her bra strap through her blouse with his fingertips, his cock swelled with his sexual excitement and his incestuous intentions. Knowing that he’d be masturbating over the memory of this day for the rest of his life, not wanting this to be a fast forward memory, wanting to savor every first moment with his mother, he wanted to take things slow.

Obviously, feeling differently about savoring the moment and wanting to take things slow, not wasting any time and taking his message from her, when she leaned into him he leaned into her, until their lips met. If a woman did this to him, kissed him first, he’d suspect he’d be getting lucky. If a woman did this to him, made the first move, he’d figure that she was hot for him and would be sucking his cock later. Only, this woman wasn’t just any woman. This woman was his mother.

At first their kiss was just a quick peck, a kiss that any mother would give her son in the morning or a night. Then, perhaps, in acting the part of the Casanova to more befit his mother and son erotic story, he kissed her full on the lips in the way that Lana Turner kissed John Garfield in the movie, The Postman Always Rings Twice, back in the ’40’s, with all of the government controlled censorship. Only, with the kiss just starting, not even giving him the time to relish in the thought that he was finally kissing his mother, not allowing him to make his moves, she stole his thunder by assuming the part of the aggressive cougar, when she parted his lips with her tongue and French kissed him.

His mother French kissed him. He couldn’t believe his mother French kissed him. All this time he was worried what to do and how to react, whenever he did, whatever he did, and she was already beyond all of that foolishness of speculation and self doubt. His mother, no doubt, was a woman, who knew what she wanted and what she wanted was him.

Shocked and excited, figuring he’d have to be the one to French kiss his mother first, Jason couldn’t believe it, when she took control of the kiss by relinquishing her tongue to him so soon. With his tongue now buried in her mouth, French kissing her, as if she was his Prom date, he couldn’t believe that he was French kissing his mother. Oh, my God, in all the horny nights that he imagined kissing her, French kissing her, he never knew that it would feel this good to kiss his mother. Yet, even more unbelievably than that, as if this was meant to be, he couldn’t believe that she was returning his kisses with just as much passion.

Lost in her kisses, kissing and kissing her, his cock hardened, as his passion swelled. Even more excited that it was his mother that he was kissing, kissing, and kissing, the more he kissed her, the more excited he became. Playing games with his mind, as soon as he kissed her deeper, momentarily forgetting that she was his mother, his sexual excitement swelled. Then, as if his libido was attached to an elastic band of motherly love and incestuous lust, as soon as he realized again that it was his mother that he was kissing, he became even more excited. Never has he felt such sexual excitement, when kissing any other woman.

Already lost in her kisses, momentarily forgetting that he was French kissing his mother, before realizing illegal bahis siteleri again that he was, whether it was learned behavior or an involuntary reaction, his horny hand reached down and felt and fondled her breast. Oh, my God, as if his hand had a thousand more nerve endings for him to feel more sexual excitement, the excited pleasure that he received feeling her breast was as if his hand was on sexual steroids. Back and forth, returning him from ecstasy to reality, as soon as he touched, felt, and caressed his mother’s breast, he realized he was feeling his mother’s big tit. Yet, knowing that he was and truly believing that he was, with his mind playing games with his passion, as soon as he French kissed his mother and touched his mother’s breast, he felt as if he was kissing and feeling someone else.

A perfect fit in his big hand, he loved how her big breast felt through her blouse and bra. Her full, firm breast filled his horny hand and, as soon as he fondled and caressed her breast, he could feel her nipple emerging through the satin, silk, and cotton of her bra and pushing against his horny palm. Feeling, fondling, and groping her breast, while kissing and kissing her, her tit felt so firm and so full in his hand. He loved feeling a woman’s breast through her blouse and bra, while kissing her, and the fact that he was feeling his mother’s breast, was sexual excitement he never knew he could have.

He couldn’t wait to see her topless. He couldn’t wait to touch her naked breasts. He couldn’t wait to feel the weight of them in his horny hands, while his fingers played with her nipples. He couldn’t wait to take her nipples in his mouth and suck her tits. He couldn’t wait to see her naked. Wondering if she’d stare at it, wondering if she’d reach her hand out to take it, touch it, feel it, fondle it, and stroke it, he couldn’t wait for her to see his erect cock. Never has his cock been as big and as hard, as it was now for her. He couldn’t wait to have deep, penetrating sex with her.

“Is this what you do on a first date, Jason?” As if awakening him from a sexual fantasy, she broke off her kiss to laugh, while looking down at her son’s left hand caressing her breast. Her nipple was the size and as hard as one of her blouse buttons.

“Oh, sorry, Mom,” said Jason embarrassed and pulling his hand away from her breast and removing his arm from her shoulder.

After having so very many sexual fantasies about her, after masturbating so very many times over the thought of the naked sight of her, and after having written so very many erotic, incestuous stories about her, it wasn’t until she said something that he realized that she was actually there with him, too.

“It’s nice to know that my son likes my big tits,” she said with a laugh.

“Sorry,” he said again without sharing her laugh. “It’s impulsive. For a minute, in the way you kissed me, blanked my mind actually, I forgot I was kissing my mother. I imagined I was kissing someone else, Michelle, a woman I like from the coffee shop,” he said lying again.

Enjoying every second of feeling her, touching her, and kissing his mother, but for a solitary moment, when he knew that she wasn’t another woman, he knew full well that he was kissing his mother, while feeling her breast. Moreover, as if taking a baby away from a breast too soon, he couldn’t wait to kissing and feel her breast again.

“No, that’s okay,” she said with a wave of her hand and a sexy laugh. “There’s no need to apologize. It’s all so very natural. I’m a woman, after all, and you’re a man, but call me Elizabeth, instead of Mom. Okay? Not needing a dose of reality to ruin canlı bahis siteleri the mood, I feel a little perversely perverted, with you French kissing me, while feeling my breast for you to call me Mom,” she said with a laugh.

“Okay, Mom, sorry, I mean, Elizabeth.”

“For this to work, for me to give you the inspiration that you obviously need to write your Nude Day story, Jason, you need to remain in the moment and pretend that I’m your date and not your mother. Whether I’m Michelle or someone else, you need to pretend that I’m whichever woman you imagine me to be, other than your mother. The only way this will work, Jason, is if we remove the mother and son connotation and replace it with a man and woman connection,” she said giving him such a sexy look that she melted his heart and hardened his cock.

“You’re right, Mom. Sorry, Elizabeth,” he said pouring himself a second glass of wine, while she polished off her second glass of wine and held out her glass for him to fill her a third glass of wine.

“Now that I give it more thought, in addition to pretending we’re on a hot date, maybe it really would help us to pretend we’re with someone else.”

“Good idea, Mom. Yeah, I like that idea.”

“Who would you pick, Jason, as your date, if you could choose any woman to kiss and to touch?”

“Oh, that’s easy. Katy Perry. I just love her and with you having the same dark hair, that is, when she’s not coloring her hair blue, you look a little like her, but you’re so much prettier and have a much better body,” he said looking down at her blouse covered breasts again.

“Thank you for the compliment, Jason,” she said gushing, while pulling her blouse tighter to reveal the impressions her nipples made in the silky material, before taking another slow sip of her wine and reestablishing eye contact with her son.

“Who would you pick, Mom, if you could chose any man to kiss and to touch? George Clooney? Brad Pitt?”

“No they’re both too old for me. If I could pick someone famous, a good looking celebrity, I’d pick Ryan Reynolds. He’s more my age and he’s so handsome, like my son,” she said kissing him on the lips. “He’ll be thirty-six in October and I’ll be forty in July.”

“Okay, then, with me thinking of Katy Perry and you thinking of Ryan Reynolds, while we’re kissing one another, can we try this again? Actually, now that I think more about it, since you’re playing the part of the cougar and with you almost the same age as Jennifer Lopez and with me almost the same age as her 24-year-old, boy toy, I’ll imagine that you’re Jennifer Lopez, instead of Katy Perry. I love Jennifer Lopez. She’s so beautiful and so sexy. She reminds me of you, but you have bigger tits, I mean breasts.”

“Thank you, Jason. You’re so sweet,” said Elizabeth swooning with all the attention and compliments he was paying her.

Again, Jason put his arm around his mother’s shoulders and pulled her to him, while leaning down for a kiss. Then, while kissing her and exploring her mouth with his tongue, but this time keeping his horny hand to himself and in his lap, she stopped him, nearly as soon as he parted her lips with his tongue.

“Wait, Jason. This just isn’t right. This is wrong. I can’t do this.”

“Wrong?” Jason looked at her with a face full of disappointment. “What’s wrong?”

He feared that his mother had second thoughts. He feared that she couldn’t go through with their devised sexy scenario of her playing Jennifer Lopez and him playing Ryan Reynolds. He feared he’d never see her naked and she wouldn’t want to see his cock. He feared that he’d never write his Nude Day story. He needed to think of something to say to convince her to continue to go through with this Nude Day striptease show but, unable to come up with anything else, his mind was blanked by his sexual frustration and her deep, wet kisses.

To be continued…

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