Mom Seduces Son

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This is a story I never thought I would write.

My 19 year old son is fucking me and I am encouraging it and loving it.

Let me start from the beginning.

My husband’s name is Joe and my name is Rachel. We have one son, Eric who is 19 and goes to a local college.

Joe and I have been married for 20 years. We are both 38 years old. I had Eric right after we got married.

At 38, I think I am still attractive. I am 5’8″, 125, firm body from working out, 36c tits with big nipples, firm ass, red hair, green eyes and a very smooth pussy.

Eric is 6’1″, 185, athletic build and a 9″ cut cock. He has dirty blonde hair and blue eyes.

My husband, Joe is 5’8″, 175, brown hair, brown eyes and a 7″ cock.

Joe is a great provider and father but travels extensively and is away more than he is home. This makes for many long and lonely nights for me.

Our house is in the suburbs and in a very private area. We have a pool and a hot tub. There are a few neighbors but they are spread out. I do have one great neighbor, Diane, a middle aged widow, who has been terrific since we moved here. We tell each other just about everything.

Diane is about 50, 5’6″, about 115, blonde hair, blue eyes, about a 34d and firm ass.

Before Eric started college, Eric and I spent a lot of time at the pool relaxing. Joe was traveling more than usual so it was just me and Eric in the house.

One day by the pool, I looked at my son in his speedos and I could see a nice bulge and suddenly my body shivered and I had a strange sensation in my pussy. Then I felt wet, just like I was going to get laid.

I shook the feeling off as a aberration and let it go.

The next day I watched Eric swimming as I looked out my bedroom window. Then that feeling came over me again. This time I knew what it was. I was lusting after my own son and I wanted him to fuck me. I needed him to fuck me.

I laid on my bed and masturbated & visioned my son with his cock in me until I had numerous orgasms.

I knew it was wrong but I wanted him and I was going to have him. I laid out a plan to seduce him and it was going to start the next day.

It was already hot when I got up so I slipped on a oversized thin top that barely covered my thong and without a bra on, I hoped my son would notice.

I was making breakfast when Eric came down. When he saw me and he commented that he liked my outfit and smiled.

I greeted him with a smile and a hug and a kiss. He sat at the table as I got his breakfast on the table. I accidently dropped a fork and bent over to pick it up, making sure Eric could see my tits.

As I picked it up, I noticed him looking at my tits. I knew my plan was going to work and smiled.

Over breakfast I asked him what his plans for the day were. He just said he had to pick materials up at the college and be back by lunch and hang out by the pool.

I told him that I would have lunch ready and we could hit the pool together. He said that would be great, then finished his breakfast and headed out.

I cleaned up and went upstairs to pick out a suitable bathing suit. I finally decided on a bikini that Eric had never seen before. It was white, with no lining in the bra or bottom. I knew that it was see through once it was wet. I figured this would get the reaction out of him that I wanted.

I made some lunch and a pitcher of extra potent sangria for me and Eric.

I was already by the pool when Eric came home. It was about 12:30. I told him to get into his suit and come to the pool for lunch.

After about 15 minutes, Eric came out to the pool in his white speedos.

Lunch was out for him and I poured him some sangria.

As we had lunch, Eric looked at me and said, “Hey mom, I love your bathing suit. It brings out your best features.”

I looked at him and said, “Thank you Eric. It’s new. I wore it especially for you. By the way, I think you need a bigger bahis firmaları size speedo. Yours looks a little tight, if you know what I mean, not that I mind.”

He looked down at his suit and said, “Sorry mom. I guess you’re right. Want me to change into something else?”

I replied, “No, you don’t have to. Besides, I like what I see.”

We had more sangria and suddenly I was flirting with my son and I started to get wet. I knew I had to do something.

“Come on Eric, let’s get in the pool.” I said.

We got up and jumped in. My suit was now see through.

“Mom, you know you can see through your suit? I can see everything.”

I looked at him and said, “I didn’t know. I am so embarrassed. I’ll go change.”

Eric replied, “No, mom. It’s ok. I don’t mind if you don’t mind. You look really good in it.”

I continued, “Well, now you have seen all of your mother.” I said laughing.

We got out of the pool and Eric kept his eyes on me.

“Too bad dad isn’t here to see you. I bet he would have you in bed by now.” Eric said laughing.

I replied, “Just what do you mean by that?”

He stammered a bit and said, “Mom, I know you and dad fuck and seeing you in that see through suit, he would take you upstairs and fuck you. You are hot looking.”

“Do you really think I am hot looking? Would you want to fuck me?” I asked.

“Mom, the way you look right now, every guy would want to fuck you. If you weren’t my mom, I’d want to fuck you.”

I replied, “Really Eric. You want to fuck me?”

Eric smiled, “Of course mom.”

I looked at him and said, “Well, to be honest son, seeing that bulge in your speedos has me believing that. By the way, doesn’t that hurt? Why don’t you take off your suit and get more comfortable.”

Eric looked at me and asked if I was serious and I said I was and that it was no big deal and if he took off his suit, I would take off mine.

He looked at me and smiled and in a second he dropped his suit to the ground. His big cock sprung free.

I looked at him and untied by top and let it fall, exposing my tits. Then I slipped off my bottom and we were both naked.

“Now, doesn’t that feel better?” I asked.

He smiled and said it did then he said, “Mom, dad must be crazy to travel so much. If you were mine, I’d never leave you alone.”

I smiled and thanked him for the comment. Then I said, “Eric, if I was yours, I would let you have me anytime you wanted me. I would let you do anything to me you wanted.”

Suddenly, Eric got up and walked over to me. His cock now fully erect, was moving ever closer. My mouth was watering. I didn’t know what was going to happen.

Now, his cock was almost in my face. He looked down at me and pulled my face to his cock. I instinctly opened my mouth and started sucking his cock. His hands holding my head in place as I was giving my son a blow job.

Within minutes he told me he was going to cum. I sucked harder and finally I felt streams of hot cum filling my mouth. As fast as he came, I swallowed it all.

Then he lifted me up and hugged me, our naked bodies pressed together. I could feel his cock getting hard already.

I softly said, “Eric, I want your cock inside me. Fuck me baby.”

“Mom, we shouldn’t be doing this. I don’t know what got into me. I’m sorry.”

I said to him, “Eric, you did nothing wrong. I love you. I want you to make love to me, always. It’s not wrong for us to show our love for each other.”

“Mom, I do love you and I will always love you. I will do whatever you want.” I told her.

I said to him, “Eric, take me now and make love to your mother.”

Eric laid me on the towel and mounted me. In an instant he had his cock in my cunt. I told him to fuck me and that he did.

I could not believe I did this but it felt so good.

I started moaning louder and louder…

“Yes Eric, fuck your slut of a mother. I want kaçak iddaa you to cum in my cunt baby. Oh God, Eric you feel so good…don’t stop. I’m cumming baby.’

As Eric shot more cum in me, I had one orgasm after another until I almost passed out.

As we rested, I asked Eric how he felt about fucking his mother. He said it was great and he wasn’t sorry we fucked and that he loved me like a girl friend not a mother.

I told him he was the best lover I ever had. I also told him that what we do is between us only. He agreed. I then told him that he could have me whenever he wanted when his father wasn’t home.

I also told him he could sleep in my bed when we were alone. He smiled and said he would like that.

Then he surprised me, “Mom, from now on I want us to be nude all the time so I can always see how beautiful you are.” I told him I would like being nude for him.

We went upstairs and fucked the rest of the day and into the night.

The next day I got a call from Joe. He said he just landed and would be home soon and that he had a big surprise for us.

I told Eric that his father was coming and we had to put our sexual activities on hold. I straightened everything out before Joe got home.

When Joe arrived he called us together and said, “I have some news for you. I just got a huge promotion to head up the european division. The bad news is that they are relocating me to London. They are putting me in a rental and I will be gone for months at a time. They will pay for trips for you guys to come every few months.”

I told Joe that terrific and Eric said the same thing.

Then Joe turned to Eric and said, “Eric, you will really be the man of the house now. You will have to look after your mom and do whatever she tells you. So, son you will have to take my place while I am gone.”

Eric looked at me and replied, “Dad, of course I’ll take care of mom. Whatever she needs or wants, I will be there for her. I am old enough now to step in for you dad.”

He said, “Son, I am glad to hear that.”

He then turned to me and said, “Rachel, whatever you need, tell Eric and he will take care of it.”

Then he told us he had a week to get ready to leave.

By the end of the week, Joe was all set to go. Eric and I took him to the airport and waved goodbye.

When Eric and I got in the car, I said to him, “You heard your father. You have to take care of me and satisfy my needs.”

Eric replied, “Yes, I did mom. So what can I do for you?”

I replied, “Get us home as fast as you can, get nude and come to our bedroom so you can fuck your mother.”

Eric looked at me and said, “Ok. But I see that taking care of you is going to be a full time job that I going to enjoy.”

A few days later Joe called and asked how things were. He wanted to know if Eric was behaving and taking care of me.

I said to him, “Eric has stepped up. He has really taken your place and has done everything I asked him to do. He definitely taking care of me.”

After a few minutes we said our goodbyes and hung up.

“Eric, that was your father. He wanted to know if you were taking care of me.”

“Mom, it’s hard to talk when I am eating your pussy. What’s next mom?”

And we both laughed…

“Just continue son. I have a few more things I need…mmmmm”

It was about 3:00 p.m. when me and my son were upstairs fucking again. We were so engrossed in pleasing each other neither one of us heard the front door opening or the footsteps coming up the stairs.

Just then, I looked at the open bedroom door and there was Diane, watching my son fucking me. I pushed Eric off and went to Diane who was going down the stairs in shock.

Without putting anything on, I ran after her. “Diane, stop. Let me explain.”

I reached her and told her to sit down so I could explain as she was very upset.

I said, “Diane, I know it’s wrong but Joe lives in London kaçak bahis now and it is just me and Eric and I am so lonely and I needed a someone who could comfort me. Please don’t think bad of me.”

Diane looked at me and replied, “Rachel, I’m not mad or angry with you. I am ok with you fucking your son but why didn’t you tell me beforehand. I understand what it is to be lonely. I’m a widow, remember. I haven’t had a cock in me since my husband died two years ago.

“I’m sorry Diane. I should have told you. Please don’t tell anyone about me and Eric.” I said to her.

“Your secret is safe with me Rachel. But you might be able to do something for me.” Diane said.

“What could I do for you, Diane?” I asked.

“Let me have Eric for a weekend of sex.” She said.

Shocked, I replied, “I don’t know if he would do that but I have an idea. Come over tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 p.m. Wear a nice bathing suit for the pool or wear shorts and a tank top and we will use the hot tub.”

She agreed and kissed me a lovers kiss goodbye which felt nice, actually.

I never thought of Diane or myself as being bi but who knows where it would lead. I know I would give it a try.

The next day Eric and I were at the pool naked relaxing. At 2:00 p.m. I heard Diane calling. Eric wanted to put clothes on but I told him to stay as he was.

Diane came to the pool and saw us both nude. She was wearing shorts and a tank top.

“I guess I am overdressed.” She said.

I replied, “Why not join us?”

She looked at us and said, “If Eric is ok with me being nude, it is ok with me. Eric?”

Eric looked at Diane and said, “I don’t mind. After all, I’ll have two beautiful naked women to look at.”

Diane dropped her shorts and took off her tank top. She looked better out of clothes than wearing them. Her pussy was as smooth as mine and very inviting.

Then Eric said, “Diane, I hope mom explained everything to you. Before my dad left he told me to do whatever mom wanted and for me to be him while he was away.”

Diane smiled and replied, “Eric, no explanation is needed. I am happy for you and your mom. If I had a son I would want him to do the same thing you and your mom are doing.”

By this time I could see Eric’s cock twitching a bit and getting harder.

I then said to Eric, “Eric, if I asked you to do me a favor, would you?”

Eric replied, “Sure mom, whatever you want, name it.”

Eric, “Diane needs some help in her bedroom. Do you think you could help her with that?”

Diane said, “Yes Eric, I do need your help and from what I can see, you will do nicely.”

Eric looked at Diane, then me and said, “Diane, if my mom tells me to do something, my dad said I have to. So I guess I am going to help you in your bedroom. Just tell me what you need.”

Diane smiled and said, “I need you to do to me what you do to your mom. Can you do that?”

Eric smiled and said, “I am sure I could as long as my mom is with me.”

I looked at him and said, “Eric, I am sure you don’t need me for you to help Diane. But I will join you if it is ok with Diane.”

Eric replied, “Mom, you remember you once said that you would do anything I wanted? So, I want you to join us when I help Diane.”

I said, “Yes, I remember.” Then I looked at Diane and said,” Diane, looks like Eric is getting two tonight. You ok with it?”

Diane smiled and said, “Rachel, I am more than ok with it. I always wanted to make love to you anyway.”

We all got up and put some clothes on and went over to Diane’s. When we got there Eric looked at us and said, “Ladies, from now I will take care of both of you. Diane you will follow our nude dress code when visiting or staying over and we will all sleep in my mothers bed.”

I looked at Diane and we both said ok at the same time. Diane led us to her bedroom and the three of fucked into the night.

After that night we had plenty of wonderful memories. Diane spent many days and nights with us. She became a member of our family.

Today, Joe is still in europe and my 24 year old son and I still fuck whenever we can.

I am so proud of my son…

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