Mom Needs Her Son

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** All of the characters in the story are fictional and are completely made up. Any similarities to actual individuals are strictly coincidental. All characters are over 18, and the sex is consensual. Remember this is just a story and some of the grammar and English may be incorrect. This is my first story. It has been a fantasy of mine for a few years and I am just now writing it down. Please tell me what you think, but try and be gentle, this IS my first story!**

Jessica is a 37 year old, blonde, widowed mother of 4. Their ages are 10, 12, 16, and 18. Her husband was murdered in prison where he was serving a 5 year sentence for molesting his daughter. Somehow the other inmates found out his offense and took justice into their own hands. Unfortunately he didn’t have life insurance and Jessica was forced to work two jobs. She works part time as a home healthcare nurse and late nights as an exotic dancer. Jessica’s dancing job keeps her body physically fit and she takes much pride in her 36 C breast and her long toned legs.

Jessica has had her ups and downs when it comes to men. Normally falling for some guy at the dance club who paid a little more attention to her life, than her dancing. She was a hopeless romantic that had fallen for a man named Nate. Nate and Jessica had been out drinking at a bar one night and had gotten into an argument. Nate was jealous of the men hitting on her at the club and wanted her to quit, but wasn’t ready for marriage or to help support her if she quit. Jessica was furious and left the bar and headed home. One thing that Jessica was also mad about is that when she gets tipsy, she gets horny. Usually her and Nate would head back to his place and fuck like rabbits. Well tonight was different because she was heading home and that meant that she would have to masturbate herself to sleep.

She arrived at her apartment at about 3am. Her kids were already asleep when she got home and Jessica headed up to her room. Jessica got undressed and popped in one of Nate’s porno DVDs that he had left at her place one night. Jessica had worked up a nice rhythm. She had her vibrator buried deep inside her. Her hips were gyrating and she felt herself about to cum, when all of the sudden she heard someone in the hallway and heading to the rest room. She quickly got herself together and slid on a robe. Quietly she left her room and went into the hallway. The light in the bathroom was on and the door slightly ajar. As she crept closer to the bathroom, she could hear a slight moaning and a sound of slapping. When she peeked into the cracked door, her jaw just dropped. It was her eldest son Jason. Jason had his shorts down around his ankles and his 7 inch cock in his hand. He was jacking off with his eyes closed and murmuring something, but she couldn’t understand what he was saying.

Jessica accidently bumped the wall next to the door and Jason jumped up and pulled up his shorts. Knowing he did not see her; Jessica tried to cover that fact that had seen him masturbating. She knocked on the door. “Is anyone in here?” she asked. “Just a minute mom, I’ll be right out!” she heard. Jason flushed the toilet and stepped out. “Hey mom, sorry if I took so long.” Jessica looked at him and grinned. After seeing Jason’s large veiny, purple headed cock, a tingle was forming in her pussy. “It’s ok baby, I saw the light on and thought the room was free. Goodnight baby.” She kissed his forehead and closed the door as she entered the rest room. As she used the restroom, she couldn’t stop thinking about her son’s massive cock and how good it would feel to be sliding inside her right now. Jessica had noticed a large bulge in her son’s shorts now and then but illegal bahis had no idea it was that thick. Seeing as she was still horny and didn’t get to cum, she came up with an idea.

As Jason headed back to his room, he noticed his mother’s TV was on. He took a quick peek inside her room and saw that she had been watching a porno. “Wow!” he thought to himself. He couldn’t believe his mother was actually watching a sex movie. Jason continued back to his room. Jason’s cock started to get hard again. Since his mother had interrupted him, he never got to finish Cumming. Right before Jason could start to masturbate again and relieve the strain on his raging hard cock against his shorts, he heard a knock at his bedroom door. “Jason?” he heard coming from the other side of the door. “Yes, mom?” he replied. “Baby, I am having a hard time sleeping. My back is really sore. Do you think you could be a dear and massage your mother’s back for a few minutes?” This was the beginning of her plan to bed her son. Inside her head, this was wrong and sick to even think of, but for some reason her sexual urges took over her body like she was possessed and they were now fully in charge. “Sure mom. Give me a few minutes and I’ll be right there.” She heard back from her son.

When Jason walked into her room, he found his mother in her robe sitting on the edge of her bed. She called him to the bed and thanked him for helping her out. She told him how she had hurt her back lifting one her of elderly patients earlier in the week. Jason asked her what she wanted him to do. Jessica stood up and opened her robe. She was wearing a black thong and a black swim suit top. Jason could feel his cock starting to grow in his shorts. “Oh shit!” he thought to himself. “If my mother sees that she is making my cock hard, she is going to flip!” He quickly told his mother to lie down on the bed. Jessica threw her robe on the armchair. She climbed onto her bed and laid down flat on her stomach. Jason climbed on top of her. He sat just below her ass.

She handed him a bottle of oil and told him to start at her shoulders and work his way down to her lower back. Jason has always been physically fit and worked out on a daily basis. His very toned and muscled arms started to slowly rub the oil onto her shoulders. Jason had never taken any massage classes, but had always given massages to the girls her had dated. With a little force, and pressure, Jason leaned into his motions. Making sure to press hard enough for it to feel good, but not hard enough to crush her. She was his mother after all. He was still trying not to think about this sexy bodied woman underneath him. Her nice round firm ass was just inches away from his hardening dick. Oh how he wished he could just plunge it inside her pussy. All of this was driving him crazy, but he was doing his best to control himself. As he kept massaging, his mother would let out little moans and wiggle under his hands when he would get near certain spots. He noticed when he would slide his palms from the top of her shoulders, and drag them down to her hips, she would moan even harder. He decided to see how far he could go with this. As he brought his hands down her back, he would slide them to her sides and work their way back up to her shoulders. Every now and then he slide his fingers along the front of her sides. Just enough to graze her breasts, but not so much as to make her get up.

Jessica was still battling her urges and decided to get a little brave. “Jason, would you mind if I removed my top and bottoms, so they won’t get all full of oil and in the way?” she asked. Jason replied,” Sure mom, whatever you want. This is your massage.” Jason got up on his knees illegal bahis siteleri and his mother turned over underneath him. She placed her thumbs under the hems of her thong and lifted her ass up a little as she slid them down. “Amazing!” Jason thought to himself. “My mother’s pussy is shaved and right in front of me!” She reached behind herself and untied the top. She pulled it off her shoulders and removed it. “Put your tongue back in your mouth young man!” she said with a chuckle. Jason replied with an “Oops, my bad! Hahaha!” she turned back over and he continues his massage. By this time, Jason’s cock was rock hard. The more and more he leaned into his massage, the closer and closer his cock came to his mother’s ass.

Jessica could tell that the sight of her body was making her son’s fuck stick hard. She knew that when she interrupted him in the rest room, he never had the chance to finish cumming. She decided to tease him a little. So as Jason would lean into her, she decided to push her ass back at him. Not enough to make it obvious, but so she could feel how hard his cock was. She was right. She could tell that Jason was extra hard and straining inside his shorts. With every thrust of his hands on her back, she would thrust her hips back into his hips. This was getting her wetter than ever. She also felt when Jason would graze her chest with his fingers as his hands would move back up her body. She decided to turn a little as his hands moved up, so it would cause his fingers to run over her nipples. Jason noticed that when he would move his hands up her sides, his fingers would touch his mother’s nipple and she wouldn’t resist. So he did it on purpose now, and was loving it. His fingers were now rolling up her breast and over her nipples. As he did this, he heard her let out a little moan. Then something happened that he didn’t expect. The next time he did it, he heard her say, “Mmm, baby that feels nice!” Again he was shocked at what was happening.

“That must hurt you baby.” She said.

“What’s that mom?” he replied.

Jessica turned her head and looked at Jason.

“Baby your cock against your shorts. That can’t be very comfortable. I understand that seeing another person naked can make these things happen sometimes.”

“Uh…Oh my God mom. I am so sorry!”

“I’m sure it is nothing you can control baby. You’re young and your hormones take control at your age!”

“Yeah mom you don’t make it very easy to control myself. You are a beautiful woman after all!”

“Baby, why don’t you take your shorts off? I don’t wanting you hurting yourself and not being able to finish my massage…Hahaha!”

“Are you sure mom? That’s not really something we should be doing, and I will be naked.”

“Then we will both be naked baby. It’s only fair.”

Jason could not argue with that logic, so he stood up and pulled his shorts down to his ankles and then stepped out of them. With a quick flick of his foot, his shorts went flying across the room and landed next to the closet door.

“Now back to work young man, and watch yourself back there!” his mother ordered.

Jason climbed back on top of his mother and continued her massage. This was just what Jessica had wanted. Now she could feel her son’s big cock pressing into her. It was getting her all wet, and Jason noticed. So with every forward motion of his hands on his mother’s back, he would get the urge to be a little braver. He positioned his cock so that it would slide up and down the crack of her ass. He knew she could feel his member pressing into her, be she was offering no resistance. Jason had precum leaking from the head of his penis that had now gotten the canlı bahis siteleri crack of his mother’s ass all wet, and he knew she had to be able to feel that, but still nothing from his mother. Then with the feeling that she wasn’t going to stop anything he was doing, he reached around the front of her and starts massaging her chest. Just as he thought, all she would do was moan. Jason was done with these mind games his mother was playing with him.

“Mom, Is your back all that you want me to massage?” Jason asks.

“Baby, that massage felt great! You can massage my entire body if you like! You’re hands are the best. I can’t remember the last time I had such a great massage.”

“You said I could massage your ENTIRE body mom? Are you sure?”

“Sure baby, why not? I’m drunk anyway! It’s not like I will remember it in the morning”

With that said, Jason moved his hands from rubbing her back to holding the top of her shoulders. With one quick thrust, Jason forced himself inside his mother’s hot wet pussy. He was sure she would scream in pain, but with all his massaging, he had made her pussy as wet as ever. He had no trouble burying his cock deep inside her. “Balls deep!” he thought to himself.

Jessica was shocked.

“Jason what are you dooo…ugh!! Jason wait we can’t! Oh…Oh my God!”

“Oooh yeeeessss baaaaaby that feels good. Baby wait! You can’t…..we shouldn’t! Ugh….Oh Jason don’t stop! Fuck your mother’s pussy baby!”

“God mom I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself. You’ve gotten me so fucking hot, and I’ve wanted to fuck you for years!”

“Uuhhh then shut up and …Uughh….keeeep…fuuucking me!”

Jason didn’t need to be told twice. He brought her up to her hands and knees and continued to wage a war between his massive cock and his mother’s hot wet pussy. Doggy style was Jessica’s favorite position, and she was in heaven. Jason was holding onto his mother’s shoulders and sliding his cock out of her pussy until just the tip remained inside of her, then he would pull her shoulders back towards him and slam his cock deep inside her. Over and over he did this. Stopping for a few seconds now and then, and then continuing the barrage of thrusts. Jessica was in ecstasy! She had never felt this feeling that was going on inside her at that moment. A feeling of constant orgasm. A feeling that lasted for what seemed like forever.

Jason flipped his mother over onto her back, and was back inside her within less than 2 seconds. Jessica could feel her son’s cock growing larger inside her, and his thrusts began building up a rhythm. She knew he was about to cum.

“Mom, I’m….Uggghhh…I’m going to cum!

“Oh my God Jason don’t stop fucking me. Go ahead and cum baby! Cum for mommy! Cum deep inside mommy’s pussy. Just please don’t stop fucking me!”

Jessica wrapped her legs around her son’s waist in a death grip so that she could feel all of his love seed fill her in places that hadn’t been explored in years. Jason let out a loud “Uggghhh!” as each thrust sent ropes of cum shooting into his mother’s love hole. Jason must have been holding that load in for weeks because he filled his mother up so much that it was oozing out of her and onto the bed.

Jason’s now soft cock slipped out of Jessica, and he fell next to her on the bed. Jessica turned to face Jason, and he was facing her.

“Mom, I shouldn’t have came inside you. Aren’t you worried you’ll get pregnant?” Jason asked.

“Baby, I’ve had my tubes tied. I can’t get pregnant. So you can cum inside me anytime you want, and we won’t have to worry about it.” Jessica said to reassure her son.

“Anytime I want?” Jason asked. “So you’re saying I can do this again sometime?”

“Baby boy, as far as I’m concerned, after that amazing fucking you just gave me, this pussy belongs to you. After all, you are the man of the house. That in itself deserves some rewarding now and then!”

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