Miss Bonesworth’s Mishap

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Patricia Rosen Bonesworth was extremely serious about her daily routine. Everything she did was done in a meticulous fashion, and nothing was ever done too early or too late. It was in this way that the successful futanari diva could maintain her comfortable lifestyle, and she was as disciplined with her sexuality and career as she was with all other aspects of her life.

She had just stepped out of the shower and had finished strapping her rather girthsome cock to her thigh. Everything was right on schedule, which was particularly excellent, because she had a very important party to attend that evening.

She looked at herself in the mirror and smiled, “Today is the day! Dinner with the duchess of dutchberry; I can hardly believe it!”

She then plugged in her hair dryer and began to dry her hair.

Then, as fate would have it, the hairdryer simply stopped working. Patricia frowned deeply as she flipped the switch several times, “Oh, how bothersome!” Her brows knit as she shook the contraption with irritation.

A moment later, her watch beeped.

The naked futanari diva looked down at her wrist with concern before consulting her reflection. She was a tall, curvaceous woman, with large breasts and wide hips. Her figure appeared even fuller with her long hair frazzled out over her shoulders, and she shook her head, “No,no, this simply won’t do!” She silenced her watch and sighed heavily, “I can’t go to the salon with my hair undried; all willy nilly and such! I should be able to skip at least one release session… just once,” she murmured as she stared down at her flaccid cock. Even soft, it was easily over a foot long and twice as thick as any normal man’s. “You’ll behave… won’t you dear?”

Of course, her penis did not reply, but it did twitch ever so slightly.

It took Patricia nearly ten minutes to find her back up hair dryer, which threw everything else off for the rest of the day. She had trouble getting a cab, which caused her to be late for the salon, and her usual hairdresser had called off sick, which left her with a girl who has no idea what she was doing.

“There simply isn’t any time, darling,” Patricia murmured as she silenced her watch for a third time that day. She was already fifteen minutes late for a meeting with her fashion consultant, and she wasn’t about to let one of the most important days of her career be dictated by her oversexed (and overly productive) male member.

As a Bonesworth, Patricia had spent a good portion of her life breaking out of her family’s reputation for being sexual deviants, and though she suffered from the same problems (some called it a curse) her sisters did, she made an almost religious practice out of practicing some self restraint.

“Oh Patricia, how wonderful to see you!” Her fashion consultant waved to her enthusiastically as she entered his small shop.

“Jimmy… hello,” Patricia smiled weakly as she stepped into the posh boutique. There were absurd outfits everywhere and sequins aplenty, and every time the singer entered the shop she walked away with at least a thousand dollars in merchandise. Jimmy was the best at what he did, and he always knew exactly what she needed to wear to fit the occasion.

“Why so down?” The fashion consultant asked with concern as he led the into the usual fitting room.

“Oh, I’m a little nervous, I suppose… things don’t seem to be going well for me today; I hope it’s not an omen.”

“We’ll fix that,” the fashion consultant smiled. “I have just the thing for you!”

“You always do!” She laughed expectantly.

“Yes, I have your outfit picked out already, but there’s a stunning hat that you simply must wear along with it,” he span excitedly and bent over a cardboard hat box. He flipped the lid off and was about to reach inside when he shrieked, “Ah, scandal! Where has it gone?!”

Patricia frowned deeply, “Where indeed?” She sighed.

“Don’t you worry, Patricia, I’m going to get that hat back!” Jimmy raised his finger high into the air, “I think I know who took it; my new assistant, Tammy! I’ll call her right now… Assuming you don’t mind waiting about half an hour?”

Her watch beeped. She silenced it absently and coughed, “Of course, Jimmy… If you say I need it, then I need it.”

Before she knew it, Patricia was stepping out of a limo onto the grandest estate she’d ever seen. The duchess’s mansion was impressive, and the grounds out front even more so. Meticulously trimmed bush sculptures littered the flawless green grass, and a marble, three tiered fountain bubbled merrily in the middle of the driveway.

“Welcome, Madam,” a well dressed gentleman opened the door for her and bowed, “We are honored by your presence.”

“Oh no, the honor is mine,” Patricia blushed slightly and curtsied. The fringes of her skirt brushed her knees as she did so, and the sensation sent a tickle through her thigh. She frowned momentarily as her neglected cock sent a jolt of hyper antalya escort sensitive pleasure throughout her body, but she maintained her composure as she entered the mansion.

Jimmy had selected a dress for her to wear, and atop her head she wore a ridiculous feathered hat; the very one that her fashion consultant had insisted she wear. Her outfit was entirely pink and red, and her shoes were pink as well, but the most absurd thing she had on her person was a fuzzy pink purse. She was quite the head turner as she walked through the foyer, and many of the party guests nodded to her and greeted her excitedly.

Patricia indulged several of her fellow guests, but was impatient to meet with the duchess.

She managed to wriggle her way out of a particularly dreary conversation and made her way into the main hall. In the center of the room, a long table stood. It was burdened by heaps of appetizers and rich looking foods. Many of the attendees were already flocking around it and helping themselves, but Patricia has no interest in eating. She scanned the room and saw the duchess speaking with someone, and she smiled and rushed over.

A five piece band played classical music on one side of the room, and Patricia paused to glance over at them.

“Patricia, is that you?”

She turned to see the duchess smiling at her. The diva flushed slightly and returned the smile as she curtsied, “Yes indeed. Lovely party, Duchess, I’m completely humbled that you invited me.” She was truly flattered that the duchess had come to meet her, but she’d also been taken off guard.

“Oh nonsense!” The duchess waved her gloved hand dismissively, “And please, call me Maybelle, I do get so tired of hearing my title.”

“Of course…Maybelle,” Patricia managed, still keeping her smile attached to her face.

“I’m so glad you were able to make it, in fact, I am downright delighted! I was hoping that, perhaps… you could sing a few songs to draw everyone into the hall?”

Patricia blushed, “Oh! I…I would be honored.”

“Wonderful!” The duchess smiled widely. “Let me go talk with the band and we’ll get you set up.”

There Diva was quite used to impromptu solos, and she relished the idea of singing at such a grandiose party. Within moments, a microphone had been set up for her and the band prepared to play and she cleared her throat to begin.

The band struck up a tune and she began to sing.

Then, her watch beeped.

She silenced it quickly as she recovered from a note that she nearly stumbled on. A few people that were standing around the table were already watching her, and it simply wouldn’t do for her to make a bad impression.

Her body, however, didn’t seem to care. The beeping of her watch signified the fifth consecutive release session she’d skipped since that morning, and her legs began to tremble slightly.

Patricia ignored it. It had been years since she’d missed an entire day of release sessions, and her well tuned, well trained physiology was beginning to suffer. She wasn’t going to let her cock ruin such an important event for her, do she raised her head and sang more clearly into the microphone.

The party’s attendants funnelled into the room steadily, drawn by her beautiful voice. At least thirty or so men and women were now standing in front of her with smiling faces, all of them enjoying her performance.

Patricia smiled inwardly as she belted out a chorus. Things were going better than she would have ever hoped, it at least, that’s what she thought, until she felt a familiar yet unwanted twitch between her legs.

No! She screamed inwardly as she sang. Not here…please…

Beneath the frilly layers of the dress, under her stockings and under her panties, her cock began to grow erect. It was still strapped to her thigh with the garter belt she always used, but the silky, thin material wouldn’t keep the behemoth at bay for long.

Patricia concentrated. She was about halfway through the song, and all she wanted to do was finish it. A small bead of sweat formed on her forehead, and she took a deep breath between notes as she tried to remain calm.

Just a little longer…wait, baby…please…

She knew what was happening to her: she was developing the cum sweats. Every Bonesworth suffered from the phenomenon, and she was no exception. If they ever went longer than a day or so without ejaculating, their bodies would become feverish and their cocks would automatically begin to expel their pent up seed for the sake of their own health.

Patricia forced a smile and kept her singing up. Unfortunately for her, her singing wasn’t the only thing that was going up. Her cock filled with blood as it became thicker and thicker. She could feel it pulsing against her thigh, it’s heat nearly burning her as she raised her hands and broke out into a desperate crescendo.

Concentrate, she told herself as her eyes flitted about the room. Nearly everyone alanya escort at the party was watching her now, including the duchess. No matter what happened, she would have to finish the song.

Just don’t think about it… She tried to reassure herself. She was in the last stanza now, and all she had to do was hold out a little longer…

Poomf! A champagne bottle was being opened by the table and Patricia’s eyes snapped onto the source of the sound as soon as she heard it. Sudsy carbonation spilled out of the mouth of the bottle as a laughing server made a move to wipe it up.

The diva’s eyes glazed over as she watched the champagne bubble outward. Directly behind the server, a chocolate fountain was babbling upward from a three tiered replica if the fountain out front, and Patricia almost choked. She continued to sing as he eyes danced over the fountain. She stared at the thick, luscious liquid as it spilled endlessly into the lowest pool at the bottom, and she couldn’t help but think about what it might feel like to just…

No! She snapped at herself as she prepared for the coda. Her cock strained against the dainty garter as it fought to gain its freedom, and she pressed her legs together slightly as her eyes widened.

“And that’s the game of love!” She sang out the final lines of the song as her face grew flushed. Blessedly, the band stopped playing and the room erupted into a cacophony of applause. Patricia clenched her jaw into a hard smile and curtsied before dashing away from the microphone.

She attempted to make her way straight to where she thought the bathroom was when the duchess stepped in front of her, “Patricia, that was wonderful!”

Patricia nodded weakly as her smile faded, “Thank you… I’m so glad you enjoyed it.”

The duchess frowned, “You look a little pale, are you feeling well?”

“Ah, yes, I just… may I use your powder room?” She asked meekly.

“Of course my dear; you can use my own personal facility if you’d like,” the duchess smiled widely. “Through those doors there, then up the stairs and to the left; it’s the first room down the hall.”

“I am quite obliged,” Patricia almost blurted as she swept past the duchess.

A few people glanced at her as she all but ran through the doors and up the stairs. With each step she took, her still hardening cock wobbled and smacked against her thigh, and she bit her lip as she lifted her dress slightly.

She found the duchess’ room exactly where she was told it would be and threw the door open.

She scarcely even glanced at the giant bed in the room and the lavish oak furniture as she headed to the bathroom. Once inside, she slammed the door and locked it before flipping the fan and light switch on.

The bathroom was even more posh than the bedroom. Nearly everything in it was bright, shiny brass, and even the toilet sparkled with fanciness. Already she could feel precum oozing down the side of her leg, and she fumbled with the edges of her dress as she reached under it and cursed, “Of all the bothersome, no good things! Why now!?” She demanded as she peeled down her stocking and undid the garter.

As if it were spring loaded, her cock jolted upright, fully eighteen inches long and thicker than her forearm. She sighed heavily as her eyes became heavy, “Just a little… you hear me? You can’t let it all out, just what you need to calm down a bit.”

Her giant diva dick pulsed angrily and almost defiantly as it lifted the hem of her dress with its own strength. A large red vein ran down the middle of her shaft, and she stared at it with a combination of love and disgust, “A little darling… just a little…” she lowered her cock to the edge of the brass sink and wrapped her well manicured fingers around her girth.

Her cock felt like a heavy lead pipe that had been left in the coals of a fire. She took a deep breath and squeezed slightly before slowly peeling her foreskin back with a good, long stroke.

One stroke was all it took. Once she’d peeled her foreskin back, her cockslit began to squirt. It wasn’t a shot so much as it was a stream, and Patricia did everything she could to keep quiet, “Oh heavens me…” she murmured softly as she closed her eyes for a moment. “Yes, that’s so wonderful…”

For nearly ten full seconds, her cock streamed continuously. Her thick, white seed splashed against the brass basin, coating it completely within seconds. She wasn’t actually having an orgasm, amazingly enough, but was simply allowing some of her precum to drain.

In less than a minute, she began to notice that the drain was backing up. She drew back slightly and inhaled sharply, “That’s enough, darling, you’re going to have to wait until we get home.”

She flexed her muscles and ended the stream of semen, though somehow it felt like she hadn’t let anything out at all. She frowned and shook her head before reaching down to her dress once more. She grabbed belek escort the hem and reached past her cock toward the garter when she lost her balance. The shoes that Jimmy has given her were awkward to wear, and she wasn’t used to them. Instinctively, she grabbed onto the edge of the sink to keep herself from falling backwards. She succeeded, but in doing so, she overcompensated and stumbled forward.

Whump! Her cock smacked down hard onto the edge of the metal sink and her eyes widened.

“N, no!” She cried as her protesting girldick began to spew cum once more. The jolt of the impact was sharply painful, but had translated into pleasure for her pent up member.

Her eyes welled with tears as she struggled to stop the flow, “Now, now…what…” she gasped as she saw the sink begin to fill, “What did I say?”

She tried to flex her abdominal muscles once more to end the stream of cum that was pouring from her, but this time, it was no use.

Patricia shook her head as her breath came in rasps. The feeling of the hot, viscous liquid being expelled through her engorged dick was enough to make her want to climax. It wasn’t just the pleasure that was desirable, but the sheer relief she felt every time she orgasmed, and at the moment nothing sounded better than letting loose.

“But not here!” She pleaded as she helplessly watched her boa constrictor of a dick empty itself. The sink was nearly full now, and she bit her lower lip as she tried to do kegel exercises to regain control.

Her cock, however, wasn’t having any of that. It continued weeping semen into the sink until it threatened to spill over the edges.

Patricia looked around frantically before her eyes fell upon the toilet. The lid was up, and the interior of the bowl looked clean enough to eat from. Hesitantly, she made a plan in her head before attempting to execute it.

The plan did not go as she hoped. She attempted to slide her palm under the tip of her dick while sidling over to the toilet, but her leggings foiled her movements, and she nearly tripped once more.

“Oh dear!” She exclaimed as droplets of cum flew from the tip of her wobbling dick and splattered everywhere. She righted herself immediately and grabbed her cock with both hands before pointing it directly into the toilet bowl, “Please behave,” she begged her unreasonable member, “I’m sorry I neglected you today, but this is not the proper way to deal with it!”

Her cock continued to drizzle, and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon.

Patricia pouted. She was both frustrated and pent up, and she hated being a slave to her impossibly huge penis. She grit her teeth and tried to keep herself from crying as she began to stroke herself angrily, “Fine, have it your way! I should be in the party right now, mingling and singing, but you just can’t skip a day!”

With every stroke, her cock grew harder in her hands, and within seconds Patricia felt the crawling tingle of an orgasm rising to its base. It was different than most orgasms, however; it was far more pervasive and hot, and she realized that she had made a grave mistake in giving her dick what it wanted.

“Okay, nevermind,” she panted as she let go of her dick suddenly. She felt the sharp spike of prickling heat rising up within her, and she closed her eyes and begged quietly, “There must be something I can do…” she whispered hoarsely.

Her tennis ball sized testicles strained as they rose up into her body, and her cock became even harder as she tilted it’s angry red head downward. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, and she could feel her foundation beginning to cake slightly as she willed herself not to climax.

Her balls tightened even more, almost painfully, over her smooth pussy. It had been so long since she’d felt like a slave to her endowment, and she’d convinced herself that she was in control of it. It hadn’t even been a full day since she’d last masturbated, however, and her thick, smooth girldick was ready to burst.

Her lip trembled and a faintness fell upon her, “I have to…” she whispered as she looked down into the toilet, “I don’t want to…but I need it…”


As if she’d given her dick permission, a thick, gloopy blast of cum rocketed from her angry cockslit and splattered down into the toilet. It was followed by another with almost no break in between, and Patricia’s mouth fell open as she tried to hold back her groans.

Cum splashed down into the clear water, clouding it immediately with wispy white tendrils. The sound of it hitting the water echoed hollowly up through the bowl as she sprayed, and it took everything once of her self control not to scream in ecstasy as her orgasm ripped through her.

Twelve, thirteen, fourteen shots: milky and viscous, her cock continued to dump loudly into the toilet until there was no water left. With every shot, there seemed to be more, and though she’d been cumming for nearly a full minute it felt as if her body was making the stuff faster than she could expel it.

“No!” The helpless diva squealed as another jab of hot pleasure tore up her rod and tingled through her spine. She’d lost count of how many spurts she’d fired, and her dick was still going.

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