Milk Ch. 02

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Beautiful Face

Seven days had passed since Diana’s first visit and here she stood before me, naked in a spare bedroom that I converted into a milking room.

“You look eager,” I said to her with a smile.

“I am,” She said. Her eyes shining brightly.

I studied her as she stood there. Her nipples were firm and erect. Her breasts were pleasingly full but did not have the look of being full of milk.

“On your knees,” I instructed.

Diana dropped to her knees and bowed her head slightly. I opened a drawer and pulled out her collar. I put it on her and attached a short leash to it. I felt her breathing quicken.

“Stand,” I told her.

I touched my hand lightly on her shoulder and moved it slowly down her arm, savoring the feel of her soft skin.

“Did you do the things that I instructed you to do?” I asked.

“Yes Master,” She replied eagerly.

After her last milking session I instructed her to put body lotion on her skin each day. I wanted her skin to be silky smooth. I also instructed her to masturbate twice a day with a toy that I had given her for that purpose.

Walking around behind her I carefully examined her by lightly moving my hand down her back. I brought it to rest on her bottom and gave it a gentle squeeze. I bent down and kissed her lightly on the shoulder to signal my approval of the care that she had been giving to her skin.

I reached my hand around, cupped it under her chin and held it there for a moment. I kissed her on her cheek and whispered in her ear.

“You smell good.”

I pulled her leash slowly and forced her head back so that she was looking up into my eyes, “Are you ready to begin?” I asked.

“Yes Master,” She replied, with a look of yearning in her eyes.

I bent down, kissed her on the lips, and held here there for a moment before I let her go.

I led her by her leash to the exam table and instructed her to lay on her back.

I took each ankle and bound them so that her legs were bent at sharp angles so that she would be very open to me while I examined her. I did not attach the torso straps or the wrist cuffs. I decided that they would not be necessary at this time.

I spread the partitions on the lower part of the table until her legs were spread wide open, then locked them in that position.

I pulled on a pair of latex gloves antalya escort and looked her over as she lay on my exam table.

“Have you been keeping yourself clean?” I asked.

“Yes master,” She answered promptly.

“And you have abstained from other men?”

“Yes master.”

“We shall see,” I told her, as I picked up the speculum.

I used my finger to stimulate her clit before inserting two of them into her pussy.

“I have a surprise for you today,” I said.

“What is it Master?”

“Not yet,” I replied, “You will know when the time is right.”

She started to speak again but a look from me stopped her before she could get the first word out.

“First I must examine you.”

I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and inserted the speculum into her and opened her pussy slowly in preparation for the examination. I turned on the small pen light that I purchased for use in examinations. It’s bright light illuminated her vaginal cavity much better than the light I used in her last examination.

“This time I want to take a closer look,” I told her.

I probed deeper into her vagina and pushed back until I could clearly see her cervix. I reached to my instrument tray and took another tool. It was a clear rod made of Plexiglas that was polished to a texture that was very smooth. A one inch round globe was molded to the end of the tool, it resembled a large marble. This tool is designed for entering past the cervix and examining the interior of the uterus. The globe end acts as a lens to allow a good view of the tissue lining the uterus.

Diana gasped as I positioned the tool at the opening of her cervix and slowly pushed it deeper into her. The light gave me a very good view as I pushed past her cervix and entered her uterus. I noted the clean pink tissue lining the uterine walls, before pulling back the tool. Diana’s breathing increased and she began to moan loudly.

I looked up at her, “How does that feel?” I asked.

“Incredible,” She said.

I have never heard about a woman becoming sexually stimulated by penetration into the uterus, but I decided to experiment. I moved the tool back and forth in short strokes. This caused Diana’s body to squirm and strain against her bonds.

“Do you like this?” I asked.

Diana began to speak but her sudden lara escort orgasm made her words incoherent.

I looked back inside of her vagina and observed that the interior lining was wet and appeared to be sweating. I saw her vaginal cavity contract around the fingers of the speculum. It was amazing. I was observing the inside of a woman’s vagina while she was having an orgasm. I moved the tool to the opening of her cervix and tapped my finger on the end of the rod to stimulate her in a different way. Her next climax was almost immediate. Wetness flooded her and actually ejected from her open vagina.

“Now that’s something you don’t see everyday,” I remarked, as I withdrew the tool from her.

I wondered if Diana’s reaction to uterine stimulation was typical in women, or if she was unique. I made a mental note to test this with other women to see if they all had the same reaction.

“OK,” I said as I unfastened her restraints, “Time to milk you.”

Diana sat up on the table as I prepared it for her milking secession.

When the table was ready Diana lay face down, lowering her breasts through the hole in the table.

I strapped her firmly onto the table and started the milking machine. I squatted down and reached under the table and held her breasts in my hands. I squeezed each of them firmly and then reached down to her nipples to stimulate them prior to their milking. I took each of them in between my thumb and index fingers and squeezed them lightly at first, rolling them between my fingers while Diana moaned with pleasure.

I gradually squeezed them harder, causing her to moan even louder.

“OK,” I said. “It’s time.”

I attached a suction tube to each of her breasts and stood up, “I think you will do better this time,” I said.

I stood there looking at her on the table with her breasts hanging below her and admired the scene for a moment. I was really looking forward to giving her these treatments on a regular basis.

I walked to the rear of the table and removed the speculum from her.

“Time for a different tool,” I said.

I lowered my surgical pants and positioned my hard cock at the opening of her pussy, and without hesitating I pushed it fully into her. Her pussy was very ready for my entry and offered me little resistance manavgat escort as I slid in in and out of her.

“Yes master,” Diana cried, “Do it to me. Plant your seed in me master, please!”

I started fucking her harder, feeling myself bottoming out inside of her. Diana’s hips tried to move to the rhythm of my cock, now pounding her pussy even harder.

I kept up the pace until she climaxed loudly two more times, then as she was basking in the glow of her latest orgasm I pushed my cock as deep as it could go and shot a load of my seed into her.

Diana strained harder against her bonds, “Yes!” She screamed, “Give it to me!” She screamed even louder, as she climaxed again.

I held my cock in her while she slowly came down from her orgasmic high.

“Feel better,” I asked, jokingly.

“Oh, yes,” Came her reply.

I pulled out of her causing her to let out a whine in protest. I walked around and positioned myself in front of her. Without prompting she opened her mouth and I slid my cock in.

As she sucked me I decided I wanted more. I reached out and grabbed a handful of her hair and held her head as I began fucking her mouth vigorously. As I felt my climax approaching I tightened my hold on her hair and pulled her head harder toward me.

“Do not spill a drop,” I ordered, as I felt myself cum into her mouth.

Diana struggled unsuccessfully against my hold as I continued shooting my load into her mouth. When I was nearing completion Diana began sucking me greedily.

“Good girl,” I said as I patted her softly on the head.

I pulled away from her and bent down and kissed her softly on her cheek.

“Let me check your progress,” I said.

I reached down to the collection jar and lifted it up to get a better look at it. The jar contained a little over a cup of milk. I tipped the jar to my lips and tasted it.

“Not bad,” I told her. The quality is improved from last time. Keep up your supplements.”

I put the milk in a small refrigerator to keep it fresh.

I unfastened her bindings and instructed her to get dressed. Once she was dressed I motioned for her to kneel on the floor in front of me. I stroked her softly on the head like one would to a favored pet, then reached down and took her collar in my hand and pulled her face up to my cock. Without a word she took it into her mouth and sucked it hungrily.

I held her there for a long time until I delivered another load of cum into her mouth. When she finished sucking the last drop out of my now fatigued member, I unfastened her collar.

“See you next week,” I said.

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