Midnite’s Magic Ch. 07

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This is the seventh chapter in the “Midnite’s Magic” series. Reading the
previous six chapters in the “Midnite’s Magic” series will help you to
understand the story more completely. Chapter 1 “Meeting Midnite” inter
racial: chapter 2 “Midnite’s Surprise” mind control: chapter 3 “Midnite’s
Show” exhibitionism voyeurism: Chapter 4 “Midnite Makes a Friend”
lesbian: Chapter 5 “Midnite’s First Toys” toys and masturbation: Chapter 6
“Midnite’s Back Door Delight” anal.

Chapter Seven: Midnite Goes Home

When the van started to slow down; Midnite pointed to a wooden house;
saying, “There it is. That’s my mother’s house. She will be surprised when
she sees you with me.”

The moment of truth was almost here. I was apprehensive about meeting
Midnite’s family; as I did not know how they would accept me. They may
not like their eighteen year old daughter sleeping with a forty six year old

When we pulled into the yard surrounding the house, I noticed an attractive,
dark skinned woman with a short black afro, leaning against the wooden
railing of the veranda. The woman resembled Midnite, but she looked older.
She looked sexy in a bright, red mesh bustier and matching thong. On her
feet was a pair of low heeled red sandals that tied at the ankles.

“That’s my older sister, Ebony. She’s ten years older than me. Ebony is the
sexy one of the family. She is always being chased by the boys and letting
herself get caught.” Midnite explained with a laugh, looking with admiration
at her older sister.

Glancing from Ebony to Midnite I could see the resemblance. Midnite was
just as sexy in her hot pink, silk side tie shorts and front tie halter. If
anything Midnite was bigger in the boob department.

Waiving from the veranda, Ebony called out, “Hi uncle Bunga! Hi Midnite!
Thanks, uncle Bunga, for helping me to link up with the tourists the other
day. Lance and Honey were a good fuck and they gave me a big tip.” Ebony
laughed, staring at Midnite. “What happened to you, Midnite? You’re not
dressing like an old lady any more. You look sexy in your shorts and

As Midnite helped me onto the veranda, she replied, “My lover Johnnie has
turned me on to the joys of being sexy. We shared the potion and a lot more.
We are growing in our lust for each other and those around us. We have
done so many wild things together I don’t know where to start. By the way,
where is Mama Cherry?”

“Mama Cherry is resting. She had a long hard night with her new boyfriend.
He’s young enough to be my older brother. He may be twelve years younger
than mama, but she wore him out.” Ebony laughed, lewdly thrusting her hips
in our direction. With a suggestive sway of her hips, Ebony sauntered
toward us, purring, “I have to meet the man that changed my little sister
from a dowdy old lady into a hot, sexy vixen. You said the two of you
shared the potion, so Johnnie has maximized his size and endurance. I have
to try him out. Will you share him with your big sister? Ebony asked a glint
in her eye. “Now that you’re experiencing new things there are some things
we can share. I always wanted to share with you, but Mama Cherry told me
I had to wait until you had freely shared the potion with a special man.
Since you have shared the potion, Mama Cherry can not complain if I show
you things.”

“I guess I can share him with you. You will have to ask Johnnie to be sure.”
Midnite stammered, uncertain because of the rapid way events were
unfolding. “When you said we can share things, what did you mean? What
does sharing the potion with Johnny have to do with sharing things with

Staring at my bulging crotch, Ebony laughed, “I’ll tell you what we can
share later, but right now from the look of Johnny’s crotch, and I don’t have
to ask if he wants to share me.” Unhooking her red mesh bustier, Ebony
exposed her large, dark brown 36 D cup tits, cooing, “Would you like to
suck on my mangoes?” Leaning forward, Ebony pushed her brown globes
into my face, giggling, “Would you like to bury your face or your cock
between these mountains? Maybe you’d like to bury your cock some other

With my face buried between Ebony’s melons, I began to lick along her
cleavage. Grabbing the firm, velvety tit flesh, I squeezed her breasts against
my head. I was being smothered by her big boobs.

While I played with her breasts, Ebony’s fingers had unfastened my shorts,
pulling them to my hips. Raising my ass off the wheelchair seat, Ebony
tugged the shorts down my legs, throwing them on the veranda floor.
Returning her hands to my crotch, Ebony’s fingers began to explore my
erection. When her fingers finished fluttering along the length of my rigid
member, Ebony gripped the shaft with both hands, leaving only the
mushroom shaped head exposed.

“Fuck Johnnie, you have a big cock! izmir escort bayan I didn’t think white boys could get so
huge!” Ebony exclaimed, masturbating my pole double fisted. “I’ve got to
feel this big bamboo inside me, even if it splits me wide open! You’re going
to fill my cunt like it has never been filled before!” Ebony said excitedly, as
she moved her hands to her crotch, peeling off the red mesh thong, throwing
it on top of my shorts and her bustier.

With the thong removed I had a clear view of Ebony’s crotch. What a
surprise greeted me. Her labia lips had been reddened with glossy lipstick.
The hair around the labia was carefully manicured and died in gold and
green bands, with the outside band of hair being left black. This accentuated
the glossy red lips. Ebony had taken a great deal of care preparing her

Turning to the veranda railing, Ebony leaned over it, allowing her tits to
dangle over the edge. Spreading her legs wide, Ebony gave me an
unobstructed shot at her aroused red lipped pussy. The glistening fluid
collecting along her wide open gash told me she was ready for a hard

While Ebony and I were getting to know each other better, Midnite and her
uncle Bunga were becoming excited watching us. The show we were
putting on had Midnite rubbing her crotch through the shiny pink material of
her shorts. I could even see a damp spot beginning to appear where the pink
satin outlined her cleft. The way Bunga’s cock stretched his shorts it looked
painful. That is when Bunga came up with his suggestion.

“Midnite, how about letting your uncle Bunga push his bamboo into your
magic cave?” Bunga asked, unzipping the front of his bulging shorts.
“Ebony and I have enjoyed each other many times already. I did not want to
ask you until you had sampled sex on your own. I didn’t want to get into
trouble with your mother. Now that you’ve tried sex there’s no reason you
and I can’t have some fun.”

“O uncle Bunga. I’ve wanted to feel your wood inside me ever since I
peaked at you and Ebony enjoying each other. I was just frightened of sex,
but not any more.” Midnite squealed, releasing the knots of her pink halter
top and shorts.

When the hot pink shorts and halter hit the veranda floor, Midnite was
revealed in all her brown, big busted glory. Leaning over the veranda
railing, Midnite gripped the top rail; spread her legs, giving uncle Bunga a
good look at her hot chocolate box. With a wiggle of her ass, Midnite
invited Bunga to bury his bamboo in her shaved slit. Bunga was not going
to be the only one to sink his hard shaft into a hot juicy pussy.

While Bunga and Midnite were getting closer, I wheeled behind Ebony,
kneeling on my wheelchair seat, preparing to enter Ebony. With the head of
my cock nestled in Ebony’s cleft, I wrapped my arms around her, placing
my hands on her quivering tits. As her nipples grew huge from my pinching
fingers, I drove my shaft into ebony’s hot, buttery canal.

Thrusting forward, my crotch smacked against her brown ass, as she
matched me stroke for stroke. Every time I slammed into or with drew from
Ebony’s tight tunnel, my cock made a squishy sound, telling me her slit was
sopping wet. I could feel Ebony’s fingers stroking my slick, driving cock, as
she teased her clit. Every time I pumped her tight tunnel, pussy juice
squirted from around my embedded cock. We were both getting close to a
huge mutual orgasm.

“O fuck! I’m coming! Fill my cunt with your cock cream. I can feel your
hot seed blasting into my womb.” Ebony growled, clamping down on my
shaft with her strong vaginal muscles.

Thrusting backwards, Ebony grabbed my ass with her hand, forcing me
deeper inside her pulsating tunnel, as she lost herself in her orgasmic
pleasure. With my penis trapped in her snug tunnel, Ebony squeezed,
causing the sticky sperm to blast from my throbbing shaft, into her quivering
womb. I could feel her vaginal muscles rhythmically contracting and
releasing my shaft. It felt like fingers were milking the sperm from my

Holding my cock prisoner, Ebony’s talented twat milked every ounce of
juice from me. When the last drop of sperm was wrung from my cock, I
could feel my manhood growing limp inside her tight sheath. Being of no
more use to her, Ebony’s vagina spit my limp meat out, like a teenage girl
gets rid of old gum.

Sated for the moment, I slowly settled back into the wheelchair seat.
Turning to me, Ebony planted a long, passionate kiss on my lips, making
sure to use lots of tongue.

Coming up for air, Ebony purred, “Midnite is a lucky woman. You’re hung
like a horse and can last forever. I must have climaxed three times.”
Rubbing her brown melons against my chest, Ebony cooed, “You’re just
what a girl needs. If you were not Midnite’s boyfriend, I’d keep you for

As escort izmir Ebony retrieved our clothing from the veranda floor, I wondered how
Bunga and Midnite were making out. I quickly scanned the veranda, but
could not find them. As I followed Ebony’s swaying butt into the house I
noticed Midnite and Bunga standing there. They were naked, sex juices
glistening on crotch, cunt and cock, casually talking to an older woman. The
older woman stood in a long, transparent purple gown chatting, undisturbed
by their nudity.

“Johnnie, come here! I want you to meet Mama Cherry!” Midnite
exclaimed, skipping beside me like a giddy school girl. “Mama Cherry this
is my boyfriend, Johnny cool. He’s very special so I chose to share the
potion with him. We’ve also shared new sexual experiences and met
different people. We’ve had so much fun. I love him and sex both.”

With sex cream leaking from her pussy, Ebony joined our group,
exclaiming, “Little sister, your boyfriend is well hung! No cock has ever
filled me so completely! You picked the right guy to share the potion with.”
Giving my sticky penis a squeeze, Ebony suggested, “Cherry you should try
out this big bamboo. It will give you a better ride than the boy you had last

Staring at my twitching manhood, Mama Cherry laughed, “With an
enthusiastic report like that, I’ve got to try him out.” Turning to Midnite,
Mama Cherry asked, “Midnite, would it be all right if I tried out Johnnie? I
want to see how the potion has affected him.” Receiving a nod of ascent
from Midnite, Mama Cherry turned to me, unfastening the front button
holding her sheer purple gown together, saying, “Johnnie, I can see your
wood growing. Is all the naked young flesh getting you horny?” Throwing
open the gown, Cherry let it fall from her shoulders, asking, “Do you like
what you see? Would you enjoy playing with these old tits? What about my
cunt? It has been stretched by three children and an uncounted number of
cocks, but I think your monster will find a snug home.” Turning around,
Mama cherry leaned forward wiggling her ass at me, asking, and “Want to
grab a hold of this bootie and sink your meat into it?”

Cherry looked great considering she had born three children. She had a dark
complexion like her daughters and black hair with a wave. She appeared to
be about a 35 inch chest with C cup breasts that sagged a little. Her waist
was trim, with hips and thighs that were a little too muscular. Like Ebony,
she had prominent buttocks. Her body could be best described as being pear

Unable to resist the teasing any longer, I grabbed Cherry around the waist,
drawing her to my lap. With my erection standing straight up, I pulled
Cherry down, until my drooling knob rested against the lips of her labia.
Dropping her hands to her crotch, Cherry grabbed my slick shaft, guiding
the knob between her damp lips. With a flex of her leg muscles, Cherry
slowly lowered herself onto my rigid monster. Her ample buttocks were
soon seated on my lap, with my hard cock buried in her tight tunnel. This
old girl could still give my penis a firm squeeze.

“Holly fuck, you were right Ebony! I’ve never been stuffed like this before!
He makes last night’s lover’s dick feel like a pencil. I wish I could be filled
like this all the time!” Cherry cried, bouncing her slit on my throbbing pole.
“Fuck me hard! Squeeze my ass and tits. Do what ever you want with this
old body.”

Reaching around Cherry, I let my hands find there way to her heaving chest.
The mounds were not as impressive as Midnite’s tits, but they were enough
for each hand to play with. Kneading the flesh with the palms of my hands,
I pinched the erect nipples. This brought a sigh of joy from Mama Cherry. I
was going to draw out the pleasure as long as possible, giving the audience
staring at us a real show.

To our left, Midnite and Ebony slumped against the back of the brown
leather couch, legs spread, fingers busy in each others vaginas. To our right,
Bunga stood fisting his long, fat sausage. The tip was all ready slick with
pre ejaculate.

“Bunga would you like your big sister to suck your cock? I hate to see all
that meat and sauce going to waist.” Cherry offered, licking her glossy pink
lips. “Sit on the table, so I can suck on it easier.”

Grabbing the wheels, I pushed the wheelchair closer to Bunga, enabling
Cherry to reach his bobbing cock. Leaning forward, Cherry grabbed the
shaft with one hand, while encircling the knob with her mouth. She now had
two holes well stuffed with large cocks.

While Cherry sucked Bunga’s cock and fondled his balls, she slid her gash
up and down my slippery rod. Taking my hands from the wheels, I resumed
playing with her tits. Wanting to increase her passion, I moved a hand to
Mama Cherry’s clit, tickling the nub at the top of her izmir escort cleft. This made
Mama Cherry grind her hips and squeeze my embedded shaft with lust,
while humming on Bunga’s bamboo.

Hearing some gasps and giggles, I turned my head to the couch, where
Ebony and Midnite were enjoying their mutual masturbation. The girls had
taken their fingers from their honey pots, placing them in the other woman’s
mouth. With darting tongues and sucking lips, Midnite and Ebony cleaned
each others juice soaked digits. The sight reminded me of two young girls
sucking on popsicles. When the fingers were clean, Midnite glanced around,
noticing us, as if she were seeing us for the first time.

There was a strange look in Midnite’s eyes. I could not tell whether she was
angry with what she saw or aroused. Standing, Midnite glided to our side. I
did not know what she would do or say next.

Dropping to her knees, Midnite positioned herself in front of her mother’s
stuffed pussy. Placing a hand on each of her mother’s thighs, Midnite leaned
forward, burying her face in Mama Cherry’s crotch. The surprise was so
great; Mama Cherry; Bunga and I almost forgot what we were doing.

“O baby. That’s the way. Give your mama a good licking.” Cherry cooed,
pulling her mouth off Bunga’s rigid cock. “I always wanted us to be able to
share our bodies, but I did not want to start anything until you were ready. I
wanted you to initiate the sex play. The potion has really opened you up to
new things sexually. Your boyfriend has supported you in bringing out your
buried desires, which is helping you to shed your inhibitions.” Cherry
explained, stroking Midnite’s hair, as Midnite continued to lap my shaft and
Mama Cherry’s cleft. “Keep licking my clit. It feels so wonderful. I’m
going to finish sucking off your uncle, while you lathe my cunt. You’re
licking and Johnny’s big cock are going to make me climax really hard.”

With Bunga’s penis back in her mouth, Mama Cherry resumed rocking on
my ivory rod. The fervor of the rocking motion had intensified with the
addition of Midnite’s mouth. Midnite’s tongue and lips lapped along the
length of my penis, as she stimulated her mother’s love bud. If Midnite was
giving Mama Cherry as much pleasure as I was receiving, then we would
not last much longer.

By now Mama Cherry was bucking on my lap, as she hummed on Bunga’s
bamboo. I could feel Mama Cherry’s body and see Bunga tensing like
springs, as our bodies prepared to climax. All we needed was a spark to
cause an explosion.

With a squeal, Mama Cherry jumped when Midnite bit her clit. The surprise
caused her to clamp her mouth down on her brother’s cock. This was all
Bunga needed. With a gasp, he let go, emptying his seed into his sister’s
gulping throat. The sperm spewing from Bunga’s cock came so fast and
plentiful, Mama Cherry could not swallow fast enough. The white cream
was bubbling from the corners of Mama Cherry’s lips, dribbling down her

When Mama Cherry jumped in surprise, her vagina contracted, squeezing
my tingling cock. This was all I needed to send my sperm gushing into
Mama Cherry’s vagina. I could feel load after load splashing against her
womb. My cock cream and Mama Cherry’s nectar were so abundant; I
could feel it running down my penis, coating the shaft with its stickiness.
The sensation of Midnite’s tongue lapping up our sex juices brought the
eroticism of the moment to a new plain of pleasure. This sensation was so
hot my shaft did not become limp when I had finished discharging my

With sperm trickling from her lips, Midnite got to her feet, embracing her
mother. Giving her mother a kiss, Midnite used her tongue to swap sex
juices with Mama Cherry. After a long passionate kiss with lots of tongue
Midnite finally broke the embrace.

“O mama I love you so much. I’m glad I could show you how much I love
you. I would have never believed I could share my love with you like I did.”
Midnite cried, tears of joy welling up in her eyes.

Sliding from the table, Bunga stated, “I have to get going. I have a group of
tourists to pick up in an hour.” Standing on the veranda, Bunga dressed,
asking, “Did you get your bags out of the van? I’ll be back to pick you up
tomorrow. Have fun!”

Standing naked on the veranda, Midnite and Ebony waved to their uncle as
he drove away. Returning to the living room the girls noticed Cherry had
not moved from my lap. She just smiled, as she slowly rocked back and
forth atop my thighs.

“You must like my boyfriend, mama. You didn’t even get up when uncle
Bunga left. I’ll have to be careful you don’t steal him away from me.”
Midnite said with a laugh.

“I’d never want to steal him from you, but I sure enjoy his wood. He has
incredible staying power. He filled my cunt with his seed and he is still hard
like rock. You’re a lucky girl.” Mama Cherry replied, giving Midnite a big
grin. “Earlier you showed me how much you loved me. I’d now like to
show you how much I love my grown up little girl. Sit on the table so I can

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