Mercedes First Time pt 2

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Mercedes awakes to find herself in the arms of Bruce Jenkins. She thought it was all a dream. She slides out of his arms, throws on the clothes that she had on, grabs her duffle bag and heads to the girls showers. Her parents are probably concerned about her but she does not want to think of that right now. She had just received the best graduation present she could imagine. Bruce Jenkins, who would imagine that she would have the nerve to tell him how she felt. She turns on the water and undresses herself. She grabs the items she needed and headed to the shower.

The water feels really good. Her mind starts to wander to the events of last night. Her nipples stiffen as she rubs in the lather of the soap on her body. Her head falls back and her eyes closes, her fingers tweaking her nipples. Slowly she slides her hands down her stomach, between her legs, around her ass and back to her pussy. She leans against the wall, closes her eyes and starts rubbing her clit. She remembers Bruce licking there last night and her orgasm comes on very quickly. She rinses the soap from her body and heads to her duffle bag. Inside she has some toys that she bought just in case Bruce rejected her. She had herself in such a frenzy thinking about him, that she would have had to go to plan B. She had a wall suction dildo, some lube and a vibrator.

She sticks the dildo to the separating wall of the showers and positions herself on the floor in front of it. She applies some lube to herself as well as the dildo, spreads her pussy lips illegal bahis open wide and backs up to it. It slides in with ease as she fucks herself with the toy. Unknown to her, Bruce has walked in and sees all this. The beautiful woman on the floor of the shower on all fours, fucking a dildo stuck to the wall was quite a turn on. His dick was so hard he had to release it from his pants. He does not say a word, he just watches her as he strokes himself. She is moaning very loudly now as her orgasm comes on. Her breathing gets heavier, her speed increases and she starts growling. She reaches for the vibrator, rubs it on her clit and almost instantly, she starts screaming with her orgasm. Her body starts to twitch and she collapses to the floor. Her pussy juices are overflowing.

Suddenly, she hears a noise and when she turned her head, she sees Bruce standing there in the corner, naked and his cock in his hand. “Oh my god, Bruce, you scared me. How long have been standing there?’ “Just since you started.” He smiled, “I did not want to stop you, it was quite erotic actually. Would you care to take another shower and maybe I can join you in the next performance?” Her eyes lit up and she said “ Why not?!”

She turns the water back on, and shoves Bruce under the water. She reaches up to kiss him as she runs the soap over his back. She brings the soap around to his chest, down his stomach and goes all the way down to his feet. His cock is so hard, it is right in her face as she bends down to his feet. She resists it illegal bahis siteleri and works her way back up. She lathers her hands real good and sits the soap to the side. She grabs his cock and slides her hands up and down his shaft. This feels so good to Bruce, possibly the best hand job he has ever had. She then grabs the shower head and rinses him off. She slides to the floor and starts licking his balls. His eyes roll and a moan escapes his throat. She runs her tongue up the bottom of his shaft all the way to the head where she plants a kiss. She looks up at him but his head is resting against the shower wall and his eyes are closed. Smiling, she slides his cock into her mouth, she sets the pace pretty slow at first and eventually she is in a frenzy. She starts growling as she takes it deeper and faster. Finally, he grabs her head and tells her to stop because he does not want to go yet.

It is her turn now. He lathers up and runs the soap across her body. He faces her toward the wall and tells her to place her hands on the wall and spread her legs a little. He soaps her back and works his way to her ass. He runs his hands down her legs and back up. Then he reaches around to her breasts and starts rubbing her nipples. Runs down her stomach and works his way to her pussy. He slides his hands into her slit and rubs on her clit. She is soon moaning and in ecstasy. He rinses her off and leads her to a bench that is in the shower room.

He pushes her back on it and buries his face in her pussy. She props her canlı bahis siteleri feet on his shoulders and her hands start massaging her nipples. He is sliding his tongue quickly over her whole pussy. Her juices come flowing with her orgasm and he laps up every last drop. He raises he head and asks her “Anything in particular you would like to do today?” “Yes” she said “actually, I would like you to fuck my ass”. He stands her up and spins her around. She sticks the dildo to the bench and lowers her self on it. He kisses her on the neck as her massages her breasts. She is going up and down on the toy as he leans her forward a little. He applies the lube to himself and then inserts his finger into her ass to lube her as well. She groans and her eyes closes. “Now this may hurt more than the sex did for the first time yesterday, but if you just relax and accept it, it will be fine.” She can only nod her head.

He gets down on his knees and lays his cock on the outside of her ass. Slowly, he inserts the head and stops so she can catch her breath. She cries out and stops on the toy for a moment to catch up with the sensation of him in her ass. She takes a deep breath and starts to concentrate on the toy again. He starts pumping again, little by little. The pain is lessening with each pump. She lays the vibrator on her clit and says “Oh… my… god…, Bruce…, please… fuck… me”. He grabs her hair, and starts fucking her hard. She starts crying, “OH… MY…GOD, OH… MY…GOD, I’M… COMING”. Her orgasm is so intense, her muscles tighten up so hard she shoves him out of her ass. They both collapse onto the bench. Her body still trembles as he kisses her head. “You are so awesome” they say in unison and start laughing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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