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As I pulled on my new mini skirt I wondered to myself why I was getting so dressed up just to go to the local with my boyfriend. Two months of working until the early hours of the morning must have taken their toll on my social life and I now found myself taking any little opportunity to get my glad-rags on. But I felt good about the way I looked (for once), my stockings, suspenders and bursting cleavage were giving me kinky sort of confidence. As I walked down the stairs I could see by the look on Jon’s face, I was definitely dressed to impress!

We sat together in a quiet corner of the pub; it was nice just to spend some time together. The crowd the same as always, students; leery rugby lads out on the pull, skint wasters drinking tap water, and blonde haired barbie freshers fluttering their eye lashes, but the beer was cheep so I shouldn’t really complain. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a girl sat alone at the bar, she was pretty; long dark hair, big green eyes with an amazing figure, so it struck me as a little odd that she would be alone. When I looked up I saw her unashamedly staring at Jon. By this point I had had quite a bit to drink so was feeling a little feisty, to say the least. Obviously Jon was rather pleased with himself and wasted no time in telling me how lucky I was to have such a stud… no woman can keep their eyes off him… blah blah blah.

All I could do was to mutter something about stabbing the stupid little slut’s eyes out and how she must be cold wearing nothing but a piece of string like the hussy she quite clearly was (she actually looked quite classy and I would have killed for a figure like hers) but he was right, I was a very lucky girl. I had no problem with her looking at him, if anything it was an incredible compliment and a bit of a turn on, but she could have least tried to hide her flirtatious smile and her wicked glare. However as the conversation turned to our imminent holiday I soon forgot all about the harlot at the bar.

As the pub began to empty I decided it would now be safe to go to the toilet without fear of standing in a week long queue. As I stood up I looked over to the bar to check on Jon’s admirer but she was no where to be seen, good riddance! Just as I had predicted I had free reign of the toilet and chose the cubicle farthest from the door. Trust me to have a choice of five cubicles and pick the one with a broken lock, but I was bursting and the place was quiet enough. When I’d finished negotiating my stockings I turned round to flush the toilet and suddenly felt a cold hand creep up my skirt and gently squeeze my buttock. I smiled to myself, “Jon”, I chastised, “we’ve been warned about this before, you can’t just come to the ladies, you’re a naughty boy”, I giggled. The hand spanked my arse and made a satisfying slapping noise which was interrupted by a stranger’s voice, “urm, my name’s Lila, my hands might be quite large but I’ve never been mistaken for a man before”. I spun round in shock to see the girl from the bar stood in front of me, flashing a cheeky grin and looking incredibly sexy. “Sorry about that but I just had to get my hands on your fantastic arse”, her voice was so seductive, and I was absolutely speechless. I couldn’t take my eyes off her; she was stunning face to face, much prettier than looking at her from across a crowded pub. Ironically I was ready to gouge her eyes out for staring; now it was me who needed a sharp slap.

She was taller than me with beautifully smooth long legs, toned tummy and big tits considering her frame. “Oh, I’m sorry for staring before but I just thought you looked really pretty and I was trying to tell whether you were sat with your boyfriend or if he was just your friend or bother or something”, she sounded slightly embarrassed, which just made her look so cute. She motioned towards me and put her arm around my waist, I must have been behaving like a school girl; I was so taken aback I didn’t know what to do. “Just relax”, Lila whispered, she brought her head down to my ear “I’m just here for a bit of fun!” Feeling her breath so close to me made the hairs on the back of neck stand on end and I could feel my heart racing faster.

She leant in and gently kissed me slowly on the lips, then reached her hand to my head and pulled me into her. We kissed faster and harder, our tongues entwined. I began to feel the moisture building between my legs and hoped Lila wouldn’t notice as I squirmed from the pleasure. I could feel my nipples growing harder and fighting against the thin fabric of my low cut top, it was as if Lila had also sensed my erect nipples as her hand began to travel slowly and teasingly towards them. She eased down my top and took my breasts in both her hands, and then antalya escort she stopped kissing me and turned her attention to my hard nipples. She kissed my tits and slowly let her tongue dance over the most sensitive parts making me moan, she let her teeth graze my nipples before firmly biting them. This was such a turn on and I was now starting to get very wet. As her hands began to travel again I realised I not yet spoken to her, I began to open my mouth and speak but Lila put her finger to my lips “shh, just enjoy,” she whispered. I licked her finger and playfully bit the tip; I think she was getting off on the anonymity of the encounter.

There was a shelf above the toilet, she told me to sit on it which I did. She kneeled in front of me and spread my legs wide. She stroked my inner thigh, her hands felt so good on top of my stockings. As she looked down she began to smile “someone seems to be enjoying themselves,” my pussy must have been wetter than I thought, my thong was getting damp. Teasing me she traced her finger over my thong, then pulled it to one side and suddenly inserted two fingers inside me. I wasn’t expecting this and let out a large moan, “shh, we don’t want anyone to catch us doing something we shouldn’t be” she said, enjoying every second of our illicit encounter. She slid her fingers inside me again and then licked them, she told me I tasted sweet and made me kiss her deep so we could share my juices.

Unexpectedly she bent me over and again spanked my arse really hard, it felt so good. I was so turned on I wanted to grab hold of head and force her between my legs, I wanted to feel her hot tongue inside my pussy and her teeth on my clit. She was beginning to get more forceful and I liked it. She grabbed my hair and pulled my head up towards hers, and then leant forward and plunged her tongue into my mouth. As we began kissing again she reached down and slid two fingers inside me and let her thumb play with my clit. She lingered like this for a while sensing I wanted more and holding back to tease me. She left my lips and slowly moved her head down towards my begging pussy, the anticipation of what was to come was incredible. Although I had never been with another girl before I wanted her so badly. However as I had my back to her I had submitted all control of the situation to Lila and she was clearly loving every minute of it. She teased me even more by gently licking the tops of my thighs and biting me hard on the buttocks. Just as I thought I was about to feel her skilful tongue on my dripping wet pussy I felt it somewhere else!

As Lila began to spank me hard she firmly inserted her hot tongue into my arsehole! She let it dance mischievously around the rim which felt absolutely amazing and let it enter every so often which made me want to scream with pleasure. I could now feel the juice from my pussy running down my leg, when Lila felt this she took a break from my arse and liked up the trickle of juice through my stockings. Why wouldn’t she just savour the juice straight from my pussy? I was desperate to feel her there! She returned her attention to my arsehole and let her fingers find their way back to my clit, as she lapped at my arse her magic fingers forced their way inside me and I had to bite my arm to stop me from letting out cries of pleasure. As her thumb again played with my clit I could feel intense waves of pleasure rise from within me, I knew it wouldn’t be long before I reached climax. My body began to shudder and Lila responded to this by forcing another finger inside me, I ground myself down onto her hand intensifying the amazing feeling. Not long now and I would reach an explosive orgasm. I longed to cum on Lila’s face, I wanted to be able to see her as her tongue brought me to climax and watch her taste me and have to drink my juices as I came in her mouth. The more I thought about all the things I wanted to do to Lila the hornier I became. She must have sensed this some way, as I ground my hips down onto her hand she inserted a finger deep into my arse. With both of my holes filled I was in absolute ecstasy, her thumb on my clit and her warm breath on the back of my neck tipped me over the edge. My orgasm came as an explosion of intense pleasure and I collapsed onto the shelf. I had cum all over Lila’s hand; she grabbed my hair, pulled my head back and shoved her fingers into my mouth making me taste my own fresh cum. As I began to catch my breath I straightened myself out and slowly turned around. Lila had left the cubicle but to my utter horror in her place stood Jon with a look of absolute shock on his face.

I wondered how long he’d been stood there, what he had seen, and how he felt about it, but most of all Lila must have known serik escort he was there why did she carry on? Slowly a sly smile crossed his face, “having fun?” he asked. I was utterly embarrassed and had no time to reply as he quickly followed up, “enjoy your orgasm? I certainly did! But I feel left out, when do I get to have some fun?” a mock pout graced his lips and he looked so cute and irresistible but before I could make a witty innuendo Lila butted in, “don’t worry, I haven’t cum yet!” Her eyes widened as Jon’s stiffening cock sprang out of his boxers, as I looked up from Lila’s glistening pussy I could just see her swallowing my boyfriends erect shaft.

Having left the pub in somewhat of a hurry the three of us had arrived at mine and Jon’s house. After my initial shock and slight embarrassment I was feeling far too horny to say no to anything, so I found myself lying on my living room floor with a face full of pussy (that pussy belonging to a relative stranger). The anticipation had gotten the better of all three of us; we couldn’t wait the extra minutes it would have taken to rush upstairs, so we got down to business almost as soon as we walked through the door!

Lila aggressively grabbed Jon and began kissing him, it was no ordinary kiss, it was intense and kinky; lots of tongue and wetness. Normally I would have been jealous as hell but I was in not position to complain and I knew we would end up having amazing sex.

She worked the same magic on Jon as she had on me, I could see his cock quickly beginning to stiffen in his trousers. It was an amazing turn on, watching this incredibly beautiful girl I had only met tonight, (but who had just given me an astonishing orgasm!) make my boyfriends cock hard with just one kiss! Again I felt myself getting wet and not wanting to miss out on any of the action I knelt on the floor just behind Lila. I extended my hand up her skirt and gently stroked her pussy, she seemed to like it as she began to moan and sway with the motions of my hand. It was amazing to finally get to touch her, her skin was silky smooth and just feeling her damp knickers drove me wild. I looked up from my submissive position on the floor and could see Lila’s nipples begin to harden they stood to attention on the end of her magnificent tits. I motioned to Jon who took no time in cupping them and gently lifting them out of her bra. Her nipples were a rosy pink and Jon took great delight in licking and biting them, making her squeal and moan as if nobody had ever done this before. He kissed and bit her neck before skilfully removing her top and bra, she looked amazing topless.

Then he turned his attention to me, he kissed me in a more passionate way and handled my tits more aggressively. He knows that’s the way I like it and I was enjoying every moment of it. As he began to undress me I could see Lila out of the corner of my eye, she was sat on a chair with her pussy spread wide. She was playing with herself using both hands; she had three fingers inside her pussy and her other hand was playing with her clit and squeezing her swollen nipples. Jon noticed this at much the same time as I did; he turned me round to face her and bent me over so I was close enough to smell her pussy but not to touch it. It looked so tempting and I was desperate to get closer. I tried to move but Jon had hold of my hips with one firm hand, he knew what I wanted but teased me by holding me still and stroking my clit with his free hand. Lila played up to this; she came close to my face but wouldn’t let me taste her. She stood up and plunged her wet fingers into Jon’s mouth, more than anything now I needed to taste her pussy. Jon told me she tasted sweet but he wouldn’t share it with me, she greedily kissed him, sucking his tongue and steeling all of her sweet juices.

I was naked apart from my stockings and suspender’s which Lila wanted leaving on. I was completely exposed, so when Lila came over to me and began licking my lips I saw my opportunity. I started to kiss her hard and fast while removing her skirt. Jon approached her from behind and deftly slipped her wet knickers down and gave her a sharp slap on her pert arse.

Before I knew it the tables had turned again and Lila pushed me to the floor. She straddled me and instructed Jon to remove his clothes. This was a little disappointing as I was looking forward to stripping him myself but either way I couldn’t wait to see his naked, aroused body. Keeping his eyes on the pair of us he removed his t-shirt and slowly began to unzip his jeans. Just as I was about to get a glimpse of his impressive bulge Lila writhed up my entire body and sat over my face. I was torn, I desperately longed to taste side escort her pussy but at the same time needed to see Jon’s hard cock standing firm. I had no choice, just as Jon began to take down his jeans Lila thrust her juicy pussy down into my mouth. I had never licked a pussy before but it felt good and tasted so sweet.

Instantly my tongue went to work lapping at her and exploring her sensitive pussy. I must have been doing a good job because she started to moan loudly and kept trying to thrust herself further into my mouth. As I teased her clit with my teeth I could see her beckon Jon closer to us. I shifted to get a better view of what she was doing and carried on tasting her. She reached forward and pulled at his pants eventually freeing his magnificent cock. It immediately sprang to attention, the swollen end was glistening; I longed to touch him and pleasure him.

Without any hesitation Lila took his entire cock in her mouth making him moan blissfully. She deep throated him like this while I had my head buried in her pussy, Jon was gasping from the pleasure. I stretched up to grasp her tits and pull at her nipples; she liked this and let out a moan which was stifled by her mouth full of hard cock.

She pushed Jon onto the sofa, stood over him and forced her pussy onto his mouth. Instinctively his tongue went to work lapping at her dripping hole, all I could do was watch, knowing the pleasure she was getting from his skill. He reached up and spanked her arse hard, she let out a little yelp; hearing her pleasure and pain and seeing the two of them together turned me on and I began to feel my pussy tingle again. As she stood over him I slowly knelt down and gently covered his raging erection with my mouth. I licked, sucked and played with his balls until he began to unconsciously fuck my mouth. I could feel his cock stiffening even more against my tongue and could tell he was close to climax.

He continued licking Lila’s pussy and her moans were steadily growing loader, I was surprised she had lasted so long; Jon is amazing at giving head and can have me cumming in seconds. I stopped sucking his cock and sat on his knee, from this position I had a fantastic view of Lila’s pert arse. Slowly I lowered my deprived pussy over his rigid cock, I heard him gasp. He couldn’t see what I was doing as he had his head buried in Lila’s pussy, feeling me on his cock must have come as somewhat of a surprise. I slid my pussy down his entire length until he had completely filled me. I took full advantage of my position; whist riding Jon’s cock I reached forward to stroke Lila’s arse. She couldn’t see me either so I could do anything I wanted; I leant forward and gently kissed and licked her buttocks slowly moving my tongue towards her crack. When I got my first taste of her hot arse I heard her whimper; I knew she was enjoying herself. I let my tongue teasingly linger over her arsehole mischievously tickling the rim; suddenly she lunged backwards pushing her arsehole onto my tongue. I knew she wouldn’t let me call the shots but this was unexpected. As I thrust my self up and down on Jon’s cock she fucked my tongue with her tight arsehole, he was oblivious as to what she was doing to me. He began to moan into her pussy as my thrusts got deeper and harder, she noticed how much he was enjoying me and decided to add to his pleasure by describing in detail what my tongue was doing to her arse.

She told him how my wet tongue had teased her for too long by lingering on her rim that she couldn’t take it anymore and had to feel me inside her warm arse. She told him how she forced her arsehole onto my tongue and now I was probing around while riding his cock hard. While she was talking I could feel him begin to shudder, she shouted at him not to stop licking her clit and her arse fucked my tongue faster. When he started to moan loader I reached behind me and squeezed his aching balls, I could tell his orgasm was building and clenched my pussy tighter around his shaft.

Feeling my pussy tighten he reached around and spanked my arse, I thrust down harder so my clit could grind against his smooth body, I felt like I was going to burst. I wanted to scream with pleasure but because my tongue was deep in Lila’s arsehole I couldn’t make a sound, I started to shudder and the frustration of staying silent was adding to my pleasure. As the waves of my orgasm began to wash over me I couldn’t take my gag any longer; I wriggled my tongue free and breathlessly exclaimed, “I’m going to cum!” This must have given Jon the green light; he reached round with both hands and spread my arse cheeks. The cold air on my arsehole sent shivers right through me and aided my satisfaction. Jon’s breathing was getting faster and heavier, it wasn’t long before he filled me with his hot cum. As he began to shudder to orgasm I could feel my own orgasm rising, as I rode him harder we climaxed simultaneously. I felt his warm, salty cum fill me at the same time as my pussy exploded with pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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