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By Paris Waterman
Copyright 2001

At precisely eight thirty there was a soft knock on my door. I opened the door and she stood there, wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, looking every bit of sixteen again. Immediate boner—then I noticed that she was staring at my crotch. Premature ejaculation became a new concern.

Megan giggled, then nervously blurted out, “May I come in?”

“Oh. Yes, of course.”

I took a tentative step toward her and she moved toward me. We met about three feet inside the room and when we touched, a surge of electrical current arced between us. Megan put her hands on my shoulders and I put mine on her waist.

“We could dance to that music you know,” she suggested, rolling her eyes toward the stereo.

Our eyes were locked on each other’s. I was concentrating on keeping as far away from her as possible and in the process of doing just that let my hands slide down to the slope of her hips. I was sure she wasn’t wearing a thing under the sweatshirt and wondered why the hell she’d come to my room. I got my answer as she moved closer and my hard, bowed cock came in contact with her belly. She ground her pelvic region against me. That did it. I buried my face in her neck, grabbed both of her ass cheeks, one in each hand, and ground my cock against her.

“Oooh, God!” I croaked. “Megan.”

Her lower belly churned like a mix-master against me. Lifting her bodily off the floor I carried her into the bedroom and put her down. Her nimble fingers were reaching into my pants as I tried to beat her by dropping them. She won. My dick sprang forth and she made the most delightful sound at the sight of it.

“Like it?”

“I’d almost forgotten what one looks like. And yours . . . yours is the only one I’ve ever seen or played with.”

With as much tenderness as I could muster, I opened and lowered her jeans to the floor and watched as she stepped out of them. Then I pulled the sweatshirt over her head. She was wearing white lace panties, but no bra. Her breasts were magnificent and I would have admired them forever, but Megan raised her knee to lean against the dressing table, causing her legs to spread and I saw the pink glimmering at me through her heavy bush. She arched her back and my hand dropped from her breast to her forested mons and felt her pussy for the first time in more than five years. It was moist and yielded to my questing finger and she began to breathe heavily in anticipation of what was to come.

I couldn’t keep her waiting any longer and pushed the thin white lace panties to the side and buried myself to the hilt in one smooth thrust.

“Oh God, I missed you.” I said as she clenched me close by wrapping her legs around me.

“Me too,” she said with a sob. The fact that she was grinding her cunt against me for all she was worth assured me it was the truth.

“Let’s get comfortable sweetheart,” I said.

“Sweetheart. You don’t know how nice that sounds,” she purred.

I moved to shift position.

“Oh, don’t pull out!” She cried in alarm.

“Just for a second.” The attempted reassurance failed. When my dick eased out she whimpered at the loss, but I bent her over the side of the bed and spread her ass cheeks. Megan’s lower body was literally covered with a thick batch of pubic hair, except for her asshole, which I promptly began kissing and licking.

“As I recall, you used to like this very much my love. How’s it feel?” I whispered.

“Everything you’re doing is wonderful, James. Everything.”

My tongue found its way into her butt and I reamed her out. Megan got to wriggling’ so much her ass pulled away from my face.

It was time. Raising myself up, I guided my cock back into her bushy cunt. She moaned in joy as we established our rhythm — slow deep strokes and her cunt seemed to convulse around my dick. I wet my index finger and inserted it in her ass and she went wild.

Moments later my dick slipped out, Megan groaned in despair and reaching back wrapped her hand around my cock just beneath the head and guided it toward her cunt. I felt the slick lips of her tight pussy rub against me and pushed forward. Instead of driving it home, I missed; skidding past her cunt and I found myself humping the sheet and her belly until she seized my cock and reinserted it correctly.

“Sorry, about that,” I mumbled.

“And I thought I was out of practice,” she grinned and began to laugh raucously.

The position we were using made Megan’s cunt even tighter than it should have been, and I was forced to work it in slowly. No problem, we both enjoyed the hell out of it. Once I was all the way in and my cock was lubricated with her juices it soon became much easier. Megan was in more of a rush to come than I was for very obvious reasons. So I took my time moving slowly in and out of her pussy from behind, sometimes pushing up behind her to force my cock as deep as possible enjoying the feel of her soft bottom against my stomach.

With each deep thrust Megan groaned, “Ahhh . . .” in satisfaction.

We spent cebeci escort some time simply rocking back and forth, my hands moving along her back and under her chest to fondle and squeeze her tits. Did I mention her tits? Megan’s tits were beautiful, not as large as they were at sixteen, but they were perfectly shaped. (My first thoughts were that she’d lost her baby fat due to the rigors of being a nun, I made a mental note to ask later.) More than a handful, pear shaped, with small strawberry tipped nipples and areola about the size of a quarter.

That familiar tingle in my balls arrived and I knew I was close.

“I’m getting close,” I murmured. “Are you…?”

“Just go ahead, baby,” Megan whispered, pushing her butt back at me and beginning to rotate her hips lasciviously, urging me on, wanting me to come. I hesitated.

“Go on. Sock it to me, baby! Come in me!”

That did it. I couldn’t hold back any longer and there was no sense in trying.

“Okay Meg! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I screamed every muscle in my body taut with desire. And with renewed energy, my cock plunged in and out, slapping against her ass. Megan twisted against me, pressing her hips back to get as much of me in her as possible. I felt her spiking up at me, convulsing, clamping down on me, and I lost all control at that point. I drove myself relentlessly into her spasming sex and let out a grunt, then a scream.

“I’m coming!” I screamed aloud and exploded in short, forceful bursts. She ground her pussy onto my cock, rocking from side to side, urging me on, whimpering in sympathy and enjoyment, but I knew she hadn’t come herself and felt shamed as I spurted off helplessly inside her.

We lay stuck together for several minutes trying to recapture our breath. I kissed her neck and cheek, and she turned her neck to kiss me on the side of my mouth. She brushed a hand over her eye, but not before I saw the trickle path of a tear.

“We’re not finished,” I murmured, feeling my dick shrink inside her.


I didn’t hesitate, but raised my head and sucked one of her tits into my mouth. Megan threw her head back and croaked, “Oh, yes. Suck my boobs!”

I remembered she loved having her tits played with and moved my mouth from tit to tit and nipple to nipple as she writhed beneath me. Her first orgasm was achieved this way. After that I gave her the full treatment, the best that I had to offer.

Beginning with her mouth, I traced her lips with my tongue. It took me a little over ten minutes to reach her cunt but what a trip it was. I savored the salty sweat on her neck and shoulders and tasted the deodorant under her arm. Her nipples lacked firmness when I returned to them; but when I left they had grown to hard little buttons of erotically sensitive flesh.

Megan couldn’t help but thrash about on the bed when I buried my tongue in her belly button and nibbled on the tiny knot left there at her birth. She was squirming in what seemed like agony as my hands massaged her thickly matted thighs.

By the time I reached her cunt she was begging me to eat her, whispering, “Yes” over and over again. But I knew it had been so long for her that despite her frantic pleadings I would take my time to draw it out. I wanted to drive her crazy. I wanted her to remember this night; to remember me above all else. I was tearing into her black, forest like thatch, pulling pubic hairs out with my teeth as she hissed through her own clenched teeth, “Do it! Do it!”

Teasing her, I asked, “Do what?”

“The nasty!”

“What’s the nasty?” I asked, wanting to compel her to say more than she had ever dared to on this matter in her entire life. Maybe she thought about it before, maybe not. With her religious background it was difficult to tell.

“Your tongue . . . or your cock . . . whichever . . . put it in MEEEEeee!”

My response was instantaneous. My tongue reamed itself into and between her thatched crevice and when she brought her knees up. I slid down a little more on the bed and saw my jizm matted on some of her pubic hair. I tickled her asshole with a finger and she screamed. It was loud and piercing and I was sure that half the people on this floor of the hotel knew someone was getting laid.

“Oh, James . . . can it really be this good or am I dreaming?”

“It’s real Megan my love, it’s real.”

I realized at that moment that I truly loved her and was shocked. I had never really loved anyone before, or at least had never consciously admitted it to myself. I came to a complete halt in lovemaking. I was stunned at this development. ‘She was a nun for Christ’s sake. There was no future in this . . . no! There had to be something . . .’

“Megan I . . . I love you. I really do!”

“I’ve always loved you too. Since forever!”

We turned to one another and kissed, trying to make up for all the lost time. I sucked her tongue into my mouth, pushed it back out and invaded her mouth. It was the sweetest thing I’d ever tasted. We explored every nook and cranny possible then cebeci escort bayan parted momentarily to regain some air in our respective lungs before renewing the kiss.

“Oh, I’ve dreamt of this moment James.”

“You’re a nun; you shouldn’t have nasty thoughts like that.”

“I’m a woman too. And while I’ve led a chaste life . . . except for back then with you . . .”


“Desire . . . it’s always there like temptation, trying to lead me astray from my God. But until today you were only in my thoughts . . . a mischievous dream or fantasy . . .”

Megan’s hands were roaming my body as if trying to memorize each detail.

“This isn’t a dream Megan.”

“I know. God help me I know.”

“Easy girl,” I said, wiping her tears away with my fingertips. That done, I moved on, tracing my way down to the furrow between her breasts.

“Oh! James, that’s soooo nice.”

“There are a million nice things about you Megan. Have I told you that I love you for each and every one of them?”

“You say the nicest things . . .”

“You are the nicest thing,” and I commenced licking a trail from her hip to her inner thigh.


Delving through her blanket of fur, I located her labia and drew a thick lip into my hungry mouth. Her body twitched. Eventually after a long languid search, I found her clit and after licking it for a second or two, caught it between my lips and just sucked. Megan came almost instantly. It was as if her orgasm had been stored up for this moment. I let her soar in the clouds for a while then asked, “Do you want to continue?”

“Does a bear shit in the woods?”

“What kind of speak is that for a nun?”

“I’m not wearing my habit at the moment.’

“You’re not wearing anything at the moment.”

“Not true. My heart’s out there for the world to see.”

“Will you be leaving the sisterhood?” I asked although fearful of her response.

“I don’t know James. I will be giving it a great deal of thought after tonight though.” Then she smiled and said, “But let’s play while we can, all right?”

“Okay! Come on, sit up on my face.”

“Ewe! You are soooo nasty!” She said as she lithely moved so that she hovered above me.

“Like this?”

“Yes, but hold still for a moment. I want to look at your pussy.”

“My pussy?”


“Ah, that’s what it’s called, eh?”

“It has many names, but pussy suits you fine.”

“So how does my . . . pussy look? I’ve never really had a good look at it.”

“We’ll hold a mirror to it later so you can see for yourself, but it looks incredibly edible right now.” And I grabbed her ass and pulled her down to my waiting mouth.

At the touch of my tongue wriggling past the tight clam of her swollen cunt she began to squirt. A translucent juice with no discernible flavor washed over my eager lips and tongue.

As I rubbed my cheeks against her thighs, I could smell her, a subtle scent, slightly sharp, rather indescribable. I’ve never been able to put words to the exact taste and scent of a woman before. I began to kiss along the dusky lines where her thighs meet her cunt. Her hands were atop my head, massaging my scalp, and my back arched as an intense shiver traveled down my spine.

I spread her apart and for the first time really got a view of her pussy. It was beautiful and I flicked the tip of my tongue against her clit, which emerged from its hiding place, as I tongued her.

Megan moaned, “Soooo good!” Then lost her voice. She couldn’t make a sound even though her mouth was open. She just kept inhaling, more and more, sucking air desperately as the sensations intensified to the very brink of pain. Her hands tore at my hair as she ground her cunt into my face. I entered her with two fingers, twisting within her tightness until I could go no further. I could feel the molten walls of her cunt, glowing and slick, pulsing against my fingers as I withdrew them. My tongue slithered in their wake, brushing against the delicate membranes of her labia, ever deeper as she trembled above me. Her taste rolled down my tongue and into the back of my mouth. But she tasted disturbingly bitter; bitter enough to give me pause, because it didn’t make sense that a woman this incredible could leave me feeling sour.

Her voice returned with a loud shriek as my juice-slickened finger wormed its way into her shuddering ass.

“Oh! I remember we used to do this . . . “And her voice choked off.

“Try to relax; I don’t want to hurt you at all.”

“James . . .” she panted, “I feel . . .”

My lips fastened on her stiffened clit and she started to come. I fucked her ass with my finger and alternated licking her cunt and clit. She continued coming in what appeared to be an unbroken stream of orgasms. Her back arched and her eyes rolled up in her head as she exploded. I relented and pulled my finger from her ass and stopped mouthing her and waited for her shuddering to subside.

After a minute or so her eyes opened and she found mine. escort cebeci “Unbelievable!” She whispered.

“Was it good for you?” I asked, kidding her.


“I never knew anything could feel so good. Oh, thank you!”

“For what?”

“For making me so incredibly happy.”

“Megan, we’re hardly started.”

I slapped my hardon against her stomach to re-enforce my comment.

She groaned. “That’s right, you haven’t . . .” Tears rolled down her face.

“Hey don’t fret about it. Megan we have most of the night, there’s no sense in rushing things and exhausting ourselves.”

“But I want you in me,” she pouted and more tears followed.


“She beamed at me.”Really?”

“Really. Now why don’t you get on top of me?”

Megan clambered over my body and squatted above my loins.

“Grab my cock and insert it in you, then just ride my pole up and down for a while.”

An incredible feeling swept through my body as she clasped me in her hand and rubbed me against her.

“Are you wet enough?”

“Wet enough? I feel like the ocean is pouring out of me. The sheets are soaked and so are we.”

“Did I ever tell you you’re . . .?”


” . . . Thingy feels like velvet?”

“Velvet, eh?”


“Gonna slip it in?”

“Soon . . .” She said dreamily. “I just love the feel . . .”

Then my emotions began to run riotously as she sank down upon me, taking half of my dick in with her first stroke. I groaned.

“Feels so nice . . . soooo hot!” She murmured, leaning forward to bite my nipple. She giggled. “A taste of your own medicine,” she laughed and bit the other.

I jerked upward and sent my cock deeper and she couldn’t help but groan aloud.

“Great! James you’ve filled me to the bursting point. I can feel your heart throbbing down there.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, her long hair dangling down her shoulderblades close to the base of her spine.

“Mmmmm, that’s you stretching me, filling me.”

“Uh huh.”

And with an excruciatingly slow movement, Megan began to move her hips, wriggling them sensuously, savoring the feel of my dick going deeper and deeper into her. Shaking under the waves of pleasure sweeping across her torso Megan canted forward and rested her hands on my chest.

My hands reached up and began playing with her tits. She bit her lip and ground her pussy hard against me. I brushed her hair from the front of her face and she sighed deeply, and then increased her riding speed, grinding her clitoris against the bony base of my cock. Through clenched teeth I heard her growl her satisfaction. I felt her cunt squeezing me as she prepared to come once again. She bent forward and crushed her tits against my ribs and her hips began to pummel me as she pounded her way to a massive orgasm.

With her first, “Oooooh!” I began to spurt my load into her deepest parts, clutching her ass for purchase to guide her faster up and down on my dick. Megan came again, hard and shuddering.

“Jesus, Megan. Your cunt is the most wonderful thing . . .”

Her thrashing became erratic. I could hear the slurping, sucking sounds as our bodies meshed. Her cunt contracted around me, and my balls involuntarily lurched toward her as I continued to erupt inside her. Finally I was completely spent, but Megan wasn’t. She trembled through five or six smaller orgasms before collapsing upon me.

We dozed for twenty minutes, wrapped in one another’s arms.

“I’ve wanted this with you for so long,” she breathed huskily. “You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve wanted you.”

“If I compare my own longing with yours I think I have some idea,” I prattled.

She blinked and tried to raise her head to look at me. She was trembling with that effort.


“I’ve wanted you, too.”

“But why didn’t you ever say anything?”

“I didn’t know any better at the time. It took a couple years until I realized what I’d lost and . . .”

“Go on, say it.”

“Tonight, I knew it for sure tonight when I saw you again.”

“And now I’m unattainable,” she lamented.

“No! Tell me you’re kidding.”

“I’m not. I’m married to God and his church.”

“You can leave it can’t you?”

“It’s not that easy.”

“But we just . . .”

“We sinned and I don’t know if I’ll ever be forgiven.”

“How could God not forgive you?”

“Don’t make light of this James,” and she reached for the sheet and pulled it over her nakedness.

I was really shaken, could I have fallen in love with a girl I couldn’t marry?”

Changing tactics, I said with as much sorrow as I could muster, “Then we can’t make love again?”

“I . . . don’t think it would be in our best interest.”

“So . . . you won’t be staying the night?”

“I’m sorry James, no I won’t. I want to . . . but I can’t. The temptation is . . .” She sat up, using the sheet to cover her body.

“All right,” I conceded the point. “But you can’t go back to your room like that. Go take a shower so that if you meet someone in the hall they won’t know what we were just doing.”

“I guess,” Megan said and got up still clutching the sheet and walked barefooted to the bath.

I gave her two minutes then followed. I strode into the large shower naked.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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