Meeting The Neighbor

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Big Tits

I was moving into my new house on Elm St. A single woman of 36. I was having a tough time wrestling the boxes from the moving van. I was facing into the truck, when I heard a voice. Do you need any help Ma’am?

To my pleasant surprise, I turned around to find a handsome young man about 18, standing in the foot of the truck. I smiled at him. “Yes, I stuttered, I could use some help, thank you.” Your smile was so warm. Deep eyes, dark wavy hair. He said “hi, my name is Kyle, and I live just right across the street. You have my services as long as you need them.” He extended his hand. I said, “Hi, I’m Renee.’ And thank you very much for your help today. If there is anyway, I can repay you, please let me know.” We shook hands.

We worked thru the afternoon, retrieving the boxes and furniture from the truck. At one point, you removed your shirt. I felt my insides tingle. Watching you unload the truck, I started wishing I was about 18 again. Together working in this small truck, we were constantly bumping each other and rubbing up against each other. Watching his body, was driving me crazy. I noticed him checking me out as well. I decided, I was going to tease this young one a little. I removed my t shirt and was only in my short shorts, and my bikini top. I noticed his eyes come to life, when he took a good view of my voluptuous 36D bosom. I glanced downwards a little, and knew he was excited. I know I was already.

Now with everything in the house. I wondered into the kitchen area. Kyle, followed me. A few days before, I had been at the house, had the table already up, and some cold drinks in the frig. I turned to Kyle, and said, “Oh my look at you, your sweating” as I brush a bead of sweat from his brow. I felt a little shutter as I lightly touched his brow.

He stuttered a bit, and said, “Yes Ma’am, I really worked up a sweat.” I offered this young man a drink, we sat down at the table and chit chatted a bit. I saw his nervousness as we talked. His eyes all the time fixed on my breasts.

He mentioned to me he had a party to go to later that night. I told him my shower and bath had already been set up. “please, Kyle, why don’t you shower here. I’m not going to worry with putting this stuff away now. ” I saw the nervous sexual tension, in his eyes. And to my surprise, cebeci escort he accepted the offer of a cool shower.

I could hear the water running in the bath. This young man was driving me crazy. I had always had fantasies, about having a teenager. I often masturbated to the idea of going down on a virgin male teenager, but I never seemed to have the nerve to go do it. This time, was different. I decided it was now or never.

I slipped into the bathroom unnoticed. I peered into the shower, and saw him stroking his cock. There was no way, I was going to let that go to waste. I slipped out of my clothing, and into the shower.

Kyle stuttered, ” Reneeeeeeee.”

“Shhhh, honey…..I whispered. Everything is going to be all right.” “But…..I’ve never been with a girl before, let alone a woman,” Kyle stated. “It’s OK baby, ” I whispered. I came in close, and kissed Kyle passionately. His tongue came alive in my mouth. I thought to myself, wow this kid has definitely had some kissing lessons. I pressed my body tight against his. Hands exploring everywhere, as we stood under the shower head kissing, like lovers that hadn’t seen each other in years.

Kyle stepped back. ” I want to see your body please,” he said. I stepped back a little. With a shaky hand, he touched my left breast. I shuddered. My body was coming alive for this young man. My nipples hardened and became very erect. A soft moan escaped my lips.

“Is there anything you’d like to do Kyle?”, I whispered. “Please, Renee,’ may I suck on your nipples?” He said in a shaky voice. “Kyle, honey? ” You can do whatever you wish to my body> for helping me today, I’m your’s. there is no need to ask,” I said.

With that, Kyle’s soft lips touched my nipple. My pussy began to get even wetter, ( if that was possible) His hands and lips exploring my breasts. I was in heaven. I was finally living my fantasy I had kept locked away for so long.

The water poured down on us. Passion filling this small area. I couldn’t control myself any longer. “May I?” I asked. My eyes peering down to his erect cock. My eyes popped when I saw his cock up close for the first time. A 17 year old mind, with a man’s body. His virgin cock was beautiful. He smiled, and nodded. I reached down, and cebeci escort bayan began to stroke his cock. It felt so sweet in my palm. Feeling every inch of it, was making me want it even more. He pulled me close, and kissed me passionately again. We spun around in the shower as we kissed. Now he was against the wall. The kiss broke, and I ran my hands down his body. I got on my knees, and took his hard cock back into my hand. Stroking it, I licked the head gently. Kyle jumped a little with the first lick. “I’ve never had this before, ” he said. I looked up into his young and excited eyes, and said. ” Don’t worry baby, I think you are going to like this.” I lowered my head, and took the head of his cock into my mouth. The sweet precum was already leaking and I licked it up greedily. Oh my God, I thought. I’ve never been so horny in my life as I am now.

I slowly let his cock, slip into the warm, wet recesses of my wanting mouth. Slowly moving my mouth up and down, until I had it all in my mouth. My chin nestled up against his balls. He began to moan, as I started my mouth pumping on his cock. The water hitting my back, his fingers in my hair. This was ecstasy.

He pulled, back a little. “I’m going to cum, Renee,’ he said. I broke loose my hold on his cock, and said “it’s OK honey.” I plunged my mouth back on his cock, taking it all. His hips began to move with my thrusts. A grunt escaped his lips,” AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” and his sweet virgin cum filled my mouth. I swallowed greedily not wanting to lose a drop. I wasn’t going to let it escape. I made a suction on his cock with my mouth. Not moving my head at all, only sucking this wonderful treat I was receiving. I had forgotten how much young men cum. This was outstanding!!!!

When Kyle finished cumming. I slid back up his body, and took his face in my hand, and kissed him like he’d never been kissed before. Wrapping my arms around him, I whispered in his ear. ” how was that?” His breathing heavy, he managed to say. “oh my God.” I knew he had enjoyed it.

We got out of the shower. The water had turned cold. I gave Kyle his towel, and took one for me. I left the bathroom, to go into a bedroom. The room was as naked as we were. I laid a blanket on the floor, and asked Kyle to sit by me there.

We escort cebeci began to kiss again. “I think I’m going to like you as a neighbor,” he chuckled. “We can have more fun like this whenever you want honey,” I said.

Kyle laid me back on the floor. Completely exposed. His hands explored my entire body. Hip lips sucked my nipples. His fingers found their way into my pussy. He rolled on top of me. His lips sliding down my breasts, my tummy, and then between my legs. He looked up at me and said, ” I have never done this before, please tell me how I do.” I whispered, “I will love.” With that, his tongue flicked my clit, I jumped with excitement. He reached his hands up to pinch my nipples, as his tongue worked frantically on my wet pussy. It didn’t take long. I came with such power, I thought I’d hurt this young one, or atleast broke an ear drum with my pleasure screams. He slid back up my body. “how was that?”, he said. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” I said as I smiled at him. “I swear to you, you are the first,” he said I wrapped my arms around him, and said, “baby, you’re a natural,” and chuckled. “That was wonderful.” He smiled and said. “when you screamed in passion it turned me on even more. My cock is already hard again.”

I rolled on top of him, and asked, “Can we make love today too?” He said, “Yes, please, please, please” I kissed him, and took is cock in my hand again, and guided it to my pussy. I lowered myself down on his cock. Slowly I started to slide up and down. My pussy clinging tightly to his cock. “Lay there, and enjoy Kyle,” I said. “I think you’ll like this too.”

He played and pinched and nibbled on my breasts, as I began to slide on his cock faster. Feeling him deep inside me. I knew I was going to cum soon, and I knew he was too. I wanted to cum with him at the same time. He began to trust his hips to my rhythms. We were fucking like animals. Faster and faster, until together with a mighty scream and grunt, we came together with a fire. Feeling his cock pump his cum deep into my pulsating pussy was incredible. We both came for a while. I didn’t want it to end. But as all good things do, it came to an end.

By this time twilight had set in, we were naked holding each other in the darkness. I had never dreamed my fantasy would come true. But here’s the proof. Though the age difference is substantial, it’s merely a number. Kyle and I are the best of friends and lovers. And are having the best time of our lives, and the good thing is, we are both in our primes…hehehe. So, you know it’s going to be good and hot!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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