Meeting at the Bar

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I was sitting at the bar, thinking about tomorrow when I felt someone come up behind me.

“Hello, beautiful.” I hear.

I turn around to see my friend, Pierce.

“Wow! He looks good!” I’m thinking.

I’ve never seen him in a suit before. He kisses me before I can utter a word and takes the seat next to me.

“What are you doing here?” I ask. “It’s good to see you.”

Pierce tells me that he just met with a client. I can’t take my eyes off of him. I explain that I came to town for a meeting early in the morning and I thought it would be good to be a little closer. We move to a table in a quiet corner and enjoy another drink together. I slip my foot out of my shoe and start playing with his leg, teasing up a little higher each time. The couple next to us keeps looking over, smiling at us and we smile back. After a bit Pierce decides we should head up to my room.

As much as I hate to not see him all dressed up, I help him off with his jacket and tie. I slowly unbutton his shirt and feel all that chest hair underneath his t-shirt. I move to his pants and feel the bulge waiting for me there. His kisses and hands let me know that there is a need that must be filled.

He unzips my dress and it falls to the floor. Then he unclasps my bra and helps me off with that as well. As my leg presses up against his crotch, his hands get rougher with my breasts, squeezing and twisting my nipples. I gasp as he lowers his mouth to my breasts, sucking and biting at each nipple.

We quickly help each other remove the rest of our clothing and move to the bed. Pierce continues to play with my breasts, and I feel his cock grow hard at the touch of my hands. I move down so I can lick his cock and antalya escort take his balls into my mouth. I run my tongue up and down his shaft and then circle the tip with my tongue before I take it into my mouth. He quickly fills my mouth with his sweet cum. I swallow most of it but save a little as I move up for a kiss so he can get a taste too.

His fingers start to play with my already wet pussy, and I moan as his long fingers enter me. He finds my g-spot and does a little ‘come hither’ movement making my juices really flow.

“Oh, Pierce! I didn’t know we could do that!”

He grins and moves on top of me, filling my dripping pussy with his hard cock. My pussy lips tighten around him as he pounds into me making us both cum again.

As we lay quiet for a moment, we hear sounds of lovemaking coming from the room next to us, the one that has the adjoining door to our room. Pierce gets up and opens the door to find that the other door is already open. He motions for me to come over, and we both peer around the door to find the couple that was sitting near us at the bar. Unsure of what to do, we move back into our room and quietly re-close the door.

The idea of being able to watch those two excites us. We open the door back up and move back to our bed, kissing and running our hands all over each other. It’s a challenge to be quiet enough to hear them or keeping ourselves quiet with all of our passion. Apparently, we weren’t quiet enough because suddenly Pierce jumps, causing me to jump. We look up and the other couple is standing over us. She leans down to kiss Pierce, and the man reaches out for me to get up to kiss him. After a deep kiss, he turns me around so we can both watch our partners kemer escort together.

They are already tangled together, and I’m watching her enjoy Pierce’s kisses and his hands on her breasts. I reach behind me and feel the stranger’s hardness. He pulls my hands away so we can just watch the couple on the bed.

She reaches down for Pierce’s cock and plays with the tip, getting a touch of pre-cum. She brings her fingers to her mouth to taste his juices. He moves down to kiss her breasts. After licking and sucking a bit, he reaches down to the moist spot between her legs. He plays with her clit, and then they move into a 69 position. My nipples get a little firmer, and my pussy gets a little damper from watching him lick her pussy, watching her suck on his cock, taking it deep into her throat.

Peeking up to check to make sure I’m okay, Pierce sees the other man starting to play with my breasts and kiss my neck. I smile at him and wish it was my pussy that he turned his attention back to. I reach behind me again as the man reaches down towards my wetness. My knees get weak, and he leads me over to the bed so we can join them.

I reach out to touch Pierce’s face and run my hands over him. He grabs my hand and brings it to her pussy as he sits up a little and kisses me. Our hands are both playing with her wet pussy. I play with her clit and he puts a couple fingers inside of her. She continues to lick and suck his hard cock. The man turns me to him, and I take his cock into my mouth. Running my tongue around the tip, I feel him swelling. He starts fucking my mouth, and I love the feel of him deep inside of me. As we girls play with the guy’s asses and balls, Pierce konyaaltı escort cums in her mouth as the man cums in mine.

As Pierce and the woman start to recover, she comes to me and we kiss. Having never kissed a girl like that before, I’m surprised at the softness of the kiss. Her skin feels soft to my touch too. I run my hands down her front and then back, lingering on her breasts, playing with her nipples. She does the same to me. Then she leans down towards my nipple and kisses and licks my breasts. She keeps moving lower down my stomach to my thighs. Her hands are gentle on my skin, teasing and exciting. She moves down lower and turns so I can touch her too. I tentatively reach out to feel her ass and thighs, moving slowly towards her wet hole. I finger her clit and then spread her legs a little further apart. I move a little so I can lick her clit. She tastes good, and I put a finger inside of her. She’s sooooo wet!

I see a shadow behind her and feel someone pushing behind her. I reach out to play with Pierce’s balls as he enters her ass. I alternate between licking her pussy and licking his balls. I feel his balls tighten and lick them until he cums. The man approaches and pushes both Pierce and me out of the way. After fucking her until she cums again, he pulls his cock out of her and cums all over her chest and belly. They kiss us and leave the room, shutting and locking their door behind them.

We close and lock our side of the door and head to the shower. I soap Pierce up and help him rinse off. He puts his fingers in my pussy and finds me still wet and ready. Turning me towards the wall, he fucks me from behind. His cock feels so good filling my wet hole. I cum pretty quickly, and, when I stop quivering, he pulled out and entered my ass. He pounds that tight hole until he cums inside of me. We are both exhausted as we clean up again in the shower. We sleep soundly that night but wake up early for a little more fun. I hope my meeting turns out as well as my night went!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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