Me and My neice

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I was at work, approximately 30 minutes from the end of my shift, when I got a call from my sister, who had a date that night and needed a babysitter. Apparently she had one lined up which cancelled, so she was in a big hurry and told me she would pick me up from work, with my niece and she would drop us off at her apartment.

We arrived and she was in such a rush she couldnt even get out of the car, she gave my niece(rachel) I hug and kiss goodbye and thanked me dearly and left.

I carried Rachel up to the third floor apartment and we walked in. She was completly tried and walked str8 into her room and feel asleep. I was always worried about her so I sat in her room to make sure she’d be ok. After about 45 min she arose and wanted to watch a movie. I agree and we sat in her mom’s bed and watched a movie. About 30 min into the movie she started gettin rowdy and we started play fighting(alright, more like play kicking my ass) She “threw” me to the ground and noticed my zipper on my jeans were unzipped. (I was wearing a pair that easily would become unzipped by themselves)

“Whats in here” she said as she reached in a grabbed a nice hold of my dick
“Rachel, NO!” I said pulling her hand out “Never do that again”
“Why not?” she said with a sad face
“Because it’s wrong!” I said “Never do that again! Understood?”

She agreed and apoligized and went back to playing. About a hour later we were laying her her mom’s bed and Ive noticed she is passed out, I decided to do the same, being extremely exhausted.

About illegal bahis 15 min later though I awake the see my pants unbutton and unzipped and Rachel completely stripped down to only her panties. She was giving me a handy with her left hand. And fingering herself with her right.

“Rachel! I told you NO!”
She looked at me and smile “But I like these, Im trying to make you feel good”
Obviously her mom had given her a pretty good chat about sex already
“Well you shoudn’t do it when someone is asleep” I stated
“Your awake now, can I now, besides, I really like how your cum taste” she giggled and licked it off her fingers
It was actually pre-cum but I was stunned that her mom had explained cum to her.
“No, you dont do it with family members or people WAY older than you” I shouted
“But I really want to, besides I wont tell my mom”

I thought crosses my mind. She gave a good handy for someone my age and she was only 5. She knew not to tell anyone. I hadent had any in weeks. I caved

“alright, but you CANT tell your mom, promise?” I starred at her
“OK!” She jumped off the bed and took of her panties “Ill take off your clothes”

Before I knew it we were both complete naked and she had escolating into giving me head. Her small mouth could just barely fit over my dick and she could only get in about 1/2 inch in her mouth. For a 5 yr old, she gave outstanding head. She would put her whole mouth on the top the lick the head. Then she would put her mouth on the side and lick there. At the same time, jacking illegal bahis siteleri me off with her other two hands.

“Billy” she said “Its your turn” She got off me layed next to me and spread her legs.
I did as I was told
“Eat me!” she screamed as I was again amazed by her vocabulary.

I spent the next 10 minutes eating out my 5 yr old niece. First I was just likcing her sweet tasting pussy in general. Then I started escalating. running my tongue right down the center of her pussy. She had her hand on the back of my head and wouldnt let me stop. I used my hand to spread out her pussy as much as I could as I went for the clit. 5 seconds later, she was panting like a dog. I was surprised that a 5 yr old could be turned on that much.

She stopped me

“Dont lick me there any more, lick me here” as she turned over on her stomach exposing her asshole to me.
I went in a licked her tight asshole and to give her an extra thrill fingering it as well.
“That feels good uncle billy, put your pee-pee in me” she turned around and grabbed my still hard dick soaked with pre-cum and turned around.

I tried to put it in her ass but it would hardly fit. So i went back to fingering her and added a 2nd finger. I could hear her moan ‘yes’ and ‘oh god’. I worked at fingering her ass for about 5 minutes. It was slighty gaped, so I attempted something. I tried to tongue fuck her, and I did. As I did she scream in pain “YES BiLLY YES, MORE” I removed my tongue shortly after.

“I love how my ass tastes too” she canlı bahis siteleri said spinning around grabbing my finger and licking her ass juices off of it. Again. I was still stunned by her sexual vocabulary.

Before I realized it her face was right it front of mine and she frenched me. Then we made out for a good minute. It was a little hard with her small mouth but we did fine.

Then she whispered in my ear; “Billy……sixty-nine”

She turned around and started sucking and jerking me off again. Her tight pussy was right in front of me. I put my hands on her legs and put my mouth on her sweet tasting pussy and sucked that thing so hard. Then all my attention went the her sucking me off. I felt so good. Before I could realize what happened I came. She couldnt contain it all and a lot fell onto my stomach. To my surprise see scooped it up with her hand and smeared it on her face. Then she opened her mouth and showed me what she still had in there, it was a lot. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed the whole thing.

“Mommy tought me that” she said. Then she saw she had missed a few spots left on me and licked that up. “Its fun to sex with someone else besides yourself” she said “Having it alone gets boring”

I laughed and through on my clothes and just as I did, the door slammed. I looked at my clock; 11:30 PM. Jen, her mom, was home. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Rachel run outside Jen’s room to meet her mom at the door.

Then I noticed Rachel’s clothes on the ground. She ran naked.

“Rachel!” she shouted. “What the FUCK!!!”

I heard her stomp towards her room, where I was standing and had no explanation why her daughter was fully naked and had cum all over her face

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