Me and My Cousin Pt. 01

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Hi everyone. I’m new to Literotica and this is my first story. I’d like to start by introducing myself – my name is Nikki, I’m twenty years old and I’m a south Indian from Delhi, currently in Kerala.

My sister, Anjali, was twenty-one at the time of this story, and I was eighteen. We lived a pretty normal life up to this point; our parents were at work all day, only coming home in the evening, and at the moment, and my sister and I studied at the same school. As siblings we were pretty close, and she knew all my secrets.

I was pretty innocent back then; on the day in question, which was the last day before the school holidays, we were walking home and witnessed two dogs having sex by the side of the road. I thought they were fighting at first and wanted to intervene, but my sister said to leave them alone as they were just playing. She had a strange blush on her face, so I knew that she wasn’t telling me .

A quick look on Google when I got home told me what was actually going on, and after that my teenaged mind was full of questions about sex. Within minutes, my search began to bring up porn sites; of course, I couldn’t resist watching some of the videos, and before long I was hooked. With the holidays now stretching before me, I was able to get up late and basically lie in bed all day and masturbate.

I thought I’d been pretty discreet about it, but one day after returning to my room after getting a snack, I noticed that my door was ajar and my computer was still logged into a porn site. I was sure I’d switched sites and shut my door; maybe I was just getting careless.

The following day, I awoke earlier than usual and, walking to the bathroom, I passed my sister’s door. It was open slightly, and I heard some breathy sounds coming from her room. Pushing gently on the door, I peeped inside and saw her sat at her desk, her petite frame dressed only in her underwear. Holding my breath, and allowing myself a longer look, I noticed that she was watching a porn video; as her chair moved slightly, I could see that one hand was buried in her panties and the other was caressing her breasts. Her gaze shifted slightly, and I could tell that she had caught a glimpse of me in her mirror. She froze instantly.

After what felt like an eternity, she closed the laptop, stood up and walked towards me. Before I could speak, she placed a hand over my mouth. “I know you watch porn too, little brother. I checked your browser history, so don’t pretend you’re not doing this too.”

I was paralysed by my nervousness, which only worsened as she looked down to check out the bulge in my pants.

“I’ll make you a deal,” she said. “If you don’t tell our parents about this, I won’t tell them what you get up to in your room every day, or that you got a boner from looking at your sister in her underwear.”

I nodded my agreement, not knowing what else I could say, and left her alone to hide in the safety of my room. Now that it was obvious that she knew about my recently discovered daily masturbation habit, I didn’t dare do anything. I was sure I could trust her; after all, we had kept each other’s secrets all our lives, but this one was… much bigger.

What mutlukent escort concerned me more was that I was beginning to see my sister less as a sibling and more as a desirable woman; I had now seen more of her amazing curves than I ever had before and I was captivated. I couldn’t stop thinking about her, my mind conjuring up all sorts of unrealistic scenarios that I knew could never happen. We were brother and sister, and she would never see me in the way that I was now seeing her. I hid out in my room for the remainder of the day, only emerging when our parents came home and we had to sit at the table together to eat. I was virtually silent throughout the meal, staring at my plate the entire time and unable to look at Anjali in case she could somehow read my thoughts. I struggled to eat my food and left the table at the earliest opportunity, heading once more for the sanctuary of my room.

Sleep, however, was proving impossible as my thoughts of Anjali wouldn’t stop and I daren’t masturbate for fear of either her or our parents interrupting me. When it got late enough that I was pretty sure that everyone would be asleep, I decided to go and get a drink. To my shock, I got to the kitchen to find my sister there, clad only in a thin nightdress; I could see every inch of her shape through the fabric, which clung to her body. Her perky nipples stood out proudly as little points in the material, and as she turned to get a glass from the cupboard I got to enjoy the sight of the distinct outline of her ass.

Forgetting all about the drink, I turned quickly and darted to my room, closing the door quietly. Within seconds, I had dropped my pants and collapsed onto my bed, jerking my cock to thoughts of my sister. I came more quickly and much harder than I ever had before, using a cloth to clean up the evidence of my forbidden orgasm. Finally exhausted, I drifted off to sleep.

The following morning, my sister was up early to wave my parents off to work before deciding to come and wake me. “Time to get up, Nikki,” she said, sitting on my bed and shaking me gently. As I rubbed my eyes and sat up, Anjali’s eyes were roaming about my room, and within seconds her gaze settled on the cloth I had used the previous night. “Were you a bad boy again?” she asked, her eyes shifting to my morning erection, which stood proud beneath the bedclothes.

“Stop staring at me like that!” I admonished. “It’s not bad, it’s normal, and what I do in my own room is none of your business!”

“Okay, little brother,” she whispered, her hand grazing my cock as she stood up and left, leaving me utterly confused.

After calming myself, I freshened up and went to have breakfast at the kitchen table; my sister came and ate hers at the same time, sitting opposite me. She was wearing a tight dress and I couldn’t stop staring at her boobs, and I was doing it so much that I was sure she must have noticed. If she did, she didn’t react and, apart from my increasingly dirty thoughts, everything seemed normal. I went into the living room to watch TV, and a few minutes later she came and sat next to me, still in that tight dress, her nipples and round ass tuzla escort clearly visible to my eager gaze. Inevitably, of course, my dick started to wake.

I saw her glance at the growing bulge in my pants, and this funny half-smile formed on her lips. I held my breath in panic, but she didn’t comment or tease me. I gradually became more comfortable, and after a while she cuddled into me. I was about to get up and return to my room but her hand gripped my arm, encouraging me to stay.

“So, Nikki,” she whispered, “do you like watching porn then?” I started to pull away in shock at her words, and gave a nervous laugh, but she put her other arm out and held me. “Don’t be afraid, little brother. We’ve always trusted each other before, haven’t we? This is just another shared secret between us.”

I saw the logic in her statement and relaxed a little, sitting back on the couch as we held each other. The conversation became more comfortable and we talked about many things, including our taste in porn, without further awkwardness — although I wisely decided to keep my sexual thoughts about her to myself!

All too soon, our parents came and we had dinner, and then it was time for bed. Despite everything that had happened that day, I was very tired and sleep came much earlier than usual. Things were once again almost back to normal — with the exception of my new-found desire for my sister — but, unbeknownst to me, Anjali had very different ideas.

After our parents had left for work the following morning, my sister came in to wake me again. I opened my eyes to see her sitting on my bed, wearing only her thin nightdress. “Good morning, Nikki,” she purred. “What are your plans today?”

I rubbed my eyes and stretched, and, after our talk of the previous afternoon, saw no reason not to be totally honest. “Watch porn and jerk off, mostly!” I chuckled. I caught her staring at my cock again.

“Yeah, I can see that you need to do something with that thing,” she giggled. “But maybe there’s something better than porn?”

“What do you mean?” I croaked, feeling a nervous lump in my throat.

“I’ve seen you looking at my boobs, Nikki. I know you’d like to see them, and maybe touch them. And I know you’ve seen me staring at your cock in your pants, and I’d love to see that up close, too, Maybe we could… explore each other? Just another big secret we can share, and enjoy?”

Her hand grazed my dick through the bedclothes, but this time she didn’t stop, her fingers teasing and gripping me. She stared at me, as if awaiting my answer, so I gave her a silent, barely perceptible nod. To my surprise and disappointment, she let go of my cock; my mood soon improved, however, as she stood and gripped the hem of her nightdress, peeling it up and off in one smooth movement.

I paused, in awe of her beauty. “Your turn now, Nikki,” she said softly. Stirred into action by her words, I peeled back the covers and quickly shed my clothes. She stared at my engorged cock in shock, licking her lips, and I continued to stare at her nakedness. Those gorgeous boobs, her tiny waist, and her pussy, wet, glistening and pink; blushing, she anadolu yakası escort have me a little twirl and I took in the luscious curves of her plump butt.

“Can… can I touch you?” I stammered, and she nodded eagerly. She sat in front of me once more and I reached out tentatively to gently touch her boobs. Hearing her gasp, I gave them a squeeze and then moved my hands so I could pinch her proud nipples. Her gasps turned to moans, and she reached out and took my cock in her delicate fingers. Encouraged by this, my own fingers slid down to her pussy, feeling her slick wetness and the intricacy of her folds. The room slowly filled with the smell of sex, driving us on and making us want more.

We leaned in and kissed each other for the first time, and the sensation was electric; my mind was totally captivated by the sensation of her soft lips against mine, my fingers seeking out her clit and her hand slowly pumping on my cock. As we finally broke apart, panting, I slid down her body to take her nipple in my mouth. “Oh, YES!” she cried. I reached out with my free hand and fondled and squeezed her other breast before pinching the nipple.

Without uttering a word, Anjali pushed me back before turning and lying beside me on the bed, her knees close to my head. I rolled onto my side to get a closer look at her pussy, and she suddenly shifted closer and took the head of my cock into her mouth. I let out a loud moan as I felt her tongue flick against me before pressing my head between her spread thighs and pressing my mouth to her pussy.

I stroked my tongue from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to her clit, savoring her taste before repeating the motion again and again. I felt her moaning around my cock, the vibrations making me tingle and driving me effortlessly towards orgasm. Anxious not to leave her unsatisfied, I renewed my efforts and began to caress her clit with my tongue, flicking it over and over until she screamed around my length. I couldn’t hold back any longer and cried out as I felt myself explode into her mouth, filling it with my hot seed.

We rolled apart, panting and laughing, and I looked for something I could give her to spit into. I passed her a tissue, but to my surprise she opened her mouth proudly to show me that she had swallowed it all. I flopped back onto my pillow, exhausted, and Anjali came to lie beside me, placing her head on my chest. We fell asleep like that, cuddled up and happy, until our empty bellies reminded us that we had yet to eat breakfast.

After freshening up, we ate breakfast together; with all the tension of the previous few days having evaporated, we were totally comfortable together and discussed our morning encounter without a hint of awkwardness.

“Nikki,” Anjali said, “I want you to know that I’ve never done anything like that with a guy before. Thank you for sharing my first sexual experience with me.” She leaned over the table and gave me a tender kiss.

“You know I’ve never done anything like that either,” I responded, “but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather have shared it with!”

Things were definitely different between us now. After we’d had breakfast, she invited me to her room and suggested that we watch some porn on the laptop, and although, to my disappointment, nothing further happened between us that day, we were definitely growing much closer — both as siblings and, at least to my way of thinking, as a couple. I couldn’t wait to see what would happen the next day!

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