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The annual May fair was in town and I decided to go and have a look around on the last night. Chas was not interested so I went on my own thinking I may have bumped into some friends whilst down there. I did not see anybody I knew well so I spent much of it on my own. Towards the end of the night I was on one of the rides the Waltzer. A couple of the rides operators were spinning me around. I recon they spent more time with me because as I was spinning the wind was blowing my dress up showing my stocking tops and black thong.

As the ride was closing for the night they asked if I fancied a drink, I thought why not, they were both fit looking young men.

They took me to their caravan and we had a few drinks. Soon one of them sat beside me and put his hand on my leg, then slid it up over my bare flesh at the top of my black stocking and on to my cunt rubbing it through the thin material whilst sticking his tongue down my throat as well. His fingers found their way into my shaven cunt, I moaned out loud. He started frigging me hard his four fingers plunging in and out until I screamed out I was cumming. “Fuck me, you bastards, fuck me hard” I shouted at them. “Oh, we’ll fuck you slag, you’ll have to crawl home after we’ve finished with you” he said.

The other soon came to join in and it wasn’t long before they had stripped me down to just my black stockings, suspenders and high heels. They loved my shaven cunt saying how they bet it had given a lot of pleasure to a lot of men. One of them soon had his cock buried to the hilt up it fucking me hard until he cum deep in my cunt. The other took his place immediately. I saw the first one disappear out of the caravan but he came back shortly bringing several of the other fair ground workers with him. There were lots of cheers as they saw me naked, with my legs over this guys shoulders still being fucked hard and me screaming out for him to fuck my cunt harder.

They were all soon undressed and cocks were coming at me from all directions. I had cocks up my cunt in my ass and Cumming in my mouth, sometimes all at once. At one time, two of the men decided to try and push their cocks into my cunt at the same time stretching my cunt wide. I moaned loudly as they both pushed in to the hilt, which made me suck even harder on the cock that was pumping in and out of my mouth.

They were biting my tits and nipples causing them to stand out large and erect, and also biting around my cunt and on my ass cheeks, when they weren’t being fucked, leaving love bites all antalya escort over my tits, ass, and around my cunt and top of my thighs. Word had got about the park of this slut taking on all comers and soon there was quite a large crowd including a lot of the fairground women watching me being fucked and abused.

By now they had decided to take me outside where there was more room. More and more men were spurred on by the women telling them to fuck me and use me. They were telling their men to shag the city bitch legless, show her what real men were like. I was loving it; urging them on to use me, fuck me good. I was on all fours gagging on cock one end as another was either fucking my ass hole or cunt. My tits were swinging under me when rough calloused hands were not mauling them.

I was swallowing loads of cum as well as having plenty emptied into my cunt or up my ass. I was enjoying being naked and putting on a show in front of all these people. I shouted to the women “I’ll show you bitches just how well this city slut can fuck, you won’t be able to satisfy your men after me”. They in return were telling the men to get their cocks in my mouth, fill it with cum, ream out my cunt and even to force two cocks up my ass at the same time, to make the fucking whore scream which they readily did.

Most of the men had fucked one or more of my holes by now, and even several of the young teenagers had been told to fuck the whore, practice on her. Some had only wanted to wank over my face or tits others had fucked one of my holes.

After my remark to the women they decided to humiliate and abuse me as well. They crowed around my cum covered body and one said “we’ll teach you to speak to us like that, you fucking filthy whore,” and with that went to work. Fingers and fists were shoved up my cunt and ass. My tits and nipples were pinched and twisted. I was dragged over to one of the stalls where I was tied standing spread-eagled to a piece of apparatus. They continued to shove bottles, beer cans and other objects up my cunt and ass. They were screaming at me how they were going to split my cunt, and what a fucking slag I was. How I wouldn’t be able to walk or be of any use to men for weeks. My tits were being squeezed and my nipples were pinched and twisted until I screamed out.

All they time I was stretched out, I was moaning, groaning, screaming out as another bottle or fist was rammed into my now stretched violated cunt, and Cumming all the time. They started to whip my ass hard making me scream antalya rus escort leaving angry red marks across my ass cheeks, whilst others still mauled and pulled my tits. “You love being humiliated don’t you slut” one shouted, “Speak you fucking slag” she said as she slapped me across the face, “yes”, I cried, “I love being naked and humiliated in front of lots of people.” She laughed and slapped me again, “look at the dirty naked whore covered in all our men’s cum, what a filthy cum slut” she said and slapped me several more times across the face while the others were still using my ass and cunt or tits for target practice with their belts.

Finally I was untied and fell to the floor. “Had enough whore, the women shouted”, “fuck you cunts” I said, “so the bitch wants more uh,” they said as some of them kicked me on my ass and squashed my tits under the soles of their shoes as they rolled me around in the dirt. All the men who had been fucking me were standing around watching the show and were laughing and telling their women to carry on with the slag.

I was grabbed hold of by my hair and dragged me over to a dirty patch of ground, my tits and ass scraping along the ground as I was pulled along, and women aimed kicks to my body as I dragged. I was then held face down in the dirt and my legs pulled apart. “Fuck her ass men, then piss all over the slag,” they said, the men all laughed, lined up and one after another took turns in ramming their cocks up my ass. My naked body was squirming and writhing against the women’s hands that were holding me down, and I was crying out as these men were using my ass hole. It was on fire, but I was Cumming over and over again.

“You love being ass fucked slut” one of the men said as he plunged in and out, “Oh yes” I said, “fuck it all you want.” This made the women push my face and tits harder into the dirt and tell them “you heard the tart, do it.” When each had fucked me, I was made to suck and lick their cocks clean. When all had finally had me, I was left lying face down groaning and my ass was covered with cum, and was sore.

I wasn’t left for long as I was roughly turned over face up, “now piss all over the cunt,” the women shouted, as the men let out streams of warm piss over me. It rained down over my tits, my cunt, everywhere. One of the women pulled my hair back causing me to cry out and as I did so piss was aimed into me mouth, “drink it you dirty fuck pig” a women said. “Taste our men’s Piss” and laughed. antalya ucuz escort It filled my mouth as I drank it, then over flowed and run down my cheeks as I writhed on the ground in the mud and rubbed it into my tits and cunt. Some of the women sat on my face also and pissed grinding their cunts on to my face as they did. I licked and sucked on their musky scented cunts as they did so.

By the end I was soaked and lying in the muddy pool made by all the urine. My tits, my ass, my face, my hair, everywhere were covered in this muddy mess. Every body was looking down at this naked mess that was a forty year old women, laughing at making jokes about this slag. The women now said ” well I think you have had enough now, you’ve taken all that we’ve dished out and loved it you slut”. ” Looks like I have ” I said, “but I am knackered now”. They women all laughed and picked me up off the ground. “Lets go back to my caravan and get you cleaned up,” one of them said.

Once there they took off my now laddered stockings, suspenders and heels and gently washed me down in the shower. The warm water washed all the cum and piss off my body and the two women who were naked in the shower with me cleansed my body. We all kissed and caressed each others bodies kissing and making love to each other, bringing us all to lovely climaxes. They were gentle with my cunt and ass as they were sore and aching from all the abuse they had had.

We all dried and they brought me my thong and dress back. As I left all the men cheered and said why didn’t I join them, I could have this several times a week. The women told them to shut up and not to be such shits. I told them thanks but I did not think even I could cope with this that often and that anyway I had noticed a few of them videoing the whole event and taking photos so they would just have to watch those until next year.

The women asked if there would be trouble from my husband as I was covered in red belt and bite marks all over my body. I told them it would be no problem as he would enjoy me telling him about it as he probably fucked my poor cunt or ass again, if anything he would be pissed that he had not been there to see it and joined in. “Bring him along next year” they said, we all laughed. “I will, if you promise me the same treatment,” I said. They assured me they would. I took off my thong and threw it to the men, “hang this on one of the stalls next to the photos you took,” I said. “We will,” they shouted and laughed. We said our good byes.

As I said Chas gave my ass and cunt another good fucking when I got home and he saw all the marks and I told him my story although he complained about how easy his cock slipped in. I said what did he expect after it had been reamed out so much the bastard. We are both looking forward to next years may fair now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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