Matt’s 18th Birthday

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Alex and Becky were the typical thirty something couple. Good jobs, nice cars,and a beautiful home. Since they had decided not to have children, they were also free to pursue life’s desires.

Alex was tall, handsome, and had a good build. He was athletic too. That was what first attracted Becky to him when they met in high school. Becky was the perfect complement to Alex. She was 5’8″ 120lbs. and had a great figure. Her blond hair, blue eyes, and radiant smile easily got the attention of most men.

Becky was used to men hitting on her, and was flattered, and sometimes even a little aroused, but that was where it ended. She had everything she needed and desired in Alex. So why was it then, that Alex’s little brother Matt caused Becky’s juices to flow?

Like his brother Alex, Matt had a nice build. He was also very athletic. Matt was only a junior in high school, but was talented enough to make first string quarterback on the football team.

Alex loved to tease Becky when Matt and some of his football buddies came over to hang out. Because the awkward teens couldn’t conceal their lust for his hot wife. Alex would encourage her to play with them, but she usually played it down instead, and referred to them as cute.

Becky however was becoming more and more turned on by Matt. Perhaps it was because Alex had encouraged her, or maybe it was because he was developing such a nice hard body. Whatever the reason, Becky often found herself fantasizing about Matt, and his friends.

As Summer approached, and the end of the school year drew near, Alex told Becky about Matt’s request to have his 18th birthday party at their house. It wasn’t surprising that Matt would want to have it there. They had plenty of room, a big pool, and were considered cool by all of Matt’s friends.

Matt’s actual birthday was on a Thursday. His parents wanted to have a small family party that night, so the big party was scheduled for that Saturday at Alex, and Becky’s. He had invited about 20 of his closest friends.

Matt’s guests began to arrive around 1:00pm and before long the pool was full of screaming teens. The party was in full swing but was very manageable. Except for a few who may have partaken before showing up, there wasn’t any alcohol being served, and everyone was behaving themselves.

Even though there were several cute girls with tight bodies at the party, Becky noticed that Matt and his buddies were erenköy escort bayan sneaking looks at her when they thought she wasn’t looking. She decided to give the boys a show, and deliberately gave them many opportunities to view her assets. Becky was enjoying the attention, and since Alex’s attention was focused on some of the female guests, she didn’t feel bad giving the boys a show.

The rest of the day went by without incident. The BBQ was great, and as a joke they had a cake with candles and sang happy birthday to Matt.

As the party started to wind down and Matt’s guests began to leave, Alex, Becky and Matt decided to clean up so they could relax the next day. Not surprisingly, Matt’s buddies volunteered to stay and help.

The cleanup should have gone quick but Alex got a call from work about an alarm that had been tripped. Alex told them that he should go check it out, and would only be gone for a couple of hours at most. Becky kissed him, and assured him that they would have the party cleaned up when he returned.

The guys took care of moving the patio furniture, and cleaned the BBQ, while Becky took care of the food, and dishes. Once they were done, they all gathered near the pool and sat and talked about the day.

Becky pretended to be curious about the girls who had attended the party. She mentioned how cute some of them were and asked if any of them were dating. A couple of the guys jokingly bragged about their supposed conquests, but it was clear that the guys were mostly inexperienced when Becky coaxed them with sexually explicit questions. Becky was having fun and decided to see how far she could go with her young admirers.

She turned her attention to Matt, and teasingly told him that she had been waiting for so long to give him a very special present for his 18th birthday. Matt blushed when she asked him to guess what it was. She continued to tease him and said that he wasn’t a little boy anymore.

The sexual tension was high, and Matt nervously managed to say that he did want his present.

The silence was deafening as Becky walked over to where Matt was sitting. Matt looked up at Becky as if still waiting for permission. Becky smiled and instructed Matt to go ahead and open his present. Matt stood up, and clumsily untied the strings on Becky’s bikini top, and it fell to the ground. Matt’s buddies were etiler escort bayan in awe as Becky took Matt’s hands, and placed them on her breasts, and told him to squeeze them. Matt was a little rough so Becky urged him to take his time, and be gentle.

Matt finally got the hang of it, and after several minutes of massaging her breasts, and squeezing her nipples, Becky told Matt that it was time to finish unwrapping his present.

Matt slowly pulled Becky’s bottoms down, revealing to all the guys Becky’s smooth glistening mound. Again Matt needed coaching so Becky took Matt’s hand, and guided it to her pussy, and instructed him on how to rub her clit, and why it was important for a man to make sure that a woman was fully aroused before going any further. She positioned herself so all of the guys could see her pussy as Matt’s fingers slowly rubbed her clit. Becky’s moans let Matt know that his present was enjoying his touch.

She could tell by the bulge in his trunks that Matt was enjoying his present too.

Becky told Matt to pull his swimming trunks down, and when he did, she was excited to see that his cock was just as long as his brothers, and even thicker.

As they moved to one of the lounge chairs, Matt continued to rub and finger Becky’s pussy, and Becky wrapped her hand around his thick cock, and slowly began to stroke it. Matt’s friends were hypnotized by the sex that was unfolding in front of them.

Before long Becky was moaning loudly as her body began to orgasm.

Becky slowly leaned forward and lowered her mouth to Matt’s waiting cock. She playfully licked it at first. Looking up occasionally and smiling at the guys, she was pleased to see that a couple of them were masturbating as they watched her suck Matt’s cock.

Becky continued to suck Matt’s cock and was almost able to swallow his whole length.

By his moans she knew that he was really enjoying his present. Bringing him to the edge several times she varied her pace so he wouldn’t cum. She wanted to make sure that she enjoyed his present just as much as he did.

When she was ready, Becky told Matt that she wanted him inside her, and spread her legs to reveal her pussy opening to all of them. Matt carefully climbed on top of Becky, and she guided his 18 year old cock to her pussy. Even though she was very wet, and she had left a thick coat of saliva florya escort bayan on his cock, it was still a very snug fit.

Becky new that he wouldn’t be able to last too long if she just let him fuck her, so she told him to take his time. Matt slowly inched his dick deeper and deeper into Becky’s inviting pussy.

Becky loved the feel of Matt’s thick young cock as he screwed her. She whispered in his ear, and told him what a good lover he was. As Matt fucked her, Becky’s attention turned to the other young men around them as they stroked their cocks.

Becky teased them and asked who’s birthday was next, knowing that Matt was the last one of his friends to turn 18. That’s when she heard one of the guys start to moan, and as he tensed up he began shooting his cum into the night air.

Becky smiled knowingly as Matt began to pick up his pace, his slow screwing now becoming a harder and faster thrusting. Becky knew that Matt would be Cumming soon. She also felt her next orgasm building.

Becky dug her nails into her young lovers back, and squeezed her pussy muscles around his cock as he pumped her. Predictably Matt’s cock began to swell, and twitch involuntarily, as his sperm filled Becky, triggering her orgasm.

She moaned loudly, and said “Fuck me Matt, fill me with your hot cum.” Like dominoes the other guys began to shoot their loads. Becky could smell the sex in the air as the guys cum hit the ground around her and Matt.

After their climaxes subsided Matt stood up and told Becky with a new confidence that she had given him the best birthday present ever.

Becky smiled and took him into her mouth again, and sucked their combined juices and the cum that still oozed from his semi erect cock.

As they gathered their clothes and dressed, Becky’s cell phone rang. It was Alex, and he said he was on his way home. He would be there in 10 minutes. Just enough time for everyone to get dressed.

They were walking to the front yard when Alex pulled in the driveway. Alex asked Matt if he enjoyed his party.

Matt smiled and shook his head. His friends all laughed and thanked the couple for hosting the party.

Becky hugged Matt and whispered, “I hope you enjoyed your present as much as I did.”

As Matt and his friends backed out of the driveway, Alex and Becky walked around the side of the house and into the backyard. Alex commented on how clean the pool area looked, and was surprised to see that it had even been hosed down. As they walked into the house he asked Becky if she was happy with how the party had turned out.

Becky said that it had gone much better than she had hoped, and assured him that he would agree as she hit play on the surveillance system, and the HD recording of the last couple of hours lit up their big screen.

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