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This is a work of fiction, any resemblance to any person, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.


Jamal, beer in hand, exits the kitchen, crosses the patio, and makes his way to the shaded end of the pool to join Scott. He’s glad he wore a straw hat along with his sunglasses, that sun is capital ‘B’ brutal! It’s early afternoon but the temperature is already in the mid-nineties and the humidity makes the air seem thick. The bright sun and sky aren’t helping his hangover. He’s hoping that the pool can bring him back to life. Scott is sitting in the shallow end against the wall using a folded towel for a pillow. Jamal snatches a towel from a lounge and does the same, stretching out here in the shade. The water feels refreshing, invigorating. He dunks quickly, then rests his head on the towel on the edge.

“Oh that’s good,” He sighs, “That’s really good!”

Scott doesn’t move or acknowledge him for a couple of minutes. Then he stirs and asks, “What time is it?” He takes a pull at the beer next to the towel.

“About two, more or less.”

“Seen gramps?” Last night Scott’s grandpa, Jerry, had accompanied them to a masquerade party sponsored by their fraternity, Delta Epsilon Lambda (nicknamed: the Deltas — for obvious reasons!) and a sister sorority: Tau Nu Alpha (the ‘T&As’ — for more obvious reasons!)

Jerry had been one of the original officers of the fraternity when the ‘U’ granted the charter. A very successful businessman, he remained an active (that is: generous) alumni in the Deltas and the ‘U’. Scott and Jamal were lounging in Jerry’s pool.

“Just before the really crazy shit started he was trying to talk some older gals into the hot tub. That was the last I saw of him, hell, after “

“That ‘Lara Croft’ with the bing-cherry nips?” Scott laughs.

“You know Gramps!” Jamal joins his friend’s laughter. “He was gonna go skin to skin before the the party was over!”

They both guffaw at Gramps antics the night before. He’s quite the character, Gramps is, a real pistol. Scott’s grandma died years ago and Gramps had grieved up until a few years ago. Now he was bustin’ loose and partying like he invented it! Scott used to be a little embarrassed by Grandpa Jerry, but all of his friends liked him so much that he had to accept the fact that Gramps was ‘off da hook!’ Gramps was a fitness freak — he played tennis, squash, rode his bicycle, skied, and worked out daily. He was justifiably proud of his muscular, trim physique. Scott hoped that he looked that good when he was sixty. Gramps looked forty and frequently dated women young enough for Scott!

They frolicked in the pool, splashing and belly-laughing about Gramps performance!

Jamal continued, “Ohhh, ho, ho, ho, he, he, he told her that ‘Aquaman’ was capable of some deep diving…ho, ho, ho, and super powers under water!!”

Scott sputtered helplessly: “Gramps got game!”

Jamal was laughing so hard that he couldn’t reply, just shook his head in agreement. Oh yeah! Gramps got game!

They laughed some more, enjoying the moment and the antalya escort memory.

Gramps had gone to the masquerade as the comic book character. Many of the women weren’t familiar with the character (but were interested in a buff guy wearing tights!) so it was an icebreaker and Gramps used that to great advantage.

They lay back, nursing their hangovers and beers, enjoying the cool water.

“What about Catwoman? Did you bother to get her stats?” Scott smirked.

“Did you?” Jamal countered, “Hell, you had the same chances that I did! Besides, what was I gonna write ’em on or with? All either of us was wearing was our masks!”

“That’s about all anyone was wearing, after it got started!” Scott agreed, “Talk about ‘off the hook! OucH! Twisted! Sick!” He took another swig of beer and asked his friend, “How did it get started for you? I was talking to her friend, Wonder Woman, when we noticed all the action around the wading pool. We go over there and see you two skankin’!”

Jamal countered with: “Bizarre, wild, nasty! I mean, who could see that coming? I saw her talking to a couple of guys early and was thinking about introducing myself but they were dancing with her and staying pretty close so I figured that she’d made her choices. I mean she was smokin’! hot in that Catwoman outfit and with those big eyes, latte skin and short haircut, she’s a look-alike or maybe even the real deal. I’ve heard that she likes to hang out in unlikely places incognito. Hell, she was a T&A in college! She’s been known to show up for their parties on occasion, so why not a masquerade ball? Stranger things have happened. Then when I went to the bar, she appears next to me and says “Spawn? Right?”

I said, “Yeah, but most folks here don’t really know who that is.”

She gives me this big wink and says “It really doesn’t matter what the men think and I know that the T&A’s appreciate a big, buff, brotha in a tight outfit with a cape!”

I thanked her and ordered some drinks. She’s real relaxed, talking to me, leaning on the bar, just chillin’. I’m like: Wow! the smokin’est hoochie in the place is hangin’ with me! I was trippin’!”

“Oh yeah! She’s a dead ringer for Halle! I thought it WAS her at first, all fine ‘n’ foxy in that black leather! Whew!” Scott agreed with Jamal’s assessment.

Jamal continued: “She asks me to dance but it’s too crowded and wants to go out by the wading pool where she can ‘show off’ her moves. So we’re working our way through the crowd outside to the pool and she grabs my butt cheek with her claw and strokes my ass like she’s scratchin’ it! She’s all up on me under my cape, smelling so good, feeling even better! Damn, I’m gonna get some wood just thinking about her! Sweet! So we get out there, slam our drinks, and start dancing. She starts prancing around and takes that whip off her belt and cracks it! I’m like: What the Fuck! Then she does it again and people start gathering around.”

“That’s when me and Wonder Woman noticed you two.” Scott said. “She pulled me over there like she knew something was antalya rus escort going on!”

“Well, she’s cracks the whip right next to me and then on the other side and dances right up against me — first in front, then her back and rubs her butt on my meat! She smelled so good and I was half-past drunk, my cock got hard.” Jamal remembered.

“Yeah, Wonder Woman started rubbing mine when she saw that woodie under your tights!” Scott laughed.

“That’s when she started kissing me and humpin’ my leg, Da-yum!” Jamal shook his head, “Then she wiggled outa that top and danced over to invite that guy in the Yoda outfit to join in…”

“What happened then?” Scott asked.

“You were there!”

“Wonder Woman started the deepthroat on me and there was a crowd around you two, so pardon me, I was a little distracted!” Scott protested.

“Well, she dances back to me pulling that other dude by his boner, it was so whack!” Jamal laughs, “Then she does the tearaway thing with those leather pants!”

“I think I heard everyone cheer for that!” Scott said. “No panties?”

Jamal smirked, “No panties. I would have liked some for a souvenir!”

“She gave you a souvenir! Hah!” It was Scott’s turn to smirk.

“You got that right! She tells me to sit on the lounge for the show. I’m buggin’, a show, what the hell? She had Yoda stand next to the lounge, looks over the crowd and gives Batman a sexy ‘come here’ wave with her claw. She pats her ass and he’s right there pulling his hardon out and rubbing it on her pussy! Then she pushed me back, grips my shaft with that petit lil hand and says ‘you got a front row seat, best hang on’ and licks it from balls to head! I couldn’t believe how hard I got when she sucked on my knob, she took the whole thing into her mouth and halfway down her throat! She groaned real deep around my prick when Batman slid it in! I get harder and hotter and she’s really sucking away on it while she’s stroking that Yoda’s cock. Then she rubs Yoda’s dick up and down my shaft! Dude! I was harder than Chinese Arithmetic! It was so nasty!”

Scott was silent for a long moment, then said, “She rubbed yer dickhead on another guy’s? That is borderline perverted shit right there.”

“It was sick! She sucked on both of us at the same time; that was fantastic! I mean she’s tiny and and so hot!” Jamal paused, savoring the memory. “She’s sucking on us and stroking us both at the same time, while Batman is doggin’ her pussy and Yoda starts moanin’ and groanin’! I couldn’t blame him! I was getting close to cummin’ myself! She strokes him faster and he shoots his load all over her face and my cock! She’s slurpin’ that goo up slow and nasty off my cock while Yoda is cummin’ a quart and hollerin’! Batman’s calling her a tight cunted whore and I couldn’t hold off any longer, I came like a volcano! I must have shot five or six spurts while she tried to get every drop! So Crazy! People are laughing and cheering and Batman turns her around to finish him off. I wish I hadn’t been so drunk, I would’ve antalya ucuz escort liked to get some more. Damn! That bitch is a stone freak!”

Scott recalls: “After Wonder Woman sucked me off we came over and watched that part, when she’s sucking Batman and the Joker mounts her from behind! That dude had a dick as big as yours! Wonder Woman’s telling me that she’s gotta have another cock and starts rubbing on Chewbacca’s ass.” He shakes his head, remembering. “You weren’t the only one too drunk to enjoy a good gangfuck! I was ‘done in one’ and Yoda had passed out next to the lounge. Every lounge on the patio was ‘occupado’; the orgy was on! Meantime Wonder Woman was going down on Chewbacca and you had a ringside ticket for Catwoman’s show!”

Scott continued, “Iron Man steps up next to Batman and she starts doing him too. What a show! She’s getting humped by the Joker and giving head to Batman and Iron Man!”

“After she’d already gone down on Spawn (me), and Yoda! With Batman pumping her from behind! What a freak!” Jamal was awed. “Don’t forget Harlequin, the blonde? She was getting her freak on across the pool with Spock, the Hulk, and Spiderman!”

Scott laughed, “Well, you had to get outa the way when Joker pulled out and put it in her face! That was the show-stopper! A cock in each hand rubbing Joker up and down and suckin’ his choad! Next thing I know, Wonder Woman plants her tongue up Catwoman’s ass right before Batman and Joker cum in her mouth!”

Jamal took off his sunglasses and took a drink, rolling his eyes, “I couldn’t believe that crazy bitch, Wonder Woman! She sucking goo from Catwoman’s cunt while Iron Man pounded her pussy! She was as much a freak as Catwoman!”

Scott replied, “That’s when I took a break and got another drink.”

Jamal nodded, “Me, too. It was getting too crazy and I needed a break. I still wonder what happened to Gramps? I hope he’s ok.”

Scott snorted, “Don’t worry about Gramps, he can take care of himself and the ladies when he has to! He probably was getting double-teamed half the night.”

“You got that right!” Jamal agreed. “What a crazy night! What a bunch of horny bitches! And we were both too drunk to get more than one nut! Shit!”

“Well, Gramps warned us, y’know, not to get too slammed.” Scott replied.

“He always says that.” Jamal countered. “He’s nearly always right!”

“Wait a minute!” Scott looked at Jamal. “D’ya think that Gramps arranged that little soire’?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time!” Jamal replied.

They both laughed and leaned back into the cool, shallow water silently reflecting on the night before.

A few minutes later a Hummer limo pulled into the lower drive and turned around. It parked next to the side entrance and waited. Jamal stood up to get a better view. Scott joined him. They stepped out of the pool as three women exited the house and walked to the limo. One was the small hipped, big nippled ‘Lara Croft’ from the night before and Scott was sure that brunette was ‘Wonder Woman’. The curvy, petit brown girl was undoubtedly ‘Catwoman’. Grampa Jerry followed them to the driveway wearing a short, red silk robe and slippers. He hugged and kissed each one as they got into the limo. They rolled the windows down and called goodbye to him as it drove off.

Scott and Jamal, dumbfounded, just looked at each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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