Masquerade Madness 03

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She turned her head and noticed that the gangster had been staring at her. Suddenly, she couldn’t do anything. Did he expect her to make out with him, take her top off, and give him a blowjob? In front of all these people? She didn’t know what to do, she could barely breathe. She choked on the smoke in the air.

What happened to the sexy, confident woman she was two minutes ago? Well, she had obviously disappeared. Sexy Lisa had now turned into scared Lisa. She was scared to even look at him…

“You look beautiful tonight,” he said, and she heard the sincerity ring true in his voice.

“Thank you,” she replied with a smile. “You look pretty hot.”

She blushed as he chuckled. That comment had slipped out of her mouth before she’d even thought about it!

“Well, thank you very much. I’m honored to be thought of as hot by such a lady.”

Lisa looked at him out the corner of her eye and noticed that he was staring at her lips. Her pink, full, supple lips. She knew what he wanted to do, but apparently he was a true gentleman and wouldn’t take without permission.

So she got up off her chair and stood in front of him, directly between his legs. She looked into his unsure eyes and then kissed him.

Pure, hot, fiery passion took over.

His arms snaked around her waist, knocking her hips into the barstool. It hurt, but she didn’t care. She curled her fingers into the hair at the back of his head. His tongue flicked across her lips and she quickly granted him access. She had kissed the bartender like this, but there was none of this fire. Her skin was crawling, and she wanted him to explore every inch of her body with that tongue.

With much effort, she broke apart and they stood there panting with their arms around each other.

Sexy Lisa was back.

“Not to sound like a whore,” she whispered, “but do you want to…find a room?”

He kissed her fiercely and pulled away, leaving her slightly disappointed, and then slid off the barstool and led her out of the entry hall. His arm was wrapped firmly around her waist as they walked. During the make out session, her top had shifted upwards slightly, and his fingers rested on the bare skin of her hip. Her skin burned where his fingers made contact.

It took a couple tries, but they finally found an unoccupied bedroom. She had no sooner closed the door than she was pressed up against it. She knocked his hat off as she wound her arms around his neck. He grabbed her leg and hitched it over his hip. She pressed herself against him, trying to touch as much of him as possible. He lifted her other leg and she wrapped it around his waist. With one hand wound in her wig and the other supporting her lower back, he carried her over to the bed and laid her down on it.

He managed to unbutton his vest before her clawing hands pulled him back over her. He was on his hands and knees over her, and she quickly undid his tie and began working on the buttons of his shirt. Briefly he pulled back to take off his shirt, vest, and tie. Then he kissed her again and her hands explored his bare torso, as if trying to memorize the beautiful contours of his body.

He pressed his lips to her neck and she moaned, arching her back, which made her breasts brush against his chest. His hands started working her shirt up as his mouth returned to hers. She gently pushed him away so she could take the top off without disturbing her wig. She was about to take out the headband, but it wasn’t there. She wasn’t able to contemplate where it might have fallen out, because he pushed her back onto the bed, his hands massaging her firm tits through the bra.

Thank you, Mom, she thought. Her mother might be a cheating slut, but she did have good taste in lingerie.

Her gangster moved his kisses down to her breasts, and his fingers teased the edges of her bra cups before moving to her back. She arched up again and he planted a kiss in her cleavage. Then, in one swift flick, he unhooked her bra. Quickly, he removed the garment and then sat back on her hips, just staring at her.

“Is something wrong?” Lisa asked as she panted. Suddenly she was worried her body wasn’t as great as she thought it was.

He shook his head and dove for her right breast, taking the already hardening nipple in his mouth. Her left breast was tended to by his hand.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong,” he said, and she relished in the feeling of his mouth as it moved around her areola. “You’re perfect.”

He moved his mouth to the other breast. She moaned with delight as he licked, swirled, sucked, and nibbled her sensitive nipples. She had one of her hands knotted in his hair and the other massaged her free breast. She shivered as his hand trailed down her smooth stomach and played with the edge of her skirt.

Oh God, she had never desired anything so much! She took her hands down and tried shimmying her skirt down, then he did it for her. It fell to her ankles and she kicked it off.

He planted kisses on her stomach, and moved down down down. göztepe escort Her whole body shivered with anticipation. One hand lightly, cautiously, rubbed her already soaking clit through her panties.

“Mmm, yes!” she moaned loudly with delight, and his hand stayed there, rubbing with a rhythm, as he planted kisses along the edge of her panties. Her hands were above her head and making knots in the bed sheets. Her body twisted with pleasure, and she was practically purring.

He pulled away and she was about to protest when she realized that he was unhooking her garters so he could take her panties off.

This is it, she thought. It’s really happening.

Of course, she’d had sex before, a couple times with her ex-boyfriend. But he wasn’t very good, and the sex was totally not fulfilling. She regretted that he was the one to pop her cherry.

But she could tell that sex with this man – with this glorious, beautiful man – was going to be different.

“You,” he said huskily, sending electric shivers all over her body, “are exquisite.”

She was so glad she’d gone with the Brazilian.

He placed a finger at her belly button and slowly trailed it down to her pussy. Softly, he traced her labia and noticed with enjoyment how she squirmed.

“Please,” she gasped out.

He, being a gentleman, complied with her request and stuck his fingers into her.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, back arching. She swayed her hips against her fingers, loving the fact that she could feel him inside her. “Lick me, eat me!”

He bent his face down and licked her clit, causing all sorts of exclamations to come from her. He felt the walls of her pussy clenching around his fingers. So he increased the speed of his fingering and sucked her clit even harder. Her body was stiff with pleasure.

“Oh, oh – FUCK!” she screamed.

He spread her pussy lips with his fingers and delved his tongue deep into her sweet snatch. Oh, she tasted so fucking good! She was unlike anyone he’d ever tasted before, and she reacted so sexily to his touch. He never wanted to stop. He could eat her for the rest of eternity.

Her legs stiffened and she screamed silently as ripples came down her stomach. Her sweet pussy suctioned around his tongue, and he knew she was close to climaxing. He attacked her clit again and suckled it with a passion while pumped three fingers in and out of her cunt.

“Yeeees!” she screamed, and then began to cum. Wave after wave splashed out on to his hands, and he licked all of it up. Once her orgasm began to wane, he removed his fingers from her pussy and stuck them in her mouth. She licked them hungrily.

She grabbed his head and brought his mouth down on her again. Their tongues danced together, and she loved tasting herself in his mouth. It was so fucking sexy.

Lisa forced him to lay down and smiled mischievously at the tent in his pants. She gently rubbed it and he gasped with longing. Wasting no time, she undid his pants and quickly slid them off, along with his shoes and socks. Then she bent over him and licked his cock through his boxers.

“Ohhh,” he moaned, closing his eyes. “Baby, yes.”

She used one hand to gently rub his rod as she teasingly licked the top of it – all still through the fabric of his boxers. He glared at her and she giggled, then took off his boxers and gasped. She’d never seen a dick so big. It had to be at least nine inches, and it wasn’t even fully erect. As she wrapped a hand around it she realized it was also incredibly thick.

Using her tongue, she lapped up the precum that was already there. She swirled her tongue around the tip and then closed her mouth around it. But it was so BIG! She licked up and down his shaft like she’d seen Sally and the wife do in the porno she’d watched earlier. Then she used both hands to massage it, and she could feel it swelling in her hands.

“Suck my cock,” he commanded in a dark, husky voice.

Lisa placed her mouth around his cock again, and then one of his hands grabbed the back of her head and began to ease her up and down the thick, stiff rod. Oh, it tasted so good!

“Yes, baby, ohhh,” he moaned as she used one hand to fondle his sack.

She pulled her mouth off with a popping sound, then quickly went back down. She slurped up and down his cock, massaging it with her hands. She felt him buck, and his member twitched violently. Then a volcano of cum erupted and sprayed all over her breasts. She licked up the wads that had landed on him, and then he flipped her onto her back.

His warm tongue darted out and licked his cum off of her, and then they kissed and she swallowed all that was in his mouth. He pressed his body against her, and his cock rubbed deliciously on her stomach; it was hard and large as a steel pipe. She couldn’t take it any longer, and ground her pelvis against his.

“Fuck me,” she whispered in his ear. “Fuck me hard.”

“Do you have -?”

She shook her head. “Pill. That okay?”

He responded by kissing istanbul escort her fiercely and sucking her tongue into his mouth.

She took that as a yes.

He slid down her body and spread her legs. He playfully swatted her thighs and puss with his member. She cried out impatiently and shoved her hips toward him, and he placed the tip of his cock at the opening of her throbbing cunt. He knew he was larger than most and didn’t want to hurt her. But they were both well lubricated, so it shouldn’t hurt too badly.

Lisa became impatient and thrusted her hips again, and the head of his cock entered her with a pop. She gasped at the thrill his being inside her gave her. She twisted at her nipples and wriggled her hips slightly, encouraging him to enter her more.

He placed his hands at her hips and slowly, inch by inch, entered her. She moaned and purred as he slid his member along her wet corridor.

“Damn, you’re tight!” he exclaimed.

Oh, she knew it. She could feel him inside her, filling every inch of her, stretching her pussy walls to the max. But still she wanted more, more, more!

And he obliged, and with one thrust he was totally within her. She cried out with ecstasy, loving that he could fill her completely. He bent over and kissed her. Then he began moving slowly in and out of her, his balls hitting her ass every time he entered. She whimpered and begged for more.

“What’s your name?” he asked as he slid his shaft into her.

“My name?” she asked dazedly.

Oh God. Her father would be so ashamed. She was fucking a random stranger, obviously older than her, and they hadn’t even exchanged names. She couldn’t give him her real name, but she didn’t want to deny him one.

“Juliet,” she replied after a moment, and she hoped he hadn’t noticed her pause. He didn’t, he was too busy fucking her.

Juliet was a good choice, seeing as Lisa was in theatre at her high school and currently their drama department was putting on Shakespeare’s most classic tragedy, Romeo and Juliet. She was Juliet.

“I’m – ” he started.

“No,” she cut in. “Don’t tell me. Not yet.”

He smiled. “Then let me be your Romeo.”

Her Romeo. She loved the sound of that, especially as he was shoving his cock deep inside her.

“Romeo, oh Romeo,” she moaned. “Fuck me harder!”

He chuckled. “I’m not sure that’s in the script.”

“Deleted scenes,” she replied saucily, and the look on her face turned him on even more.

He laughed, but obliged with her request. His thrusts became harder and faster, his hips slamming into her every time. Her body shook with every shove, and she felt as through she would come apart at the seams if he rammed her any harder. And he did. He increased his speed and she cried out loudly.

“Yes!” she screamed. “Yes, baby, there! That’s it! Ohhh, fuuuuuck!”

She moved her hips in rhythm with his, and her body trembled as it threatened to orgasm again. His cock was swelling within her, and she felt it twitch and she knew he was there too.

“Almost there!” she shouted, arching her back up.

He slammed her cunt with his cock so hard she was sure she would break. And then, with one final push, she came. He pulled out, although she didn’t want him to, and cum cascaded out of her gaping hole. He came all over her belly and then lapped at her pussy again.

His tongue felt so good, and she used her hands to rub his cum all over her stomach and breasts, although she wished he’d cummed inside her. He finished licking her clit clean and returned to kissing her. She put herself on top of him and began to lick every inch of his body, as if she were marking her territory. She wanted him to be hers, and nobody else’s. All this licking was nice, but she really wanted his cock buried inside her again.

So she rolled off the bed and pulled him off too, then forced him into a large armchair in the corner of the room. Sexily, she swung her hips as she came forward and knelt in front of him. Her hands fastened around his rod and it quickly revived.

“Come here,” her Romeo growled, and grabbed her hips, pulling her forward.

She obeyed and straddled his lap, yet didn’t sit down yet. His face was pressed in her tits and he licked and suckled the erect nipples. Then she reached behind her and wrapped her hand around her cock. And slowly, she eased herself down on to it. They both moaned with pleasure as soon as it was completely within her.

His hands were planted on her hips, and hers were on the arms of the chair. Then she began to bounce up and down. The sounds of her ass hitting his thighs filled the air, along with their moans. Her breasts bounced teasingly in his face as he moved, and he nipped playfully at them.

Somehow, his cock was hitting all new spots within her at this new angle. And it felt so good!

She switched tactics and moved her hips in a delicious rocking motion, which felt even better. He grabbed her head and shoved his tongue down her throat, but she kadıköy escort never stopped circling her pelvis around his cock.

“Mm, baby – oh, oh!” she purred.

He decided to take this into his own hands, and wrapped her arms around his neck. Then he put his hands on her butt cheeks – her perfect, sweet, round butt cheeks – and stood up. She got the message and wrapped her legs around his waist, using them to propel herself up and down his shaft.

It felt like he was even deeper in her! As if that was even possible! She moaned and clawed his back, but he didn’t seem to mind. He grunted with every pump and his face was filled with passion.

“You,” he panted as she bounced up and down, “are the best.”

Lisa wrinkled her nose, thinking that he was just being nice. He paused their fuck to kiss her, and quickly commenced driving his member into her snatch.

“I mean it,” he said. “Best I’ve ever had.”

She purred, delighted with the thought that she was somebody’s best. The best, the best, the best…It became a mantra that she chanted in her head. She chanted in rhythm with his thrusts, and she could feel another orgasm building.

“Better than my wife.”

She froze, and shoved against him to make him stop fucking her. She stared at him with horrified eyes as he held her there, his cock deep within her.

His wife?! She didn’t remember seeing a ring. And although the sex was so fucking fantastic – probably the best sex on the face of the earth – Lisa’s orgasm quickly disappeared and was replaced with guilt. She wouldn’t help this man cheat on his wife. Cheating had destroyed her father, and she refused to be “the other woman.”

“You’re MARRIED?!” she exclaimed.

He shook his head apologetically. “Divorced.”


“That okay?”

She squeezed her legs and bounced herself up and down on his cock again. He took that as a yes wrapped his arms tightly around her. He went to his knees and laid her on the floor, then flipped her over onto her hands and knees. She was upset for a moment since he had to pull his cock out of her so she could switch positions. Hungrily, she pawed behind her for his member.

“Greedy little thing,” he murmured.

“You’re all mine, baby,” she retorted.

“Glad to hear that.”

He reached forward and pressed her head down so she was resting her forehead on her folded arms, and her ass was in the air. He leaned forward and licked her dripping pussy, making her moan again, and then mercilessly forced his pistol in her.

“Ohhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she screamed.

“Like that?” he grunted between thrusts.

“L-love – ohh, more! Fuck, baby!” she shrieked, the pain and pleasure mixing together for a delicious contrast of feelings.

She could feel the urge to orgasm rise up within her. She stuck her hand down between her legs and rubbed furiously at her clit. Her body began to quiver.

“Almost there!” she shouted. “Mm, oh – OHHHH!”

It was the most intense orgasm she’d ever had in her entire life. Her cum exploded around his cock, and he kept pummeling her pussy with a ravenous rhythm. He kept pumping right until he moaned and she knew he was going to orgasm too. She felt him begin to pull out.

“No, no!” she cried. “Don’t pull out!”

He paused and she rocked back on her knees to keep him sliding in and out of her. She never wanted to be separated from his cock.

“In me,” she panted. “Always in me!”

He obliged, and began battering her pussy again. She screamed and cried out, hand massaging her clit again. Then he slammed into her, his balls spasmed, and she felt his warm, hot cum burst into her pussy.

“Ahhh,” she moaned softly, delighted with the feeling of his cum in her.

He knelt, his dick still in her, and wrapped his arms around her waist, pulling her up against his body. He kissed her neck and rubbed her breasts from behind. She turned her head and they kissed. They pulled apart and her eyes glanced at the clock on the wall.

And her body froze.


Her father said he would be back a little after midnight. She had to go now!

“I have to go!” she exclaimed, leaping up.

His dick – regrettably – fell out of her and she ran around the room, grabbing up her clothing and putting it on. He watched her with heartbreaking confusion.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“I’m late,” she replied, clasping her bra on and then pulling her top over her head.

“For what? It’s eleven o’clock at night,” he countered.

“I just have to go!” she exclaimed, not wanting to look at him.

He caught her wrist as she turned, and their eyes met.

“Stay,” he whispered, and that one word broke her heart.

God, he was so hot. And so sexy. And so full of wanting – for her! Why was she walking away from this?!

“I can’t,” she said softly. She leaned forward and kissed him again, their tongues dueling for dominance. He won, and she melted in his arms. Until she remembered that she had to go.

She pulled away and looked sadly at him. Then she unfastened the black ribbon choker necklace with the dark teal rhinestones. She gave it to him.

“To remember me by,” she said.

He took the choker and then walked over to his pile of clothing. He picked up the tie and handed it to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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