Mark the Spot_(0)

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Mark The Spot

I was thinking as I walked through the side door of my house that this was probably the worst day of my life. Humiliated at work… no, undermined by a snivelling little shit that worked for me and almost got me fired. To top it all off, my car pool gets screwed up and I have to beg for a ride home. More humiliation… just what I need. Why did I move my family to this town when I was already doing well? Including today, I have asked myself that same question 265 times so far this year.

The house is quiet, almost. I hear a slight moaning sound from upstairs and it kinda turns me on. It must be my wife masturbating again. I love when she does that… it’s such a turn on for me. I’ve caught her before but never let on. If I’m quiet, maybe I can catch her again. Hey, this day might not turn out so bad after all. As I climb the stairs I can feel my own heart beating stronger and my dick is already dripping with precum. Maybe I’ll jack off while I watch her… or maybe I’ll just fuck the shit out of her. The moaning gets louder as I get closer and I peek through the door. I see the comforter all piled up on top of her and there is quite a bit of movement. She must be using the dildo I bought for her… and for me.

It takes me a minute, but I finally realize that she’s not alone. There’s someone on top of her and I can’t make it out. At first I’m totally pissed, but then I realize that I have a raging hard on in my pants and that I’m really turned on. Who the fuck is fucking my wife?! I get my first glimpse when the comforter slides off a bit. This guy is repositioning to get her legs over his shoulders and the comforter drops down. I see a head of light brown hair and a muscular torso. The skin on his back is smooth and hairless. It looks like my neighbor, Dave, but much trimmer. Holy fuck! It’s his son Mark! Oh man, how did my wife bag this young stud? I think he’s like 20 and in his junior year at college. This little prick is banging my wife! Shit! What do I do?!

And then I see the comforter slide down his back. He’s got a fucking nice ass. Oh yeah, I can see his balls from behind as he fucks her. I want some of that. He seems to be fucking her pretty good for an inexperienced kid… and my wife seems to be enjoying it a lot. Without realizing it, I’m breathing louder and I’ve given myself away. They both turn and my wife yells, “Oh my god…no!” Now that I’ve been seen, I enter the room and walk toward the bed. The young stud rolls over into a sitting position next to my wife with his legs spread. He looks nervous as can be and I can’t help but to stare at his softening cock. “Oh, honey… I’m so sorry.” my wife cries, while the hung stud starts to stammer. “Relax” I say and try to speak softly. I tell them that I appreciate them being part of my life fantasy. I tell them that if I can join in, there isn’t a problem. I do my best to convince them that I’m really ok with it and I whip out my throbbing cock to prove it. Does this look like I’m upset? And my wife smiles a little while penis boy looks like he wants to bolt. I say, “Everyone relax and let’s have some fun…OK?”

Mark seems very reluctant to believe me and tries to leave. Dude, you’re not leaving until you come. That’s what you came for and I want to make sure you get it. But you probably get laid alot with that big cock of yours. Not really, he says. Hey babe, I want to see you suck his cock. Would you do that for me, please? She looks at me a little surprised and nods her head. Yeah, I want to see you suck him like it’s the only cock you’ll ever suck. I kick off my shoes and strip in an instant. I kneel on the bed next to her and put my hand on her shoulder and push her toward his manhood. She opens her mouth but turns back to look at me and I’m smiling a little. She doesn’t trust that I’m good with this. I push her a little harder and tell her to get working on that cock before he goes totally soft. She reaches for his meat and grabs it with her fist. She places the head in her mouth and starts to suck him a little. You can do better than that! Suck that boy’s cock, you slut! And with that she gets more into it. Mark lifts he gaze up to my eyes and I’m still smiling. “It’s ok… enjoy it. We’re gonna have some fun.” He closes his eyes and leans his head back. I can see him getting harder as my wife works the head of his dick.

I’m dripping with precum and I lube up the head of my cock with it. I position myself behind my wife and place the head into her pussy. It’s already dripping from her romp with the boy and I’m really turned on to recall that he was in her just a few minutes ago. It makes me want to blow my wad, but I hold back. I’m watching her suck him and I’m admiring his body. He’s very lean and has a beautiful lightly tanned skin that fits him like a glove. I’ve gotten a few good looks at his dad and I can see where he gets his physique from. His dad is pretty hot for 45 and I know he works hard at it. This boy will be just as hot when he’s that old. I like Mark’s hairless chest and his little line of hair that goes from his navel and joins into his pubic hair. The same light brown color as his hair. He’s really hot. My wife starts to moan a little as I ram myself into her. I know what this sound and it means she wants me to cum. No way, bitch… not today. I’ve got other plans.

I pull out and say, “OK, stud… your turn.” He pulls out of her mouth and gets behind her. I want to see you fuck my wife hard with your big cock. As he pulls out, the weight of his dick makes him bounce a little. I stand beside them and put my hand to my mouth for some spit. I lick my hand and deposit some saliva for lubrication. I reach down and grab his cock in my right hand and lube his head. It feels really hard and I can tell he’s bigger than me. He seems a little startled, but doesn’t object. How can he when I’m about to let him fuck my wife? I reach over to my wife and rub her slit. I know she’s still wet and I get her lips slippery. I spread her lips a little and do my best to guide his cock into her. He’s very willing and it takes just a second for him to be inside her. She moans lightly and accepts his hard cock. I slide my hand behind him and feel his ass as I push him into her. I whisper in his ear that I want him to make her scream. He quickens his pace and I am mesmerized by his muscular ass flexing and relaxing as he pumps away at her. She’s very much into it and I can see her pushing back to drive him in deeper.

I grab my cock and start to stroke it a bit. I get the idea that someone should be servicing me. So I move around to my wife’s head and stick it in her face. She reaches up with one hand and stuffs it in her mouth and sucks. She moans a little and I know she’s tasting the precum that has been dripping since I came into the room. She loves it. I move my eyes up from her and I am staring into Mark’s face. He is truly a beautiful boy. His skin is smoothe and clear of any blemishes; he as a strong chin and perfect nose. I’ve never noticed it before, but he could probably be a model. He gives me a nervous smirk and he closes his eyes as him pumps away. I whisper to him how much my wife loves getting fucked by him. He seems to enjoy that and I see a proud look come over his face. I can’t take my eyes off from him and I keep staring at how his body looks so perfect. Even in my best days I never looked like that. I have this overwhelming desire to touch him. So I pull my dick out the bitch’s mouth and I move slowly behind him. I kneel on the bed directly behind him and put my arms around his chest. He stops and seems nervous. I whisper that I’m not going to hurt him and just to enjoy the extra stimulation. He starts to pump away again, but a less rhythmic.

I caress his chest and find both nipples simultaneously and pinch them lightly. I can feel both of them become hard quickly and I know it feels good to him. He seems to shiver a little and I know how much I like that feeling. He seems to relax as I move hands up and down his chest; sliding my fingers seductively over his navel and flirting with his pubic hair. I slide my other hand around to his ass and get the best feel that I can without freaking him out. I’ve got my right hand stroking his chest & stomach while my left hand caresses his butt cheeks. I thought he’d freak over my touching his ass, but he didn’t. He continued on with humping my wife while he gripped her hips with both hands. I decided to get behind him again and hugged him a little. His ass kept bumping into my semi-hard penis and I started to get hard. I brought my face closer to the back of his head and just breathed in his youthful smell. He smelled so young… I just can’t describe the smell, but I had it once… probably when I was his age. I couldn’t believe it when he leaned his head back on my shoulder. He rolled his head a little bit and kissed my neck lightly. Oh, fuck, what does he want from me? Does he want me to kiss him? After a few seconds I find that that’s exactly what he wanted. With his eyes half closed he rolled his head slightly to line up with my mouth and I found myself kissing this young guy full on the lips. Even his breath smelled young! His lips were so soft and his mouth kissed me with his full power. I enjoyed it so much that I felt like I was melting. The little bastard was making me melt! How the fuck did he do that?!

I don’t think my wife knew what was going on, but I didn’t care. All I wanted to do was kiss and fondle this kid. It was almost like I was his age again. When we finally broke our lip lock, I let him get back to pounding my wife from behind. But I didn’t want to let him go and found myself kissing the back of his neck, his shoulders, and down his back. I slide my hands down his butt and reached the left one between his legs and stroked his balls. His balls were a good size and they hung evenly in his sack. There was very little hair on them and I fantasized that he shaved them. I had a mental picture of him holding his sack in one hand while he shaved with the other. He let out a little moan and I decided to hold them firmly and he seemed to really like that. I fondled them gently and he slid his cock in and out of my wife’s vagina. He started to pump a little faster and moaned as if he were about to cum. He started to slam into her and that got her really hot to the point of screaming. She screamed, “FUCK ME!” It didn’t take more than a dozen more strokes until he was jamming his swollen cock into my wife hard and he drained his load into her. I held his balls as he came and I could almost feel the cum squirting out. I put my arm around him as he came and held him tight against my chest. There was almost a strange bond that I felt to him. Maybe it was the fact that we’ve both fucked the same woman. Maybe it was our kiss. Maybe it was both.

My wife moved forward and he followed her without pulling out. He lay on top of her as they both were breathing hard. I should have been jealous of her doing him. But I was actually more jealous of him. I wanted more of him, but didn’t know how to get it. My luck changed pretty quickly when my wife announced that she needed to “clean up.” Kind of an obsession with her to be clean and I was glad she didn’t do it just to me. With a nervous smile she left the bed with her hand cupping her twat; waiting for spillage. I was alone with Mark and I didn’t know what to say. I leaned closer to him and told him how much I enjoyed having him there. What I really wanted to say was that I had an overwhelming desire to be with him more and make love to him. Before I could get another word out he said, “can we meet later… just the two of us?” After that, I just about lunged at him and pinned him down on the bed. I couldn’t wait to kiss him some more and I was thrilled that he wanted me. I felt like a teenager again and I felt him up like I have never touched skin before. He responded in ways that I never imagined. He stroked my back while I was on top of him and he kissed my neck and throat; giving me illegal bahis a full-body chill. If you’ve never had a man kiss-suck your adams apple… you haven’t lived.

I felt sexually ravenous at that moment. I didn’t give a fuck if my wife was listening or watching… I had to have more of this young guy. I flipped him over and kissed him from shoulder to toe. I worked my way back up the inside of his thighs and kissed him forcefully. I spread his legs and got a look at his anus. It was so hairless and pink, it was almost like another mouth waiting to be kissed. His balls were resting against the mattress and I couldn’t resist kissing his tight hole. I was half-expecting it to be sour and bad smelling, but the son of a bitch even had a great smelling ass hole. I started to shake a little with horniness and I just kept kissing his hole and rubbing my tongue around in a circle. I actually put my entire mouth over it and licked with the full length of my tongue. He moaned and arched his ass up a little, pushing it in my face. I didn’t mind… and in fact, I loved it! I finally worked up the nerve to push my tongue into his hole and he let out an “ohhhhh” sound. No doubt, that felt good. I made him squirm quite a bit and I was very proud of myself for satisfying him. Just as I really started getting into it, I heard the toilet flush and it was obvious that our encounter was about to end. He whispered, “can I see you later?” and I said, yes. Then my wife appeared in the doorway with her robe on. Are you guys getting to know each other better, she asked. I smiled and said that we were doing just that.

My wife suggested that we all just kind of snuggle in bed for awhile. Mark said he had to go soon, but would stay for a few minutes. We all piled into the bed, Mark in between us, and snuggled and giggled. My wife said that she would never suspect me of being into this type of thing. I told her that there was a lot about me that she didn’t know. We both held onto Mark and we both kissed him lightly.

This was great, I thought, but I couldn’t wait for later.

I couldn’t wait to finish dinner so that I could find a way to go over to Dave’s house and see Mark. My wife and I didn’t talk about our adventure from earlier today. She just kept kinda looking at me and giving me a strange guilty smile. We obviously couldn’t say anything in front of the kids, so we just kinda teased each other with it. She’d say stuff like, “do you want me to put that in there for you?” as she referred to the meat in the oven. Like I don’t hear the sexual overtone. Then I’d make some comment about her trying some new wine and getting her fill of it… and how satisfying it was. It was so sexual.

I was so excited, like a little school girl, and wanted to just be near Mark again. But how was I going to pull this off without Dave knowing I wanted to make love to his son? And how fucking sick is that that I want a kid that is have my age… shit, even younger than that? But he started it; he kissed me first. And it was him who asked to see me again.

I knocked at the door, trembling a little. Hi, Dave! I was wondering if we could talk about this fence I’m planning to do in the Spring. I want to make sure that what I put up is OK with you; I want us to continue being good neighbors. Got a few minutes? Then there he was, standing in jeans and no shirt. There is nothing sexier than a young half-naked guy in jeans… especially when they are hanging low on the hips. “Hi, Mark. How are you today? Are you on break from college? Great, how’s it going? You know I wish I were back in college sometimes. It was a really great time for me and I learned alot about life. Doing well? Great!” He then said, “Hey, Mr. A… can I ask you for a favor?” Sure, Mark… what do you need? I need to go to a sports shop in the next town over, but my dad is leaving for a meeting. Would you be willing to take me, please? Sure, Mark, When? Tonight. No problem… let me just get a coat and I’ll pick you up… after I’m done talking to your dad… OK? Cool.

The little bastard is sharp and I’m grateful. He’s thought this through… at least to the part where we can be together and no one will think anything about it. I start my foolish ruse about the fence with Dave and he seems touched that I care enough to ask him for permission. I really don’t give two shits… I’ll put up what I want. But I needed a reason to get next to Mark and do my best to get into his pants. When I get home I tell my wife I’m going out and leave out the part that I’m taking Mark. She doesn’t seem to care, and I kiss everyone before I leave.

Mark gets in my car and I see he has changed his clothes. He’s wearing black courds that are tighter fitting than his jeans, a white compression shirt and a zip-up jacket… unzipped. He looks just as hot in clothes as he does out of them. As he enters, I can smell that youthful smell again. I breathe in deep and give him a big smile. Hey, I really appreciate this, he says. No more than I do, I say, and he gives me a huge smile. As I pull away from the curb I ask him what he has in mind for the evening. Well, we’d better start at the sports store so I can get something… anything. Then we’ll take it from there. As I drive he starts to tell me how much he enjoyed our encounter earlier today. I confess that it was great for me and that I was surprised at how much I enjoyed him. He verbally replays the encounter and seems to focus on the part where I stuck my tongue in his ass. He said that he has been with both girls and guys before, but what I did was the best ever. I was secretly very proud… but proud because I can tongue a guy’s ass? What kind of future was in that? We talked a little about how his dad would freak if he knew Mark liked gay sex. Mark was his pride and joy and he made sure his boy had the best of everything and nutured his athletic abilities. My dad would absolutely kill me and then kill himself if he knew I slept with men. Your secret is safe with me, Mark. And I’d appreciate if you never told him about us. So we’re even. We arrived at the sports store, named “Dicks”… how appropriate.

It didn’t take him long to find some benign item and he quickly made the purchase and we were off. I was looking at compression shirts like his and just kind of giggled at the thought me wearing one. I’m certainly not fat, but I don’t have the body to be showing anything off. When we got to the car Mark shared that he had already made some plans for us. He said that he found a hotel near by that was inexpensive and they don’t ask for personal info if you pay cash. That was cool with me, and I pressed for how he knew this. Been there before, he said. And that’s all he’d say. This kid seems to have alot more experience than I was giving him credit for; the sly little bastard. That thought quickly left me and I began to think about getting into his pants again. I stared down at his crotch… he caught me and smiled. He slid his hands up and down and all over his crotch and said, “don’t worry, you’re gonna get plenty of this.” Fuck, instant hard-on! We decided that we needed some booze and I asked what he wanted. Wait, you’re 20… I would be adding to the deliquency of a minor. Relax, he said, my parents served wine with dinner. Let’s just get some wine and no one will know. And don’t forget the corkscrew. Oh, I won’t buddy… you’ll get your cork screwed. He laughed at my stupid joke.

We got a bottle of wine and found the hotel. I had plenty of cash, so I offered to pay if he’d go in and get the key. It was a deal and I was relieved that he was willing to do that. I started to tremble a little bit. I don’t know if that was nervousness or horniness. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference when it happens. I was about to have sex with this young guy and I was excited and frightened at the same time. What was I doing? Was this ok? Is this just going to be a one shot deal? My mind was reeling as Mark got back into the car. His shit-eating grin melted my heart and I calmed down. I just wanted to hold him in my arms; even if we didn’t have sex.

I was relieved that the room was on the back side of the hotel so that my car would be well hidden. I’m paranoid by nature and would probably put it back there and walk if it were in view. As he put the key in the door I wondered if anyone could see us… would I be recognized? No one around. Once inside the door Mark took off his jacket, as did I. I seemed a little clumsy as he came toward me. He touched me lightly on my shoulders and slid his arms around me as he put his lips against mine. I couldn’t believe how incredible his lips felt on mine and I held back the desire to grab him and kiss him hard. He seemed to like the tender touch and I was fine with that. He kissed me again and again while we slide our hands all over each other. His compression shirt was a real turn on because I could feel his muscles through the slippery fabric. I was getting hard by just enjoying that. Mark made the first move by getting my shirt up and over my head. He was on his knees in no time and fumbling to get my pants unsnapped. I helped him with the snap and let him take if from there. He was kissing my stomach and tonguing my navel. That felt really hot and I put both my hands on his head and slipped my fingers through his silky straight hair. Everything about this kid was a turn on. He slid my pants down to my ankles and I kicked off my shoes and stepped out of the pants. There I was, standing in my boxer briefs with a huge (huge for me) hard on while Mark stroked me all over. I stopped him and suggested that we move over to the bed. He agreed and started to get undressed. I stopped him again and begged him to let me do that. He smiled and nodded.

I pushed him back on the bed and pulled off his Nikes and dropped them on the floor with a light thud. He looked so sexy leaning back on his elbows and I just about pounced on him and started to kiss him. He pulled me down into a forceful kiss and stuck his tongue deep in my mouth. He was caressing my back and squeezing me at the same time. This was an awesome feeling. I was able to break the lip lock and starting kissing his neck down to the collar of his shirt. I ran my fingers over his chest and found his nipples through the silky fabric. They were both hard and I flicked them both with my thumbs. It amazes me how most men don’t know how good it feels to have their tits sucked and played with. I owe that to my wife for showing me how good it could be. I pinched and squeezed his nipples and he got a little chill and giggled. I put my mouth on the left one and nibbled it with my lips. He had his shirt tucked in, so I was forced to have to start with his pants. He was so lean that there was a little extra room to fumble with the waistband. But guys these days always wear their clothes loser than I did at their age. It was easy to unzip his pants and the anticipation I felt was like opening a present when I was a kid. I was wishing for something, but I was pretty sure I already knew what was there. He had on a really sexy pair of silky boxer shorts and I just had to rub my face against it. I was not disappointed to find that he was already rock hard and the silkiness of the fabric just added to my enjoyment of his cock. I kissed his cock through his silkies and at one point was able to nibble his shaft as it showed through the opening. But I wasn’t going there yet… I needed to tease this boy, first. So I slide my hands upward under his compression shirt and pushed up. I got to feel the smooth skin on his stomach (my favorite part) as I pushed it upward. His muscles seemed to ripple a little or maybe it’s just his ribs. Doesn’t matter when its that tight.

I never thought about it before, but it can be really sexy to take another guy’s shirt off; if you do it right. I pushed the shirt off over his arms and ended up palming his arm pits. The small amount of hair there was especially sexy. His deodorant smelled sweet and I ended up rubbing my face in his little illegal bahis siteleri arm bush. I got back down to his pants and tugged on the waistband. I had to kneel next to him to do this and he lifted his hips to help me. I heard him say, “whoa, dude, did you cum already?” He was referring to the huge wet spot in my boxer briefs. No, that’s just precum you hot little fuck. That’s what happens to me when I get really horny. Oh, dude, that never happens for me, he said. Then he told me what turn on it was. He popped up and lunged face first into my crotch. He sucked the wettest part of my briefs and seemed to suck it clean. He slid my boxers down half way and my cock popped out. He then grabbed it with one hand and pulled himself toward the head. He looked at it for a second and said, “oh, yeah” and stuck the head into his mouth. He sucked it like a pro and I could feel him twirling his tongue all around the head while sucking at the same time. The really wonderful part was when he introduced the tip of his tongue into the penis hole while he sucked and swirled. I tell you what, I’m gonna do that for him because it’s such an incredible feeling. Why can’t women suck cock like that?

I was determined not to cum in his mouth so quickly because I really wanted to savor our lovemaking. I put my hands on his shoulders and gave him a tender push and begged him to not make me cum so fast. He said that he didn’t care because he just wanted to taste my cum. I promised that he would get the full load in time. I also reminded him that older guys take longer to recharge… but I had no doubt I could get it hard for him over and over again. The adrenalin was coursing through my veins. I let him pull my briefs off me and then I lay down next to him. I lay on my left side and ran my right hand over his chest and stomach and made my way down to his erection. I put my hand inside the open fly and stroked his shaft. I rubbed my fingers up and down and finally reached the head. It was a very fleshy head and I just kept rolling my fingers over it and I leaned into him for a kiss. I got that kiss and savored it. It was time to meet his cock face to face. I had been waiting half the day for it. I pushed the silky waistband down and pulled his cock out. It was perfectly shaped and his head was a dark pink and was really engorged. I pushed harder on the boxers and he whipped them off before I could stop him. His cock looked even bigger than it did this afternoon and his balls were hanging lower. They looked like two eggs in a paper sack. I rubbed his balls and lifted on them and let them fall gently back to cover his anus. Then I rubbed them again and stuck my finger directly on his hole and he quivered. I know what he really wants… he told me so in the car… sort of. But first I had to have him in my mouth. I did my best to suck, swirl and tongue his cock, but I just couldn’t do it with the same finesse as he did. I’m sure he enjoyed it, but my jaw was starting to ache. I’m not use to sucking cock and it hurt a bit… not to mention the occasional gagging.

So I decided to rely on my forte. I bet that I could tongue-fuck his ass and make him squirm. So I rolled him over put my head down to his ass. I loved the look and feel of his butt cheeks. The hair was very fine and smooth. I was pretty sure he’d cooperate and I was not wrong. He lifted his butt up a little to help me… although I didn’t need help. I grabbed a pillow from the bed and stuff it under him. I could see his pink hole open a little and I saw it as an invitation. Still a clean smell and I loved looking at how his nut sack blended into is ass. I did all this in seconds and had my mouth down hard over his hole. I wasn’t as gentle as before, but I’m sure he didn’t mind. After a little lubing, I started jamming my tongue into his ass. It feels pretty good to me and I was getting really turned on by it. The more he moaned, the harder I’d tongue-fuck him until finally he begged me to fuck him with my cock. I wasn’t expecting this and was not prepared. Dude, I’ve never done that before. He assured me it would be ok and he said he would help me. He got up and picked up his pants and produced a small tube of lubrication. What a fucking boyscout… totally prepared. He opened the tube and handed it to me.

I squirted a little on my fingers and showed it to him. You’re gonna need a hell of alot more than that, man, he said. He squeezed the tube and it seemed like a handful. Put some on you and some in me, he directed. I dabbed a little on my cock head and put the rest at his back door. He reached behind him and grabbed my hand. He took two of my fingers and stuck them in his ass. I didn’t need any help from there, I knew intuitively what to do. I fingered him for a little while and I thought I’d shoot my wad right then. He moaned a little more and then a little louder. He whisper-whined, “c’mon… fuck me…” So I positioned myself behind him and between his legs. I placed the head of my cock against his hole and rubbed it around. “Stick it in me!” He demanded. I was afraid of hurting him. So I pushed the head in slowly. But Mark had a different plan. He sighed a little as the head went in. Then he lifted up on hands and knees and pushed himself back on me. My cock slid easily into his hole and I was just a little surprised. It felt smooth and silky… just like a vagina, only tighter. It felt incredible to have him squeezing my meat with each stroke. Man, he was pulling all the blood to the head of my penis. Once I realized that I wasn’t hurting him, I got into the rhythm. Instinctively, I grabbed his ass with both hand and started ramming my cock into him. He seemed to love that and pushed back harder on me to make my cock go deeper into him. At one point I could feel my balls slapping against his nut sack as I pounded away at his ass. How can he take me in him like that? It was clear that he had done this before and he clearly knows what he likes.

His moaning was like cheering and it got me really hot. I love it when my wife talks dirty to me when we have sex. He seemed to know that and he took the verbal part to a whole new level. “Fuck me harder! Oh, yeah, you’re so fucking hard. Pound me.” These were just a few of his cheers. I only lasted a few minutes before I told him I might cum. You’d better cum in my ass, or I’ll be pissed, he said. Yeah, blow it inside me! Drain your balls in my ass. That’s all I needed to hear and I gripped his ass forcefully and drove my sperm deep into his rectum. I pumped three good shots into him really hard, and then slowed my pace as my dick softened a little. He was panting and so was I. I can’t believe that I just came in this 20-year-old guy’s ass! I didn’t know it… but it was a latent dream come true. I think the biggest turn on for me is that Mark is a very masculine, athletic guy. He oozes masculinity, but he loves cock. I am so turned on!

I was really grateful for the awesome sex we just had. I wanted to do something nice for Mark. But I just wasn’t sure what he wanted. Mark, I whispered… what can I do for you? He told me that he wanted to make love to me. I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I told him I really wanted him to. He pushed me to my back and started to kiss me. His half hard cock flopped like a pendulum as he positioned himself on top of me. We kissed for awhile and he stopped to tell me that he could feel my cum in his ass and it turned him on. He kissed me more forcefully and started grinding his hips into me. It felt really cool to have his penis rubbing against mine and on my stomach. I could feel his cockhead poking at my belly and reached down to stroke him. Mark slid down my body, kissing me along the way. He kissed all around my cock and sack and I was relieved that he didn’t try to suck me. After all, my dick had just been in his ass… how good could that be?

He kissed the underside of my balls and down toward my anus. He nudged me a little to roll over and I did without hesitation. In no time at all he was lapping at my hole and I was totally into it. It felt amazing and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced it before. I’ve done it several times, but no one has ever done me. Whoa, no wonder he liked it so much. He darted his tongue in and out of my hole while lubing me up. My ass was dripping with his spit and it gave me a chill. He nudged me again and I rolled to my back again. He kneeled between my legs and lifted them up a bit. I saw him take the tube of lube and rub it on his cock, and then he put some on his fingers and applied it to my anus. It felt pretty good and I didn’t mind one and then two fingers he inserted into me. It felt very nice and I wondered why I had never done this before. I kept my legs in the air and was wondering what he’d do next. He came up to my face and kissed me some more. He whispered that he wanted to make love to me. I whispered back how much I wanted that but had never done this before. He smiled and said, “cool… a virgin.” I felt the head of his cock against my hole and tried to relax. The first little bit was fine, but as he continued, I felt a burning sensation. It hurt a little bit, but I wanted to please him so I said nothing. I grunted a little as he pushed farther into me. Mark asked if I was ok and I said that I was fine. He was so gentle with me and went nice and slow. In about a minute, he was totally in me and he just stayed there without moving. I guess he was letting me get used to the fullness feeling. He continued to kiss me and told me to stop him if it hurt too much. There was no fucking way I was going to let a little pain stand between me and the most beautiful creature I had ever been with. I was in for the full ride!

I nibbled on his ear a little and he seemed to love that. I kissed him around his face and neck and pinched his throat with my lips. I felt him starting to pump his hips a little bit and I was surprised that it didn’t hurt more. It was more of an aching feeling or like an itch that needed to be scratched. The more he pumped, the more I wanted. I felt like he wasn’t getting in all the way so I lifted my legs a little higher. He must have seen that as a cue and he grabbed my ankles and pushed them up higher. With that he started pumping faster and harder and got into a rhythm. This felt amazing to me. I could feel my own penis start to get hard and I was squirming a little to get the full sensation of his cock in me. Something was very sensitive down there and it was driving me crazy. I was shocked at my reaction and couldn’t believe it when I said, “oh, yeah, fuck me, Mark!” I kept saying it over and over and maybe in different combinations. I think the cheering was good for him too and I could sense he was about to cum. Yeah, cum inside me you stud! I could feel his body tense up and he seemed to be driving deeper into me with longer and harder thrusts. Finally, he let out a little yell and grunted as he pushed deeper into me. I could actually feel it squirting inside me and it felt really cool. He kept pounding away even after he came and then finally slowed and stopped. With his dick still in me, he collapsed on top of me. I stroked his back and sides lightly and he got a chill. I didn’t want this feeling to end, so I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed. I felt like I was in love.

All sorts of things went through my mind in a fraction of a second. I started mentally plotting how I was going to make this happen again with Mark. Did he like this? Would he want me again? How much longer was he home on break? How could I get my wife and kids out of the house? Mark interrupted my thoughts with a kiss and he thanked me. No, thank you for an amazing experience, Mark.

We took a shower together and cleaned ourselves up. After we dried off we rolled around on the bed together and kissed and fondled each other. We did a quick 69 and got each other off again. But I must admit to being sore. We never opened the wine but we agreed to save it for our next meeting. We tried dressing each other for fun, but I kept canlı bahis siteleri whipping his pants down. It was fun and we laughed alot. He kept his hand on my leg for most of the ride back home. And when he got out of the car, I got a little choked up. But he assured me that he’d see me again soon. Hey, Mark… don’t forget the sports gear you bought. Oh, yeah, I forgot.

I woke up the next morning listening to my wife’s snoring. I looked at her and recalled the first time I found her in my bed in the morning at college. I was very excited then and very proud of myself for finally getting her in my bed. We had crossed the line between friends and lovers. I was feeling guilty over my encounter with Mark. But it just kept nagging at me. Any new relationship can be exciting, but I couldn’t believe the feelings I was having for someone half my age AND of the same sex. Shit! I’m a total mess… or a total freak… or something totally f*%$ed up.

While I was in the shower, I thought about some ways that I could spend time with Mark. I’m at work all day, so most of the day is shot. Wait! That’s it! Work… that’s perfect. I could get Mark a temporary job at work doing something and I could see him then. As the soap ran down my body, I could see my dick getting harder and I got a little butterfly feeling in my stomach. After I got out of the shower, I woke up my wife and kids. They milled about while I got dressed and we all met for breakfast. As I sat there in my suit and tie eating, I asked my wife what she thought of the idea of my offering Mark a part time job while he was home from college. She said, “what are you trying to do, keep him away from me?” I thought in my head…”hmmm I’m good with that.” I laughed and said that she couldn’t be trusted. I said it in a way that she knew I was joking. But I was glad to see she was thinking it was about her and Mark, and not me and Mark. We joked a little more back and forth, but we agreed that he was a nice young man and could probably use the money. I know Mark’s family is always up and out early… just like us. So I called over and got Dave on the phone. I told him that I had an opportunity for Mark to work while he was home if he wanted it. Dave jumped on it and said he thought it was a great idea. He put Mark on the phone and we consummated the deal quickly. 30 hours per week for the next three weeks at $15 per hour. It was more than I would normally pay anyone for the job, but I wanted to make sure he wouldn’t say no.

Mark said that he wanted to start today and could be ready in ten minutes. I told him business casual was fine, but I would personally prefer him in those low riding jeans. I offered him a ride and he was at my door in exactly eleven minutes smelling clean and fresh. His hair was still slightly wet and I found that really sexy on him. I found myself giving him the biggest smile I had ever given anyone and he returned it with a gleam in his eye. How the fuck did he do that? It was like a sparkle. Oh man, I’ve got it bad for this kid.

We talked very little in the car, but I wanted to say so much to him. I wasn’t sure where his head was at and I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t want to be with me again. After some talk about his future plans after college, he spoke up and said, “will we get to spend any time alone at your work?” Wow, I guess my fears have been eliminated. “I’m sure we can find some place over the next few weeks”, I said and smiled. He smiled back. Hey, you’re not paying me for sex, are you? I laughed and said, “no, that’s not my plan. But if I did have to pay you, you’d be worth a hell of alot more than you’ll be making working for me.” He smiled and laughed. He seemed happy with my answer and he relaxed. The girls at the front desk were thrilled with my new hire. I think all three of them undressed him with their eyes and I know it was a treat for them to see such a hot young guy in our office. I felt a strange sense of pride knowing that I had seen all that they were dreaming about. I introduced him around and he did a great job shmoozing with them. He’s a natural born salesman, I can tell you that.

I put him in an empty office a few doors down from me. Just putting him in there with no experience was far better than the fat troll-hag that I let go. Honestly, she was a sales deterrent. My charity towards her probably cost me a fortune. I told Mark to get settled and spend some time with my assistant to learn the phone and sign-on to the computer. He was in my office an hour later. OK, my man, I’m going to have you make some customer service follow up calls. I will give you a general script of things to cover, but I basically just want you to charm the pants off them. And I am absolutely certain that you can do this. I’m living proof, I whisper and he smiled. I did some role playing with him for a few minutes and he seemed to be a quick learner. I showed him how to read the product sheet that showed what the customer bought and he was on his way. I listened to him make the first few calls and was very impressed with how smooth he was. As I said before, he was a natural born salesman… a real shmoozer.

I stopped in to see him after an hour or so; he was on a call. He looked up at me and gave me a huge smile. As he hung up the phone, I told him that he could take a break whenever he wanted. I headed off to the bathroom to take a leak. One of my indulgences was the staff bathrooms I installed. They were private, elegant, and very clean. I was always a person who liked their privacy in the bathroom. As I approached the door I could see it was vacant and I was pleased. As I reached for my key to open the door, I realized that Mark was right behind me. Without anyone else in the area, he pushed me quickly through the door and locked it. I gotta piss, I told him. He said, “don’t let me stop you.” I went up to the first urinal and whipped out my dick. It was full, but far from hard. I pissed out the two or three cups of coffee I had had this morning. It felt good to relieve myself and I hadn’t noticed how close Mark was behind me. You’ve got a nice dick, he said. Thanks, I said. Can I hold it? Sure, I said. With that, he came up close behind me and put his arms around my waist; his right hand reached down to scoop up my balls and wrap a few fingers around my dick. His hand felt so soft and I enjoyed the feeling of having him press against me from behind. He put his face into the back of my neck and breathed in and out. The warmth of his breath forced me to close my eyes and roll my head to the side. He kissed me lightly on the neck and I felt myself melt as well as my penis stiffening.

Mark whispered into my hair, “are you up for a little fun?” My dick had dripped dry by then and I turned toward him. I’m ready to do you right now, Mark said. You’re on, I said… not knowing what he meant. He slid me over to the wall partition pushed me against it. He slid down my body and pulled my suit pants with it. He was on his knees and put his head in my crotch. He breathed in a deep breath and seemed to be smelling my pubes. They probably just smelled like soap, but he seemed to enjoy it. He quickly kissed my pubes, the section where my dick meets the pubic bone and then started kissing my dick all over. It felt great and my cock responded accordingly. The more he kissed, the harder I got. I was preparing for an awesome mid-morning blowjob from a super stud. He sucked and worked my cock until it was rock hard. Then he suddenly stopped, reached in his pocket, and pulled out some lube. He handed it to me, turned around and whipped his khakis down. He ass was so firm and muscular and I was incredibly turned on. He turned toward the partition, spread his legs slightly and waited. I almost didn’t know what to do… but yeah, I really did. I said, I don’t think we have time for this. He said in a kid’s whiney voice, pleeeeaaaaassseee. I couldn’t say no to him so I quickly lubed myself up and positioned myself behind him. I stuck a little more lube on my finger and plunged them into his hole. His hole was so hot… I thought Ii would finger cum if that were possible.

Mark moaned softly and I knew he was ready for me. I stroked myself a few times to make sure I was hard enough. I held my cock with my first and guided my head toward his hole. I pressed it firmly against his anus and pushed in. My penis seemed to slide easily into him and I was pumping his ass slowly. I pushed deeper and deeper until I got the full length into him. He spread his legs a little more and I saw it as a cue to speed up my pace. So I grabbed his shoulders and began taking deeper and longer strokes into him. He grabbed the top of the partition and pushed his ass into me. I placed my hands on top of his and gripped them while I pounded away at his tight hole. He kept pushing back into me with every stroke I gave him. My cock felt like it as on fire and I could feel the friction between us. He moved his mouth over to the bend of his elbow. He started breathing harder and harder while he tried to muffle his moaning into his arm. For some reason, that was really hot to me. I almost felt like coming. I moved my right hand down his arm to his chest and massaged him slowly as I made my way to his cock. When I got to the end of his shirt, I slid my hand under it so that I could feel his tight stomach and caressed him with a few circular motions. He ground his ass into me and I figured that all of this must feel pretty good to him.

I finally got down to his package and reached under to feel his balls. They were riding higher than yesterday but there was no doubt that he had a pretty big set of nuts. They felt silky smooth as I rubbed them and I’m pretty sure they were freshly shaved. He didn’t need to shave them for me, but I must admit that it was quite a turn on. I just kept lightly rolling them with my fingers and put my fingers around the shaft and stroked him. I turned my fist toward him and did my best to jack him with my fist. I grabbed his dick and squeezed with a little pressure to get him hard and fist-jacked him. I finally worked his dick hard enough to start jacking his full length; rolling my palm over the head of his cock. With my dick buried in his ass and jacking him with my hand, it almost felt like I was beating off with the softest hand in the world. Mark was moaning a little louder and that got me really excited. The fear of getting caught with my cock in his ass was an incredible turn on. He started really rocking his hips back and forth and I could feel his muscles tighten around my cock. That could only mean one thing… he was gonna cum. I was right, he immediately started to shoot his load and most of it landed on the wall partition and some on my hand, and some on the floor. His orgasm and the tightening of his butt muscles sent me to immediate orgasm and I pumped my load into his ass. As I came, I made a muffled grunt sound that was pretty funny. I’ve never heard that sound before and neither had Mark. I couldn’t help but to laugh and the two of us giggled. I kept myself deep inside him for a few minutes as I kissed the back of his neck and panted into his hair. “Oh fuck, Mark. You are going to wear me out, man.” He said, feel free to take a little break. But you’d better get back to work. I laughed.

I told Mark to get cleaned up and I wiped his cum off the partition. I washed my dick in the sink and then decided to piss out any left over cum from my pipes. I pulled my pants up and found a drop of cum, Mark’s cum, right above the knee. Looks like I’d better get these dry cleaned. I wiped the drop from the pants with my finger and stuck it in my mouth. It tasted sweet and tangy and I wished I had gotten more. We got ourselves back together and were about to leave the bathroom. He put his face to mine and we kissed briefly. I think I could have stayed there all day with him. But we had to leave and get back to work. We exited… me first, then him a minute later. Fortunately, no one was around.

Mark did a great job making the calls and actually produced some new sales for us. Is there anything this kid can’t do?

We had some other hot encounters that I will tell you about in the future.

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