Marge, Joan and I Connect Ch. 01

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I awoke the next morning refreshed and ready and eager to pay my respects to Joan. As we enjoyed our “morning after” romp, the last thought that I remembered before I fell asleep was that it might be the right time for all three of us, Joan, Marge and myself to enjoy ourselves together. My thoughts gave me so much pleasure that I temporarily neglected the business at hand because I was suddenly awoken from my pleasant reverie by Joan, who reminded me of my immediate responsibility.I happily obliged, but still could not get the idea out of my head.

Later I remembered something that Joan has said to me early in my affair with Marge. Joan always had a very intense curiosity in what Marge and we did on my “House calls,” and enjoyed hearing all the details. When I told her of how Marge always was most solicitous of my desires and responded to my special requests Joan took the hint and followed suit. In this way she often indulged me in liberties and fantasies that she before this might not have been available for me. I don’t think that she was in the slightest degree worried about my feelings for her, but rather that she didn’t want to appear to be “one-upped” by her mother, Marge. After all it was Joan’s initial generosity that “donated” my services to her Mother. Once when she persisted in wanting to hear the most intimate details I half-jokingly responded that if she was so interested she could come and watch. She laughed and said that one day she might just do that. Again today she badgered me for details of what we had been doing.When she persisted in her questioning I answered the same way. She smiled, looked at me, and said “I just might do that.”

Marge in her own way was just as curious as Joan, and often asked me when were together about my marital sexual practices. Once I satisfied her curiosity she often applied the knowledge so gained to use it to please me, and of course our mutual pleasure, which i greatly enjoyed. However when she persisted in her questions I gave her the same answer that I had given to Joan. If she wanted Joan to know all of the details of our love making then she should invite Joan over to see for herself or vice versa. That is where matters remained for several weeks. I put aside my attractive fantasy to concentrate on the pleasures immediately available, even though the idea for a “Threesome” never left my mind.

One afternoon when George was off drinking with his buddies I visited Marge. This time after the usual preliminaries we made love in one of our favorite positions. I sat on a chair and Marge sat on my lap facing forward. In this way I was able to fondle her Breasts, tease her Nipples, and finger her Clitoris all of which aroused her and greatly enhanced her pleasure. I enjoyed the vison of her sheer black stockings were held in place on her firm cream white thighs by black lace garters. I ran my fingers along the smooth texture of her stockings as her body rose and fell on me. Then I moved my fingers under the lace tops beylikdüzü escort of her nylons to enjoy the feel of the firm, warm flesh of her thighs. I allowed my exploring hand to slide down and up along the inside of Joan’s thighs where my fingers reached the curls of her pubic hair and then moved moved down to fondle the lips of her Vagina. Once there occasionally dipped inside to caress the warm and moist inner surface and to finger her prominent Clitoris. Simultenously Marge’s hands played with my Scrotum and Balls. She gently stroked the length of my Penis with her nails which plunged in and out of the warm and snug embrace of her Vagina. Marge loved to tease me by stimulating me almost to the brink of Orgasm. At that point when I warned her of the impending explosion she knew exactly how and when to halt the approaching Orgasm by a judicious pinch of the Glans of the penis. In this way she could experience multiple orgasms and allowed us to rest and to start the entire process over. This sometimes might last for an hour or so at a time. We carried on this way until we both reached our mutual inevitable and unrestrainable explosion,and came together.

Since the beginning of our affair Marge pleased me and indulged herself by purchasing all kinds of exciting lingerie, stockings, and garter belts. This, after a lifetime of having worn conservative underwear. After hearing of this from me and Marge, Joan too patronized Virginia’s Secrets and similar lingerie shops in order not to be out done by her mother. I of course was the beneficiary of these purchases and enjoyed then even more on my lovers. Because of their intense curiosity about our respective relations I was almost sure that there was some competition between the two women to see who could please me the most. When one of them tried something new especially pleasurable experience for one or both of us or wore some new lingerie or stockings that I particularly enjoyed the other would soon follow suit. I considered that this might be directed to possibly combining Joan, Marge and my own activities. I had little idea that this idle speculation might come to be in the immediate future!

That afternoon Marge and I were so busy enjoying ourselves that neither of us immediately noticed that the door to the bedroom opened and that someone had entered. Marge let out a gasp and immediately I thought of the worst possible scenario, i.e., that George had come home early and discovered us. My Penis almost immediately lost its hardness and half flopped out of Marge’s Vagina. To my amazement and relief instead of hearing the voice of an intoxicated and probably outraged George I heard Joan saying “don’t let me interrupt anything important.” We all immediately began to laugh hysterically.

Joan walked over to us and gave her mother a kiss, while at the same time she gave my Penis a tender squeeze. “Just carry on doing what you were doing before I came in,” she said. Nothing loathe bostancı escort and not at all discomforted Marge and I resumed our lovemaking. Joan looked on with great interest commenting favorably upon our lovemaking all the time. She took a chair where she sat just in front of us. Today she wore a skirt instead of her usual slacks and as she pulled up the hem of her skirt over her own lovely, long legs she opened her thighs wide. To my pleasure I saw that her lovely legs like those of Marge were clad in sheer black nylons attached by a Black lacy garter belt, and also that she wore no panties. While Marge and I continued our inevitable progress towards our own Orgasms Joan began to caress her thighs and eventually fingered her Vagina and Clitoris.

Imagine the following remarkable scene. Marge sat on me with my Penis was buried in her Vagina and appeared and disappeared rhythmically with our combined movements. It Penis glistened because it was coated with a thin film of my pre-cum and Marge’s own plentiful juices which ran down its sides. My hands were occupied by alternately fondling Marge’s ample Breasts, her stockinged thighs and her engorged Clitoris. All the time Marge purred with delight and turned her head towards me so that we could kiss. Joan observed this from just a few paces away. She too caressed her clitoris and inserted her fingers into her juicy Vagina. There was no question this time of delaying our mutual orgasms, and we all came together at about the same time.

Marge slipped off my knees and kissed and fondled me, and led me to her bed. There Joan joined us and there she took my flaccid Penis into her hands. Joan lowered her head to reach it and licked it clean after which she took it into her mouth. Joan then released my Penis from her mouth and kissed Marge on the lips to transfer some of my cum into Marge’s mouth. I in turn kissed Marge and tasted our combined juices. Afterwards we lay companiably in bed with myself between Joan and Marge.

“You two were marvelous” said Joan. “Now lets see how well the three of us can do.” She reached out to fondle my Penis and at the same time leaned over me to kiss her mother on the mouth. Then she moved her head down to reach Marge’s ample breasts. Marge pressed Joan’s head to her breasts to encourage her and to enhance the stimulation she received from Joans lips, tongue and teeth. Joan’s handling of my Penis soon re-animated it, and within a few minutes it was fully erect. My fingers found Joan’s Vagina which was already moist and slippery with her own juices. I inserted one, then two fingers into her Vagina and began making the scissoring motion inside her Vagina that she so much enjoyed. Joan moved her head down Marge’s chest, past her Navel and reached her mound. Her lips sought and penetrated Marge’s Vagina and soon Marge was making the same happy noises that she made for me when I performed the same service for her. Joan spread wide Marge’s thighs and moved çapa escort below on her hands and knees to permit her mouth and tongue full access to Marge’s Vagina and Clitoris. In the process Joan’s charming buttocks rose in front of me. Between breaths she pointed to her behind and indicated that she wanted me to enter her. The sight of this excited me even more as I prepared to enter her.

I approached Joan first with my lips and tongue and did for her what she did for Marge. Joan’s Vaginal opening was pink and glistened with its discharge and her Vaginal lips were engorged and also a bright rosy pink in color. Her legs in their sheer hose framed this delightful picture. I caressed and kissed my way up her sheer black stockinged legs until my tongue reached the lace tops which were held in place by black lace garters. I followed their path with my tongue until it reached her Vaginal opening which my probing tongue easily penetrated. I lapped up the sweet secretions whose taste I so much loved. My tongue also found her erect and large Clitoris which I gently licked causing Joan to shake and shiver with delight. My hands fondled her breasts and played with her nipples. “Come into me, come into me, please,” she demanded.

I touched the head of my Penis to her Vaginal lips but did not allow it to enter but moved it up and own just permitting its tip to touch her Clitoris. All this time Joan vigorously applied her lips and tongue to Marge’s Vagina and Clitoris. She removed her mouth from Marge just long enough to demand “Fuck me, please Fuck me now,” and then resumed pleasuring Marge. Joan reached behind for me and seizing my Penis she directed into her Vagina. I was no longer in control and gave myself entirely to our mutual pleasure. Joan like Marge had learned how to contract her Vaginal muscles, and this added to the building crescendo of pleasure that consumed me. As I moved in and out of her with rapid, powerful strokes she eagerly thrust back to me. All three of us were now close to cumming. Marge screamed with joy as she had the first of her orgasms. Joan’s orgasm followed immediately and I felt the gush of juice that spirted from her Vagina. But then I pulled my Penis out much to Joan’s displeasure. I then inserted the tip of my tongue into her Anus and she squirmed with pleasure as I gently pressed the bulb of my Penis against her Anal bud. The latter gave way allowing easy penetration of my Penis, and easily advanced to its entire length. I rested for a minute or two and then commenced to move it in and out, and Joan seconded my rhythm. Joan resumed her oral stimulation of Marge’s Vagina and Clitoris provoking another series of orgasms for Marge. In an instant I came also deep inside Joan. I felt the muscles of her rectum contract about my Penis and milk it dry. Joan who was fingering her Clitoris came too, and we all collapsed into one another’s arms. Marge leaned down and this time she licked clean my Penis and Joan’s Anus from which my discharge still leaked.

We lay close together in each other arms pleasantly satisfied. Marge mentioned that Helen, Joan’s older sister who lived in New York was planning to spend her vacation with George and Marge, and how much she looked forward to her visit.

“I can’t wait for her to come”, I said, and they laughed.

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