Marcie’s Arousal

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Marcie heard her father yelling up the stairs to awaken her. They had planned a weekend trip to visit Marcie’s grandmother on her farm near Newton. Although the drive from Des Moines would be a short one, for Marcie it would be far removed from her city culture.

“Hurry up, hon. Grandmother is expecting us for lunch and you know how she hates for people to be late to her meals.”

Marcie scrambled out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. After peeing, she grabbed her toothbrush and looked in the mirror as she brushed her teeth. She marveled at the numerous piercings in her ears, eyebrow, nose and tongue. Her parents were horrified when she had spiked her hair and dyed it purple. She could just imagine the shock on her grandmother’s face when they walked in.

Marcie had always been a Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes and, in an act of rebellion, attempted to change her image. Still a virgin at 18, she was a straight A student, and had been active in extracurricular activities in high school. Following this Labor Day weekend trip to her grandmother’s farm, she would enter the local community college. She also would start a new job at the Colorado Steakhouse. She would have to remove the piercings and turn her hair back to a normal color when she began her job at the restaurant, but for now she reveled in the shock value they provided.

She enjoyed the times alone with her father. Her mother and she were not close ever since she had brought a man home, thinking that the house was empty.

Marcie reflected upon that life-altering event. She had returned home to get an assignment for school when she heard the loud squeaking noises and her mother screaming, “Oh, yes, yes!!! Fuck me harder. Oh, God, yes!! I’m coming!! Harder!!! Harder!”

She had looked into her parent’s bedroom and saw the man who mowed their land fucking her hard. Although repulsed, she couldn’t help but notice how his black skin contrasted beautifully against her creamy white body. When she gasped, her mother looked at her in wide-eyed horror.

“Oh, my God!!! Ralph, stop!! STOP!! GET OFF!!!”

But the black guy was approaching climax. As her mother attempted to buck him off, he firmly grasped her ass, pinned her down, and drove his cock deep into her while his hard ass muscles twitched as he dumped his black sperm deep into her cavernous pussy.

He finally withdrew and stood up. He looked into Marcie’s eyes with a smirking grin on his face. It seemed like an hour, but in the seconds it took to survey the scene her eyes took in the size of his cock, still dripping cum and covered with her mother’s white juices. Her mother’s pussy was agape and cum trailed down her asshole. She quickly jumped up and pleaded with Marcie not to say anything to her father. Marcie turned away in tears and ran back to school.

That evening, her mother fixed her father’s favorite meal of pot roast with vegetables and mashed potatoes. She seldom catered to her father, so he was pleased.

“Oh, John. I forgot the spoons for the gravy and vegetables. Would you mind going into the kitchen for them while I carve the roast?” her mother said.

When he left the room she hissed, “Don’t say a word!”

“Don’t worry, Mom. I wouldn’t hurt Daddy for the world. Your secret’s safe: just don’t do it in his bed again. That’s gross!”

“Here are the spoons, dear,” her father said as he reentered the room.

Attempting to be surreptitious, he gave Marcie’s mother a kiss on the cheek and rubbed her ass grinning like a horny teenager. He was in such a hurry to get her in the bedroom he practically inhaled his food.

“Bev, that was the best meal you’ve cooked in ages,” he said. “Marcie, would you mind doing the dishes while your mother and I have a discussion?”

“Sure, Dad. Can I go to Jane’s when I’m done? We’re going to study for an algebra test tomorrow.”

“Of course, hon.”

It avrupa yakası escort wasn’t long before Marcie heard the bed springs squeaking again as her father frenetically fucked his used wife.

“I’ve gotta get out of here,” Marcie said to herself as she fled the house.

Ever since that day, she attempted to fill the vacuum she perceived in her father’s life. They became more than father and daughter: they were companions, confidants and, most of all, close friends.

Marcie especially liked riding with him in the old 1952 Chevrolet pickup her father had inherited when her grandfather died. It had been well cared for and looked brand new.

“Oh, Daddy. Can we take the pickup to Grandma’s? It’d be so much fun.”

Her father grinned and hugged her.

“Anything you want, pumpkin,” he replied.

They decided to take the back roads to the farm versus traveling on I-80. It was a beautiful fall day. The weather was just warm enough to allow the windows to be down, letting in the smells of harvest. There was a subtle crispness in the air that made Marcie feel so alive.

They passed a large horse farm bordered by intersecting white fences. The main house and the barns were well cared for. The livestock and horses gave the scene a Currier and Ives look. A beautiful Appaloosa hung his head over the fence inspecting them with doleful eyes.

“Oh, Daddy, can we stop and see the horses?”

“Sure, honey. Let me find a spot to pull off.”

As they walked toward the horse, Marcie became aware of the Appaloosa’s cock dangling down. “Oh, my god,” she thought, “that is so huge.”

She petted the horse’s muzzle and gave him a hug. The horse nibbled at her fingers.

“He’s used to getting a treat. That’s why he’s nibbling your hand.”

“I’m so sorry, big fella. Next time, ok?”

They headed back to the car and her father told her to get in the truck. He had to pee, he told her. She was slightly embarrassed at first then thought, “How silly of me. It’s natural and noone else is around.”

Her father stood at the rear of the truck and unzipped his fly. When Marcie heard the piss start to hit the ground, she tried not to look but her curiosity overcame her. She glanced in her door’s rear view mirror. She could see her father holding his rather large, flaccid, penis with his hand while a seemingly endless flow of piss streamed toward the ground. Marcie felt a strange stirring in her loins. She had never before experienced such a sensation. She felt her panties becoming wet.

Her father shook the final drops from the end of his cock and zipped up. When he entered the truck, neither spoke about the event. Her father glanced at his watch and said they’d better get a move on if they were going to arrive a little early.

The sun beamed down on her body during the rest of the trip. It served as an unexpected aphrodisiac causing her to squirm in her seat, drenching her already wet panties. At moments, she could smell the aroma of her sex when the wind stirred just so. This heightened her blissful misery. It felt so odd. Marcie had never touched herself down there; in fact, she had never even thought about her body or entertained thoughts of sex. She attempted with some success to put all such thoughts out of her mind and concentrated on the lovely pastoral scenes passing by.

The weekend passed quickly. Her grandmother was so gentle, loving and sweet that Marcie felt ashamed of her rebellious actions. She had driven into town and the local beautician was able to take the purple out of her hair. She also removed the most offensive piercing hardware. Her father and grandmother’s faces lighted up when they saw her. They were amazed and pleased. Her grandmother gave her a big hug.

“There’s my little girl,” she said.

“Oh, Granny. I love you so much!!! bakırköy escort I’m glad you’re happy.”

They finally said their goodbyes and thanked her for a lovely weekend. Her Grandmother surprised them as they were leaving with a care package consisting of cookies and frozen meat from the farm’s livestock, which they put in a borrowed cooler.

An unexpected turn in the weather had brought Indian summer warmth. Marcie previously had left behind a short skirt and blouse which she decided to put on for the ride home. During the ride, the heat, coupled with a heavy lunch, made Marcie sleepy. As a child, she had always laid her head in her father’s lap as she slept between her parents. She always felt so loved and protected in those moments. She tried to sleep sitting up, but it was uncomfortable.

“Daddy, can I lay across the seat to take a nap?”

“Why, certainly, honey. You look tired.” Rhetorically, he asked, “The big lunch Grandma fixed didn’t help, did it?”

He moved the seat back to provide room free of the steering wheel. She quickly fell asleep with her head in his lap. He petted her head, stroking her hair, which had been cut short to remove much of the damage from previously dying her hair. Such a beautiful girl; actually, she is a woman, he thought to himself, as he looked at her young, voluptuous, body.

The noon sun was shining on Marcie’s body as she slept. Her body again began to respond to the stimulation. Her pussy began to lubricate. As she went deeper into sleep, she began to dream. She saw visions of her mother’s lover’s big black cock, dripping with her cum, the Appaloosa’s huge cock and her father’s cock while pissing behind the truck. She began to squirm and gently grind her hips.

Her father watched as her hand reached beneath her skirt and began to rub her now flowing pussy. She moved her panties aside and rapidly moved her fingers across her clit. Her back arched. She inserted first one finger, then two more fingers into her wet pussy. Her father heard slurping sounds as her fingers rapidly moved in and out. His cock began to inflate.

He reached down and massaged his daughter’s breasts. His cock ached for release. The smell of her juices reached him causing him to lose all caution. He had to get his cock out; the pressure against his shorts was just too much. He moved her head slightly away as he pulled it out.

Marcie was now dreaming about the black man’s smirk and his big cock as he left her mother’s side. In her dream, he confidently approached her with his hardening cock held in his hand. He grabbed her around the waist, bending her back as he drove his pink tongue into her mouth. His cock rubbed against her as he began to rip at her clothing.

Her mother was screaming at them to quit. Enraged at her mother for her father’s betrayal, she thought this was fair payback. She gave in to the black man’s kisses and passionately returned them, grinding her mouth against his fat lips. She saw herself squatting down to take his cock into her mouth.

Her father watched as she bucked against her hand. Precum was flowing profusely from his burgeoning cock. Marcie thrashed her head from side to side. Her face ultimately came into contact with his bare cock. Feeling it, she shifted her position to enable her to stroke it and kiss along the shaft, exploring the silkiness of it. Her eyes opened. She took a long look at her father’s aroused cock, and then moaned.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy. Daddy. I want you so bad.”

She began to kiss his cock. She licked his opening, tasting precum for the first time. She followed its stream down his cock to his sac, which she licked tasting the muskiness of his sweat. She put one ball in her mouth and nibbled, then nibbled the other.

Her father moaned as she progressed back up his cock to engulf it with her mouth. She explored it beşiktaş escort with apparent fascination and lust. She alternated the pressure of her sucking, periodically munching on it as on a tasty fruit.

“Oh, baby. That feels so good. Where’d you learn to do that?”

“You’re my first, Daddy. Kiss me. Kiss me hard.”

Their lips locked in a kiss that brought their passion to the brink of climax. They clutched at each other’s body, fusing themselves together in a fervent embrace.

“Ohhhh, God. Ohhh. Daddy, make love to me. I want you to be my first lover. Fuck me.”

“We shouldn’t, baby.”

Her father’s momentary glance at reality quickly passed as he devoured his daughter’s mouth. He sucked at her mouth to capture her saliva and remnants of his precum.

“We have to get off the road, hon.”

He quickly found an entrance to a field of corn. He plowed into the stalks creating a barrier to the road. He got out, undressed and opened the passenger’s door. He began kissing his daughter’s ankles, down her legs to her spread thighs. He kissed and sucked the crotch of her panties, tasting her voluminous cum. He pushed the crotch aside and flicked her clit with his tongue.

“Oh, God. That feels so good, Daddy. Don’t stop,” she said as her hips began to buck against his face.

He put his face in the middle of her pussy, lapping at her opening to capture her flowing juices. He maneuvered his face side to side, up and down, his nose stimulating her clit as he smelled and tasted her earthy sex.

“Let me feel your big cock. Now Daddy. Fuck me. Oh, fuck me. I need your cock so bad.”

“Let’s get your clothes off. I want to see your marvelous body.”

He pulled off her panties as she squirmed out of her blouse and bra. Next, he removed her skirt. He looked at his daughter’s nakedness. She had taken no pains to alter nature. Her untouched pussy was a dark mat of hair. A thin line of pubic hair ran toward her belly button. The long pussy hair reached the arch of her legs. Her pussy lips were folded flush with her mound. He moved the hair aside and gently kissed the virgin pussy, massaging it with his lips. He broke the opening with his tongue and caressed the pink inner lining. She moaned and rotated her hips in ecstasy.

“Please, Daddy. I want you so bad. NOW!! I want your beautiful hard cock in my pussy,” she said as she squirmed in agony.

“Let’s move to the back and lay on the truck bed. The steering wheel will be in our way.”

He watched as she got out of the truck. When she stood, she was a vision of loveliness. A perky face, full lips, blue eyes, dark eyebrows all reminded him of Vogue models he had seen. Her body was womanly, with larger than average, full breasts. A narrow waistline and perfect hips, complemented by long legs completed the package. He grasped her and they clutched at one another. Her hand encircled his hard cock as she began to stroke it.

“Oh, baby, let’s get in back,” he said.

In the midst of the cornfield with the warm sun beating down on their bodies, they made love again and again. By the time they had finished, her pussy was sopping wet, her hair was matted with sweat and she was totally broken in. His cock was so sore that they couldn’t make love again for three days. Thereafter, they made love almost every time her mother was away on her own sexual agenda, which was quite frequently.

It was bound to happen. They ultimately had to be found out. It occurred on one of the coldest days of the year, memorable for the record snowstorm that had hit the area. They had assumed that she would be late from work—certainly not come home early. But, come home early she did, and she caught them fucking in her bed.

In the most profound manner of retribution, Marcie viewed with joy the horror on her mother’s face. Marcie recalled her black lover’s smirk and mimicked it as her mother collapsed in tears.


Note to Reader: this story continues. Read, in order, Marcie’s Induction and Marcie’s Switch for the concluding chapters. You can click on my name, or bio, and my stories are listed there. Also, I’d appreciate your comments—positive, negative or suggestive.

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