Mama Pt. 03

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Alana looked over at me with a nervous smile as Jane sat back down behind her. The older lady sat on her haunches and shuffled up behind her 19 year old daughter, while both of them looked me in the eye. Jane reached forward between her daughter’s thighs and slowly lifted the hem of the teddy to reveal that beautiful little peach of a pussy. She lifted the garment right over Alana’s head and dropped it on the floor.

Then Jane reached back around and began to slowly stroke up and down her daughter’s beautifully smooth thighs, spreading them wider apart. Alana looked down nervously as her mother’s long fingers moved ever closer to her trimmed bush.

“Mama, are you gonna..?”

Jane shushed her daughter as she brought her hands together either side of her child’s cunt.

“Just relax my darling girl. We’re just showing off what you’ve got to this lucky gentleman.”

As Jane’s fingers began to stroke up and down her lips, Alana’s whole body seemed to slump slightly. Her head fell forward, her eyes shut and she began to moan.

“Ohhhh Mama…”

Jane smiled as she slipped her middle finger inside and drew it up to Alana’s clit.

“That’s it baby. Just let mama take charge.”

Alana nodded as she rolled her head back. She brought both her hands up to her little A-cups and squeezed herself tight as Jane’s long finger began to gently stroke at her button.

Me? I was sitting there on the edge of the wicker seat, just my t-shirt and tube socks on with my thick cock in my hand, and I was wishing to God above that I’d used that time downstairs to knock one out instead of looking over all those knitting patterns. Jane’s saliva all over my shaft made my cock as slick as hell and I considered trying to leave it be, but I just couldn’t. My eyes were fixed on Alana’s beautiful pussy as her mother reached around from behind to bring her off. Every so often Jane would change hands, bringing her sticky fingers up to her mouth to clean off her daughter’s sweet juices like a starving woman.

Alana continued to pinch and squeeze at her little titties, reddening her nipples as she did so, but when I tried to get up and come over Jane tutted me.

“Jack, you just stay put until we’re done here. I ain’t forgetting about your needs, don’t worry.”

My balls were buzzing, aching to unload as I watched Alana start to twist in her mother’s arms. She drew her legs up, then kicked out, spreading her thighs ever wider, then closing them back down. When she came she screamed out ‘Mama’ once more, and Jane smiled, proud as punch that her daughter would honour her like that. Alana came down from her orgasm and turned to face her mother. Jane cuddled her naked daughter close and the two of them just sat there, rocking for a little while.

Jane stroked Alana’s long brown hair as she nuzzled in.

“I used to have an uncle Milton. He was around a lot when I was around your age. You won’t have heard too much about him.”

I wasn’t really erenköy escort in the mood for old family story, but it turned out there was a point.

“Milton was my mom’s brother. The whole family always called him ‘poor Milton’ because he hadn’t had exactly a charmed life. Never had a girlfriend, nor a boyfriend either. Flunked school, never left Grandmammy’s house. A real oddball…but no fool. He was smart all right, sly as a fox when it came to getting what he wanted. And he was a big guy too. Not the kind you’d want to say ‘no’ to.”

“My mama didn’t let him in the house when me and my sister Louise was growing up, but when we got older there wasn’t a whole lot she could do to stop him ‘happening to be in the same place at the same time’, and every time it happened, Milton would get to touching, and stroking. He could be quite gentle, but like I said, you didn’t want to say no to the man. One time, at Grandmammy’s, he put his hand up Louise’s dress while she was in the parlour on her hands and knees cleaning out the fireplace. She just stayed put while he felt around in her panties. He asked her if she liked it, but she didn’t answer. He said he’d take that as a yes and kept touching her. He started to get a little rough under that dress, and Louise was breathing heavy. I told him to leave her be, but he wasn’t listening. Truth is, Louise didn’t seem to mind too much herself. Her long hair was trailing in the ash of the old fireplace as Milton fingered her. He reached in and hauled out his old dick and started to yank away on it as Louise was moaning. I was shocked. I couldn’t say a word. Milton had his prick pointing at Louise’s behind, and as she started to yell out he flipped her dress up her back and he fired all his pearly come across her naked rear. I couldn’t believe how much there was.”

Alana was listening all right now, and so was I. Milton, you sly old dog.

“Milton finished his business on Louise then he took his fingers out of her. I’ll never forget the blood. He’d taken her right in front of me and he didn’t have a word to say about it.”

Jane turned Alana round to face her.

“Well, me and Louise didn’t tell Grandmammy. We just ran all the way home and told mama Claire about it. I was nervous, thought she’d maybe get mad at us, call us liars, but she didn’t. I asked her if we should call the cops, and she shook her head. Told us how Grandmammy would die of shame if word got out about Milton. She was the special boy, the one that needed that little extra help, and Grandmammy lived for him. There was only one way to handle Milton.”

Jane reached over to the bedside cabinet and slid open a drawer.

“I’m going to show you what my mammy showed me.”

Jane took a tub from the drawer, an old jar with some French writing on it. Noix de Coco.

“See, mama Claire knew Milton was going to take us. She was mad at herself for not preparing us before, but now that we knew göztepe escort what he was like, she said, we could be ready.”

Jane unscrewed the lid of the jar and sat it down on the bed. She turned to Alana.

“Honey, I’m going to need you to lie down on the bed here, face down. Like so.”

Jane took a cushion and dropped it on the floor by the foot of the bed.

“Kneel on that there cushion and lean forward on the bed.”

Alana did just that, her beautiful ass-cheeks bent over the edge of the bed.

“You comfortable like that sweetie?”

“Yes mama,” said Alana.

Jane then swung her leg over her daughter’s lower back, facing me. Her dense brown bush brushed against Alana’s cheeks as she got herself in position. She dipped a couple of fingers into the jar and scooped some thick, white stuff that looked like fat.

“Okay honey. Now remember what I said. You let your mama take charge.”

“Yes mama.”

Jane took the white stuff and laid a blob of it between Alana’s ass-cheeks. It started to melt right there, and the blob started to slide down towards the floor before Jane caught it.

“This here’s Coconut oil. Matter of fact, it’s the very same jar my mama gave me and Louise. She said it was the best stuff for the job on account of it’s good for your skin too.”

As I watched, Jane took one of Alana’s ass-cheeks and gently pulled it to one side. I peered in at the little rosebud, beginning to understand what the plan was. My cock was about to split my skin it was so hard. Jane started to slowly, slowly rub the oil into her child’s ass valley.

“Mama Claire told us that there wasn’t nothing she could do to stop Milton from having us, but if we only let him in the back door then at least we wouldn’t have any bastard babies by him. She called it the ‘Milton method’, and damned if it didn’t work. When we were all over at Grandmammy’s for Thanksgiving dinner Milton came up on me while I was washing the dishes and pushed his finger up me from behind, right in front of Grandmammy and mama Claire. Grandmammy told him to leave me be, but Milton turned to her all nasty and snapped at her to shut up. Grabbed a knife out the drawer and called her an old sow. I told mama to fetch out the jar from her purse and she gave it to me. While Milton’s hauling his dick out I was reaching behind myself to rub some of that coconut oil into my butthole. Milton didn’t get the idea at first, but then I took a hold of his fat boy and steered it up to my hole. I pushed back a little on him and he got the idea soon enough. He wasn’t as thick as Jack here, but it wasn’t easy to get him in. Grandmammy was crying now as she watched her son screwing his niece in the ass in front of her. She got the family bible and started asking forgiveness for raising such a monster, while mama Claire came over to me and held my hand. Louise came in from the yard, asking what all the commotion was, but she stopped kadıköy escort quiet when she saw me bent over the washing tub with Milton slowly pushing himself up my butt.”

I don’t know if Alana was even listening. Her breathing was shallow now as her mother circled her butthole with her long, oily fingers.

“Milton was grinning ear to ear as he buried himself in me. Louise told me she’d never seen him smile so wide in her life. Mama Claire once told me she almost felt happy for him. He started smacking me on the ass as he fucked me. He kept calling me ‘naughty girl’ ‘bad girl’ and mama Claire kept telling me I wasn’t. Milton grabbed a hold of my hair and she told him let go, and he did. It was like he actually didn’t want to hurt me, even though he was stretching my butthole so far I thought I’d actually split. Grandmammy was crying and wailing, calling out from the scriptures like she was in church, not even reading…just from memory, looking up to heaven, not wanting to see. And the truth was that after a little while, it started not to hurt so much. Milton was a big strong man, taking me roughly in front of my family, and I came pretty close to actually enjoying it. But then he came. I felt him building up and then suddenly he yells out, louder than Grandmammy and he lets me go. That was the worst bit, because I fell forward and dragged his dick out of me too fast. Then I hit my head on the stovetop. So I was sore all over. Milton just walked away with his dick swinging around. I remember the big long string of cum between us stretching out as he backed away. Funny the things that stick in your mind.”

I spoke up. It’s like Jane had forgotten I was even there.

“Ma’am. With respect, I’m no Milton.”

She looked over at me, still massaging the oil into her daughter’s rear cleavage.

“I know you’re not. But you’re still a danger.”

I shrugged.

“And where’s Milton now. Don’t you worry about him creeping around Alana?”

She smiled as she changed technique. With Alana’s butt-cheeks spread apart, she began to gently push a finger into her daughter’s red rosebud. Alana gasped.

“It’s okay sweetie. Not long now.”

Jane turned back to me.

“You know Mary Seevers? I think she has a son on the football team.”

I nodded.

“Well, once Milton got started with us he was up Louise and me all he could be. Once a week anyway, anytime we had to go over to Grandmammy’s house. He got to thinking that he could do what he wanted, I guess. One night, about three months later, Grandmammy called to say Milton hadn’t come back for the evening. That wasn’t normal. Anyway, about two hours later Deputy Robertson came over and asked mama Claire to come with him. They went over to the Seevers house and that’s where they found Milton. He’d taken a fancy to young Mary and climbed in her bedroom window. She was still asleep when Old Man Seevers came in the room and blew his head clear off his shoulders with both barrels. Grandmammy died of shame, fifteen days later.”

Now, if ever there was a punchline to make you lose your erection, that was it. But I was still hard as steel. Jane circled her finger around inside Alana’s butthole, preparing her for me with loving kindness.

“Jack, come on over. It’s time.”

I didn’t need to be told twice.

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