Making Mom Happy Ch. 05

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“Now before you go on Rasheed,” said dad “I realise that as this is all quite new for you, the sight of your mom’s naked body might get you aroused quite frequently.”

“Yea, I guess so dad,” I replied hesitantly, still not completely comfortable talking like this with him.

“Don’t worry about that” he continued ” You’ll be able to control yourself better in time. One other important thing is that you’re not the only male here, and watching you and your mom has had an effect in arousing my sexual feelings. I’m not as young as you and my powers of sexual activity are not what they used to be, but your mom and I still relieve each other as well.”

“Your father is still quite frisky at times” added mom with a giggle. “Although he might not be able to cum as often as you.”

I sat on the bed listening to this extraordinary conversation, which I’d never imagined would be taking place an hour ago, and which was changing my life completely.

“So,” continued dad “Now that you are more aware of sexual activity, your mom and I will teach you about sex as we go along. This also means that I may join you and mom occasionally when you are massaging her, so that she can relieve me as well as you. Are you ok with that?”

“Er…I guess so” I said timidly.

“Now you mustn’t be shy” added mom, “Just because your dad will join in, just be yourself and relax and we can all have some fun in relieving each other. Besides it will be quite nice for me, having two hard cocks to play with.”

I blushed again at her words, never having heard her talk quite like this before, and felt my cock move ever so slightly as she spoke. The suggestion turned me on, but I didn’t think they had noticed the twitch in my prick.

“And don’t forget” continued dad ” That you are free to express yourself as you like, using words and phrases which are considered in the outside world to be rude or dirty, as your mom and I both enjoy talking like that when we relieve each other in private.”

I swallowed, thinking this must all be a dream. But my prick told me it was actually happening as it slowly filled out and became semi-erect. Mom and dad both saw it this time.

“I see our little talk is having an effect on you already” said mom with a laugh.

“That’s to be expected, dear” replied dad, also half laughing out.

“Well, let’s see how far we get this time” said mom as she got up, her tits swinging freely in front of her, and then lay herself on her front on the bed.

“Come on, give my back a nice rub for as long as you can, before I have to relieve you properly again” she said lying naked on the bed, her ample butt completely exposed for the first time whilst I would be massaging her.

I got up, with my semi hard dick swinging a little in front of me. This seemed a little absurd, but I decided to do what I could, and do my best in giving mom a massage. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I would be fully hard as a rock again, though.

I knelt on the bed, next to mom, and started rubbing her back. Trying to concentrate as much as I could, and without looking at her butt, I started at her shoulders, and firmly kneaded her flesh, in round swirling motions.

“Oh, that feels great” said mom “Are you ok?”

“Yea, sure mom, ” I replied “I’ll let you know… know, or maybe you’ll be able to tell when I need some relief,” I added light heartedly, as I began to relax at little at the ‘situation’ I was in.

I moved down her back very slowly, to her shoulder blades and over her ribs. My dick was still semi erect as I tried to focus on her needs, rather than my sexual arousal. I managed to continue like this over her back and shoulders for about ten minutes.

Then ümraniye escort as I moved down to the small of her back, the sight of the mounds of her fleshy ass cheeks got me going again. I hadn’t touched them yet, and their sight was like a magnet now drawing my hands ever closer.

“You’ve got a fabulous ass mom,” I said boldly. It just came out, almost from my subconscious mind, and I surprised myself as I said it.

“Thank you darling” replied mom. “You can massage and feel it if you like.”

It felt like those words were sent from heaven, and I let my hands wander over the curvy flesh, feeling and pressing down hard, making sure I grabbed a full palm of flesh in each hand, and swirled them around fully, getting a good feel all over her ass. I was in ecstasy, and my dick responded.

“I’d like to kiss you down there mom” I said almost appealingly, even though I knew she would not refuse.

She pushed herself up onto her elbows, and her big boobs hung down sexily under her. She looked down at my cock and saw I was hard again.

“Well, it looks like it’s time to relieve you again” she said smiling at me and with what seemed like a twinkle in her eye.

Dad, who had all this time been watching us intently, then got up from his armchair and said “Rasheed, I’ve enjoyed watching you and mom immensely, and now we will show you a way in which she can relieve us both.”

“What would you like to do darling” said mom sitting up on the bed now, her tits again wobbling and jiggling in front of her. They looked awesome, and I still hadn’t sucked on them yet!

Dad started to unbuckle the belt of his pants. I wasn’t quite sure I was ready for this, but it looked like it was going to happen any way.

“Well,” said dad as he continued to undress, “I’ll get on the bed, and you can suck me whilst you are on all fours, and that way Rasheed can get his wish, and give your ass a good lick and kiss. How does that sound Rasheed?”

My dick jerked up at the thought, and he saw it move, as did mom. “I guess that’s ok with you then” he said, without me responding as they both laughed out loudly.

Seeing the joke I joined in and felt a wave of relaxation go over me. Laughing seemed to do the trick in easing my tension at being naked with dad.

By now, dad had removed his shirt and trousers, and only had his underwear on. He pulled those down in one go and I just couldn’t help looking down at his dick.

It was still flaccid, and he was neatly trimmed around his pubic hair. He was slightly chubby, as was to be expected at his age (53), but he was about an inch taller than me and still had fairly good looks. I had always viewed him as an authoritarian figure, and he had quite a responsible job, so it seemed quite incredible to see him like this in front of me.

“Right then,” he said smiling, “Now, we are all in our natural state, we can have some fun. You ready Sheeza?” he said looking at mom.

Dad and I stood at the end of the bed, waiting for mom’s response.

Mom first looked at him stark naked and then at me, stark naked and with a semi hard on (it had gone down a little at the sight of dad!), and licked her lips. “Mmmmm.…this will be nice,” said looking at both of us, one after the other.

Then looking directly at me, she said in a firm tone, “So you want to lick mommy’s ass and pussy do you?”

“Yea mom,” I replied, more confidently than ever before, realising the fun was beginning.

“Have you ever seen as woman’s asshole and pussy in close up before?” she continued

“No mom” I replied.

“Then I’m going to get on the bed on all fours and you can have a good close look at me,” she said teasingly. “If you want to lick any yenibosna escort part of me with your tongue, start gently first, and as I respond, you can be more vigorous. And while you do that, I’m going to give your dad’s cock a suck, like I did with you earlier.”

Dad moved onto the bed and lay himself down on his back. Mom then put her knees on the bed and straddled his legs and started licking and playing with his dick. As she did so, she presented her gloriously large ass to me, raising it up so her fleshy cheeks were open and gaping at me.

It was an awesome sight, and one that I had never imagined as good as it was. She was positioned so that her feet were off the end of the bed, and her butt a bit further up, but not too far, so that I could kneel down on the floor and my face would be level with her ass. What a position!

I couldn’t quite see what mom was doing to dad, but from what I was looking at, I didn’t really care.

I knelt down and faced mom’s wide ass cheeks. Each cheek was at least two hand widths wide and one and a half high. First I laid my palms on each fleshy but smooth cheek, one in each hand and moved them around in swirling motions, groping and feeling every inch for all I was worth.

Then I kissed her right butt cheek in three or four places, like I was kissing a precious piece of gold. Then I darted out my tongue and ran it along the taught, smooth flesh. I was in heaven. I moved my face over to the left cheek and did the same, whilst letting my right hand wander all over the right ass cheek.

I could hear sucking sounds, and guess mom must be slurping and sucking all over dad’s hard dick.

I was still absorbed in worshipping mom’s ass, so didn’t think much more about that.

Then, satisfied with playing with the flesh of her butt cheeks, I moved my head back slightly, so I could take in fully the sight of her pussy and asshole in close up.

God they looked so good. I pushed mom’s ass cheeks apart a little, stretching the skin on either side of her pussy and ass and watched as the skin moved out exposing more of her. Now I wanted to lick her. Gently, I licked the skin like flaps on either side first (I would learn all the names of the various bits later!), and finally the pink moist flesh inside her pussy. She responded by wriggling her butt a little.

This was my first ever pussy licking.

I let a bit of my saliva slide down my tongue and into mom’s pussy and then carried on lapping at it, darting my tongue in and out. Now, I wasn’t very experienced at pussy licking, so I may not have been very good at this stage, but to me, I was in heaven, and just couldn’t get enough of licking at the moist wet, pink flesh there.

Mom wriggled her ass back into my face a little, so she must have been enjoying it, I hoped.

That’s right Rasheed,” said mom breaking off from sucking on dad, “Lick mommy’s pussy good, let me feel your tongue inside me.”

Her words spurred me on but my dick was at full stretch, and I knew I would need to cum soon.

I carried on lapping at mom’s pussy for another minute, and then decided to move up to her asshole. First I looked at it, absorbing its shape and colour; it was pinky-brown and with a star like look, as the flesh there stretched out from the centre rings.

I let my tongue lick her asshole gently for the first time, not sure what her response might be. She didn’t object, and so I probed a bit further letting my tongue enter her hole further. This was amazing! What a fabulous sensation – my tongue in my mom’s ass!

My dick was now aching and I felt I wanted to cum.

“I think I’m gonna cum soon mom” I said out loud.

She stopped sucking dad for a moment yeşilköy escort and said, “Ok, lets change positions, I think I’d like you both in my mouth.”

‘Both in her he mouth?’ Wow what an idea, I thought, not knowing exactly how hot mom was.

I got up and stood by the end of the bed, with my hardon sticking out in front of me.

As mom got up too, I saw dad’s erect dick for the first time. It was about the same length as mine, but maybe a little thicker.

The strange thing was, I didn’t feel at all embarrassed now. I was so worked up and aroused, I just wanted to cum and my state of arousal seemed to increase at realising that both my dad and I were having sex like this with mom. Wow!

Dad got up off the bed and stood at the end of it next to me, his dick sticking out in front of him, like mine.

Mom sat on the end of the bed and indicated to us to move closer with her hands.

And then, there both dad and I stood, with our rock hard dicks standing out proud, only inches from mom’s welcoming mouth.

First she moved her mouth in font of my dick, and licked around the head with her tongue and lips. Then she did the same to dad’s.

She then engulfed my prick into her mouth, sucking on it hard and clamping onto it like she was sucking a lolly. I could see her nostrils inflamed as she breathed and in a highly aroused state. Her boobs jiggled and swung from side to side below us as she sucked on me. I was incredibly aroused. Then she moved her mouth down to my balls, giving them a lick and suck.

Returning to my prick, she continued her sucking again, letting the saliva in her mouth lubricate every movement in and out.

“Oh yea,” I said, “Suck on my prick mom” I said as I was getting near to cumming.

She continued for a minute and then moved over to dad, giving him exactly the same attention she had given me.

Then after a moment she said “I’m going to open my mouth, and I want you to each try to put the tips of your pricks inside.

I want to taste you both at the same time.

Dad and I both looked at each other, and I think we were both equally aroused at the suggestion. Mom moved her head forward a little so as to make it easier for us, then I standing on one side of her head, let the tip of my prick onto her mouth. Dad then inched closer from the other side of mom’s head and did the same. Finally the heads our dicks were both in her mouth, touching each other on one side, and mom, with her eyes closed licked around both heads with her tongue and lips as she could.

Then she raised her hands, and grabbed our pricks, one in each hand, and pushed them in as far as they would go.

The sight of mom sucking on both dad and I like this finally did, it and I shouted out “I’m gonna cum”.

“I’m cumming too” said dad.

Mom pushed us out of her mouth and said “Wank into my mouth, both of you, at the same time.” And with that she opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out waiting for us to cum on it.

Both dad and I started pumping our dicks. It was an incredible sight, and I felt like I was going to cum a bucket load.

After just a few strokes I shouted “Ahh..Ahh. AHHHHHH” and spurted a huge amount of spunk onto moms tongue, and some went onto her cheek. She kept her mouth open as long as I was cumming, which semed like ages, then momentarily lapped some of the cum into her mouth, swallowing as she did so, whilst some of it trickled out onto her chin and tits.

Dad was only a moment behind me and finally he cried out “I’m cummimg…AHHHHH”, and came on her similarly, on her tongue and face, and some spurted down over her tits.

Wow, this was fucking incredible! I collapsed onto the bed, utterly amazed at what had just happened. Dad flopped into his armchair, with a look of delight and pleasure on his face.

As I lay there on the bed, in the after glow of pleasure, mom still sitting on the bed, said “Mmmm…that was lovely, I do like the taste of man cream, but my pussy is still aching….”

I looked up at the ceiling and thought I was dreaming!

To be continued…..

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