Making a Baby

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All characters are 18 years or older.

I would like to thank woodlands1946 for taking the time to review my story.


“Oh Fuck Charles. Yes! Oh yes! I’m going to cum. Cum with me! Oh! Oh! Oh!” his wife shrieked as he pounded her hard. Her legs wrapped around his waist as her body squirmed under him coaxing his sperm to surge out of his nuts. However, it was getting harder and harder for him to enjoy the experience.

For a while now they’ve been trying to start a family, and at first it was fantastic having sex two to three times a day. But now after a month of trying every single day it became more of a job then sexual pleasure.

“Oh Charles! Oh! Oh! OH!” his wife howled as her body quivered. Her orgasm had always thrilled him and his sperm readied to release. Ramming his cock hard into her, he held it there until his baby making juices filled inside her.

Come on you little fuckers. Find the egg. He thought as his sperm pumped out.

Exhausted he crashed his sweaty body on top of his wife, and she held him tight to her. Her breath raced as she tried to speak.

“That was great honey. I’m sure this will be the time,” she said and kissed his cheek thinking.

Please… please let this be the one.

Leaning up he kissed her back keeping his cock inside her. Which was another thing they were told to try.

After kissing for several minutes Rylee told him to roll off, and he held her hand as they lay with their backs on the bed and fell asleep.

Their wishful thoughts went unanswered once more. And several times after that until finally Rylee said, “Honey I think we need to see if there’s a problem with one of us.”

Charles looked at his wife and admired her beauty. Her long blonde hair fell over her shoulders and danced across her perky chest. Rylee wasn’t large like her mother. Only being a size B. But that was perfect in Charles’s eyes. Everything about her was flawless. At 5′-4, he was able to comfortably walk with her under his arm and he loved looking at her tiny ass. Her baby blues and light pink lips would make his heart flutter every time he would look at her.

“Well what do you think?” Rylee asked.

“Uh? Oh.” Charles replied.

“I guess so,” he hesitantly said.

“Good I’ll make us an appointment.”

Charles really didn’t like the idea, fearing maybe it was him that had the problem. However, after having some embarrassing tests done it was confirmed they both were okay.

“So what is the problem then doctor?” Rylee questioned.

“Sometimes there just isn’t an answer I’m sorry to say. The best thing to do is keep trying.”

And try they did. For another two months without success. They even went to other doctors and took more tests. The answers and results were the same. The whole process was now taking a toll on both of them, and Rylee was getting depressed. So once, again they went to the doctors.

“There is another option but it’s not covered by your insurance and a little expensive. We could try In vitro fertilization.” The doctor explained.

“How does that work?” Charles asked.

“We harvest some eggs from Rylee and fertilize them with your sperm. Then place them back inside Rylee.”

“Oh. Well that doesn’t sound bad.”

“You understand they’re still is a risk that Rylee’s body might reject the egg after we reinsert it, and the process would have to be done over again. And, like I said, it’s expensive.”

“How much we talking here?” Rylee questioned.”

“Somewhere between ten and twenty thousand. It depends on how many times we have to do the process.”

“Oh… that is expensive.” Rylee said.

Charles saw Rylee’s face and knew she was getting depressed.

“Okay doc thanks. We’ll talk this over and get back to you.”

Charles led his wife out of the office and held her close as they walked towards the car.

“Don’t worry honey. If we have to go this route, I’ll find some way to come up the money.”

Rylee looked upon her husband’s face with a forced smile. She knew they couldn’t afford that much right now.

The next day when Charles went to work, Rylee went to see her mother. Rylee and her family were close, and she needed to talk to someone who would understand what she was going through. After greeting her mom with a hug, she began to cry.

“Honey. What is it?”

“Sorry Mom. I just needed a good cry. I don’t know what to do.”

“You and Charles having problems?”

“Kind of. We’ve been trying for a baby for almost six months now. The doctors don’t know why I’m not getting pregnant. They offered to do invitro, but that’s something we just can’t afford.” Rylee said as her tear filled eyes peered at her mother.

Rylee’s mom Veronica was in her early 40’s. Her size and complexion were similar to her daughters except she carried a size C cup. Her hair, blonde like her daughters, wasn’t long but cut short and ended at her neck. Like Rylee, her parents married right out of high school and gave birth to her not long after that.

Her father, Abe being only a couple of months older than her mom, was beginning merter escort to show some gray. Being in the construction business, he stayed fit and unknown to her mother Rylee always enjoy how her father looked. In her eyes, he was a very handsome man.

“Calm down honey. Let’s see if we can come up with something. I’m sure there’s a way.”

Mother and daughter talked for a couple of hours. Rylee began to feel less depressed and more open with her mom. She became so comfortable talking with her, she started to describe in great detail how her and Charles would make love.

Shocked at first, Veronica couldn’t believe that her daughter was telling her all the nasty things her and Charles did in the bedroom. However, she figured her daughter must have needed to get it off her chest. What she wasn’t prepared for was how Rylee’s talking was affecting her. As her daughter talked, she felt a twinge between her legs. At first, it was barely noticeable, but as Rylee went on it grew.

Oh my god! My daughter is getting me horny. Veronica thought.

Veronica clamped her legs together and placed her hand on top of her skirt. She lightly pressed down between her thighs to ease the building pressure she felt in her pussy. Her mind started to wander as her daughter carried on. She was soon vividly seeing herself getting fucked by Charles. Her pussy went moist, and her heart raced as her excitement became too much to control. Without thinking, her hands pushed down harder between her legs. They willingly parted to make room. She could feel herself close to cumming as her young imaginary stud sank his steel tool deep inside her.

“Yes! Yes! Deeper! Harder! Her mind said as her boy toy thrust and pushed.


“Uh? Oh… Sorry dear. I was thinking of how to resolve your problem.” Veronica replied, feeling her face turn flush.

“Will you excuse me honey? Mommy has to pee.”

“Okay Mom. I’ll go make some tea.”

Veronica went into the bathroom and wasted no time quickly dropping her panties to slide three fingers deep inside her wet snatch as she sat upon the toilet seat. Her mind raced back and replayed the nasty visions of Charles slamming into her.

“Oh fuck! Oh yes. Charles… Oh… Fuck me. Give me your sperm. I want to feel it filling me.” Veronica moaned above a whisper as her fingers feverishly fucked her soaked twat sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

“OH! OH! OH FUCK!” she wailed as her body quivered from the most intense orgasm she’d ever had.

“Mom? Are you okay?”

“Oh yes honey. I just um… found the mess your dad left in the shower.”

“Oh” Rylee laughed.

“I know what you mean. I can’t get Charles to clean up after himself either.”

As Veronica fixed herself, she mulled over how many years it has been since she came like that. She and her husband still had an active sex life, but for the last 10 years, there wasn’t much excitement. The romance was just about gone. That’s when a devious idea immerged.

I couldn’t. She’d never go for it. But what if she did? Veronica thought as she exited the bathroom and walked towards her daughter who was sipping her tea in the living room.

Gracefully sitting back down of the sofa, she found the courage to share her idea with her daughter.

“Rylee, what if I became your surrogate.”

“What! You’re kidding right Mom? I mean… you are, aren’t you?” Rylee replied looking very puzzled.

“No. I thought about it, and it seems to make perfect sense. The baby would still be part of you since you are part of me.”

“I… I don’t know Mom. I’m not sure how I would feel with you have sex with my husband. I don’t think I would even be able to talk to Charles about this. It’s just so… well… so weird.”

“I think you’re right. I mean, I would have to sell the idea to your father also. Even though I always did want another child.”

“Oh… you never mentioned that before Mom.”

“It’s something I don’t like to talk about. Your father and I tried like you two are now. However, it just wasn’t meant to happen. We finally gave up when you turned six, figuring too much time had passed by.”

Rylee listened to her mother’s story and felt sorry for her. In a strange way, her mother’s suggestion was starting to sound like a good idea. Her mother’s proposal would help both out, and that made her feel good inside.

“Listen Mom, I’ve been thinking, and you may be correct about this. I’ll mention it to Charles tonight and see what he thinks.”

“I think we should discuss this with everyone together. Since it would affect us all drastically.”

Rylee thought about it and agreed. The women made plans on what night to talk to their husbands, and Rylee departed feeling much better about her situation than when she arrived.

That night, she told Charles about her visit to her parents, and how she needed to have a family discussion with him and her parents over at their house.

Charles looked puzzled but saw that whatever she had talked about with her mother had greatly improved her spirits. Rylee looked nişantaşı escort much more chipper than when he left this morning. So, Charles just blindly agreed with his wife’s wishes.

The next night, they drove over to her parent’s house for dinner and the discussion. Charles never minded visiting Rylee’s parents. He and Abe had much in common. They both worked in construction and enjoyed watching sports. He also didn’t mind seeing Veronica again since being around her made him feel good. Her upbeat personality and great complexion would make him feel welcomed. Not to mention how he still sneaked a peeks at her chest and ass like he had done when he and Rylee were dating.

Veronica made a lasagna knowing it was her husband’s and Charles favorite dish, and kept the wine flowing hoping the diner and drinks would make their talk much easier. It all seemed to be working out fine. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves.

“Let’s go into the living room for our talk. Here Rylee, take the bottle of wine with you. The men’s glasses look almost empty.” Veronica said as she cleaned off the table.

Rylee, Charles and Abe ventured into the living room. Rylee motioned for her husband to sit upon the couch, as she filled his glass. Then turned and did the same for her father who as usual took his place in his favorite chair. However, as she poured the red liquid into his glass, he questioned.

“You know what this is all about Rylee?

“Mom is coming now. I think she can explain it better than I can.”

Veronica walked up to Rylee and said.

“Thanks honey. I’ll take that. Go sit down next to Charles.”

Veronica took the wine from Rylee and topped her own glass off placing the bottle on the coffee table before unusually sitting on her husband lap.

The room was silent as Veronica took a big gulp of wine and set her glass on the end table before she started to speak.

“Now that we are all comfortable I guess I can go over what Rylee, and I came up with the other day that would help with the problem they’re having.”

“What problem?” Abe asked.

“Your daughter and Charles have been trying to give us a grandchild for over a half year now, so far without any success.”

“Oh… Is that all?” Abe chuckled. “I thought someone was dying or something.”

“Listen Abe. This is a big deal. Remember back when we also tried for another child before giving up?”

Abe stopped laughing and said, “Oh… Yes… Sorry” as he looked at his wife.

“So here is what we propose…” Veronica said as she momentarily paused to take another big gulp of her wine and finished by saying.

“We feel maybe I could be a surrogate.”

Rylee clutched her husband’s hand when she heard him yell out.

“Are you nuts?”

Abe squirmed in his chair and choked when his brain realized what his wife just proposed.

“Veronica that’s crazy!” he shouted

“Listen you two!” Rylee yelled and stood up.

“Before you both get hysterical, let Mom finish.”

Both men went silent and Rylee sat back down taking her husband’s hand back into hers as her mother once again spoke.

“Like I was saying, we feel it is a good alternative. Rylee told me how much the invitro could cost and there is no guarantee that would even work. This way at least the child would still be related.

“This is just too crazy for me to comprehend.” Charles said as all kinds of emotions filled his body.

“Think honey. It would mean we could have our baby.” Rylee said, as she looked deep into her husband’s eyes.

“Are you hearing yourself? You’re asking me to ffu… I mean… have sexual intercourse with your mother.”

“I agree with you Charles, I think they both flipped their lids.”

“Hush Abe! You’re not the one that would be carrying the child for nine months. I would.”

Abe knew by his wife’s face, she was dead serous on doing this. However, as he looked at her, his brain pictured Charles and her having sex. For some strange reason, it was turning him on.

Charles was silent and couldn’t believe what was taking place and ponder over what was being asked of him.

My wife wants me to actually fuck her mom? Her hot mom? And her mom wants this also?

Charles looked over at Veronica as she sat on Abe’s lap and noticed her shapely bum protruding off his legs. His eyes gazed upon her skirt that rose up high on her thigh showing off her sexy legs.

I couldn’t do this. It would be crazy to accept this. He thought as his eye trailed up her body and admired her lush globes.

But what if I did? Charles pondered as he saw himself sucking on her breasts, making her moan in sexual delight.

The room fell still, as no one talked for several minutes. All of them were in deep thought until Rylee broke the silence.

“Well? What do you think?”

“Uh… Um… I… I don’t know.” Charles replied, looking over at Abe for his response.

“I… think we all need some time to think this over.” Abe said as he patted his wife’s thigh, which drew Charles gaze back upon it. Charles didn’t realize ortaköy escort Abe had caught him staring at his wife, and that he noticed the bulge growing in his pants. Seeing Charles get turned on strangely only heightened his own sexual curiosity. So as Charles looked on, he slid his hand across his wife’s skirt slowly pulling it up higher revealing more of her thigh for him to admire.

Charles was snapped out of his trance when Veronica pulled her skirt back down and announced.

“No… we need an answer tonight. While it’s fresh on our minds.”

“Are you sure you’re okay with this Rylee?” Abe said as he looked at his daughter.

“Yes daddy. I want a baby in our lives.” Rylee said and gazed upon Charles with a pleading appearance.

Charles turned and looked at Abe, who gave him a slow nod indicating he was now fine with the idea.

“Okay honey. Since Abe is all right with it. I’ll give it a try.”

Rylee leaned in and hugged her husband hard, and tears filled her eye as she thanked him several times.

Veronica and Abe hugged too, but Veronica whispered into his ear.

“You are sure you’re okay with this.”

Abe held his wife and nodded yes.

Charles and Rylee broke their hug and kissed passionately until Veronica interjected.

“Okay you two, wait until you’re back home. Right now, we have to work out the details on how we’re going to do this.”

After talking for an hour it was decided that her parent’s house was the best place. Since it took Abe the longest to get home after work. They could be finished before he arrived, and also Charles wouldn’t feel guilty having another woman in his own bed. This also put Rylee’s mind at ease, since she still didn’t know how she truly felt about her mother sleeping with her husband.

The young couple left and didn’t talk much on the drive home. Both were obviously mulling over in their heads what they had just agreed to do. It wasn’t until that night as they both lay in bed that Rylee spoke.

“Charles I hope you know how happy this will make me.”

“You’re really sure honey?” Charles said as he rolled over on his side and stroked the hair from her eyes.

Her beauty still affected him, and as he stared into her eyes, his cock began to grow.

Rylee touched her husband’s arms and moved closer to him. Her soft breasts brushed against his chest, and she whispered, “Yes.”

Charles pulled her closer and kissed her passionately as their legs intertwined and his hard club ground against her body. Her hips moved and she rubbed her pussy against his thigh. He could feel her heat and wetness grow as their kissing increased in speed. Fondling each other, their lust heightened. He rolled Rylee on her back and centered himself between her legs. Her breathing heaved as her husband slid his steel pole across her mound. She pushed up trying to nudge his meat between her wet pussy lips. Charles kept grinding across her pussy. Her moans grew in intensity as they kissed. Then Rylee broke the kiss, and in a huffing voice said. “Take me.”

Charles pulled back, lowering his knob until he felt it break past her velvet lips. Her body shook as her legs spread wider, and her hands pushed on his ass easing him deeper inside her. Slowly at first he moved in and out. However, the tempo increased quickly, and it wasn’t long before he was fucking her madly, their bodies crashing against one other. Rylee clawed at her husband’s back as her body bucked and twisted. Working his joystick as deep as it could go as she wailed and moaned.

“Fuck me Charles. Fuck me.”

Charles pushed and pulled working his thick man meat as fast as he could until Rylee’s wrap her legs around his waist and squeezed tightly. Her back arched off the bed, and she whimpered. “I’m cumming.”

Charles fucked her hard. Her fluids gushed past his cock, and he could feel his balls getting wet from her juices. With one mighty final push, his cum exploded, and his body trembled as she bucked wildly through their orgasms.

Rolling off his wife. Charles was surprised by how hot they fucked, and he wasn’t the only one.

“Oh my god Charles. That was incredible.”

Panting, Charles replied. “Yes… we sure got carried away that time.”

“Yeah…” Rylee replied, still being short winded herself.

Rylee scrunched up next to her husband and ran her finger lightly across his chest. Charles took her in his arms and held her until the both fell asleep.

Unfortunately, the incredible sex they experienced that night was the last Charles would have in over a week. Rylee convinced him to save up his man juices for his special night with her mom. Figuring it would increase the chances of conceiving.

Charles began having doubts again when the first scheduled date arrived. However, he was reassured by Rylee’s spirits when she kissed him good-bye before leaving to meet Veronica.

Veronica was getting ready and felt a strange feeling in her gut. She hadn’t felt that feeling in years. It was the feeling of anticipation, like she had the first time she and her husband made love. Her pussy started to ooze as she stripped herself naked and took a quick shower. She desperately wanted to lower her hand between her legs and ease the building sexual desire she was experiencing. However, she knew Charles would be there at any moment. Quickly finishing her shower, she dried herself off and stood by her dresser to admire her naked complexion in the mirror for a moment.

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