Lustful Mothers: The Collection

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Big Tits

Dear readers,

I hope you’re all doing great. Here are four of my original stories, revised for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy…

best wishes,



A Mother’s Appreciation

I was planning to transfer to an out of state graduate school when my mother, who was 43 at the time, decided it was her last chance to have another child, putting her career as a lawyer on hold to get pregnant again.

A few months into her pregnancy, it happened- I found myself becoming sexually attracted to my own mother. Her transformation came gradually, with her wearing fewer clothes around the house to escape the summer heat. Her stomach grew, as did her breasts and thighs. Eventually she didn’t even bother to wear a bra anymore to hide her ever growing breasts.

I tried my best to fight these urges, thinking it would end after she gave birth, but things only became worse for me. Catching glimpses of her breastfeeding, I would often masturbate to thoughts of her enlarged dark and swollen nipples. I felt ashamed the first time I did it. But every time I saw her bare breasts or her hard nipples poking through her tshirt, I couldn’t resist not doing it again. Over time, I didn’t want to stop. She became my favorite thing to fantasize about. And soon, things went even further…


My mom and I sat in the living room after putting the baby to bed for an afternoon nap. It was another warm day so she made us lemonade.

“I’ve never thanked you for any of this …” she said, before taking a sip of her drink.

“Thank me for what?” I asked.

She looked like she had something important to say as she put her drink down. “You know what I mean, this, for helping me with your baby brother. More of your time should have been spent going out with friends and enjoying your last few months here instead of doing household chores for me. I feel selfish for that sometimes.”

“Don’t mention it, mom. I really like being at home with you. Besides, I’ve always wanted a brother, and I won’t be able to see him for a while after I leave.”

“Thank you. I know that boys your age must be thinking about girls too. And I suppose it helps to look at these while you’re assisting me at home,” she said with a smile as she motioned her hands around her heavy set breasts.

I was caught, and there was no denying it. Luckily, the expression on mom’s face showed that she was in a pretty lighthearted mood about it.

“Was I that obvious?”

“You were,” she replied while still smiling. “I’ve noticed you glancing at them here and there, taking little peeks whenever you saw me breastfeeding. I suppose it’s normal for young men to be curious with older women and large boobs. Or any boobs, since you’re a man now.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that … you know … you were pregnant and things started to change. I was a little curious, that’s all.”

She suddenly raised an eyebrow, “Curious about what? Older women? Or lactating breasts?”

“Do you really need to drag this out? You caught me and I admitted it, we don’t need to go any further than that,” I replied, feigning indignation.

Her smile quickly turned into a smirk, “There’s no need to be so defensive here. I was just trying to make sense of the fact that my own son was spying on me.”

“You love putting me on the hot seat, don’t you?”

“Not typically. But in this case I do. Your ‘curiosity’ towards your own mother has really made me wonder how this all came about. Now start talking mister,” she playfully said.

I sighed out loud, “It’s hard to explain, but after you started growing in certain areas and wore less around the house, it got my attention. I don’t know, it just brought to life an old fantasy of mine. There, I said it. Now can we please talk about something else instead?”

“A fantasy, eh?” she replied, almost licking her lips in the process. “And is it safe to assume you’ve handled this fantasy the way most young men do?”

With my eyes to the floor, I reluctantly admitted to masturbating while thinking about her, saying “… yes … this is so embarrassing, but I’ve always had a thing for pregnant women, and what it does to their breasts.”

I looked back at my mother, not knowing what to expect, but surprisingly she seemed very understanding over the matter.

“Now there’s something I never thought I’d find out about you. But I’ll tell you what, you’ve been so incredibly helpful these past few months, and, since you’ll be leaving soon, I would be willing to show you my breasts every so often. And this stays strictly between you and me. No one else needs to know.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. My own mother offered to give me what I had been trying to see for quite some time now- a clear view of her luscious milk filled breasts.

“Really? I mean, if you’re comfortable doing this…” I replied, trying my best to hide my excitement.

“At this point, why not? You’ve more than earned it. Besides, you’ve already had plenty of glimpses at my nipple, bağcılar escort heck, I even used to feed you with it. And if it gets you going, then who am I to judge? Your father loves them as well. Let’s just think of this as my secret reward for you.”

“I’d really like that mom. And trust me, it’ll be our secret. The last thing I’d ever want is for anyone to find out about this.”

“Good. I’m glad we’re on the same page.”

“So how is this going to work anyway?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t put much thought into this,” she replied. “How about we just get started now and figure out the rest later? Sound good?”

“Sounds great.”

Almost without warning, she sat upright and pulled her t-shirt up to reveal her stomach and bra. Her once toned stomach still had some curves around it from the pregnancy, which I found to be very sexy. The bra she wore wasn’t just any bra; it was a special nursing bra for breastfeeding where each cup could be unlatched. Instead she simply pulled her bra up to reveal my greatest desire.

Seeing both of her bare breasts in their entirety was mesmerizing. They hung straight down as soon as they were set free, resting on top of where her stomach was. Her breasts were long and sagging, and were shaped like perfectly round globes at the bottom end. Her brown areolas must have been around 2 inches wide. And her large brown nipples stood out for nearly half an inch, at least.

“Like what you’re seeing?” she asked.

“Oh god… I’ve never had a chance to see your full breasts like this before, and they’re more than perfect. I love the size of your nipples and the shape of your breasts. They’re amazing.”

“I suddenly don’t feel so bad for having you stay at home to help me,” she said teasingly. “Since they’re out, you can go ahead and touch them if you’d like.”

I didn’t respond, but my shaking hands accepted her invitation and I scooted closer to her on the couch. I gently cupped each of her heavy breasts, lifting them up a little They self soft and weighty. My fingers traced the underside of her breasts. Her large nipples taunted my mouth, causing my cock to grow harder for her.

“You can squeeze them a little harder if you want. I don’t mind,” she said smiling.

“Thanks,” I replied. “Will any milk come out?”

She raised her eyebrow. “Do you want some, too? My left breast hasn’t been ‘used’ yet today, so to speak. It’s filled with fresh milk. If you’re interested in seeing what the lactation process looks like, feel free to give it a try. Just give my nipple a light pinch.”

I turned my attention towards her left breast and began caressing it fully, feeling its softness. I then ran my fingers through her smooth areola, before pinching her big nipple. I wanted to be gentle at first because I didn’t want to hurt her. But it soon became clear to me that as she was looking down at her son fondling her chest, a part of her actually may have been enjoying this as much as I was. So I started squeezing harder. And my squeezing harder on her nipple was met with the immediate reaction of milk squirting out from its glands. It made a mess, spraying on both of our clothes and on the carpet, but neither of us cared at that point.

After a few more squirts from milking my own mother, I quickly bent my head down and took her nipple inside my mouth without her permission. Her hand moving to rub against the back of my head gave me all the approval I needed to suck on her breast to taste her motherly milk some more, drinking it. She moaned softly but tried to hold it in. The harder I sucked the more she started to breathe and squirm where she sat.

Ending the moment, she patted me on the back and said, “I think that’s enough for today. We went a little further than I anticipated but that’s okay.”

I licked the remaining milk from my lips. “Can we please do this again soon?” I asked.

“Sure. I don’t think it’s a good idea for us to do this all the time, but like I’ve said, you’ve earned it. So we’ll definitely be doing this again, but please remember that this stays on my terms.”

I instantly agreed. The foundation had been laid out for us to do this again. For some reason, at that very moment, both of us knew things were going to go much further than we could ever plan.


My mom had acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary for the rest of the day. We had our family dinner as usual, and we all carried on with our normal conversations as usual. But for me, it was hard to even look at her and not get aroused again.

The next day came and went without her bothering to discuss any of the recent events. I was disappointed, but at the same time, I didn’t want to overstep my boundary and upset her in any way. I just figured when the time came and she wanted to ‘reward’ me again, then she would.


A week had passed before she exposed herself to me again. It was the same scenario as our first encounter where we would sit in the living room and bahçelievler escort she would feed her milk to me.

“You look a little more excited this time around,” she said.

I took her nipple out of my mouth and moved my hand back to caressing her breast again, “What do you mean?”

“That,” she replied, pointing toward the bulging erection protruding through my shorts. “Did it happen last time as well?”

“It did. I guess you didn’t notice it while you were watching me suck your breast,” I admitted.

“And what did you do with it later?” she inquired.

“It’s pretty obvious what I did…do I really have to say it?”

“No, but I’m flattered.” She took a deep breath, “And if you’re interested, I would be willing to take care of that for you right now so that you won’t have to do it by yourself. Only if you’re interested.”

“Are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

She then put her hand on my hand, “I wouldn’t mind doing it for you. I like making you happy and it’s my way of expressing gratitude for all you’ve done around here lately. But there’s one condition …”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I want to hear more details about how this fetish with me started, and what you thought about when you started fantasizing about all of this; especially after last week.”

I suddenly felt nervous. Not only was the thought of my own mother getting me off becoming a real possibility, but I first had to reveal my most intimate of thoughts to her.

“Fine,” I replied. “When you started wearing less clothes around the house, I really got to notice your body for the first time. And after you gave birth, I wanted to be around you every chance I got because those giant nipples and areolas of yours would keep on peeking out, especially when you breastfeed. You became my favorite thing to fantasize about.”

“Tell me what you thought about after last week’s meeting,” she said in an interrogating manner.

“I replayed that image in my head over and over. I kept thinking about what your full breasts looked like and how your nipple would feel in my mouth. I didn’t care that you were my mother, it just felt right.”

She then gave me a suspicious look that only a mother could give, “That’s all? You never thought about me giving you a blowjob or us fucking? I refuse to believe that you got by only thinking about my large nipples.”

“I love hearing you talk dirty like that. I don’t think I’ve ever even heard you even use a curse word before in my life.”

“It’s fitting for our conversation,” she replied. “So what’s the answer?”

“Truthfully, I have. I’ve thought about you sucking my cock and us having sex in your bed. I’ve been jerking off thinking about that every morning and night since it happened. Now can we please get started now?”

Without saying a word, she reached down and began tugging at the bottom of my shorts with both hands. I got the hint and stood up slightly so that my shorts and underwear could slide right off at my mother’s own doing. I sat back down and my clothes, which were pulled off me, were tossed to the floor leaving me naked from the waist down.

I was exposed. My erection, which pointed straight up, became even harder. My mother casually sat down beside me with her breasts still hanging free, and she wrapped her warm hand around my hard-on. My cock was throbbing at that point. And my heart started pounding faster with every second that my mom’s hand was exploring my penis with her eyes and with her rubbing hand.

“I get the feeling this won’t take very long,” she said, almost giggling at the heightened arousal she knew she was giving me.

“I don’t think so either; your hand feels so good on me.”

“Glad to hear it. And if it helps, you shouldn’t think of me as your mother. Just think of me as some random mature woman who loves pleasing you.”

“No, I don’t want to,” I told her as she continued to stroke me. “You want me to be honest? I LOVE that my own mother is jerking me off.”

She squeezed my cock a little tighter and began stroking me harder, “So you like that your mother is doing this for you, eh?”

We looked each other in the eyes as she jerked me off. Her grip was tight and it worked its way from the base of my cock to the head. Her thumb occasionally rubbed the sensitive head of my penis, which was extremely pleasurable for me. And her talking dirty, which I never thought was possible, was something I would never forget.

She continued her playful taunting, “You’re awful. How could you allow your poor mother to jerk you off like this after fantasizing about her for so long?”

“Mom… I’m about to cum…” I panted.

She quickly leaned forward from where she sat and took the head of my cock inside her mouth and began sucking. It felt incredible. The sight of my mom’s lip around me and her cheeks caving in from her vacuum like suction was surreal. She kept stroking furiously which was followed by loads of my cum bahçeşehir escort shooting to the back of my mom’s throat, which she willingly swallowed without any hesitation. She kept me inside her mouth until every last drop of my sperm had been devoured, and I became flaccid with her lips still around me.

“You taste good,” she said, licking her lips clean. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to wash up so I can start preparing dinner.”

She gave the head of my cock one final kiss before putting her top back on and leaving.


This became our little secret. Every so often, she would let me fondle and suck on her breasts, and afterwards she would do the same to my cock. If she was in the right mood, she would even talk nasty to me which we both found to be so arousing.

The one thing that was off limits, however, was her panties coming off. I had asked her a few times if I could return the favor and make her cum and she would politely say no. She considered it to be too personal and that her vagina was only for my father. I didn’t want to bother her about it since I didn’t want to jeopardize what we had, so I never brought it up again.


It had been three months since my mother had given birth, and a month and a half since our mother/son relationship turned sexual. My mother had also recently returned to work and had hired a babysitter from down the street so that I could relax in the final weeks before I moved out.

One day, I woke up to find a note on the dining room table which read: Do whatever you want this morning, but be home this afternoon. I’ll be back early to give you a special surprise.

A few hours had passed and she came home right when she said she would, dressed in her business suit with her make-up and hair done extra nicely. What especially made her sexy was that she wore her normal tightly fitted business attire, but her breasts and hips were still larger than usual, which enhanced her curves even further.

“You wanted to see me?” I asked as I greeted her at the door.

She put her things down and held my hands, “Yes, I have something for you, something special. In 5 minutes, I want you to come up the stairs to my bedroom, not a second earlier.”

She kissed me on the cheek before walking away.


The time came and I nervously made my way up the stairs. Seeing my mom nervous earlier had made me nervous as well. Her describing this as ‘special’ must have meant something because she never referred to anything we had done previously in that way. Whatever it was, I couldn’t wait to find out.

My jaw nearly hit the floor as I reached the doorway of my parents’ bedroom. My mother was completely nude with her arm leaning against the bedpost. She stood there looking bold and proud of her post-pregnancy body as she modeled herself to me for the very first time.

My eyes took in as much of her as I possibly could, examining the thickness of her bare hips and thighs. Her pubic hairs were neatly trimmed, and her large sagging breasts were able to grab my attention the same way they always have. It looked as though she re-applied her make-up and fixed her hair by tying it up in a fancy ponytail.

“Like what you see?” she asked, exuding a newfound confidence.

“Oh god mom, you have no idea how I feel about you right now. You are absolutely perfect,” I told her.

“Thank you, your compliments always mean a lot to me,” she said. “I have something to confess to you. Come here, have a seat on the bed next to me first.”

I did as she asked, walking over to the bed where we both sat next to each other.

She continued, “I don’t think you know how much I’ve enjoyed what we’ve been doing lately. I even find myself masturbating in the bathroom stall at the office, wishing we could do things together at that moment. But what’s made this even more thrilling is that your father knows about all of this. I’ve told him early on and he loves hearing about it while we have sex. He makes me tell him every single detail about what we do, and I love telling him about it.”

“Dad? Really? I would have thought he would have freaked out if he found out about this.”

“I thought the same. I dropped little hints for him to see if he was receptive to any this, and as it turns out, it drove him wild and it was the perfect thing we needed to spice up our sex life after being married for so long. But back to the point, you’ll be leaving soon and we thought we’d give you a going away present you’d never forget. It’s something all of us would enjoy in one way or another. How would you feel about having sex right here, right now, with your mother?”

I nearly gasped at my mom’s offer. “Did you even need to ask? Of course I would! God, I never thought it would ever come to this. Committing incest with you is the most erotic thing I could imagine.”

“Incest? Now there’s a strong word,” she replied. “And you’re right, this whole thing is so erotic, so taboo. I would be horrified if anyone ever found out about this. I wouldn’t be able to show my face anywhere because of how indecent and immoral we’ve been since the day I lifted my shirt for you. But that’s the appeal. What we do sexually stays within these walls.”

“Of course mom, I understand completely. Believe me, I wouldn’t want anyone knowing about this either. But I’m so happy that we get to do this together.”

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