Lucy’s choice. Chapter 1

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This is the sequel to Lucy’s lucky break. However it stands alone as a story so there is no need to read that first.


Lucy knew she was taking a risk. Her friends had all told her she was crazy. Three years before she and David had a wildly passionate affair.
Then she had abruptly left to take a job in England. The job offer was just too good and she knew that at 21 she and David were far too young to marry.

She had heard through her friends that David hadn’t grieved for too long and had enjoyed a series of short affairs with many attractive women.
Lucy had far fewer affairs but none had satisfied her. None of her lovers had excited her the way David had, none had his sense of humor and she never felt the excitement and contentment with them as she had with David.

When he had suddenly emailed suggesting they tour Europe together she hadn’t hesitated for a second and bought an old camper-van with the money he sent over.

They didn’t say much as David drove from the airport towards the port. But he took Lucy’s right hand in his left. She smiled and he smiled.
Then Lucy clasped his hand with her left hand also and put them tightly between her knees. Both their smiles broadened.
“How much holiday do you have?” David asked.
“My firm has given me three month’s leave of absence.”
“Probably glad to to get you out of their hair.”

After they disembarked at Calais in France David put on a black beret.
“This is what all Frenchmen wear, I understand.”
“About 100 years ago,”

At first the roads were wide, but at each turning that Lucy directed David to take, the roads became narrower. Finally they were on a country lane where the oaks trees’ branches intermingled overhead. They came to a centuries old stone house.

Lucy got out and spoke to a wizened and wrinkled old couple in almost fluent French, then waved for David to come. They were guided up a narrow winding staircase to a large bedroom which had a large double bed and a large window which looked out over a beautiful inlet.

After unpacking they wandered, hand in hand, down a small path to a small village at the water’s edge. They ate at an outdoor table and watched the sun set over the English Channel. Lucy had ordered the food for both of them as David couldn’t read the French menu.

Part way through the meal Lucy started to talk to the middle aged waitress. David couldn’t understand the French, but a couple of times the waitress turned to look at him.
A few minutes later the waitress returned, now wearing glasses. She stood directly in front of David, peering at him intently. She moved around to study him from a different angle. David knew what was happening but tried hard to keep a straight face.

The waitress spoke in a torrent of French to Lucy. Her voice was shrill and harsh and sometimes she turned towards David with looks of obvious hostility. After two or three minutes of this Lucy asked a question.
The waitress looked at David, then slowly and methodically gave the thumbs down sign, then stomped a way.

Lucy couldn’t stop laughing.
“Tell me all.”
“I asked her to tell me if you were good enough looking for me to spend three months with. You got good marks for not being bald. Most of your body got a pass mark. But only just.
“Not bad looking, she thought. Definitely not good looking, but not bad looking.”
Lucy had to pause as she collapsed in laughter.
“So why the thumbs down?”

Lucy shrieked with laughter. “She didn’t think you had enough between the legs.”

The meal was completed with lots of affectionate banter. David had to eat left handed as Lucy refused to let go his right hand. They walked back up the forest track to their bedroom. Lucy stood in front of David looking at him earnestly.

“Davey, am I good looking enough for you to want to spend three months with me?”
David looked at Lucy’s beautiful face. Her brown eyes seemed to be glowing with excitement, her lips parted in a beautiful smile. He stroked her long, curling, soft, dark hair.

“I can’t tell Lucy. You have all those clothes on.”

Lucy’s eyes seemed to glow even more and her smile broadened as she took off her tank top, skirt and knickers.

David’s breathing almost stopped, so beautiful was Lucy’s nude body. She was slightly slimmer than three years ago and slightly more muscle toned. Her shoulders were quite broad but her waist was so slim. Those wonderful breasts with the large brown aureoles were slightly smaller but seemed even firmer and more uplifted. Her thighs were slimmer, making them appear longer and her calves even more shapely from her new muscle tone.

“Well?” whispered Lucy, reveling in David’s adoring gaze.

“I still can’t tell Lucy,” David’s voice was a hoarse whisper. “I can’t see some of your most beautiful parts. You don’t have a Brazilian any more.”

Lucy had anticipated him and brought the switchblade razor David had used three years before, a bowl of hot water, a shaving brush and soap from the bathroom. She lay on the bed, knees wide apart and raised.

“Be careful how you go down there hunk. I don’t want to lose anything vital.”

Davis was infinitely careful. Not a word was spoken as he painstakingly scraped. Soon Lucy’s wonderful pussy became fully exposed. First the puffy outer labia, then her clitoral hood and pubic mound. David caught glimpses of the glistening pinkness of her inner lips, of the glistening bud of her clitoris.

Lucy was in heaven. All her reservations had vanished. She felt the soft touch of his fingers on her most intimate femininity, felt his breath on her pussy as he peered closely in concentration. She felt her vagina become moist.

David had to fight hard. He almost overwhelmed by the beauty of Lucy’s pussy. As she became aroused, her musky, erotic vaginal odors stirred his loins and threw his cock into a rock hard erection. It took all his willpower not to abandon his task and push his tongue into Lucy’s vagina.

“Other side now.”
Lucy turned over and knelt with her knees spread. David removed the sparse hairs from her perineum, between her vagina and anus.
When he finished her licked her puckered anus which had been tantalizing him so much

“All finished. Did I do any damage?”
“I don’t think so darling Davey, but perhaps you had better check.” She rolled onto her back again.

At last David could thrust his face between Lucy’s thighs. He licked the creases between the tops of her thighs and her pussy. He ran his tongue up and down her pouting outer labia.
Then ever so gently he opened those outer labia. Lucy’s inner lips beckoned. Soft and pink and glistening with the moisture from Lucy’s arousal.
David ran the tip of his tongue over each. The taste was so feminine, so intimate, so erotic. Lucy’s vaginal aromas were musky and sensuous.

David’s lips turned to Lucy’s clitoral hood. He tightened his lips and Lucy felt a thrilling surge from her clitoris. Then David’s tongue probed and flicked harder. Lucy groaned and her hands moved onto the back of David’s head to hold him there.

Tears were in Lucy’s eyes as she guided David’s face to hers after her orgasm. Their mouths opened and their lips met, their tongues danced together and their saliva mingled.

David had an overwhelming urge to have his penis inside her. Not for a quickie. Just to feel himself inside her.

Again Lucy groaned with pleasure as she felt his tumescence part her labia and penetrate deep into her vagina. She wrapped her legs high around his waist and wrapped her arms around David’s shoulders as tightly as she could.

“Oh Davey, that feels so gorgeous,” gasped Lucy as she squeezed her vaginal muscles around his cock.
They gently rocked their bodies together, holding, kissing, hugging and feeling the exquisite pleasure of David’s deep penetration.

Slowly David started his rhythm. He withdrew a little so that he could pleasure her G Spot with his knob, then he plunged in deeply, gently rubbing his pubic bone against Lucy’s clitoris. Her hips bucked hard into his as her orgasm shuddered through her clitoris, through through her vagina, through to her womb.

Lucy moaned with joy as she felt David’s excitement mount, as she felt his thrusts plunge deeper, as she heard his ecstatic groans grow louder, as his back stiffened and as he ejaculated against her cervix.

Afterwards they lay on their sides facing each other. Lucy stroked David’s face and hair with one hand and his flaccid penis with the other.

Her fondle soon had its effect and David’s rock-like rod returned. Lucy scooped some of David’s cum from her thighs and smeared it on his erection and her anus.

She shuddered with pleasure as David’s hard rod slid into her smooth walled rectum. She pushed herself down on him and hugged him tightly.

“Oh Davey, my darling darling Davey. I’ll love you forever.

“You are up shit creek, David. And I don’t mean without a paddle. I mean without a canoe.”

Mike had been David’s accountant for years and was extremely concerned for his friend. As they studied the numbers from David’s car audio business, all the trends were down.
What had been a thriving business until two years ago was now in a sales decline and the bottom line was in the red.
“Look David, that’s 18 months in a row your sales have been down.”
“Its the fucking Internet. All these low margin fly-by-nighters. And new cars come out with such good hi-fi systems that the owners don’t need to upgrade them.”

Mike looked at his friend and was even more worried. The David he had known two years ago wouldn’t have complained about his problems, he would have done something about them. David’s appearance also concerned him. He had put on a lot of weight, his clothes were old and increasingly disheveled. Mike knew that David lived by himself in a rundown room above his car audio business.
When he and his wife had invited David for a meal Mike noticed how quickly David’s wine glass was emptied. The last time David had been invited Mike had realized that David had stoked himself with booze before arriving.

“David, we’ve got to get your sales on the up. I know a marketing consultant who would do a great job.”
“Mike, you know I can’t afford the fees those people will hit me for.”

Mike nodded. “There is an alternative. The graduate students in marketing have to put in six months practical experience part-time. I know the college is looking for positions for students right now.”

David and Mike interviewed three applicants. The first was a confident young man who took one look around David’s premises and said that he was looking for a position with a multi-national. The second was another young man who sent and received text messages throughout the interview.

The third was Gabrielle. After the first two interviews David wasn’t confident. Gabrielle was tall with orange-red hair and a gaunt look. She was thin and gawky, had prominent cheekbones and large green eyes which were accentuated by her white skin. She wore an ankle length loose dress. It seemed to David that she was all skin and bones with no figure at all.
Gabrielle was extremely nervous and didn’t smile during the interview. Her lips were tight and narrow. At times she looked almost haunted. She spoke in a very measured, restrained way.

“It’ll have to be Gabrielle,” said Mike afterwards. “She likes music, she’s bright and is recommended by her professor.”
“Mike, she’s so nervous she can hardly talk. And what the hell can a kid like that teach me about this business?”
Mike was fed-up with David’s negativity.
“Well, mate, someone’s going to have to teach you about this business. And Gabrielle is the only one you can afford.”
Mike’s irritation was aroused. “And lay off the booze David. It’s fucking killing you.”

Gabrielle commenced work the next week. David didn’t know what a marketing student would do, but gave her a desk and computer in his office. Each had politely said good morning to each other and David had shown Gabrielle his very basic facilities. Gabrielle wore a long, loose skirt and a shapeless jersey.. He did notice two slim ankles.
Gabrielle settled down to work at her computer. Her golden red hair was drawn into an untidy bun so tightly that her hair seemed more like a skull cap.
She asked David about his computer file structures. He started to go into a detailed description but quickly she interrupted.
“I can see how it works,” she said and turned her back to him.
He noticed how she tried to avoid looking him in the face.

David was busy. When Gabrielle arrived he had been embarrassed at how untidy his show room and audio rooms were. When he returned to the office, Gabrielle was gone, her desk was tidy.
“What the hell has she done for all that money I’ll be paying her?” wondered David.

Later in the afternoon Gabrielle’s professor came to David’s workshop.
“I just wanted to talk a bit about Gabrielle.

“Gabrielle is one of the best students I have taught for years. She will be a great asset for your business.
“But David,” the professor looked at him sadly. “Gabrielle is a troubled young lady. It’s none of my business, nor any of yours, to know what has happened to her. Just please understand that she is very fragile.”

“Holy hell,” thought David. “two emotional cripples in the same place. And it has to be my place.”

Gabrielle had always loved her father. He was always so much fun, so positive and encouraging, opening her eyes to new experiences. This was in contrast to her mother who was a withdrawn woman, who always illegal bahis seemed to feel she was suffering life’s worst misfortunes and blamed other people for it. Usually she blamed Gabrielle’s father, but if he wasn’t nearby, she blamed Gabrielle.

Gabrielle’s mother wore a constant harassed expression which made Gabrielle feel guilty, as though her mother’s unhappiness was her fault. Her mother did little to help Gabrielle, often moaning at her, saying she should do more to help, how she should understand how difficult Gabrielle and her father made her life.

Gabrielle’s father felt guilty when he left. Guilty that he was leaving Gabrielle, but he simply couldn’t cope with his wife’s never ending hostility.
“Gabby, I’ll always be your Dad, I’ll always be here when you need me, I’ll always love you.”

The eleven year old Gabrielle adapted to the new routine. She spent every weekend with her father for two years and all her school holidays were spent in the happiness of her father’s devotion.
But then her father remarried. His new wife soon became jealous that her husband loved Gabrielle more than her.
Six months later her father moved to the other side of the country with his new family. Gabrielle visited two times but the hostility from her step-mother made the situation impossible. Since then her only contact with her father was birthday and Christmas cards.

“I’ve told you about men, Gabrielle.”
Her mother seemed pleased that Gabrielle’s relationship with her father was finished. “Never trust them. They only want one thing.”
Gabrielle, who was in grief from her father’s rejection, couldn’t disagree.

Her mother’s vitriol against men continued for the next four years. She gave Gabrielle some very explicit sex advice.
She showed Gabrielle a life sized picture of an erect penis.
“This what every man will want to stick inside you Gabrielle. However nice you might think he is, whatever he says, rest assured. All he wants to you is stick his disgusting thing inside you. Then dump you when he’s had his way. Just like your father did to me.”
Gabrielle was horrified by the picture. The vein covered lump of flesh revolted her.

She agreed willingly to her mother’s demands that she did not go out with boys, let alone be touched by one.

In her last year at school a change occurred. Gabrielle’s girl friends were interested in boys. When Gabrielle met them in a group at cafes she enjoyed the company. She started to mistrust her mother. These boys were so nice, good fun and polite. She went to the movies with a group, telling her mother it was just with girls.
Her best friend was Maxie a a vivacious girl who always wore shorter skirts than the others. Maxie was in a steady relationship with Bob and Gabrielle felt envious when she saw them holding hands.

One Saturday,instead of the usual gang of ten at the movies, Gabrielle was surprised when only Maxie, Bob and his friend Brad met her at the movies. The girls sat side by side between the boys with Brad next to Gabrielle. She had thought Brad was quite nice. Perhaps he was a bit of a loudmouth, but he was good fun.

As the movie went on Gabrielle noticed Bob’s hand was on Maxie’s knee and her arm was around his shoulder. She felt a nudge on her hand. It was Brad and he took her hand. Gabrielle was unsure at first but Brad just held her hand and did nothing else and she relaxed and enjoyed the movie. When she glanced at Maxie she saw that Maxie had swiveled her body towards Bob, her legs were sightly apart and Bob’s hand was inside her skirt.

They had a coffee then Brad drove them home in his car. Maxie and Bob were in the back and Gabrielle caught a glimpse of them kissing. Brad dropped her 100 meters from home so that her mother wouldn’t see. He kissed her. Gabrielle responded but kept her lips closed.
“That was a nice night, thanks Gabrielle, let’s do it again soon.”
Gabrielle had thought Brad was quite nice and had been a gentleman.
“I’d like that Brad.”
Another closed mouth kiss and then Gabrielle was a little bit surprised when Brad caressed her blouse over her breast.

She thought about it when she went to bed. That was a bit fast. She remembered her mother’s advice. But Gabrielle was now at the stage when, if her mother said she should do something, Gabrielle did the opposite.

The next Saturday was the same four at the movies. The back row this time which was empty apart from them. Brad took Gabrielle’s hand as soon as the lights went down and Bob’s hand went up Maxie’s skirt at the same time. After half an hour Brad moved their hands so that his was now resting on her thigh. Then his other hand went to the side of Gabrielle’s face and turned it towards him. She kept her lips closed but didn’t resist. After a minute Brad stopped kissing her. But his hand changed position and Gabrielle felt his fingers lightly scratch her thigh through her dress.

Gabrielle had read some romance novels and this clumsy advance didn’t fit with her preconceptions at all. Gabrielle put her hand on top of Brad’s to stop him from tickling her and spent the rest of the movie with his hand on her dress about six inches down her thigh. When she looked at Maxie she saw that Bob’s hand was up far higher and inside Maxie’s dress and their lips were in an open mouthed kiss.

Towards the finish of the movie Brad moved Gabrielle’s head again and kissed her. This time his tongue pushed against her lips and nudged her teeth apart. Gabrielle didn’t know what to do and felt more uneasy when Brad’s hand moved another two inches up her leg. Fortunately the movie finished quickly.

“Maxie, he was kissing me and touching my leg,” said Gabrielle as they walked to the car.
“Lucky you, Brad’s a dream boat.”
“I’m a bit scared. What does he want to do?”
“He wants to take your cherry.”
“Oh no, I don’t want that.”
“Honey,” said Maxie who had lost her cherry years ago. “You can be a virgin like you mummy says or you can start having some fun. Start relaxing and enjoy it.”

Unwittingly Maxie had found Gabrielle’s weak spot. Her mother.
Brad dropped Maxie and Bob at Bob’s house.
“Bob’s parents are such good fun. They don’t mind when Bob brings me here and fucks me,” Maxie whispered in her ear.

Gabrielle was surprised that some adults seemed to approve of their children having sex. It reinforced her view that her mother was out of touch. When Brad drove them away she didn’t object when he put his hand on her thigh below her skirt or when he moved it higher.

Brad stopped the car in a park.
“Let’s get in the back seat, honey.”
Gabrielle had now made her rational decision. Damn her mother.

Brad took her to the back seat and they started kissing again. His tongue again parted her lips and this time their tongues touched. Gabrielle felt uncomfortable in her position, didn’t really know what to do and let Brad do as he liked with his lips. She felt his hand move up inside her skirt to the top of her thighs.

Brad wasn’t very experienced and was perplexed by Gabrielle’s lack of response to his kisses. But he realized that she seem to let him do whatever he wanted.

And he knew what he wanted next.

His hand went into her knickers and she didn’t resist. Again she didn’t react when he inserted a finger into her vagina. She neither helped him or hindered him when he pulled down her knickers. His fingers explored more deeply. Gabrielle gasped with pain as his finger nail scratched her vaginal wall.

Brad mistook this as a gasp of passion and lowered his trousers. Gabrielle now was afraid. This was nothing like her romance novels. She didn’t want it to continue, but what could she do? What would Brad think if she told him “No”? The other girls all seemed to do it.

She heard Brad spit on his fingers and felt him push her knees up and apart. Then he felt him stick it in. The pain caught her by surprise. She wasn’t lubricating and Brad’s cock rubbed painfully against her vaginal walls and when he thrust hard and broke her hymen the pain surged through her pussy.

She gave another gasp of pain. Brad convinced himself that this was passion and pounded away. Gabrielle started to get cramp from her awkward position but was saved when Brad gave a groan and a hard and painful thrust and ejaculated inside her.

They didn’t say much on the way home. Brad kissed her on the lips but didn’t try to open her mouth.
“You were great, honey.”

The next day Gabrielle discussed it with Maxie.
“It always hurts the first time Gabrielle. You’ll love it from now on. Brad thinks you are hot.”
Gabrielle felt a little better after that and felt proud when other girls at the cafe saw her holding hands with Brad.

On Thursday night she escaped from her mother’s house into Brad’s car. There were few preliminaries. Brad took her to the park, and took her into the backseat. He tried to kiss Gabrielle again but found her unresponsive. He rationalized that she was only interested in sex and again fucked her quickly. Although her hymen was broken Gabrielle didn’t lubricate again and it was almost as painful as the first time. He dropped her home less than half an hour after he had picked her up. Her mother hadn’t even realized that she had been out.

Gabrielle lay awake in bed. Perhaps her mother was right. All Brad seemed to want was to stick his thing inside her. This thought was reinforced on Saturday night. Another fuck in the back of the car. Not so painful this time, but Gabrielle just felt used as Brad pounded away.

After another week she hadn’t heard from Brad. Plucking up her courage, she phoned him.
“Hi Brad, when am I going to see you again?”
“We’ve had a nice time Gay, but it’s time to move on.”
“But I’ve let you do everything you wanted.”
“Honey, you’re frigid.”

It was even worse when she next went to the cafe and saw Brad holding hands with another girl. Gabrielle felt everyone was staring at her. She never went to the cafe again and always went straight home for the rest of her school days. Her confidence was shattered. She knew that boys were saying she was an easy lay.

Her first year at college continued her lonely life. Her mother praised her for not going out with boys but continuously criticized her for just about everything else. Gabrielle concentrated on her studies and became an A student.

At the start of her second year Gabrielle met Jamie. In many ways he was similar to her. Shy, a bookworm and with few friends. They met at the college library and spent most evenings studying at the same table and not saying much. Sometimes they went to the student cafe together and talked. They didn’t have much in common, Gabrielle was studying marketing and Jamie was an engineering student. He did play basketball and he spent most of the time talking about this. Gabrielle didn’t find it very interesting, but it was better than spending the evening with her mother.

After a month Jamie tried to hold Gabrielle’s hand and she didn’t mind. After another two weeks he kissed her on the lips when he dropped her home. Gabrielle found his softness nicer than Brad’s. It seemed quite pleasant but she wasn’t really excited. She didn’t really like or dislike Jamie, he was just some company for her.

Two weeks later Jamie progressed to stroking her blouse over her breasts. Afterwards she reflected that it did feel quite nice. Her problem was that she didn’t feel that Jamie was the right boy to do it with. But loneliness and curiosity kept her with him.
“Above the waist only,” she resolved. The twin memories of her mother’s picture of a penis and the pain from Brad were firmly fixed in her mind.

At Jamie’s flat next time he was surprised and pleased when Gabrielle let him put his hand inside her top and undo her bra. Gabrielle felt his inexpert hands on her nipples and wondered what the big deal was. So she relaxed and felt her body enjoy it more and returned Jamie’s kisses.

His hand moved to the top of her jeans but she immediately put her hand on top.
“No please Jamie, not there.” She pushed his hand back to her breast.
“Whatever you say Gay.”
They returned to kissing and fondling.

Later Gabrielle thought some more.
“It was really quite nice. What a pity it’s with Jamie. He’s OK to study with but he is so boring. Still, at least he stopped when I asked him to.”

The next evening at Jamie’s flat Gabrielle let him take off her blouse and bra. At first it was quite exciting but after a few minutes she became bored. As Jamie awkwardly kissed and fondled she resolved to herself that tonight would be the last night with him.

But Jamie told her that they had been invited to a party being held by a member of his basketball team. Gabrielle relented. She could see how important it was for him and he hadn’t done anything wrong. And it would be nice to mix with other people a bit more.

They could hear the noise of the party from the street as they approached. The front room was filled with young people all having fun. Both Jamie and Gabrielle felt a bit intimidated at first, but Jamie’s teammates were pleased to see him come and made an effort to help them feel at home. Some of their girlfriends came to talk to Gabrielle and she started to enjoy herself. Someone passed her an orange drink. It was nice but seemed to have a slightly different taste.

“That’s vodka you can taste,” said a girl who saw her looking at the glass.
Apart from an occasional glass of wine with her mother she had never drunk alcohol before. She hesitated then sipped some more.
“It’s quite nice and everyone else seems to be drinking. One glass won’t hurt,” she thought.

She enjoyed herself more and more with her new friends. She looked at Jamie and saw illegal bahis siteleri he was drinking too. He was more relaxed and confident than she had seen him and was laughing a lot with his friends. When he came to talk to her she found herself liking him more. He could be quite funny and he was saying some nice compliments to her.

“Another vodka and orange, Gay?”
She held out her empty glass without thinking.

The music was turned up louder and the laughter and voices became louder. Gabrielle and Jamie started dancing. The room was crowded and they danced close together and their bodies sometimes touched. Gabrielle was carried away by the atmosphere, she had never enjoyed herself so much and the next time she and Jamie’s bodies touched she spontaneously put her arms around him and kissed him. Jamie’s arms came around her waist and pulled her hips into his for few seconds.

Gabrielle’s glass was filled again but she started to feel giddy. She clung to Jamie for support. She giggled into his ear.
“Jamie, I think I’ve drunk too much, I’m feeling dizzy.”
“You had better lie down for a bit.”

They left the main room and walked down a hall. Jamie opened some doors and peered inside then guided Gabrielle into a bedroom. Gratefully Gabrielle collapsed onto the bed. Jamie closed the door and joined her on the bed. When he put his arms around her she returned his hug and kissed him without hesitation. The vodka she had drunk had taken away her inhibitions and she helped Jamie take off her tank top and bra. Now his touch seemed so much more exciting and when he pushed his hips into hers Gabrielle thrust in return and kissed him more urgently. They could hear the loud music and laughter and excited shrieks from the party in the next room.

Jamie’s hand moved to her buttocks and squeezed. Gabrielle pushed her hips in harder and Jamie’s hand moved down then came up her skirt and inside her knickers and squeezed her ass again. Gabrielle’s mind was hazy but she felt a thrill with his hand on her skin. Without thinking she lifted her bum to help him remove her knickers. She held him tighter and kissed him more.

Gabrielle felt Jamie wriggle but in her drunken state wasn’t aware of what was happening.

Until she looked down. There was his erect penis.

Exactly like her mother’s picture. Huge, vein covered and with a purple knob. It was revolting. Memories of what happened with Brad flooded into her mind.

“No Jamie, I don’t want to.”
But the sight of Gabrielle’s naked breasts and pussy, the long arousal and his own heavy drinking were too much for Jamie. He pushed himself forward.

“No, Jamie, please no.”
Jamie’s face contorted in anger. He couldn’t take being denied what he had worked for so long. He tried to push Gabrielle’s legs apart.

Gabrielle made one last effort.
“No Jamie. I can’t. I truly can’t. Please no. Please, please please no”
She held her legs together.
Jamie’s slap on her cheek hit her like a thunderbolt. First the pain, then the humiliation that a man would do this to her. The fight went out of Gabrielle. She didn’t resist when Jamie forced himself between her legs. She gave an ugly grunt as his cock thrust into her.

She lay totally immobile as Jamie pounded into her body. She closed her eyes and remembered her mother’s advice.
“Just lie back and wait until he has finished.”

Gabrielle was vaguely aware of Jamie’s grunt and shudder. She lay on the bed, tears trickling from her eyes.
Jamie felt a mixture of triumph and guilt as he looked down at her. He solved his guilt by blaming her.
“Do you know your problem is Gabrielle? Your problem is that you are frigid.”

He pulled up his trousers and left the room. Gabrielle lay on the bed and sobbed for ten minutes, then she dressed. The party was in full swing. Everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves and no-one noticed her.

She walked home, tears streaming down her cheeks. Tears from the pain, tears from the humiliation. But most of all, tears from her loneliness.

Six weeks later Gabrielle discovered that she was pregnant. The only person she could turn to was her mother who quickly organized an abortion.

“You little slut, you got exactly what you deserved,” said her mother after she had forced Gabrielle to tell her everything. “And don’t bother going to the police. You stripped like a whore looking for a buck for a fix. The cops won’t bother about a whore.”

Gabrielle couldn’t stand her mother’s incessant and strident abuse. She rented a room from an aged widow who was deaf. They couldn’t talk which suited Gabrielle perfectly. Apart from her studies she lived the life of a recluse.

A year later Gabrielle came to David’s office.

David and Lucy returned from their idyllic three months in Europe and lived together. David’s boss offered David a shareholding in his car audio business and Lucy found a job with the leading firm of solicitors in the city.

After a year they purchased a large old house in a run down condition but in a top suburb. David worked hard most evenings and weekends on the restoration. This worked out well as Lucy was very ambitious and focused and worked long hours. She rapidly gained a deserved reputation as a property lawyer and her firm invited her to be a partner.

They were still blissfully happy. They worked hard for long hours, but enjoyed their free time together. They had a great circle of friends from their university days but most of all they enjoyed weekends together when they didn’t get out of bed.

Lucy loved David more and more. He was devoted to her, she knew she would never find a man who was so good a lover as David. Sometimes she would lie in bed after they had made love and gaze at him. He was so exciting, he lifted her to ecstasies her other lovers couldn’t even approach. He excited her to levels where she became totally uninhibited. She loved his cock anywhere. Two of her lovers had wanted anal sex and she immediately stopped them. But with David she loved it.

In the second year Lucy became pregnant with their daughter Josey. They married in a small ceremony and then had a week’s honeymoon alone together on a tropical beach.

Lucy had prepared a pre-nuptial agreement.
David was surprised. He thought these were only needed if the marriage failed and he and Lucy would be in love forever.
“Davey don’t be silly. Everyone does it these days. It will protect our child.”
David didn’t understand, but Lucy was the expert lawyer, so she must know. He didn’t read it and signed where Lucy told him.

Josey was born and an absolute delight to both parents. Lucy had worked until she felt labor pains and took three months maternity leave.

“Davey I must pick up my career. If I take any more time off my clients will vanish.”

She returned to work and her career blossomed. As a successful property lawyer she earned far more than David. He had a comfortable income but nowhere near hers. Under the pre-nuptial agreement they shared joint expenses but each retained what was left over for themselves. The shared expenses of the house mortgage and renovations, of Josey’s nanny together with the interest on the money he had borrowed for his shares meant that David had little spare cash.

When Josey was four David’s boss died suddenly. David realized he had to buy the rest of the business from the widow or he would be working for someone else for the rest of his life. Because he had managed the business very successfully the price was far higher than he expected.

Lucy readily agreed that he could borrow money against the house. But not all the money he needed.
“Davey, you can borrow against your half share, but not mine. What would happen if your business didn’t work out. Josey wouldn’t have a home to live in. And it’s in the pre-nuptial agreement.”
Tears came to Lucy’s eyes.

Mike, David’s best friend and his accountant found back up finance at very expensive rates.
“You had better make this work, David. These guys these guys are tough. Miss one payment and they will come after your cock with a blow-torch.”

But as the owner he was able to bring Josey to work rather than have her spend all day in child care. Josey loved the music and computers and the friendly staff and loved everyday there.
A special bond developed between father and daughter which would last a lifetime.

Lucy’s career went from success to success. Her reputation grew and the top corporates sought her services and so her income grew also. She enjoyed the trappings of success. She bought a BMW and dressed in designer clothes. David was pleased and proud for her.

Lucy’s friends changed. She now enjoyed the company of successful professionals: lawyers, financiers and property developers. She and David entertained a great deal as they enjoyed company and these people were important business contacts.

But the differences in their disposable income started to show.
“Lucy, that’s $500 we are spending on wine for this dinner tonight. Do we have to buy $40 bottles?”
“Come on Davey, we can’t expect our friends to drink cheap plonk.”
“None of them could tell the difference between that and $15 wine.”
Lucy looked at David coldly. “Cheap plonk was OK when we were young. We’ve gone past that stage now.”

It was similar with restaurants. They no longer went to ethnic restaurants. Lucy’s taste had changed to the top of market.

David found the going tough. The cost of the back-up finance hurt. The manager he hired to replace his deceased boss was expensive and didn’t really perform as expected. The renovations of their house were an ongoing financial drain. Sometimes he wondered why they needed six bedrooms when he had had a vasectomy after Josey was born.

Lucy traded in her BMW for a new one costing $40,000 more and enrolled Josey in an exclusive private school. David’s share of the school fees stretched him further.

Over the years their sex had changed. Lucy worked long hours and was usually tired when she came home and with a child in the house their sex came less spontaneous and less frequent. Lucy still loved the orgasms David brought her to, but the languid foreplay they used to enjoy for hours no longer happened. The long passionate, open mouthed kisses were a thing of the past.

David lay in bed one time as Lucy went to sleep after their sex.
“Sure there were orgasms. But it was more like mutual masturbation than love making,” he reflected.
He also reflected that their conversations were becoming limited to domestic issues and Lucy talking about the important people she met.

Two years later interest rates increased with a change in the economic cycle and David was more stretched financially. There were times when he had to pull out of going to restaurants because he couldn’t afford it.
Lucy looked at him. “Why can’t he have more drive?” she asked herself.

Another year later the financial differences came to a head when Lucy brought home some holiday brochures. Early in their relationship they enjoyed camping at remote beaches. Now her choice was exclusive resorts.
“Look Davey, Margaret and Tim say this hotel in the Bahamas was just fabulous.”
David looked at the price.
“There is no way I can afford that. There are beaches here which are just as nice and we could drive to them.”
“All our friends go overseas for their holidays.”
“I’m happy for them. I don’t have the money.”
“I’ve worked hard all year. I deserve a holiday like this.”

The argument became more heated and neither would concede. They didn’t go on holiday. Lucy kept working and David took time off to stay with Josey. They had a wonderful time together.

Lucy thought about David. There was a time when she felt he was her perfect man. But she compared him to successful men she knew. His business hadn’t grown, he was still in the same position he was years ago. If anything, he was worse off.
She thought about the holiday which hadn’t happened. Compared to the men she met professionally David was such a failure.

Her reaction was to work even longer hours. She traveled more to conferences and important interstate business meetings.

Lucy had known John for years and enjoyed doing business with him. He was an out of town property developer and extremely rich. Both knew the other was married but they used to flirt in innocent ways, each respecting the boundaries of marriage.
“Where did you go on holiday this year, Lucy?” asked John as they had a business lunch in her hotel after concluding their deal.
“We didn’t go away. Things are a bit tight for David just now.”
“That’s a shame.”

Lucy hadn’t talked about her marriage problems to anyone. Suddenly away from home and with a friend who she had known for years, it all poured out.
“He’s a wonderful father to Josey, we get along most times. But I just wish he had more drive.”
John had always admired two things about Lucy. Her beauty and her drive. He gave her time to continue.
“I look at the men I meet and wish he could be ambitious like them. Like you, John,” she said patting his hand.
.She continued her story of David’s inadequacies, of how hard she had tried, but how their marriage seemed seemed to be failing. John said little apart from making sympathetic comments but he did make sure that Lucy’s wine glass was never empty.
Lucy felt better after telling her story to someone who listened so well.
“It’s so nice to have a friend like you to talk to.”
“We are good friends.” John patted her hand and left it there.
Lucy looked at his hand and thought for a moment. Then she put hers on top of his.

Lucy had a moment of doubt as they walked to her bedroom but then canlı bahis siteleri her excitement took over. Once inside John picked her up, carried her to the bed and took off her clothes. At last he saw the body he had been fantasizing about for years. It far exceeded those fantasies. As his hand went to her breast Lucy thought how handsome John was and how successful he was.

“Please fuck me John.”

Their first fuck was frantic only lasting half a minute. Then John couldn’t believe his good fortune as Lucy restored his erection with her mouth. His sex life with his wife of 25 years was now a duty rather than a pleasure and his wife’s body showed her age and that she had born three children.
Now he was with this incredible beauty who was so uninhibited and did things he hadn’t even dreamed about.
On her flight home Lucy justified her infidelity by blaming David for not going on holiday with her.

Over the next six months Lucy had several business meetings in John’s home town and he had pressing business which required him to fly to visit her. Before each of their early liaisons Lucy’s excitement mounted and each time they met John had her naked with his cock deep in her within a minute of their going to a bedroom.

However, the thrill of the first touches soon wore off , and the thrill of infidelity became mundane and Lucy realized that without these they didn’t have a relationship.
“John. I must make an effort for my marriage.”

David had not known of Lucy’s affair but their relationship deteriorated. He was starting to resent the fact that it was Lucy’s demands for an expensive lifestyle which were hamstringing him financially.
Mike, his accountant had pointed out that the business was good.

“What the hell do you spend all your money on David? If you lived a reasonable lifestyle you would have paid off that back-up finance by now.”
David worked out the cost of their entertaining, the cost of Josey’s school fees at that snob factory, the cost of the renovations and the interest on his finance. If he didn’t have these he wouldn’t be stretched to make ends each month.
But Lucy was determined to maintain her image of success and was a far more strident debater than David.
“How could you even think of taking our daughter away from that school?”
“We must get these renovations finished. Its so embarrassing having our friends here.”

David still dreamed that somehow their relationship would return to the bliss they had in France. Her beauty continued to enchant him. In his conscious mind he forgave Lucy and thought that if she had the lifestyle she wanted, that somehow their love affair would return.
But subconsciously he saw failure. He saw his failure to earn enough money and the failure of his marriage. He turned to the bottle after Josey was in bed when Lucy was out as she often was. He sometimes went to work hung over and the business started going down hill.

Lucy first saw George when she was having a business lunch with one of her clients and he with one of his business associates. Coincidentally her client knew George and the four of them lunched together. George was CEO of a large property company. He knew of Lucy’s legal reputation but hadn’t met her before. He had heard she was beautiful but was not prepared for the combination of professional appearance and feminine sensuality.

Lucy had intended to walk the kilometer back to her office but accepted George’s offer of a lift. She was impressed by the new Ferrari. He was impressed by her lower thighs as her business skirt rode up as she sat in the low seat.
George asked Lucy if she could do the legal work on his new development project. Both had busy schedules so their meetings were usually in the early evenings followed by a drink.

George took Lucy on a site visit. He noticed her business skirt was tighter and rode up higher as she reclined in the passenger seat of the Ferrari. Lucy noticed his glance. George noticed her noticing and they caught each other’s eye and laughed.

Lucy had done her research on George. Twice divorced with grown up children. A multi millionaire and highly respected in property circles. 15 years older than her but he ran triathlons. In fact he was in far better shape than David who was putting on weight.

When they reached the building site George opened the Lucy’s door and offered his hand to help her out of the low slung Ferrari. Their clasp lasted slightly longer than politeness required but neither minded. On the return trip Lucy saw George glance at her legs again and didn’t object when he put a hand on her knee. The basement carpark at Lucy’s office was deserted and when he had parked George leaned across and kissed her.

Lucy put her arms around his neck and responded eagerly. George’s hand moved up her thigh to the hem of her skirt. He pulled back.
“I had better get back to my office.”
Lucy kept her arms around him then kissed him again. She felt a thrill of excitement as George’s hand moved another couple up inches up her skirt.
Lucy cursed when she heard another car coming into the car park. They separated. But George idly traced his fingers further up her thigh before he withdrew his hand.

Two days later George came to her office to go through the contracts. As usual it was the last appointment of Lucy’s day. She was disappointed when George didn’t kiss her when he arrived. They sat side by side a the table as Lucy explained the clauses and Lucy became totally professional as she concentrated.

Then she felt George move her hair from her neck and then kiss the sensitive skin under her ear. She turned her head and they kissed briefly before George returned his attention to the contract. Lucy found it hard to concentrate. Her skin was still tingling from his kiss.

After 10 minutes George put his hand on hers.
“Lucy could you go to the rest room and take off your bra and knickers.”
“You heard, beautiful Lucy,” he whispered in her ear.
Lucy was not used to being ordered around and her first impulse was to indignantly refuse.
“Hurry up Lucy.” George’s lips returned to that spot below her ear.
Lucy looked into his smiling face. She felt a thrill at being dominated by this successful and dynamic man.

When she returned she was glad that the material of her white blouse was thick enough to conceal the color of her aureoles. But she knew that George would be able to see the outline of her nipples which had become erect from the sexual excitement.

George watched her as she walked towards him.
He smiled broadly. “Lucy, I knew your breasts would be perfect.”
Then he turned to the contract. “I’m not happy with this clause here Lucy.”

Lucy’s sexual anticipation mounted as she struggled to concentrate.
After another 10 minutes George said, “I think your nipples will be brown. Am I right Lucy?”
She nodded.
“How brown?”
Lucy knew what he meant and undid her blouse.
“So wonderfully beautiful,” breathed George and briefly suckled each nipple. Then he insisted that Lucy redraft a clause in the contract.

After another 10 minutes his hand went to her thigh and up her skirt to her naked vulva.“ I think it’s time,” he whispered

Lucy stood and George unclipped her skirt. She felt vulnerable as George studied her, but she was confident in the beauty of her body. Her brown capped breasts were firm, her belly slim and flat and her legs long and shapely. She felt even more confident as George smiled at her. She knew her vagina was wet from excitement.

George said, “Lucy, you are the most beautiful woman.”
He laid her gently on the floor and moved his head to between her raised legs.
Lucy was so excited that she came in half a minute from his tongue on her clitoris. She came twice more from George’s cock. Once as she lay on her back on the floor, the other time as she lay on her her back on her desk.

Three months later Lucy returned from a conference and found the house empty. She went to David’s work.
“Where’s Josey?”
“In hospital. She has a broken arm. A car knocked her off her bike. It’s not a bad break and she’ll be fine.”
“David, why didn’t you phone me.”
“It happened at 7 o’clock last night. Your mobile was off and there was no answer from your hotel room.”
Lucy started to worry. “There was an evening session at the conference.”
“I know. I contacted the conference organizers. They were kind enough to call for you over the PA. You weren’t there. I spoke to one of your colleagues who said he hadn’t seen you all evening. Or any of the evenings.”

Lucy tried one last lie.”One of my clients was there and I had to work with him on an urgent contract.”
“Urgent something. And his name is George Adams. I’ve been looking into your computer diary Lucy. Everytime you have worked late or in the weekends over the last three months, the appointment has always been with this George.”
“You bastard, that’s despicable going into my private diary.”
“Sure is. Almost as despicable as my wife fucking another man for three months.
“And a few months ago the lucky man was John.”

David looked at Lucy. She saw that his expression wasn’t anger. It was sadness.

“I have shifted my things here into the spare storeroom.”

Lucy wasn’t sure that her marriage should finish this way. She enjoyed the romance and excitement with George but like David she had memories of their early years together. She would never be soulmates with George in the same way she had been with David. And confronted with her husband leaving her she started to have misgivings.

“Oh Davey, I’m sorry. I think I have made a terrible mistake.”

“You sure have. Fuck off Lucy.”

After she had gone David felt like running after her and apologizing. Instead he opened a bottle of wine.

Over the next six months Josey came to him after school and they ate together. After he had taken her back to Lucy’s he drank at least a bottle of wine each night.

Gabrielle arrived on time for work each day. She wore different clothes but each with the same theme of concealing all her body from her throat to her wrists and to her ankles. As the days progressed she continued to avoid David’s attempts to be friendly.
They spoke very little as Gabrielle spent most of her time on her computer or studying records. She did ask David some questions and he noticed that when talked about business she became quite confident. But when David attempted some social chat, asking her about college life, the nervousness returned, she couldn’t look him in the eye and would turn away to her computer.

David became impressed with the intelligence of her questions and how quickly she had understood the technicalities of his business. After a week felt he should try to see how she was progressing.

“Can you you show me where you’ve got to so far please Gabrielle.”
“The report will be ready next week.” She frowned at him and turned her back as she returned to her computer.
David was starting to feel irritated by her lack of social graces. Did he need someone who was costing him this money and couldn’t make an effort to be polite?
“This report had better be good or I’ll sack the kid,” he thought.

The next week Gabrielle handed him a thick folder. David sighed inwardly.
“Surely this kid doesn’t expect me to wade through all this theoretical clap-trap.”
He looked at the covers for a moment then turned to some other work.
“Thank you Gabrielle, I’ll look at this when I can find the time.”
Then he looked at her face and felt guilty. She was so nervous, seeming to be pleading for some recognition.
“You really have worked hard to produce all this.” He was rewarded with her first open smile.

As soon as she was gone David picked up the folder to study it. After half an hour he phoned his accountant Mike to arrange to discuss it together.

“This is good stuff,” Mike said when he had finished reading.
David nodded. Gabrielle’s report was only 20 pages, concise and to the point. The rest of the file was supporting documents and detailed action plans.
“Most of these ideas are ones you have had before. She has referred to your old plans. The ones you dreamed up but never did anything about.” Mike looked hard at David.
“It had better work. Spending this money will put me out of business in six months if it doesn’t.”
“Make it work David. If you do nothing, you’ll be broke in a year.”

That evening David sat down to study the report some more. He opened a bottle of wine but hesitated when he took his first sip. He walked to his mirror, took off his shirt and studied himself. His fat paunch and bloated face.
“10 kilos overweight. You fat slob.”
He poured the wine down the sink and went for a two hour walk.

The next morning he asked Gabrielle to sit opposite him at the table away from her computer. He needed to talk and didn’t want her to have her computer to escape to.
“Thanks Gabrielle. I discussed this with Mike. It’s a tremendous effort.”
Gabrielle looked painfully embarrassed.
“I’ve sent an email to your professor saying how pleased I am. Here’s a copy.”
Gabrielle read the paper and looked even more embarrassed.

“Now I need to go through some details. Where did you get this figure for website development costs?”
Initially Gabrielle was defensive, thinking that David was criticizing her. But she realized that all he wanted was information and explanations and soon talked freely. She didn’t mind when he pointed out some minor errors.
“I can be so dumb,” she said.
“I don’t think that’s true at all Gabrielle,” said David. He was rewarded with the second smile he had seen from her in a week.

David stood up.
“OK young lady. Let’s do it.” He held out his hand.
Gabrielle shook his hand. “Let’s do it.”
David noticed that although she hadn’t minded shaking his hand initially she seemed to recoil after a second.

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