Loving You, Loving Myself

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“Yes Daddy, spank me, I’ve been a bad girl”…..I never liked calling any man Daddy before. But you, you I don’t mind so much. You make me wet each time I look at you, and it turns me on to call you Daddy.

I fantasize about you every chance I can. About you touching me, holding me, fucking me. I like to think of your strong arms around me, putting my mouth and pussy where you want them – on your dick, on your face, wherever you want to use my body to please yours.

I imagine you forceful in your needs, commanding my attention to fulfill your satisfaction. Your mere presence takes me, weakens me, I am eager to be sexually possessed by you.

You don’t need to speak bağcılar escort to control me, I am rendered helpless by the sexual force you exude. By simply a look, your eyes – so intense I must catch my breath – pull me into you. I will submit to anything for the chance to please you.

While I am alone lying in bed my mind often finds you, standing there, ready to control me. I slip my panties off at your command. I lift my shirt to free my breasts, my nipples tingle with the thought of your touch. In my mind you are in control, control of my thoughts and control of my body.

I place my finger into my hole, just bahçelievler escort enough to moisten it, and slowly move it to my clit and tease it with that wet finger. I rub it between two of my fingers and my legs open wider so I can caress it better.

My nipples crave attention and you urge me to moisten my finger again. I take the wet finger to my nipples. As I rub them they elevate with delight. I place one nipple in my mouth while massaging the other with the juice from my hole.

You notice my clit is upset and requires the attention of my wet finger once more. As you instruct me, I take my finger bahçeşehir escort to my clit and flick it, as you would do with your tongue. Oh, your tongue, your lips, wrapped around my aroused clit. I tease my clit, fast and then slow. I flick it, then rub it, then pinch it. It feels so good, I can’t stop – slow steady soothing movements – to fast long hard pounding strokes. Oh yes, I can feel it building. I’m going to cum, yes, all over your tongue I want to cum. Don’t stop Daddy, please let me cum, please Daddy, yes, oh yes, I’m going to cum now, oh that feels so good, I love to cum on your lips and tongue.

Yes, that’s what I needed, I needed to feel, oh god Daddy, here cums another…. Mmm, touch my clit again, rub it with the juices my pussy created for you, yes Daddy, that’s the way I like it. Oh Daddy, rub it for me, use your tongue to spank my clit Daddy. Oh yes!!

Yes, this is what my fantasies of you do for me, they always end in multiple orgasms. Just imagine what they’d do for you if you let me touch you…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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