Long Overdue

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I can’t believe it. You’re actually here, visiting me. I’m so nervous I can barely speak. You, of course, think I’m being stupid.

We eat dinner out; I know you won’t eat anything I would cook. And we go back to my place. It’s just like it always was. We drink our beer and sit on the couch and watch TV. But you can cut the tension with a knife. We haven’t kissed yet. And I don’t know if we’re going to.

But I want to.

I excuse myself to the other room. I return in a few minutes and sit exactly as I had been before. In the corner of the couch, with my legs over your lap.

Only there’s something different now.

You rest your hands on my legs again and feel my bare skin. That’s when you look at me. I’ve changed my clothes. The pale purple, sheer cami barely contains my breasts. You look at my hips and see only a thin strip on fabric; yes, I’m wearing a thong. You lean over and set your beer on the table. Then you kiss me. Soft, almost shy at first. But once our tongues touch, the shyness dissipates and the familiarity floods in.

I lean toward you and put one foot on the ground so you stroke you fingers across my pussy on the outside of my thong. I put my hand on your pants zipper and can feel your cock starting to harden. You put your hands all over me as I try to take off your clothes. Your sweater, your shirt, your t-shirt, your shoes, your sock, your belt, your pants, your underwear…..you’re wearing too much clothing. But you sure do smell good. When I have you totally naked, I kneel down in front of you, between your knees. I take your hot, hard cock in my hand and stroke it up and down a few times while I watch your face. Then I bring my mouth very close to your cock, not touching it, but you can feel my breath on it. I know you escort bostancı want it.

So I give it to you.

I lick your shaft from the base to the tip before I take just the head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it. I suck your cock in and out of my mouth, taking a little more in each time. I don’t remember when I started enjoying giving head, but I sure do now. I love the heat of you in my mouth and the texture of your cock.

I take a moment to catch my breath before taking as much of you in my mouth as I can. I gag a little, but I keep it there, knowing you like it. I suck on just the head while I pump your cock with one of my hands. It’s so slippery from your pre cum and my saliva. I keep sucking and licking and kissing your cock.

You tell me you’re going to come.

I tell you to come.

I want you to come.

I keep sucking your cock until the last second when I pull you out of my mouth and aim your cock at my chest. I pump your cock until you’re completely spent. Then I wipe it off with my hand before putting it back in my mouth for a few last licks. You sit there for a moment, laughing, as I go to wipe off my chest. When I come back, you immediately pin me on the floor, your hands holding my wrists above my head.

“Your turn,” you say.

You devour my neck, keeping my hands above my head with one hand while you massage my breast with the other. I moan and writhe on the floor, wrapping my legs around you. You let my hands go in order to pull the cami off my shoulders. You suck and nibble one of my nipples while playing with the other. I arch into you, it feels so good. I love feeling your mouth all over me.

You reach your fingers in my thong and find me soaking. I need to feel your ümraniye escort fingers in me.

Please, I say, finger me.

I need it.

You slip two fingers in without a problem and start to fuck my hot little pussy with them. It feels so good; I don’t want you to stop.

But you do stop.

You don’t let me come.

You start working your way down, kissing my belly and hips before taking my thong off. You push your fingers back in me quickly, watching my pussy while you do. Then you take my clit in your mouth and I scream. It feels so good I can’t stand it. Soon you replace your fingers with your tongue, which leave a hand free to play with my nipple. You feel that I’m coming and you put your fingers back in my tight little pussy. I need it baby, please, please make me come. I moan and groan and scream and come with your fingers in me and your mouth on my clit.

Can you feel my orgasm?

Can you feel my pussy contract around your fingers?

Do you like it?

I come down from my climax and you’re kissing my breasts and neck. I reach for your cock and find it only half-way hard.

We’ll just have to do something about that, won’t we?

I grab your cock and urge you to come toward me. You readily straddle me, thinking I’m going to give you more head.

But that’s only half of what I want for you.

I put your cock between my D breasts and push them together for you. You groan and bite your lip as you push your cock forward. I lick the tip as it comes close enough for me to. You push back and forth between my breasts, sometimes pausing to let me suck the head of your cock. Your cock is hard now, and I’m hot for you. I let go of my breasts and grip your cock.

“Fuck me now?” I ask.

“Absolutely,” kartal escort bayan you respond.

You stand up and pull me up off the floor, planting a hard kiss on my lips before taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. We climb in my bed, our thighs touching as we kneel in front of each other, naked and kissing.

You fall sideways onto the bed, taking me with you. You keep one arm around me as we lay side-by-side and pull one of my knees up to rest on your hip. Then you slip your hard cock into my waiting pussy. We’ve never fucked like this; it takes me a moment to get used to it.

When I do get used to it, I like it. We both move and I can feel nearly your entire cock gliding in and out of my tight pussy. You play with my nipples as I lick and suck your fingers, turning you on even more.

“Oh, god, baby, that feels so good,” I mutter into your shoulder. “Please don’t stop. You feel so good inside me.”

You hold onto my hip and start to move in and out of me a little faster. You make those little noises because you try not to make any while I moan your name and babble incoherently. I hope the neighbors don’t mind.

“God, keep fucking me,” I say, “Fuck that tight little pussy. Fuck me until you come.”

That’s all the encouragement you need. You bury your face in my neck as we move our hips, bringing each other closer and closer to orgasm. I know you’re close when you actually start making noise and grip my hip harder.

“I’m on birth control, now, baby,” I get out in between breaths. “You can come in me if you want.”

My orgasm hits me in waves, and I feel my whole body contract. Yours starts a moment later and I feel your hot seed filling me. I hold you to me with my leg and don’t let you out. We hold on tightly to one another as our breathing returns to normal. You kiss me shyly, tentatively again.

“I should have visited you a hell of a lot sooner,” you admit.

I just smile and drift of to sleep thinking about what the rest of the week could hold.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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