Long Distance Story Ch. 02

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So I’m taking the train back from work, and I get off, and head towards the car park. It’s been a long hard day, and all I can think about is getting home to relax, and to check my email. My dick had been quivering all day long, id had to think very unsexy thoughts many a time just to stop myself getting a hard on…

As I walked along to my car, I started to think about your wet naked body, and suddenly started to get a hard on. Luckily, the car park was fairly empty, so I went to my car and jumped in before anyone saw me, but I couldn’t get the image of you out of my mind… All I could think of was you, stroking your tight wet pussy, sliding your fingers in and out and gently moaning my name… It was driving me wild, so I turned on the engine and drove off, trying to forget it.

The traffic slightly deterred my mind, but my cock was more rigid than ever… I couldn’t get it to go down… I slid away from the traffic onto a side road and let out the throttle, roaring away down the road. My mind remembered you and suddenly I saw the speed of the car as the speed of me riding you. My dick was strapped in my trousers, so I unbuckled my jeans, and let my cock out of my boxers. Driving down the road at high speed with one hand on the wheel and one hand on my cock, my mind was going crazy fucking you like mad in my head… As I came up to my village I quickly buckled up my cock so that I wouldn’t scare some poor old lady on the pavement and pulled into my street.

As I pulled up the drive, I noticed someone was standing on my drive. Suddenly my rock hard cock got a little harder. You were there, standing on my drive wearing a tight top with no bra and a cute little miniskirt. As I pulled onto the drive, you made me turn the car around and jumped in, and said “drive, big boy”.

You very quickly noticed the bulge in my trousers and said “looks like someone’s been a naughty boy! Thinking of things we shouldn’t be thinking of?” and put your hand onto my leg, stroking it up towards my cock. You unbuckled my belt, and my cock sprang out of my boxers, begging to have your mouth round it. You escort bostancı told me to drive to the motorway and go as fast as I could, so I did.

Your hand stroked my cock slowly all the way to the motorway, and when I got there I put the pedal to the floor and roared off. The motorway was empty and my car was going 100, 150, 200km/h and you leant over and started to lick the head of my cock. The insane speed and your talented tongue on my cock drove me wild! The faster I went the harder you sucked, and the roads were empty!

Quickly my cock started to pulse, and you slid it as deep as you could into your mouth, sending me over the edge. The orgasm I had been teasing for almost an hour burst out of me into your mouth, and filled it up, even starting to dribble down the side of your cheek, but u swallowed it all, licking every last drop off your face and fingers.

“Now drive me home so I can fuck your brains out”. I drove home as fast as I could, as you sat in the passenger seat stroking your pussy for my pleasure. My cock was hard again in seconds, and begging to slide into you, but all I cud do was reach over and slide my fingers in. My fingers fucked you like a racecar driver changing gears- hard, fast, and over, and over, and over again. Your pussy started to quiver, tensing round my fingers as I brought you to your first orgasm. I pulled up onto the drive and we jumped out the car, ran into the house and stripped our clothes as fast as we could. I grabbed you and threw you onto the bed, jumping on top of you, and kissed you, our tongues going wild.

Then I stopped. I started to tease you… And tease you badly… Your pussy was quivering for my cock, and it was inches away, occasionally just touching it, and driving you wild. But I wanted you to beg me for satisfaction. I wanted to control you, to make you mine.

So I kissed your neck, slowly, and softly. You started to moan gently “no, please, just fuck me now… please” but I just carried on slowly teasing you… My cock was begging for your pussy, now rock hard again, and well ready for some action, but ümraniye escort I new it would be mind-blowing if I waited, and just teased you… I kissed down your neck, down between your chest, along your soft stomach and down to your knees.

As I kissed my way back up your legs, my kisses went very gently along the edge of your pussy, not quite touching the lips, but touching the skin around it and driving you wild. I kissed back up to your stomach, through the centre of your tits, and back up your neck, then back to your lips, sliding my tongue into your mouth and snogging you.

You broke away from the kiss and kissed up to my ear where you kissed it, then whispered into my ear, trying not to sound too desperate, “fuck my brains out, right now… please… you’re driving me wild… I started to kiss your neck again, and slid one hand down your stomach to your pussy lips.

I could feel the wetness dripping down your legs, and knew how badly you needed my cock, so I slid two fingers into your pussy. The wetness made my fingers slide straight in, right up to the knuckle, and I started to slide them in and out gently, curling them gently to reach around to your g-spot. I started to kiss your nipple, and squeezed your breast gently with my other hand.

I could feel my cock bulging, begging to slide into your pussy, and the lips quivering round my fingers knew that it needed cock, but I still waited, bringing you to another orgasm with my fingers. As you started to get closer to a climax, I kissed the way down your stomach to your pussy, flicking my tongue across your clit, and sending you over the edge. Your hips bucked into my face spreading pussy juice all over my face, and pushing my tongue and fingers deeper into your tensing pussy. You started panting heavily and stopped bucking your hips, so I kissed my way back up your face.

I planted my pussy juice covered lips onto yours, and as you tasted your own pussy juice on your lips I started to stroke my cock along your dripping wet pussy. I didn’t slide it in, just along the top, slowly, teasing you again. I could feel kartal escort bayan your pussy lips quivering against my cock, and you tried to buck you hips onto my cock. The head of my cock slid just into your pussy and you started to moan, but I grabbed your hips and stopped you going further. I knew that as soon as I did thrust into you, you would moan and scream so loudly, and I wanted to hear you screaming out my name, I wanted to feel your pussy orgasm around my dick, feel your pussy trying to squeeze the cum out of me.

I held your hips tight so that you couldn’t move them, and very, very gently slid my dick inside your pussy, but very, very slowly. Making sure it was all the way in, filling up your pussy, but not thrusting it, and not taking it out again, I leant over and kissed your neck. I could feel your pussy tensing around my cock, and I leant over to your ear and whispered into it “Are you ready for this?”

I planted my pussy juice covered lips once again onto on yours, pulled my dick out of your pussy, then rammed it as hard and fast as I could back into your pussy, over and over, fucking you as hard as I could. Your screams echoed around the house and your pussy tensed over and over again in orgasm, squeezing around my dick, which was getting closer to exploding with every thrust.

As I fucked you harder and harder, and thrust my dick deeper and deeper, I felt my balls start to tighten, and my dick start to pulse. You felt it too, because your pussy squeezed tighter around my dick and you thrust back at me even harder than before. My cock started to throb, and with one last long, hard thrust I exploded into your pussy. My cum went deep into your pussy, filling it up, and oozing out the side of your pussy, and I kept thrusting until all of it was gone, all of it was in your hot, wet pussy.

I pulled my dick out of you, and crawled up to your face, where you licked it, and sucked off all the cum and pussy juice, and then shoved your fingers into your pussy and licked all the cum out your pussy with your fingers. As I collapsed on the bed next to you, panting heavily, I looked across to you.

Your body looked even sexier than ever. Hot and sweaty, glistening in the light, you were scooping cum out of your dripping pussy and swallowing it all. My cock started to harden again, and I rolled over towards you, ready for another fuck…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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