Lola Gets What Lola Wants

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One of Lola’s favorite movies is “Damnyankees”. The main reason she likes this movie is the song where Satan’s minion, Lola, played by Gwen Virdon, tries to vamp the star by telling him how Lola gets everything she wants. The movie Lola doesn’t succeed but the one I know is intelligent and beautiful enough that she gets almost everything she wants. From me, if she wants it, she can pretty much count on getting it.

Last week Lola called me on the telephone and started singing her theme song to me. On cue, I sang back asking what she wanted and the response, as I knew it would be, was “Lola wants you”. I wasn’t doing anything important just then and I knew that what Lola wanted me for was something I would very much enjoy doing anyhow so, after showering and shaving and taking a dose of Viagra, I went over to her apartment.

She met me at the door partially wearing her green vamp dress and, once we were inside, she began dancing around me and singing. Lola has red hair like the siren in the movie, a pretty face and a really sexy figure, which became visible almost immediately. She was naked under the dress and it twirled around above her waist while her lovely breasts spilled delightfully over the top. After she finished her number, she hugged me, gave me a big kiss, thrusting her tongue into my very hospitable mouth, and led me by the hand to her bedroom. The bed was covered only with a sheet, which I knew would be silk, and some pillows.

She kicked out of her shoes and I reached under her dress and pulled it off over her head. Completely naked, Lola flopped onto the waiting bed and pulled a pillow under her head while waiting for me. She didn’t have long to wait because I quickly removed my shoes and all my clothing and joined her. So far, Lola had gotten everything she wanted, and I hadn’t begrudged any of it.

We hugged each other and I kissed her on her lips, her eyes, and down her throat, moving in the direction of her gorgeous breasts. When I got there, I held one of the succulent beauties in either hand and licked an erect nipple. “Lola likes that,” was warbled into my ears, and I couldn’t complain because I liked it too.

We both liked it when I started licking on the second of the beautiful twins also, but then Lola decided there was something she wanted more, and spun around until she was sitting up on the bed.

“I always hit what I aim for and this is what I came for,” she sang to me, fondling my stiff cock.

I could have pointed out that she was changing the words, and that I was the one who had come to her place, but I saw no reason to be such a stickler for details. Since I certainly had no objection to Lola getting what Lola wanted, I went along, and lay down where she had been lying. What Lola wanted to do next was kiss her way down my face and body and start to lick my cock, until she decided to take it into her mouth. I really enjoyed this. First, because what her mouth was doing made me feel really good and second, she couldn’t sing with her mouth full.

What she could do was suck my cock and she did this extraordinarily well, stroking her lips up and down, taking my shaft all the way in so I could feel the tip bumping against the back of her throat. As my cock plunged into her mouth, and while she was backing her lips away, I could feel her very agile tongue caressing its entire length. Like most people who like to suck off men, Lola wanted to be in charge, and I had no problem with that. While it was happening, I could think of nothing I wanted to do more than lie on my back, watching my cock glide in and out of her pretty, lipsticked mouth. As she bobbed her head up and down, I could still hear her humming the same damn song under her breath.

Lola had started by kneeling on the bed beside me, but that is not her favorite position to suck somebody off. Instead, still humming her favorite song, she moved to between my legs, held my cock gently in her fingers and smiled at me around it. She didn’t take it back into her mouth immediately, preferring to lick the shaft several times, like a child enjoying a Popsicle. After a minute of that, Lola moved in closer, raised her head above me, and slowly lowered her face, engulfing my cock in her mouth as she did. I happily murmured about what her lips and tongue were doing, encouraging her to keep doing it, and nestled my head into the pillow.

Moving her head slowly up and down, taking my cock all the way into her mouth with every stroke, Lola was doing what she wanted, and what I very much wanted. All parts of her mouth were involved, especially her tongue and her lips, but she even rubbed the head of my cock against the inside of her cheek. Slowly, she sucked on my shaft, sending bliss surging through my body from where her mouth was moving, and making me writhe and moan from the intense pleasure. It not only felt good, it was a visual delight as well. I loved watching my cock sliding in and out of Lola’s pretty face while she looked escort bostancı at my with her green eyes, that crinkled at the corners to show how she was smiling.

For a long time, Lola sucked my cock, taking her time and making it last. Sometimes she stopped to lick the head and all around the ridge. Once she stopped, took my cock out of her mouth and rubbed it against her rigid nipples. “Lola likes that,” she informed me, but I’m sure I liked it as much as she did, or more.

Although we were both delaying it as long as we could, my climax became imminent. I could feel it welling up inside my body, and Lola could feel my cock throbbing in her mouth. One last time, she held it in her fingers and licked all around the head and the slit, before clamping her lips onto my shaft again. She sucked faster, and used shorter strokes, because Lola wanted to catch my semen on her tongue and swallow it. That was another thing that Lola wanted, and that I had no trouble with her getting.

Like a volcano of pleasure, my climax erupted through my cock, and my semen spurted into the mouth that was so avid for it. Lola stopped sucking, and caught the first load on her tongue, where she relished its flavor before swallowing it. With a few more strokes of her lips, another burst of semen covered her tongue, followed by a third. She let it flow down her throat and kept sucking, milking my cock to get the rest of my cum, before taking it out of her mouth and holding it in her fingers.

“Lola really likes this,” she told me, smiling at me around my cock, and licking the shaft and the head to get everything she could.

I knew what else Lola wanted, and I very much wanted it too. “My turn now,” I told her, moving over to let her lie down where I had been.

Cupping one hand under either of her luscious breasts, I started licking the nipples. They were already hard from her arousal, and the tiny ridges felt great against my tongue. As I licked, alternating between the twin beauties, I heard Lola murmuring about how she always gets what she wants, and that what she wanted was exactly what I was doing then. That was fine with me, because that was what I wanted too. Sometimes I jabbed with just the tip, and sometimes I used my whole tongue to caress her nipples, but Lola didn’t seem to express much of a preference between the two kinds of strokes.

“Lola wants you to suck on her titties,” she told me.

I had no hesitation about complying with that demand either. I drew one of the luscious globes into my mouth and sucked, while my tongue caressed the nipple and areola. I spent a long time paying homage to her succulent twins. Lola gets what she wants from me, and most others, because it is so much fun doing it for her, or letting her do it, and sucking and licking her lovely breasts was no exception. We were in no hurry, and we were enjoying ourselves so much that I spent a long time doing what Lola wanted.

Juices were dripping steadily from Lola’s pussy, creating a delectable perfume, and she decided what else she wanted. Gently, she pushed on my shoulders. I knew what she wanted and, once again, had no hesitation in doing it. Starting by licking the cleft between her luscious breasts, I kissed and licked my way down her sexily plump belly. For a few seconds, I paused and twirled my tongue in her navel, but that was not what Lola wanted. Although she enjoyed it, and giggled, she pushed me again, down to where she really wanted me to go.

Lola’s red hair is natural, and her pubic hair matches it. I licked all the way down to her mons, even running my tongue through the downy strip that covers it. The soft hair felt almost as good to my tongue as her smooth akin, and I licked almost all the way to her clit. It was fun, but we both knew that, like her preference in sucking my cock, I wanted to get between her legs and bury my face in her pussy. Lola made no objections when I got off the bed and got back on between her spread legs. That was, after all, what Lola wanted also, and she handed me a pillow and raised her ass off the bed so I could get us into a position where I would take care of her other desires.

With her ass resting on the pillow, raising her pussy to a perfect eating height, and her legs draped over my shoulders, I leaned forward to start doing what both Lola and I wanted so very much. Before putting my tongue to play, I let my nose enjoy itself, breathing deeply of the heavenly aroma of her pussy, one of the most delightful scents I know of. Next to enjoy themselves were my taste buds, and I licked the nectar from her thighs and crotch and everywhere else it had trickled. The taste was even more delectable than the fragrance had been.

Besides being such a treat to my senses of taste and smell, Lola’s pussy is a thing of great beauty. She trims her soft red hair to a narrow strip on her mons, and shaves her outer pussy lips. The skin there is ivory white, contrasting prettily ümraniye escort with the narrow line of hair she leaves along the edges. When she is aroused, as Lola was then, her inner lips are a lovely dark pink as they blossom out of her slit, and her clit, which was even then starting to push its way out from under its protective hood, carries out the pink and white color scheme. As fragrant and as delicious and as beautiful as her pussy is, however, my sense of touch enjoyed it even more. I started licking one of her outer lips, and the satiny skin and downy hair felt truly delightful to my tongue, and I knew things would get better. Lola’s happy murmurs added my sense of hearing to those that were being pleasured, just as long as she didn’t start singing again.

I slowly licked all the way to Lola’s mons again, and brought my tongue back down below her adorable pink love hole, prepared to do the same for her other outer lip. There was a pool of nectar waiting for me, and I feasted on it, before my tongue resumed its caressing of her pussy. When I reached her mons the second time, she was trying to say something about what Lola wanted, but I already knew what that was, from her moans of pleasure and the way her pussy squirmed under my face.

Lola’s succulent clit had already pushed most of the way out of its protective hood, at the junction of the two inner labia. I kept my tongue and lips away from her sweetest of sweet spots for a while, because I wanted to bring her to the highest level of pleasure I could before she climaxed. However, I did lick across the top of the hood, and watched and listened for the results. Lola’s body was squirming on the bed already, with her head rolling from side to side on her pillow, and she was moaning from the bliss my mouth was bringing to her.

It would soon be bringing her a lot more. Once more, I brought my mouth below her dripping love hole, because I already knew what Lola wanted. Slowly licking my way upward between an inner and outer lip, my tongue once again traveled all the way to her clit. The movements of her body were even more pronounced, and her pussy had started fucking up into my face. Lola was really enjoying getting what she wanted, and I was enjoying, every bit as much, giving it to her. Once again, I licked as far as her clit before stopping.

“Lola wants to cum. Lola wants to cum,” she was whimpering. “Suck my clit.”

As always, she would get what she wanted, but not for a little while, not until we reached the point where it would be even better for both of us. After going as far as I intended, I brought my tongue back below her delightful pink hole again, and devoured the great wealth of nectar that had been produced. Moving even more slowly, I licked my way upward between the other inner and outer lips, relishing the taste and the texture and the incredible aroma.

Lola’s body thrashed around on the bed under my face, and I saw that her thighs had turned outward, presenting her pussy to me even more completely. It was time and, after probing between her dripping pink hole and her clit, evoking even more expressions of desire, I moved my mouth slightly upward to do what Lola wanted. While my lips formed a seal at the base and my tongue caressed the engorged sides and top, I sucked on her precious clit. Lola continued telling me how she wanted to cum, and my lips and tongue on her clit were going to bring that happy event about.

“Oh! Oh!” she cried out abruptly. “Yes! Wanna cum!”

She was definitely getting what she wanted. Her legs squeezed my temples, holding me prisoner while her legs oscillated wildly on the bed. Her hands went to the back of my head, jamming my face against her pussy, which was definitely what I wanted. Lola’s thighs held me tightly but her heels drummed on my back as she bounced up and down, her ass almost leaving the bed every time she rammed her pussy against my face. I kept a tight hold on her legs and kept her precious clit firmly inside my mouth where I licked it and sucked on it for as long as Lola was cumming.

“Ah!” she shouted joyfully, as she climaxed, her back arching and her pussy slamming into my face a climactic time. After her orgasm, Lola didn’t say anything, just relaxed, almost seeming to melt into the bed. There was a great wealth of nectar on her thighs, belly, crotch and all around her pussy. I feasted on it, but left what was inside her pink love hole. I knew Lola would want to fuck, and it would be needed for lubrication.

After eating all the pussy juices I was going to, I backed out from under Lola’s legs and slid off the bed and onto the floor. From the Viagra I had taken earlier, and from the effects of the delectable pussy I had just been eating, my cock was almost hard again. However, I knew that wasn’t what Lola would want. I took a condom out of my pocket and unwrapped it, but didn’t put it on my cock just yet. Instead, I sat on the side of the bed to wait for Lola to kartal escort bayan be ready for more.

Her head was nestled in the pillow, and she had her eyes closed, and a smile almost bisecting her face. As I sat watching her, Lola’s eyes opened and she looked at me. Her smile got even bigger. “That was what Lola wanted,” she told me.

However, when she saw my cock, she seemed somewhat dismayed. “Lola wants more than that,” she chided me.

I had expected her to say something like that, and we both knew how to make sure that Lola would get what she wanted. She continued lying on her back, and I knelt beside her face and let her take my cock into her talented mouth again. A few strokes with her lips and caresses with her clever tongue, and my cock was all that anybody, even Lola, could have wanted. I handed her the condom and she rolled it onto my full erection.

Once again, I got between her legs, but this time I had my cock in my right hand, ready to put it where my mouth just been pleasuring both of us. Lola spread her legs wider, grinned lasciviously, and reached forward to spread the lips of her pussy for me. Leaning forward, with the weight of my upper body supported on my left hand, I guided my cock toward the lovely hole she was holding open for me. When it touched against the opening, I rubbed the tip against the wetness that was already forming there, spreading the lubrication, before thrusting forward and feeling it ease inside her.

She sighed happily. “Lola likes that,” I was informed.

“That’s good. So does George.”

We both liked it even more when I pushed my cock in farther, and felt the tightness of her pussy start to squeeze the hard shaft. It was in far enough, and her hole was snug enough that I no longer needed to guide my cock, so I leaned forward and put my other hand by Lola’s other side. Drawing back slightly, I paused, and thrust forward again, driving more of my cock into the extremely wet hole under me. Lola murmured happily. With a few more thrusts, my cock was deeply imbedded in her pussy, so far in that my coarse brown pubic hair was blending with her softer red bush. I curled my arms under hers; she reached up to cling to my shoulders, and I started to draw me cock from her for a long, slow stroke, which would be the first of many.

Just as I started driving my cock forward, Lola spread her thighs even farther apart, and bent her knees so she could wrap her legs around mine and pull herself against me. My cock plunged all the way back into her, and our bodies met with a pleasant squishing sound. We both moaned from the intense pleasure. I could feel Lola’s very talented pussy massaging my whole cock and, when I backed out and drove it into her the next time, she fucked forward to meet me again. We continued slowly stroking like that for several minutes, until she wanted to be even more active.

“Lola wants to fuck,” she whispered to me.

Well, yeah, that’s what we were already doing, but I knew what she meant. Lola wanted to be the one setting the pace and initiating our strokes. I had no problem at all with letting Lola get what she wanted.


Pushing against my shoulders with her forearms, she glided on the silk sheet toward the head of the bed, drawing her pussy off my cock. She only moved a few inches before pausing and flexing her legs to pull herself back and impale her pussy on my cock. This time, I was the one who took a cue from her, and thrust forward to meet her, driving my cock deeply into her again.

“Ooooooo,” Lola moaned, and I’m quite sure my response was the same as hers.

Over and over, we repeated the same movements, with the same results. As Lola’s level of pleasure built up, her movements under me became more varied. She still slid back and forth, but she also rocked from side to side, making the fucking even better, with every stroke slightly different. The muscles in her pussy repeatedly clenched and released my shaft, but at different angles, and my cock massaged the inside of her pussy in constantly changing ways. Lola’s blissful moans started to end in whimpers and her breathing was faster and more ragged. My responses were like hers, because I could also feel myself building up to the point where I would soon have to cum.

She had been moving straight back and forth, with a minimum of contact between my cock and her clit, because we both wanted to take a long time, and get as much ordinary pleasure as possible before achieving ecstasy. The time had come, though, to change that, as we both neared our climaxes, and wanted to make them as momentous as we could.

“Lola wants you to fuck her clit,” she whispered to me.

I knew what she meant by that too, and I moved my body slightly forward, still leaving her room to move under me. From the changed position, I started driving my cock more down into her pussy, massaging her clit with the top of my hard shaft. I plunged it into her faster too, and Lola matched the increased speed by fucking back to meet me.

“Uh! Uh! Uh! Uh!” she whimpered, in time with the strong thrusts of my cock into her pussy. Lola’s body thrashed on the bed under me, and she massaged all over my back with her soft hands.

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