Lilly was a Bitch Ch. 05

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Matt avoided Lilly all week. If he saw her nearby, he’d clear out. He wasn’t sure what to do about this. On one hand, she was hot. On the other, she took great delight in torturing him. On the other hand, she was hot. On the other hand, it was creepy touching Henry’s penis. On the other hand, she was hot and she jerked him off. On the other hand, she didn’t always let him cum. On the other hand, she was hot and so was her mother. It was decided: The “hot’s” had it. He made sure to find her on Friday.

She took him by the hand to a corner of the cafeteria. She berated him. “Where the hell have you been all week! I needed my pussy licked and you weren’t around. Right now! Lick me till I cum!”

Oh well, he decided. If he had to, he had to. And lick he did. While licking her he pulled out his dick and started jerking off. She saw him and let him continue. He came first, she made sure of that. She started hitting him as he came. When she came, she bit his shoulder to stop from screaming. She didn’t know if he was good at this or if it was the excitement of hitting him, but this was the best orgasm she’d had in a long time.

They went back to the bar Saturday night. Their usual waitress was glad to see them, hugging and kissing them both. She managed to “accidently” touch Lilly’s boobs. Lilly shivered when that happened. She also held Matt’s arm as they went to their table. As Lilly sat down, Emily stood between them so Lilly couldn’t see Emily stroking Matt’s dick. Matt was very happy. Before he met Lilly, girls wouldn’t even talk to him.

As they sat and drank, Lilly told him that she wanted him to touch her and where. He gladly illegal bahis obliged. She unzipped him and slowly, torturously, stroked his dick. When Emily came over to see if they wanted any more drinks, she saw what was happening. She sat down next to Matt and helped Lilly.

It didn’t take long before Matt came in their hands. Lilly managed to hit Matt as he came. She couldn’t wait to see if he would cum just at being hit the way Henry did. Emily moved next to Lilly and helped Matt masturbate Lilly. Emily kissed Lilly on the lips, a long, sensual kiss. Lilly threw her head back and came. Several times. Emily thanked them both and brought two drinks, on her.

As they left, Lilly told Matt: “No more jerking off ever again. I want you to be ready whenever I am. If you jerk off, I will be angry and you will be punished. Do you understand?” He said he did. He wondered if he would be able to control himself.

Every night, Lilly would go out with Matt. Matt was in heaven. Every night he’d have some sort of sex with Lilly. One night he had to eat her out. One night, he was only allowed to lick her clit until she came. He jaw hurt at that. One night, he could only use his fingers on her. She came every night. Matt rarely got the chance to come, even though he had a raging erection each time he touched her.

Friday night, they went back to the bar. Emily kissed them both, long and hard. She grabbed Matt’s dick and could tell he hadn’t cum for a long time. She couldn’t wait to see what happened tonight. She had her phone ready to record everything.

They sat in back in their usual table. Lilly immediately unzipped Matt and illegal bahis siteleri told him to sit on his hands. She wanted to do it slowly. She wanted to see the agony on his face when she hit him. Emily got out her phone and started recording. Matt’s face kind of scunched up as Lilly stroked him. His breathing quickened. He hadn’t had an orgasm in a week and he was ready to burst.

But just before he did, Lilly stopped. “I’m hungry, aren’t you?” she said. He just stared at her, unable to speak. A grunt came out and Lilly called Emily over. “We’d like 2 burgers. Put the mayo on the side, please. I need lots of mayo.” Emily smiled and left with their order.

When the burgers arrived, she stuck her fingers in the mayo and put her fingers in Matt’s mouth. Then Lilly put some mayo on Matt’s fingers and sucked his fingers. Matt started to whimper. Matt’s eyes closed as his dick jumped. Once his eyes were closed, Lilly took the mayo and spread it on his dick. He was struggling not to scream. Emily was recording everything on her phone.

Then, suddenly, Matt jerked his hips and started spurting. Lilly started hitting him just as he came. Emily wondered what kind of relationship they had that Lilly was always hitting him. She came over with a hot bar rag to help clean the mess. She wiped Matt’s dick clean, and she got him erect again while cleaning him. Lilly thanked her and got back to work with the mayo.

Matt didn’t know how much more of this he could take. He found out. Not even 10 minutes after his last orgasm and he was cumming again. And getting hit by Lilly. He was spent. He had trouble keeping his eyes open. Emily canlı bahis siteleri came back to help clean up. Matt could barely get a mild erection this time, even with Emily wiping his dick clean with her tongue.

Lilly had other plans for Matt. She pushed his head into her lap and told him to start licking. He did as ordered. He kept licking as Lilly ate her burger. She was enjoying forcing him to serve her. She had to think of new ways to force him to do things. When she finished her burger, she decided it was time for an orgasm.

She motioned for Emily, who gladly came over. She saw what Matt was doing and she sat with Lilly. Matt put his hand on Emily’s legs and started rubbing until he reached her pussy. Emily was fondling Lilly’s beautiful tits and started licking Lilly’s neck and ears as Matt rubbed her. He kept stroking Emily until she shuddered and came. This threw Lilly over the edge. She started to moan and also came. Matt made sure to give Emily an excellent tip.

The next morning, Lilly decided to see if Matt would cum when she hit him, the way Henry was now doing. She called him up. “Come over right now. I want you.” she said. He was there is a flash. Lauren wasn’t home. Henry wasn’t home. Matt was ready for whatever she wanted to do.

“Go to my bedroom and strip. NOW.” she commanded. He did as she ordered. She came in, told him to close his eyes, and put his hands on his head.

Then, she took the cane and smacked his ass. His dick jumped and he exploded. He couldn’t believe that he came just from being hit. Lilly told him to start eating her out. He did so and she jerked him off again.

He couldn’t believe that only a month earlier he had never touched a girl, never mind a beautiful, naked one. He decided he would put up with whatever she wanted to do him if this was his reward. As she came, she screamed from the pleasure he was giving her.

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