life as a boy/girl chapter 6 part 1

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Chapter 6 Final chapter Part 1
I sit listening to the cheap crappy music of the studio. I look over to see Eric twiddling with his thumbs no doubt wondering what I’ll look like with one of those whore dresses on. I shudder at the thought of some other man trying to take me for his own. I sigh and watch as my brother walks out from the side of the little building we’re in. He walks out smiling holding five different colored dresses.
“I swear if I didn’t want you gone so bad I would not do this.”
Apparently I’m so hot that my brother wants me to start at a pedo place in order to gain money to leave out of the state and live a life somewhere else. I look at Eric who looks a bit off put now looking at the dresses.
“You okay.” I ask deeply concerned about him.
“It just… I never thought I would ever see you in a dress.”
I roll my eyes, get up, walk by my brother, grab the dresses, and walk into the nearest dressing room. I strip out of my red hello kitty shirt, my red jeans, and my red heart boxers. I place the dresses on the sitting spot and begin trying them on one by one. First a spring green dress that doesn’t really fit me well than I try on a black dress that stops right above my knees that looks absolutely fab on me. I walk out of the dressing room with it on and ask Eric, “How does it look on me?”
I spin around and fell the dress clutch to my butt and every curve. I stop and look Eric straight in the eyes as he tries to stammer something. He eventually looks away, blushes, and gives me a thumb up. My brother, be surprise here, says, “I’ve seen better…”
I roll my eyes and go back in to try on the rest of the dresses. They all fit me well but some of them don’t really look good on me to all in all I only got three of the five dresses. I felt kind of disappointed which bursa escort shocks me because I don’t really like dresses… that much. We walk out of the building in m original clothes and I stare out at the vast lot of cars. Eric wraps an arm around my shoulders and leads me, behind my brother, to my brother’s red and yellow corvette. I sit in the back with Eric when he rubs my right leg up and down sensually on the inside of my things. I give off a light moan hopefully not loud enough for the lug in the front to hear.
We return home a few minutes later me sexually frustrated from Eric’s teasing. Eric walks in behind me a smug look on his face. I walk into the living room to see Rich sitting on the couch watching T.V. Our gazes meet but I look away immediately. It’s hard to look an old friend that you hurt in the eyes. I turn and head up stairs and into my room where I see the dresses laid out on the bed with a note. Eric follows behind me and sits beside me as I sit by the dresses. I pick up the note and read it.
Hey there beautiful! I need you in these dresses by 12:50 tomorrow night for your first show!
I sigh and look at Eric who reads the note over my shoulder.
“Will you be there to watch?”
Eric smiles a broad now regularly seen smile and says, “Of course! Er… I mean why?”
“I think knowing that you’ll be watching me will make me feel better.” I say truthfully looking towards the dresses.
“You get stage freight?” Eric asks putting an arm around my shoulder.
“Doesn’t everyone!” I reply already feeling a little bit nervous.
Eric kisses my left ear and whispers into it, “Don’t worry I’ll be watching your every move.”
I shudder at his breath against my ear as the front of my pants grows a bit smaller.
“Keep this up and I don’t think I’ll make it to the stage tomorrow.” bursa escort bayan I say in a ragged voice.
“Well than I’ll just satisfy you today and tomorrow till u can’t take anymore.” Eric says laying me on my back.
I lay there as he stands up and grabs my pants and boxers than swipe them off with a quick motion. My small hard on stands up in the air awaiting attention from my lover. Eric undoes his pants, drop them, and pulls out his long hard think dick that throbs against the air. I spread my legs and he takes the invitation. He lifts up my legs and places them on his shoulders. He scoots me to the edge of the bed and places he hard-on on my bum hole.
“Hurry up and fuck me.” I try to say calmly.
My heart beats rapidly as he pushes his head into me. I clinch my teeth cause I’m still not used to it.
“God you’re still so tight!” Eric says pushing more of his shaft into me.
“Y-Y-Yea.” I say panting feeling the long pole slide up into me.
“You two are at it again…” I hear someone say.
Eric looks back and says, “Hey there Rich…”
Half of Eric, I think, is inside of me and now Rich shows up seeing the man he loves being fucked by another.
“Rich!” I say still panting.
I see his face peek out from behind Eric and I say, “I-I’m s-sorry about everything. Y-You deserve services too.”
Rich stands fully in the room and asks, “What do you have in mind?”
I flip myself around with Eric’s dick still in me and I say, “The only thing I can do.”
I guess Rich catches the clue and I hear rustling and then the shift in bed wait. Rich’s dick appears in my eyes sight and I open my mouth for him. I feel the fleshy pole slide on my tongue till my noes touches his boxers. I look up to see him looking down and a heavenly looking expression on his face. I feel Eric put escort bursa the rest of himself into me. Rich’s hands clasps my head and he starts moving in and out of my mouth. I close my eyes and try to enjoy the sensation of getting fucked in the mouth while getting pounded. Eric starts moving in and out faster than the last time. I loosen up faster too and let him move more freely.
“Dear God this is awesome!” I hear Rich say as he moves faster in and out of my mouth.
I start to roll my tongue all around his length as he moves. I begin to moan as I hear the smacking of Eric against my ass and the feeling of his pole moving in and out of me is a bigger kick. I clutch the bed with my hands as the bed starts to rock and creak. I just know that he’s probably standing at the door watching or in the living room listening and smiling to himself. I reach with my right hand and start fondling Rich’s balls through the boxer’s material. After a while Eric’s hands clutches tightly to my things and he yells out, “I’m cumming!”
Rich throws himself hard into my mouth and I feel his load flow thrown my throat as he yells out in pleasure as Eric’s load flow into my ass. I take in deep breathes and couch up some of rich’s sperm as he pulls out of my mouth. Eric starts to go small inside of me. I let my front side slump on the bed as I wait for Eric to pull out.
“O-Okay next time rich at least tell me when you’re going to cum.”
Rich sits on the bed and says, “Y-Yeahhhh sorry.”
Eric pulls out and I drop to my knees as they feel like jelly and I feel the sticky wetness of my own cum against my stomach. I didn’t even relies I came from that. I take in a deep breath and let it out feeling a lot more relieved.
“Well I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m kind of tired now.” I say trying to get up on the bed.
Eric helps me up and says, “Yea you rest up champ for tomorrow!”
I yawn and say, “Okay.”
I slowly let my eyes draw close and start to rest for tomorrow.

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