Learning Mandy

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Mandy was new to the school, and most kids knew that. She didn’t have a real friend, so she pretty much stayed to herself. Her older brother Tommy was different. He had many new friends. Being a good football player helped out alot too. Mandy was the cutest girl in school. She had a perfect body and was starting to feel it mature more and more every day. In two days, she would be 16. Most girls did not like her because she was so sweet and innocent. They all had a fear of her being miss popular and did not like that. No outsider,new girl was going to be what they so much wanted. Still, she caught the eye of the biggest boy in school. Jeffrey was much bigger than all the other boys. He wasn’t very friendly and usually took what he wanted. He would usually have a bunch of boys following him around trying to suck up.
After a crappy day in school, Mandy made her way home down the railroad tracks to the back of the park. She climbed up a tree and just hung out for a short while before going home. She heard some voices and saw Pete running up the tracks. Right behind him was Jeffrey and 5 other boys chasing him. They caught up to Pete and surrounded him. They were just a few feet away under her, and she heard every word. “Give what you owe me punk” said Jeff. Pete was nearly in tears, ” I don’t have the money Jeff, I can’t get it till tonite”. Jeffrey landed a solid punch to his stomach and Pete fell to the ground. ” You better have it tonite or Your dead meat”. Just then another boy- Billy, noticed Mandy in the tree. ” Hey, Jeff look what we have here” ” It’s that stupid girl, Tommy’s sister”. Jeff looked up and was surprised at what he saw. Mandy did not give it much thought, but her skirt was wide open underneath, for all to see. ” Didn’t your mom teach you to keep your legs closed little girl” Said Jeff. Shocked and embarassed, she quickly closed her legs. But was unable to close them all the way.”I bet your a virgin aren’t you?” asked Jeff. ” That’s none of your business Is it?” quipped Mandy. ” I sure would like to make it my business” Jeff replied. ” I don’t think so, just leave me alone” Jeff noticed Pete on the ground crying like a pussy and told him to get up. Pete did so and just stood there. ” I will forget your debt if you go up the tree and get me those pink panties she’s wearing” Said Jeff. The other boys just laughed at him. Not wanting to get any more of an ass kicking, He started to climb. Mandy was now pettrified and was not sure if Pete would really do it. Closer he came and reaching out he asked her for her panties. ” Please he asked , can I have them?” Mandy knew they were both screwed. She told him no way, and Jeff yelled for him to just rip them off. He reached up and caught one finger inside her panties and felt the moist warmth of her sex. Just then there were more voices coming. It was the football coach and a few players. Luckily for Mandy she was saved. But Jeffrey warned her not to let him catch her alone or she was his. Pete quickly moved his hand away and said he was sorry.
That night, Mandy lay in her bed. Her sweet pussy just pulsing with the thought of a boy putting his hand up to it. So badly she wanted to explore sex, but it had to be the right guy. Slowly she slid her finger up and down her silky folds of skin. Rubbing faster and faster, she could feel her pie getting creamy. She took her mothers brush before and was ready to slide it up into her pussy and dream it was some handsome boy. Slow and steady she kept feeding the hunger between her legs. In and out with the brush handle while rubbing her pink little nub of a clit. So wrapped up was she that she didn’t notice her door open and her brother standing next to her. “So that is where mom’s brush got too”, “let me help you with that” said Tommy. Horrified, Mandy quickly pulled her covers up and told him to leave.” No way am I leaving without moms brush, I can’t wait to tell her where it’s been!” He said. ” Oh God No Tommy, Please don’t tell mom , she will kill me.” ” Well then I want to use it on you” He said. “No way, your my brother, thats discusting” ” Ok, then I’ll have to tell mom…… Let me have the brush!” Mandy thought about the consequenses. She figured it would be better her mother not know at all.” Ok, You can use it but just a little and only this time” she said. Tommy pulled the covers down and took the brush from Mandy. He had sex a few times and knew pretty much how everyting worked. He told her to keep rubbing her clit, while he fucked her with the brush. Mandy felt horrible about this whole situation. But she didn’t want her parents to know or they would not understand at all. Faster and fatser Tommy was sliding the brush in and out of her tight, pink pussy. He marveled at how the lips pulled at it when he pulled it out. Soon Mandy felt the warmth comming back in her slit. Tommy noticed the slickness of her hole and how sweet it smelled. Tommy knew that his cock would serve much better than this brush. Stopping his motion, bursa escort he stood up and quickly pulled his pants down. His parents would be home soon, so he didn’t have much time to waste. ” What are you doing Tommy?” she asked. ” What you need is some real dick sis, and your gonna get it.” Trying to keep him away, he was on top of her in a second. Grabiing his dick, he slid it slowly up and down her slit. After coating it with her cream, he slid it into her pussy as far as he could. Hearing her scream, he covered her mouth.” Shut up Mandy” he said. Mandy was now crying and begging him to get off.” Please Tommy get off of me, this isn’t right” She cried. Picking up his pace he took long strokes in and out of her tight hole. He pictured her pink lips grabbing at his dick trying to keep it in her. ” don’t worry sis, I’m not going to cum in your pussy, your gonna swallow it” Mandy had never been with a boy and didn’t know much at all about sex. But she had heard girls talk of swallowing cum. She knew that would be better than inside of her. She didn’t want to get pregnant. Paying no mind to Mandy, Tommy continued his assault on his little sisters pussy. Harder and harder he pounded into her. And as frightened as she was, Mandy couldn’t believe how great it was starting to feel. She lifted her hips slightly so Tommy could push in every inch of his dick. ” You feel good now Tommy” she whispered. ” Please cum in my mouth I want to know what it tastes like” She cooed. Tommy didn’t need anymore encouragement and felt his balls loading up. He pulled out of her slit and kneeled down above her head. One knee on each side of her head, He held her still and told her to open her mouth. She slid out her tongue and held it there. Tommy blasted one spurt onto her tongue. It was hot and creamy she thought. Soon two more spurts shot right into her mouth. Tommy shoved his dick as deep as he could into her mouth.”Suck and Swallow Mandy” he ordered. She did as she was told and got all the hot cum she could handle. Tommy pulled out of her mouth and quickly got dressed. “You better put moms brush back,and never say a word” He said as he walked out. Mandy just lay there not knowing how to feel. She washed off her moms brush and put it back. She made her way back to her room to find Tommy on her bed. ” Whats the matter” She asked. ” You Can’t ever tell anyone about this you hear!!” He demanded. ” I won’t tell a soul I promise”. ” Just so you know, I expect to be able to hook up with you when we can” ” What do you mean?”she asked “I Mean I’ll tell mom I caught you with her stuff shoving them up your pussy, if you don’t do as I tell you”. Not wanting to get in trouble she just agreed with him. ” I want you to sleep naked so I can come to you whenever I want… You here me? ” Ok she said. Tommy walked out and shut the door. She didn’t like the situation she was in but wasn’t sure what to do to get out of it.

The next morning, Mandy had breakfast and told her mom she was walking down to the mall. She walked around a bit but didn’t see anything she liked. So she walked down to the playground to swing on the swings. She went back around the bowling alley for a short cut, but soon found she was in trouble. Standing there with 7 other boys, was Jeff. Immediately they all went after her and grabbed her. Bring her up to the clubhouse Jeff said. Soon they were dragging her along in the woods to their makeshift clubhouse. It was pretty big, but not very sturdy. They shoved her to the ground and she sank down up against a tree.
‘Don’t hurt me Jeff, I never did anything to you”She said. ” I don’t want to hurt you Mandy, All I want is to pop that sweet cherry of yours” He replied. ” Well your too late, I’m not a virgin, so just let me be” ” well I will have to see for myself. You have two choices, Pull down those cute little panties , Or we will do it for you” Mandy had no doubts that she was about to pummped with cum one way or another. Looking around, she noticed two boys were gone. She only knew Jeff, Mike and Billy. Not saying a word to them, she looked away defiantly. Two boys grabbed each arm and pulled her over onto a milkcrate in the clubhouse. Jeff reached down and pulled off her jeans. Being skin tight, her panties came too. ” Wow ” said Jeff, “Look at that ass”. ” Youv’e got one hot body slut” He said. After ripping her jeans off, he reached around front and grabbed at her top. Easily it slid over her head and now she was naked. ” turn her around so her head is towards the door boys” Jeff said. ” This is gonna be a good time Slut Puppy” “Do you know what a slut puppy is?” Mandy didn’t respond. She was now terrified that she was going to raped and maybe die. She didn’t know and began to cry. “No need to cry slut, we are going to give you just what you need.” Jeff told her. They now had her on her back, legs tied up and out to the posts of the walls. Her hands were tied up behind her head. Three milkcrates were under her, so her whole body was up in the air. She bursa escort bayan could feel the cool air on her anus, so she knew she was spread open all the way. Her head hung low and she was about to find out why. Jeff undid his pants and pulled out a very big cock. It was much bigger than Tommys dick. ” You need to freshen this up for me slut” He said as he pushed his cock up to her mouth. She kept her mouth closed, so Jeff reached and pulled on her sweet nipples as hard as he could. Screaming out in pain, He slid his cock into her mouth in one swoop. She had no choice but to suck on her captor. She felt his cock grow in her mouth little by little. Jeff had no mercy and began to cram it into her throat. Mandy could not breath and was choking. ” Just relax slut and take it deep” he said. While jeff continued to shove his whole cock into Mandys face, Billy and another boy began to work on her pussy. To her delight she felt someone licking at her twat. Soon she felt her cream slide down her slit to ready it for penatration. Just as she thought Jeff was going to push his cock through her neck, she relaxed enough and it popped deep down into her throat. She felt her neck bulge at the intrusion, and she now felt Jeff begin to slide in and out of her throat. She heard him moan and felt his cock swell. She tasted something salty, and didn’t know what it was. But before she had time to think, she felt the hottest fluid streaming strait down her throat. Jeff was cumming and cumming hard. He grunted each time and slammed his dick deeper and deeper. Mandy didn’t even taste his hot cum because it shot right into her stomach. Jeff pulled out and moved away. Soon, Billy pulled up and slid his cock into her mouth. The other boy kept working her clit, and was now working down to her ass. She had never been touched there, but the way she was spread, she knew it was easy access down there. With little effort, the boy shoved his tongue into her ass. He worked it as deep as he could and rubbed her clit. She felt Billy begin to swell and she knew she was getting fed another load of cum soon. The rubbing of her clit and the tongue in her ass were all she could take. Mandys whole boddy tensed up and she shuddered with a massive orgasm. Her pink little slit flowed with juice and Jeff took the opportunity to work his fingers in and out of her tight fuck hole. Billy tensed up too and sent 5 milky spurts of his cum into Mandys mouth. She tried to swallow it all but it was too much, too fast. She felt the boy remove his tongue from her asscrack, and they all went outside. She heard them greet some other boys, but she didn’t know who. Soon they came back. She counted 5 boys go past her and saw about 6 more outside. Without a word, she felt a penis rubbing up and down her silky slit. She felt the cock head push in and then stop. The boy leaned foward and took a nipple in his mouth. She loved the feeling of it and felt her clit begin to tingle. He pressed foward and slid his cock to the hilt. Because of how she was tied down, she knew she was going to feel every inch of every cock. She felt his balls slapping against her asshole. Another boy reached in and burried his finger to the knuckle in her ass. She screamed and moaned because it hurt so much. But she was helpless. She was now going to get filled with cum and she couldnt do anything about it. A line of boys were at the door, all waiting their turn to dump a load of cum into her belly. The first boy grabbed her hair and pulled hard.”Suck it you whore”. She was no whore, but she opened her mouth for him. He had a fat cock and it hurt her mouth. Down at her pussy, the boy was pushing hard, all of a sudden he pulled out and sent streams of cum up onto her body. It was warm and soothing in a strange way. The next boy placed his cock head at her fuck hole and pushed in gently. He stroked in and out and she felt his cock grow hard. She thought he was the nicest so far. But he stopped as well, and she didn’t know why. He pulled out and pressed his cock up to her asshole and shoved it all the way home. “Take that slut, you like it don’t you” he grunted. Mandy was seeing stars as she felt a burning fire in her asshole. Not letting the pain subside, he started pounding into her ass as hard as he could. The boy in her mouth was tensing up and began to pump his cream into her mouth. She tasted it and it was disgusting to her. Her brothers cum was sweet to her. This was foul seed she thought. She tried to spit it out and was slapped hard in the face. She was now in pure agony as her ass was being shredded and her face welting up in pain. Soon another boy was shoving his cock into her mouth. The boy in her ass kept hammering. In and out his cock went. From tip to balls, he gave her everything he had. He fucked her ass good for a few more minutes and came hard. As soon as Mandy felt his cum hit her insides, she came hard herself. She was taken completely by surprise as her orgasm pulsed with every shot of cum from his balls. She felt escort bursa his cock get soft and he pulled out. The boy in her mouth pulled out and stroked his cock sending streams of hot cum into her open mouth. His cum tasted good and she wanted more of it, but he was empty. Another cock took it’s place and she now eagerly sucked on it.Another boy began pushing his fingers into her pussy. First two, then three. He worked them in and out getting them covered in her cream. She felt her pussy get tighter, and knew he was pushing in another finger. As deep as he could, he pressed his fingers deep into her gash. He pulled out his hand and put his thumb into her stretched twat. She could hardly feel it. The whole time she heard the boys laughing and carrying on. Soon she felt her twat draw very tight as the boy pressed his whole fist up to her it. He shoved hard and little by little he worked it in until his whole fist was burried in her pussy. It hurt like hell until it all sank deep into her. He made a big fist and began pulling it out. She wanted to scream, but her face was chock full of cock. He ripped it out and then punched it in again. Her pussy was on fire and all she could do, was swallow the next load of semen being sent into her mouth.Just as before, another cock pressed up to her lips and she sucked it in. The boy at her pussy pulled out his cock and slammed it up into her ass. She knew her ass was going to get more action now, especially since he stretched her pussy so much. The boy got rock hard and came instantly in her asshole. And again she came each time his cum spurrted into her.It felt so good, she never wanted it to stop. She now began sucking hard on the cock being fed to her, hoping to milk out some tasty cum. Soon another boy placed his cock up to her ass and pushed it home. He sighed heavily as his ball sack slapped up to her ass. In and out he stroked it as Mandy awaited another orgasm when he came. As much as she hated Jeff and wanted him dead, she now couldn’t wait for her next cock. She felt the cock in her mouth stiffen and send its hot creammy load of cum over her tongue and into her throat. She loved it and needed more. She felt the boy in her ass tense up and she held on for her reward. But he pulled out of her asshole leaving it gapping open. He shuffled up to her head and stuck his cock into her throat. Soon he was pumping his cum into her mouth. She was discusted to have her ass juice in her mouth. But his cum was sweet and made it worthwhile
.All the boys went outside, and Jeff came back in with a bottle. He didn’t say a word. She tried to look up to see what he was doing, but she could not hold her head up high enough. They had her tied so her neck was straight. This way the cock she was eating would be able to easily slide into her throat. She felt Jeff push something cold up to her asshole. Soon she felt her insides getting cold. She knew it was some liquid, but she didn’t know what. Jeff left and she heard a lot of voices outside. She had lost track of how many dicks have been in her body. But she wished she could cum once more. Soon she started to feel light headed and dizzy. She felt as though she was spinning. She knew now that Jeff poured some liquer into her ass. She was now very drunk.She pushed hard and felt something pop from her ass. He must have plugged her up. She felt cum and booze run down her ass and back. The boys came in and untied her. She could barely stand. Outside it was dark and there was a fire burning.
She saw Jeff standing naked with a serious hard on. There was another boy in front of him naked also. He too had a very big cock. Two boys lifted her up and set her down onto Jeffs cock. She felt him fill her up all the way. She held her arms around his neck as he grabbed her legs and held them up. She was very drunk and impaled onto a huge cock . She felt her asshole being touched and then the intrusion of another cock filling up her asshole. She now had two cocks filling her and they began to move. In her daze she moaned loadly as the twin cocks made their way up inside of her. She could feel the head of Jeffs cock pushing up to her cervix. Harder and faster the boys drilled into her young body. They fucked her for a long time she thought, and they lifted her off of them. Jeffrey stood in front of her strocking his large cock. She knew to put out her tongue and he sprayed it with his cum. He landed 6 gobs of hot gooey cum onto her tongue. She felt it running into the back of her mouth. He finished with one more gob, and walked away. She closed her mouth and swallowed her biggest load of the night. She could barely see straight, and was not sure how many guys were there. She thought it looked like 20 guys. But as she strarted to count she felt her mouth being pushed open by the other boys cock. She had no more willpower and opened wide. She sucked him hard and felt his load slide into her mouth.
What was going to happen to her she wondered. Were all these guys going to fuck her. Could she live through that? She wondered. She also heard two maybe three dogs, why were they there? She felt very lightheaded and past out……………………….

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