Last one to know, Chapter Six

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Last one to know, chapter six

We all went to the restaurant with Mom to meet her friend who turned out to be her sister. Of course my two sisters and I had tones of questions but I guess there is a time and place for everything.

We placed our order and our waitress commented again about how happy we all were. She took our orders and left the table. As soon as she was gone Kim turned back to me. She looked deep into my eyes and seem to be trying to think of the right words. Bobby, there’s a lot of history involved here. Your Dad is due home tomorrow night. My husband David and our kids will be here some time Friday. We are hoping to have you guys over Saturday or Sunday for a cook out and a nice long, very open talk. As you have guessed by now our family is a lot like your family.

Mom spoke up “ Bobby, we will talk and fill in a lot of the blanks Friday when your Dad gets home”. I ask “Kim, “do all your kid know the secret”? Our youngest daughter, Shannon has ask her older sister, Sue, if something was going on she didn’t know about. Sue told her that she would need to talk to us. Sue told her Dad about the conversation, also Shannon admitted that she had been playing with herself. Sue said the two of them have been playing a little with each other too. Dave told Shannon we would talk as soon as we were all together again.

Right now we are planning for the cook out to be a time for all of us to talk and see where we would like to go from there. We will all wear clothes but no question will be off limits and you will get an honest answer to any thing you ask and we expect the same in return.

Our waitress arrived with our food and we talked quite a bit while we eat but nothing else about the secret or sex. Kin told us about their kids, Mark is 17, Phillip is 16, Sue is 15 and Shannon is 13. Like our Mom and Dad her and Dave had married young and started a family. We talked about our schools, sports we were involved in and other family activities. Our waitress returned to the table and ask if we liked chocolate . Oh Yea we replied. She left the table and was back in a short while with a tray. Before she set it down she smiled and told us this was her favorite desert. We call it “TO Die For Chocolate” She set a dish in front of each of us. It was a chocolate cake loaded with light, dark and white chocolate icing and chocolate whipped cream with a cherry on top.

We all enjoyed the desert and just as we were finishing our waitress brought the bill to the table. As she laid the bill on the table between Mom and Kim I looked up at her. She had a big smile on her face and as our eyes met she blushed a little. Thank you for allowing me to serve you and please come again, then she turn and walked away.

Mom reached to pick up to bill and a small peace of paper fell out. Mom unfolded it and started reading. Mom smiled as she handed the note to Kim. Read it aloud Kin so the kids can hear. Kim began to read “ Hi, My name is Helga, I have enjoyed having you here and allowing me to serve you. You remind me of my family in the old county. I think your family may be a lot like mine, if you know what I mean and I hope you do. I could see so much love as you looked at each other. I wish you all much happiness and joy. Love to you all, Helga.

We all looked at each other and Kim ask “how the hell could she know. We didn’t do a or say anything that she could hear. I smiled and said “I think I know, it shows in the way we look at each other. Remember the old saying, Takes One To Know One”. We all laughed and Mom said “Bobby, it think you may have it. Mom and Kim both left Helga a nice tip and we looked for her as we were leaving the restaurant but didn’t see her.

We walked Kim to her car. She started with Mom and made the rounds giving each of us a big tit rubbing hug and a hot passionate kiss with lots of tongue.

We were all very quite on the drive home. I think we were all allowing our brain to process all that had gone on today. As we pulled into our driveway Mom ask if we would mind if we all took a shower and went to bed. We all agreed that was a good idea. Tammy ask if we could all sleep together tonight, she knew Dad was coming home and it would be hard for all of us to sleep in the same bed. Mom thought that was a good idea.
WE kissed and fondled each other a little during our shower then off to bed. We laid down with Beth on the outside then Mom, I was spooning with her and Tammy pushed her tits into my back and her pussy against the cheeks of my ass. I was holding Mom’s tit, she had her hand on Beth’s mound and Tammy was holding my cock.

When I woke the next morning we were all still in the same position we were the night before. I don’t think any of the others were awake yet but all that changed when the phone rang. Beth picked it up and handed it to Mom. We all thought it would be Dad. Mom said hello the raised up on her elbow and said “ Hi Kim, is everything alright? Mom listened for a minute then said “ YES, that’s a great idea and I will do the same for you. Okay, bye for now, love ya”. She handed the phone back to Beth and just as she put it back in the cradle it rung again.

This time it was Dad. Mom told us all hello from Dad and we knew he wanted some private time to talk to Mom. We all jumped out of bed and Tammy told Mom we would go get breakfast started. We were putting the food on the table when Mom walked in. She was smiling so we knew all was well. Beth poured Mom a cup of coffee and we all set down to eat and hear what Mom had to tell us.

Mom told us Dad had finished a little early and if he could get a flight out he would be home tonight or early tomorrow. We were all excited at the good news but it caused me to start thinking again. How would I react to him. I know the secret çeşme escort bayan now and know that he has had sex with three of the people here and had no problem having sex with the fourth person, that being me. I knew it would be up to me as to how far it went.

BOBBY! I jumped and looked at Mom. Where were you at son? I realized Mom had been talking to us and I was so deep in thought I had not heard her. Sorry Mom, I was deep in thought and didn’t hear you. The girls all laughed and Mom said “Okay, once again, Kim is going to e-mail me pictures of the family and I told her I would do the same. Beth ask will they be naked? We all laughed and Mom told he NO and the ones we send her will not be either. Tammy told her “child porn on the internet. OH, okay, hadn’t thought of that.

We all pitched in and cleaned the kitchen. Mom told us she needed to go buy groceries and pick up some things at the mall. She said if we would like to go with her we could all get dressed and she would take a few pictures of us and send them, along with some we had taken at the lake earlier that summer, to Kim. She wanted to get back home as soon as possible in case Dad did get home early.

We were in and out of the shower and dressed as quick as possible. Mom took several pictures of each of us and some of the three of us together. She log on to the computer, got all the pictures loaded then open her e-mail. There was two e-mails from Kim. Mom open the first one and we looked at the pictures one at a time. The first one was of Kim and David then one of the whole family together. All the others were of the kids and was in line according to their ages. There was two each of the kids. They were all nice looking and favored both their Mom and Dad. The second e-mail was pictures of all them having fun at a lake.

Mom sent the e-mail with our pictures, turned the computer off and we headed for the mall. We went to several shops and even bought Beth a couple of new bra’s one size larger. She was so proud moving up to the next size. Last stop was the grocery store. Mom got all the basics plus a couple bottles of wine and some extra snacks to take to Kim and Dave’s if things worked out.

We got home and unloaded everything. We were all in the kitchen putting the groceries away when the phone rang. It was Dad and he told Mom he was at the base and would have everything cleared up there and should be home about 1600 hrs. (4:00 PM) She ask him if he wanted dinner. He told her a sandwich would do fine for him, he had other things on his mind.

We were all excited and I was also very nervous. I guess Mom picked up on it, she told Tammy for her and Beth to go the guest bath and start cleaning up and we would be there in a few minutes. As soon as the girls were out of the kitchen Mom ask “ okay Bobby, what’s bothering you”. I told her I would be alright, I was a little nervous about seeing Dad and the male to male thing. Mom pointed to a chair and we sit down at the kitchen table. She reached over and took both my hands in hers and we were looking eye to eye. She told me “ Bobby, my sweet son, you have to believe me it will be your call. You will have to make the first move. Nothing will ever happen if you don‘t want it to. When we talk and you know some of the things that happened to us when we were young you will understand better.

Mom and I headed to the bathroom to find Tammy and Beth waiting for us. It didn’t take long before we were all squeaky clean and was ready for Dad. The girls ask Mom if we had to put our clothes back on. Mom glanced at me and said she would leave that up to each of us. We all picked up our clothes and put them in the clothes hamper. We went to the den to wait for Dad. Mom set in a chair and Tammy and I set on each end of the couch and Bath laid down as she did before.

I was thinking about what Mom had told me and knew I had to decide what I wanted to do. I had enjoyed the butt plug, Beth fucking my ass with the strap-on and having my ass finger fucked. I dearly loved having my cock sucked but how would I feel about sucking a cock? How would feel about kissing a man, not just my Dad but any man?

I thought everything over then made my decision. I looked across the room at Mom, our eyes met and I smiled. I just nodded and she nodded back and smiled. I looked down at Beth with her head on my lap and her eyes closed. I placed a hand over her one of her growing tits and said “nice little sister, very nice“. She just smiled and said “thank you my sweet brother, hope you get to suck them later.

We heard Dad’s truck as it pulled in the drive and we all jumped up and started for the door. Dad opened the door just as we got there. Mom flew into his arms and started kissing him. He was holding her around the waist and she wrapped her legs around him as they continued to kiss. Tammy and Beth walked up on each side and put their arms around both of them. Mom released her legs and stepped to the side as Tammy stepped up and started kissing Dad very passionately. I saw her run her hand down and rub over Dad’s cock through his pants. They were both already moaning and Dad was pushing his cock against her.

I was really getting turned on watching all this. Tammy stepped back and over to the side aa Beth moved in front of Dad. I think we were all surprised when Dad picked Beth up like a small baby and held her up high enough he could kiss her pussy. Beth parted her legs to allow him better access and we could hear him sucking her little pussy. He lowered her down and they kiss as Mom and Tammy had done before.

He put Beth down and as she stepped back he looked at me. Bobby, my son, sorry you were the last to know but we have lots of time to catch up. I looked at them all standing there. My escort çeşme happy family, smiles on their faces, love in their hearts and sex on their minds. I thought you’re one lucky young man.

I started walking toward Dad, my mind made up and knew exactly what I was going to do. I put my arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to mine, as I touched my tongue to his lips he opened his mouth and our tongues meet. I reached down and found the top of his zipped and pulled it down. I reached inside his pants and found the opening to his boxers.

I put my hand through the opening and wrapped my hand around his hard cock. Dad pushed his tongue further into my mouth and let out a loud moan. Then he pulled back and broke the kiss. He looked deep into my eyes and said” Son, you don’t have to do this, no one is going to force you or feel hard of you if you don’t, are you sure you want to do this”? As sure as I have ever been of anything in my life Dad.

The girls and Mom was standing on either side watching as I unbuckled Dads belt and pulled his pants and boxers down and freed his cock. As I took it in my mouth I heard Beth holler out “ Oh Fuck, Now That Is H-o-o-o-t”.

I could only get about half of Dad’s cock in my mouth and I knew it was not the best blow job he had ever had. I also knew it was not the last one he would get from me and with Mom and the girls help I would get better.

Mom suggested we all move to the den but Dad told her if we didn’t mind he would like to go to the guest bathroom and let Tammy do her thing getting him cleaned out. After that he would be up for anything we would like to do. I suggested maybe he and Mom would like to have some time alone. Mom quickly set me straight on that. She told me they had looked forward to the day for years and now that it was here they wanted us all to be together.

Beth ask if I would mind eating her pussy while Dad and Tammy were busy. Before I could answer Mom ask her how about if we both get a little taste of her sweet little pussy. Beth squalled then run to the chair in the den, With a leg over each arm of the chair she said “come and get it”.

Mom motioned for me to go first so I kneeled in front of the chair, Beth used her fingers to part her pussy lips and I started at her asshole, licking and nibbling my was to the top of her pussy then sucked her clit into my mouth. AAAAHHHHHH YES BOBBY, EAT ME UP. I was trying to do just that.

I could here Mom moving around behind me but couldn’t see her. Then I felt her tongue make a path around the butt plug that was still in my ass. Then she moved again and I felt her mouth suck one of my balls into her mouth. I moved off Beth’s clit long enough to spit a wad at her asshole then on my fingers. As Mom moved to my other ball I went back to Beth’s clit and used my spit to lubricate her ass and pussy. I pushed two fingers in her pussy and one in her ass causing her to go completely wild.

Mom had moved on down and now had my cock in her mouth, just licking and sucking around the head. Beth was bucking so hard her ass was coming off the chair. She started making those wild animal noises, growling, and hooting. Then she started to cum and I was surprised at the amount. She was filling my mouth full and I was swallowing as fast as I could. Then she feel back onto the chair and her arms fell to her side. I started to pull away but she said no, to stay where I was.

Mom took my cock out of her mouth and I though she was about to quit. Instead, she told me to fuck her mouth, to go as deep and hard as I could. I ask her if maybe we should wait for Dad and Tammy. Hell No, there will be plenty for then when they get her. Right now I want you to fuck my mouth. Beth handed me the blanket from the back of the chair and told me to tuck it up under her and let the other end fall to the floor.

As Mom was getting back in position under me I ask Beth why the blanket. She giggled and told me she didn’t want to wet the chair and carpet if I was not able to swallow all her piss. I hurriedly did as she ask then put my mouth back over her pussy just as Mom took my cock back in her mouth. I did as Mom had told me and jammed my hard cock down the throat until my balls was hitting against her chin, Just as she reached around and grabbed the cheeks of my ass Beth started pissing in my mouth. Mom was controlling the movement of my cock by the cheeks my ass while I was swallowing Beth’s piss as fast as I could.

I heard more movement in the room and as I rolled my eyes to the right I could see Tammy’s pussy next to me. When I looked to my left I could see Dad’s hard cock at the side of my head. Beth had stopped pissing and I started to pull my mouth back and my fingers out of her pussy and ass. She moaned as I pulled out and I set up a little more as I was still slamming my cock into my Mothers mouth.
I had piss and pussy juice all over my face. Dad and Tammy both kneeled down and started licking my face and chest. When either of them would get close to my mouth we would kiss, taking turns sucking on each others tongue. I knew at this rate I would be shooting my load very soon.

I think Mom could sense I was getting close. She pushed me back, set up and suggested we all go to the bed room. She told Beth she was sorry she didn’t get to her pussy but she would make it up to her later

We all gathered ourselves up and headed to the master bedroom. When we entered the bedroom Mom told us she had the bed ready for playing. I ask what she was talking about. She told me she puts a plastic cover over the mattress then put the sheets back on.

Tammy suggested we have a Dad’s night. Dad glanced at me then us he would like to have a free-for-all night and we could indulge in anything we would like as long çeşme escort as the others involved agreed. I ask if anyone had any suggestions as to what they would like to do. Everyone just looked at each other for a few seconds. Of course it was Beth who spoke up first. She had that mischievous smile on her face. “Well, something I would like to start with is to have Dad fuck my ass, Bobby fuck Dad’s ass, Mon fuck Bobby’s ass with the strap-on and Tammy start by laying in front of me and let me eat her pussy and asshole.

No one spoke, Mom just got off the bed, got the key and went to the secret box. She removed the strap-on, lube and several other toys. She handed the lube to Tammy and ask if she would do the honors. Tammy said “ my pleasure Mom” as she took the lube and moved toward Beth. Beth quickly moved to all fours facing the edge of the bed. As soon as Tammy moved behind her Dad lined up beside Beth and I moved along side him.

I looked over my shoulder to see Tammy applying the lube to Beth’s ass. I heard Beth moan and knew Tammy was finger fucking her ass. Tammy moved over between Beth and Dad. Dad looked at me and smiled then jumped a little. Tammy was now finger sucking them both. Mom had the strap-on in place and ready to lube up. Tammy moved between Dad and me. She pulled the plug out of my ass and handed it to Mom. I felt the tube of lube as it touched my little rosebud. Tammy squeezed a large glob out then handed the tube to Mom.

Tammy was running her fingers through the lube on my ass then pushed two finger inside. She was fucking in and out, she also pushed her fingers apart keeping my asshole wide open. Mom dropped to her knees in front of me. She squeezed some lube in her hand then reached under me to find my hard cock. She spread the lube over my shaft then pumped it a few times, bring a loud moan from me. Mom moved over to Dad to repeat the same she had done to me.

When she had Dad well greased up she stood in front of us and applied the lube to the toy cock, pumping it like it was a real cock. Tammy wiped the excess lube off her hands then said “okay everyone, we are all ready. Beth ask her how she would like to start. Tammy told her she was going to do a 69 with her so she could eat her pussy and watch Dad fuck her ass.

Tammy positioned herself in the middle of the bed with her head toward the foot. Beth climbed on top of her with her pussy over Tammy’s mouth. Dad moved up behind Beth and rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass. Tammy reached around and pulled Beth’s ass cheeks apart. Dad placed the head of his cock against her small rosebud and slowly pushed forward. It all looked so out of balance, the huge frame and huge cock of Dad behind the tiny frame and ass of Beth.

I watched as the head of his cock slipped in past her sphincter. He stopped for just a second then started pushing in again. Beth groaned out “fuck me Dad, fuck my ass good”. Dad didn’t stop until her was ball deep in her asshole. I looked down to see Tammy licking and sucking on Beth’s pussy.

Mom told me it was my turn now. I move in behind Dad. My hands were shaking as I pulled his cheeks apart. Mom reached in and held my cock in place. She told me “ okay honey, push in slow and easy”. I did as she told me and watched my cock as in slipped into Dad’s tight asshole. Mom told me to keep pushing until I was all the way in.

His ass was warm and tight around my cock. I felt my balls slap against his and I was so turned on it was all I could do to keep from shooting my load.

Mom moved behind me and I could feel the toy as it pushed against my hole. Mom told me to lean forward a little and try to relax. I told her I was very nervous but I would do the best I could. Mom slowly pushed the toy in past my tight sphincter. She stopped for just a second and I started taking deep breaths. She started pushing again until I felt the harness of the strap-on against my cheeks.

I could hear Beth, Dad and Tammy all moaning and growing. Dad was holding still and Beth was moving back and forth on his cock. Mom told me she was going to pull out a little and for me to fuck Dad’s ass; That would move the toy in and out of my ass at the same time. We soon had our rhythm going and the room was filled with all the sounds of hot sex.

I heard Beth “ Oh fuck me, FUCK ME!!, OOOOOHHHHH I’M GONNA CUM, FUCK ME HARD DADDY, P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!” Dad let it be known he was about to cum also. He pushed forward and held his cock deep inside Beth. I was slamming into his ass then out onto the toy. Mom said “ go baby, go hard, it is rubbing my clit and I gonna cum.

I saw Tammy moving from under Beth and slid under Dad. Then I felt her tongue lick over my balls. That’s all it took. I shoved my cock to the hilt as I shot line after of cum in Dad’s ass. At the same time Mom shoved the toy cock as deep as it would go in my ass. I was down to my cum just dribbling out of my cock when Mom relaxed and fell against my back causing me to fall over on Dad. We were all wet with sweat and exhausted. We just stayed there trying to catch our breath.

Tammy suddenly said “ Oh shit Bobby, you’re leaking”! I could feel her licking and sucking Dad’s cum off my balls. I heard Dad say something to Beth. I couldn’t understand what he said but it made Beth laugh and told him “go ahead and do it if you can.

Mom placed her hands on my ass and started pulling the toy out of my ass. She told me to stay where I was and not pull my cock out of Dad’s ass. Dad told Beth to hold very still, he though he was getting close. I could feel his ass muscles clamping down then relaxing on my now softening cock.

Mom and Tammy had moved up beside Dad and me. I thought they were waiting for something to happen but I was not sure what. Then Beth squealed “ HELL YES, PISS MY ASS FULL, OH SHIT I CAN FEEL IT GOING IN, PISS IN MY WELL FUCKED ASS, AAAAHHHHHH YES” Now this dumb ass know what was going on.

End of chapter six….but not the end of the action

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