‘Just’ Jane Ch. 03

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I am not a writer, far from it. Except for the names and places, the stories you read are for the most part true. Still they are not biographies. Artistic license has been taken to enhance or in some cases minimize the events described. All sexual situations were between consensual adults within the framework of their story.

This is the ninth of now twelve interviews I have worked on over the last four years.

Most of these stories cover several years. I will try to keep the chapters short. I suggest you save one for reference. None of the stories are mine, any personal friend, or relative.


Chapter 3

I went straight home and found Cassie and Cody waiting for me. Donald was in the den watching sitcoms laughing as if he had no worries in the world.

The next day at work Max informed me Morgan from the credit union wanted to see me. After lunch I stopped in and sat down in his office.

“Jane I have some forms for you to sign.” Morgan smiled sliding them across his desk.

“What is this for” I held up the first document.

“This separates all of your accounts from Donald’s. He will no longer have access to your funds and you will no longer have access to his.” Morgan explained.

“Does he have any funds?” I dared to ask.

“I can’t say, but I will tell you this, if he were to overdraw his account again it will not come from your account anymore.” Morgan smiled.

After I signed it Morgan slid another document across my desk.

“And this?” I just asked.

“Money for Cody’s college. As she passes her classes she will be reimbursed from this account.” Morgan explained.

After signing it I handed him back the top form with several others I hadn’t read as well.

“So Cody was accepted for the scholarship?” I asked not knowing she even applied.

“Scholarship? We don’t have any scholarships…” Morgan said as he reorganized the mess of papers I just handed him. “…Poole transferred the money.”

“Poole?” I repeated shocked.

“Yes … you did know…” Morgan looked up from the paper mess he was dealing with. “…oh dear…oh my…” Morgan closed his eyes and shook his head. “…I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

“So Poole is paying for her college?” I asked bluntly.

“He’ll kill me.” Morgan said turning grey.

“No he won’t.” I replied quickly.

“He won’t? But why?” Morgan asked his color returning.

“Because we won’t tell him I know.” I said convincingly.

“But he’ll find out, he always finds out.” Morgan whined.

“If he does it won’t be from me.” I assured Morgan.

“But how can I be sure?” Morgan complained.

“You can’t, but the day will come when I need your help and I expect you to do the same.” I smiled.

I still had some additional forms to sign and by the time I left Morgan was in good spirits again.

I went back to work that day and many days after that. Kelly only lasted two months as our manager. She was replaced with Nida, Poole’s first choice to train me.

Due to circumstances Tina and I did not spend time together in a month or for that matter the next. Poole also respected my wishes and true to his word made no further advances during this time.

I of course worked with Poole and as such was expected to stand for inspection each morning with the others. I was still referred to as Forty One except when I met with clients. Poole circulated each day and like always had a kind word or a short tale to share.

There were several more occasions where I assisted him during negotiations with other vendors. It was during these time I learned that when it came to business or people, Poole could be ruthless or compassionate. Unlike with Mel and Rhonda was he seldom both.

Having worked out with Max these last two months my body was slowly getting back in shape. Lela stopped supplying one piece suits as I now wore only bikinis.

The summer family reunion was just around the corner. Traditionally it was the two weeks over the Fourth of July holiday. With the size of the family constantly growing and the demand for the resort growing even faster a change was made three years ago.

Now the family meets for just one week including both weekends. The date was moved to two weeks before the holiday. There were issues at first but the family soon learned that it worked out best for everyone that attended.

The end of June tended to be just a bit cooler and the resort had more rooms available before the holiday demand. Most of all the resort had many teenagers from the family arrive for the reunion and then stay for the summer and work.

At home the girls were doing fine, my husband Donald on the other hand was struggling. He hoped to work at the golf course not only to make money but to play for free. It only lasted a couple of weeks before they let him go. Something about him telling customers he was a golf pro or such.

Max finally had a line on a job but said it had to wait until after the reunion. Like my dad, Donald izmir escort bayan complained about attending the reunion. Like my mother Kate, I insisted we attend. With sleeping space at a premium my mother Kate and I arranged for us to sleep in the same cabin they had used for years.

Through a series of fortunate and unfortunate circumstances my life changed dramatically in the weeks before the reunion. I arrived at the office on Friday just before 7:00 am to work out with Max. He asked to talk to me before I went and showered. After our work out I met him just outside the lockers.

“Tina called and asked if you would come by the house and look after Poole?” Max said.

“Is he ok?” I asked quickly.

“She thinks so but Poole was running a fever last night and she has an important meeting today.” Max explained. “Tina doesn’t want him to be alone in case he gets worse.”

“Why me?” I asked before I knew the words left my mouth.

I then realized how few people were really close to Poole. He had friends of course, and untold number of acquaintances, but his inner circle was quite small. Besides with all Poole has done for me how could I be so selfish?

“I’m sorry Max, that came out wrong.” I apologized

“I could ask someone else if you prefer.” Max suggested.

“No of course I’ll go.” I quickly offered. “When does she need me?”

“After you get dressed I’ll have your tablet ready. It’ll give you something to do if you have time to get some work done.” Max smiled.

I pulled up in Poole’s drive and parked out of the way. Tina answered the door dressed for work which is to say quite stylish. Over the last two months we had talked and even seen each other a few times. This, however, was the first time we had been alone since Tina used the vibrator to make me cum.

“Thank you for coming Jane. I just didn’t know who else to call!” Tina said looking back in the house and up the stairs.

“Tina its ok, really it is. Max even gave me work to do.” I showed her the tablet.

“It’s probably nothing but he had a serious fever last night.” Tina fretted. “Poole wanted to go to work today but I insisted he stay home until his temperature is normal.”

“Where is he now?” I glanced over her shoulder.

“Look at me…” Tina cursed herself. “…Tina, where are your manners?” She spoke in the third person. “I’m sorry Jane, please come in.”

I followed Tina into the kitchen where I sat down my purse and tablet.

“I hope I’m not late?” I asked afraid I was holding her up.

“Not at all, it’s just I have this big meeting with the South Koreans today.” Tina sighed. “In three weeks I have a presentation at the charity auction, right after that the family reunion.”

“How can I help?” I moved closer and pulled Tina in with a hug.

Tina was just like me, we could usually handle all that life gives us but there were days, or sometimes just moments, when it all seems just a bit too much. Tina melted in my arms holding me tight.

“You just did Jane.” She whispered. “I’ve missed you so much.”

It just came to me there holding her. Tina was waiting for a sign from me that her self-imposed exile might be over.

“I’ve missed you too.” I whispered back.

“Do you mean that Jane?” Tina pulled back and looked in my eyes.

“I do, I guess I just don’t know what to do about it.” I sighed.

“A kiss would be a good start.” Tina smiled.

“I’ll ruin your lipstick.” I teased.

“I have more.” Tina laughed.

It was not the most passionate kiss we’ve ever shared but it was never the less meaningful. We held each other for another minute then I released Tina.

“Maybe I should go?” Tina chuckled.

“Yeah, that might be best.” I laughed.

“Poole is up in bed sleeping, if he’s up to it he can make you lunch, if not just help yourself.” Tina walked to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. “I set you out a suit to wear in the spare room, feel free to enjoy the pool.”

“What if I need you? Should I just call your cell?” I asked knowing Poole never carried his in meetings.

“I’ll have my cell but it will be off during the meetings. I left my private work number and at that of my assistant on the counter, feel free to put them in your phone. If I’m not available call Max he’ll know what to do.” Tina came out with fresh lipstick. “Wish me luck.”

“Good luck!” I replied happily.

After Tina pulled out the drive I went to the counter and loaded my phone with her contacts. I stopped in the spare room and looked at the suit deciding to put it on later. Walking upstairs I looked in on Poole who was sleeping.

I leaned against the door and just looked at him. The covers were pulled up over his waist. In his fifties Poole’s tanned upper body still looked impressive. The touch of grey in his dark hair gave him a sophisticated look but in reality he was just a good old boy.

Poole was the type of person that was comfortable in almost any setting. Although he never really seeks attention izmir escort he wouldn’t be alone in a room full of people. Even at this age Poole is incredible with kids, maybe because he’s just a big kid himself. With adults he has a way of demanding and getting respect without having to belittle others to do it.

At work he and Max run the business but his brothers John, Luke and my mom Kate are all voting members on the board. I’ve heard Poole disagree with them but never go against their wishes. Max seems to make almost all of the business decisions, and not once has Poole ignored them.

What Poole does is deal with people in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s like he’s the conductor of an orchestra not only at work but in his personal life as well. Sure there are people that dislike him but even then they tend to respect him.

I was out on the patio sitting in the shade working on my tablet. I shifted around in the chair but for some reason I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable. After another ten minutes I realized I worked every day in a bathing suit and here I was in street clothes.

I finally gave in and headed back to the house to change. I decided to check on Poole while I was up. I went to the second floor and looked in the room again. Still in bed the covers had shifted. I realized Poole was naked as just his legs were now covered.

“Oh my goodness.” I gasped.

Lying on his thigh was the penis I had only seen from a distance over twenty years ago. Even soft it was impressive, I wanted to get closer, to touch it, to hold it, hell I wanted to suck it. Poole shifted in the bed rolling on his side.

Disappointed I could no longer study his cock I eventually headed down to change. The suit Tina left me was the same the same white suit I wore at work. Stopping in the bathroom to freshen up I returned to the patio to work.

“I thought I smelled you earlier.” Poole walked across the patio.

Dressed only in his standard swimming trunks Poole swept his hand lightly over my shoulder and down my arm. Leaning over behind me his lips pressed to the base of my neck and kissed me softly.

“Yep, I’m sure it was you.” Pooled kissed me again.

A shiver ran down my spine, his hot breath left me wanting more. I reminded myself I was only here to keep an eye on Poole and work.

“How are you feeling?” I asked trying to act composed.

“It was a rough night, a bit of a headache now, up for some lunch?” Poole asked.

“I could eat.” I answered coolly.

“I’ll call you when I’m ready.” Poole replied withdrawing his hand.

As Poole crossed in front of me I could see his cock outlined down one leg of his suit. I looked down and saw my nipples stretching the top, the bottoms accentuated my plump pussy lips. Closing my eyes I took a deep breath trying remind myself I was in control.

“Do you want to eat there or come in here?” Poole called out from the door.

“It’s such a nice day can we eat out here?” I answered back.

The fact is I was afraid to be in the house with Poole. Somehow I thought I would feel safer outside even though I knew there wasn’t another house within shouting distance.

Carrying a tray Poole sat lunch down on a nearby table. As he set everything in place I made my way over. Poole pulled out the chair and took my hand. Instead of seating me Poole pulled me close.

“I called Tina to let her know I was feeling better, she asked me to thank you.”

Taking me by surprise Poole dipped down and pulled me up for a kiss. This couldn’t be happening I thought. Slightly lightheaded my lips met his with unexpected passion. I moaned as the kiss progressed. Feeling a bit overwhelmed and guilty for a moment I pushed away lightly.

Poole responded instantly by breaking off the kiss and letting me go.

“I’m sorry Poole, I didn’t mean to …I…”

“It’s ok Jane, I understand.” Poole whispered.

“How could you, I’m not sure I do?” I searched his eyes.

“It’s still ok. Please, let’s eat.”

Poole seated me then, to show he really did understand, moved his plate from beside me to across from me. I could tell he wasn’t a hundred percent, but Poole at seventy five percent is better than most men at a hundred.

Poole made a scrumptious tuna salad sandwich with grapes and some special herbs. Garnished with fresh fruit and a white wine it was just perfect.

“You get some rest and I’ll clean up.” I offered.

“Thank you, I think I’ll go workout a bit then maybe I’ll take a nap.” Poole smiled.

I wanted to argue but I figured a little exercise wouldn’t hurt him. I finished cleaning up and loaded the dishwasher. I looked out at the tablet and dreaded thinking about work. I picked up my phone and dialed up Tina.

“Jane I’m glad you called.” Tina answered excitedly. “How’s Poole?”

“We just finished lunch, he seems ok, but still not quite himself. ” I explained. “Do you want me to leave or should I stay?”

“Oh if you could stay I should be home around three.” Tina suggested. escort izmir

“Sure I’d be happy to. How did your meeting go?” I asked remembering how nervous she was.

“Thanks for asking, I think it went great. If all goes well I’ll have some fantastic new fabrics for next year’s lineup.” Tina said excitedly. “Did Poole thank you for me?”

“He did.” I said flatly.

“I hope he did a better job than that or he really is sick.” Tina teased me for not being happier.

“He did Tina, it’s just that…”

“Jane I need to go, this is something we need to talk about in person.” Tina cut me off.

“You’re right. I’ll see you when you get home.” I answered.

“Goodbye luv, I’ll talk to you then.” Tina hung up.

Poole worked out for only a half an hour, just after one he went up to his room and I heard the shower run. I worked for a while and then just after two I went up to check on him again.

Poole was lying on the bed and most of the covers were on the floor. My guess is he was still warm from working out when he laid down. I had just leaned against the door frame when Poole rolled more to his back.

His cock looked bigger now and hung down heavily. I looked at his eyes for some time to make sure he was asleep. My nipples were stiff inside my bikini, my pussy started to moisten. For some crazy reason I needed to look at it even closer.

Moving slowly I made my way across the room standing maybe two feet from the bed. Even though it hadn’t changed I swear it looked even bigger now. I stood mesmerized not only at Poole’s cock but his whole naked body.

It must have been almost five minutes and Poole still slept, his breathing steady, his eyes securely closed. Feeling bolder I moved right up against the bed now not much more than a foot away from Pool’s cock.

I studied the dark mushroomed head, with my eyes I traced each bulging vein and wondered how that would feel in my pussy. I looked at his heavy balls and imagined how they would feel slapping against my clit when he fucked me from behind.

My right hand moved across my stomach, over my suit and between my legs. I widened my stance and gently rubbed my suit pushing it between my puffy lips. I closed my eyes and fantasized what Poole would be like as a lover.

I gave out a soft whimper and my pussy contracted over my fingers. Afraid I might have woke Poole I checked his eyes again. Relieved to see he was still asleep I looked at his cock. For a moment I thought I was dreaming but I’m sure it had grown.

Still rubbing my pussy I licked my lips contemplating how big it would really get? How would it taste? How much cum would he send down my throat? I closed my eyes again concentrating on the needs of my pussy.

Bent slightly with my head swaying, my pussy contracted again, only this time longer and harder. If I didn’t stop soon I would cum. While enjoying my excitement I lost my balance. My free hand reached for the bed to steady myself.

Unwilling to open my eyes, I listened to see if Poole’s breathing changed. It hadn’t. I pushed off to right myself when a firm hand gripped my wrist. I opened my eyes and found Poole’s looking back.

Terrified he was awake I froze. One hand on the bed the other between my legs. Poole looked at me bent over, my breasts barely contained in the bikini top, my pussy lips exposed with the bottoms pushed between them.

My heart was racing as Poole continued to scan my body. I took a quick glance at his cock only to find it had started to come to life.

“Your hand.” Poole spoke quietly, but expected compliance.

I pulled my hand from between my legs, it was partially covered in my excitement. With his free hand Poole guided it to his face where he sucked the creamy fingers clean.

“You taste as good as you smell.” Poole smiled happily.

Still frozen in place, and slightly bent over, Poole guided my cum coated hand to his cock. Poole knew I wanted to run from the room so he waited for me to wrap my hand around his cock and stroked it for him.

When I first gripped his cock my hand was not big enough to reach around it. As I stroked Poole’s cock it swelled in my hand until I was barely more than half way around it. I could feel the weight of his cock as blood rushed in and stretched it bigger and longer.

I looked down, I had to, I looked at Poole’s cock and couldn’t believe my eyes.

I was mesmerized as I held Poole and stroked slowly. Poole let go of my wrist hoping I wouldn’t stop. It seemed his cock never stopped growing and as it did I couldn’t help but just stare.

Poole shifted rolling on his back. I followed with him by sitting on the edge of the mattress. I now stroked this massive cock like it was tree trunk sticking straight up from his groin. I looked at Poole who should have been in obvious pleasure but seemed to be uncomfortable. It took me a minute, I’m sorry but it did, to realize his cock was virtually dry.

In looking back at Poole and found his eyes pleading with me. Without a word I knew what Poole wanted, what he needed, and I knew I wanted the same. Leaning over I wrapped my lips around the fat head of his cock. I could feel Poole’s whole body respond to my mouth and his new found pleasure.

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