Jessica Part 9 Judi gets involved

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Jessica – Part 9, With Judi


After years of suffering from a series of seemingly unrelated health issues, Judi finally found a doctor a few months ago who made the connections and put her on a new therapy which not only relieved the worst of her symptoms, but which restored her zest for both life and sex. We immediately got back to our old ways, at least between the two of us. It’s been fantastic, but I’d been dreading the inevitable question of whether I’d used her permission to get some relief elsewhere while she wasn’t able to participate.

In the meantime, Jess gave birth to a beautiful, dark-eyed, baby girl. Unfortunately, that was just before Tim got word that he either took a year-long overseas assignment, or lose his job entirely. Obviously he went. We knew it was difficult for Jess, I knew especially, because although she never said anything directly when Judi was present, she kept trying to get me to visit alone. Things being so good at home again, I was reluctant. About a month ago, Jess was over with the children talking to Judi and I. The looks coming my way became pretty obvious, but none of us made any direct mention.

When Jess left, Judi finally popped “the question”. “So, while I wasn’t up to it, did you use your permission to have sex with anyone else?”

“I hate to answer that,” I admitted, “with things being so good between us again, but yeah, I did a few times.”

“Anyone I know?”

“Yeah. It was.”


“It was pretty obvious. Wasn’t it?”

“Yes. It was. I thought she was going to jump you right there in the chair this afternoon.” Judi laughed. “Does Tim know?”

“Of course. He actually participated a couple of times.”

“Was it good?”

“Absolutely!” Then I thought better of my enthusiasm. “Not as good as you, of course.”

“Oh, don’t give me that. She’s half my age, and two-thirds my weight. And if she was any cuter she’d be illegal.” Judi laughed. “Would you like to tell me about it?”

“I’ll do even better, but let’s just say that as cute as she is dressed, she’s even cuter naked. She has the prettiest little pink pussy I’ve ever seen, and when she squirts it’s just the most delicious.”

“Better than mine?”

“As good, anyway.” I admitted. “I really got hooked on having my mouth on her pussy when she squirted.”

I looked and realized Judi was rubbing herself through her jeans. “Jess has asked about sex with women. Maybe we could get her to come over and let us share her? That way she gets some relief, and you can check out her pussy. And of course she can experiment without any real pressure.”

“Okay, I like that idea.” Judi admitted. “So what were you going to tell me about sex with Jess?”

“I wrote it all out. All the times that she and I were together, and the one fantasy she asked me about providing her with.” I explained. “Would you like to read them?”

“You bet I would!”

“They’re right here in this directory on my computer. Probably best to read them in order. The last one is the fantasy I wrote for her.”

“Has Jess read them?”

“Every word.”

“And Tim?”

“Tim too. He really wanted to try that last one, but then Jess turned up pregnant.”

:Is that why you and Tim kept joking about ‘dark eyes” when the baby was born?”

“Yeah, there was a chance it was mine.”

“I’m glad for everyone that she’s got Tim’s eyes.”

“Me too.”

Judi read through the stories. It took a while, because she kept stopping to make me go down on her and make love to her, and although we still can’t do everything that Jess and I did, we had a lot of great sex while she worked her way through the series. When we finished the last one we spent a couple of hours screwing each other’s brains out.

“I like that fantasy. If Jess decides to try it, I want to participate.” Judi insisted.

“Well, if your plan goes through, she may not need it anymore.”

“I didn’t know I had a plan.” Judi chuckled. “But yeah, I want some of that pussy too. It’s been so long since I’ve made love to a woman.” She snuggled in my arms, having just emptied me with her mouth. “Do you think we can get her to come here for both of us?”

“I think she’s so horny she’d do almost anything for relief, but we’ll have to be careful.”

“Does she know I’m bi?”

“I told her, but I’m not positive she remembers.”

Jessica comes for dinner

So, we decided to invite Jess to come in for an “adult” dinner and conversation, since she’d had an awful lot of five-year-old and baby conversation the past few months. Judi told her there’d be a lot of wine, so she should get an overnight sitter, which she did. We opened three bottles of wine before she arrived, so it would be more difficult for her to keep track. And I delayed starting dinner, so that Jess could drink a little extra before she started eating, since we guessed that if she was just a bit more relaxed she’d be more willing to follow along when we got her into the bedroom and out of her clothes.

Jess has put on a couple of pounds since the second baby, but it looks terrific on her. Where she was just tiny and almost fragile looking, she’s a tiny bit wider in the hips, and those delightful tits are now just a smidge larger, although still high and proud on her chest. She’s gone from just too cute, to the definition of MILF. And Judi and I both wanted her. She arrived wearing her usual tightly fitted jeans, and a v-neck, button blouse which exposed her delightful cleavage and accented her narrow waist. We plied her with wine while I cooked and she and Judi talked. Judi kept steering the conversation to sexual subjects, trying to insure that as Jess got drunk, she got hornier too. Just as I was setting dinner in front of them I heard Judi say “And then Rich got me to squirt again. I hadn’t done that in years. I love the way that feels.”

Jess ducked her head and blushed. Judi grinned at me, then, when Jess looked up, continued, “Something wrong Jess?”

Jess looked at Judi, then at me. “Does she know?”

“I told her everything. I let her read the stories.”

“Oh God! You didn’t!”

“Why not? There’s nothing there to be ashamed of. You’re a beautiful woman, we’re all friends, and what we did was good for all of us. Wasn’t it?”

Jess blushed even deeper and took a long drink of wine. I laughed. “Look, let’s just eat. I’ve been slaving away over a hot grill, and I want to know what you think of my cooking. I already know what you think of my lovemaking.”

Jess ducked her head, then looked at Judi. “Judi, I am so sorry. I seduced your husband, then kept him coming back for more.”

Judi covered Jess hand with hers and smiled. “Jess, it’s okay. I was sick and he had permission. I knew he found you attractive, and I knew he was staying at your house when he couldn’t get home. I just never put it together.”

“Are you really okay with it?” Jess smiled, while I topped off her wine glass. She took a long drink.

“Jess, it’s really okay.” Judi smiled at her. “It made you both happy, and from the sounds of the stories, it’s made Tim pretty happy too.”

Jess looked at me and smiled. “You really let her read all the stories?”

“Of course. She’s my wife, she deserves to know what I did.”

Jess looked back at Judi. “Are you sure it’s okay? I feel like such a slut sitting here having dinner with you, knowing I fucked your husband behind your back.”

“Jess, neither of you did anything wrong. I’m glad you made each other happy. And you didn’t ‘fuck’ him. I read the stories. The two of you, the three of you, made love and made each other very happy. I’m glad for all of you.” She picked Jess’ hands up and kissed them. “Let’s eat, then we can talk some more.”

We ate dinner and made small talk. Jess, never a hearty eater, ate even less than usual, but she made up for it with extra wine. When we finished I offered to clean up, while Judi took Jess in to the living room and sat to talk. Jess started to sit on a chair, but Judi patted the love seat, next to her. “Sit here next to me. I won’t bite. Much.” She laughed. “Besides, if you sit clear over there I’ll think you still feel guilty.”

“But Judi, I do still feel guilty.” Jess pleaded. She sat next to Judi and Judi pulled her even closer. Jess leaned her head on Judi’s shoulder. “It’s a good thing I’ve got an overnight sitter. I think I’m a little drunk.”

Judi wrapped her arms around Jess’ shoulders and pulled her close. “It’s okay, you’re safe with friends here.”

Jess sagged her head against Judi’s chest. I saw Judi squirm a bit as I walked into the room. Judi pulled Jess’ head up, their faces just inches apart. She smiled at Jess, then leaned in and kissed her lips gently. She pulled back after a moment and looked deep into Jess’ eyes again. Something she saw there must have encouraged her, because she leaned forward, put her hand behind Jess’ head, and planted a long and meaningful open-mouthed kiss on Jess.

Jess finally pushed herself away. Breathing hard she looked at Judi, “Oh my God!” She gasped. “Judi, what’s going on?”

“Jess, quite simply, you’re a very good friend, you’ve been Rich’s lover, and you seem to really need some sexual relief. We’re going to do what we can to provide that relief tonight.” Judi smiled at Jess. “You’ll trust me, won’t you?”

Jess just sat, confused. “Judi, I’m not sure I understand. What’s going on?”

“Jess, you’ve made love to my husband several times, and made him very happy, just as he’s made you very happy. I want to do the same for you, and you for me.”

Jess was clearly blushing again. “But, but, I’ve never….”

Judi put her finger on Jess’ lips. “It’s okay, I know you’ve never, but I have. Just as Rich taught you before, I’m going to teach you tonight. And Rich is going to help.” She looked around Jess and smiled at me. “Aren’t you, Honey?”

“Gladly!” I agreed. Jess glanced at me, then looked back at Judi. Judi didn’t say a word, just took Jess face on her hands and kissed her, for a long, long time. After a while one of Judi’s hands disappeared, and I could see that she was unbuttoning Jess’ blouse. When she had the buttons undone she started pulling it out of Jess’ jeans. They broke the kiss and bornova escort bayan Jess dropped her face against Judi’s breasts. Judi slipped the blouse off Jess’ shoulders, then slipped her bra straps down too. Jess reached up and started on Judi’s buttons.

Jess paused and looked into Judi’s eyes, “What do I do?”

“Jess, you’re doing just fine. Finish the buttons, then we’ll move on from there.” Judi reached around and unsnapped Jess’ bra, and slid it and her blouse down her arms. When her nipples were exposed Judi moved her hands to them and rubbed gentle circles on them. Jess gasped and paused in unbuttoning, but quickly recovered and finished the buttons on Judi’s blouse, then went for her bra clasp. They kissed again while caressing each other. When they broke, both were panting. “Let’s move to the bedroom. Okay?”

Jess whispered, “Yes.” And stood, unsteadily, while Judi got up, took her hand and led her forward.

Judi looked over her shoulder and smiled at me. “Bring the wine. Please.”

Jess blouse and bra slipped from her arms. It was my first look at her breasts bare in almost a year, and they really were even more spectacular than they had been. They were still full, round, and pink and firm, almost no sag, although they were definitely larger than before. Judi saw me looking and smiled. “She really is beautiful. Isn’t she?”

“Very much so.” I agreed.

Jess smiled at Judi, then me. “Are you two trying to seduce me?”

“She caught us!” Judi giggled. Judi turned to Jess and smiled. “I’ve wanted to do this to you since you first came to me about Tim’s little “problem” way back when.”

Jess looked at her and seemed to think for a moment, then just whispered, “Oh.”

Judi led Jess into the bedroom and stopped by the bed. She turned Jess to her and pulled her close, crushing their bare breasts between them, and kissed her fiercely and long. I set the wine on the night tables and watched, stroking my cock through my jeans. Judi opened her eyes and caught me. She motioned with her eyes and I got the message to come up behind Jess and work on her jeans. I pulled my shirt off and tossed it on the floor, then pressed my bare chest against Jess’ back. I reached around and unbuttoned her jeans, and slid the zipper down. Jess moaned into Judi’s mouth. I reached over and did the same to Judi’s jeans, and Judi moaned too, but never broke the kiss. I pushed Judi’s jeans below the curve of her ass, then pushed Jess jeans down. I knelt behind her and pushed them, with her panties, completely to her ankles. I put my face between the cheeks of Jess ass, and licked as far as I could. Jess finally broke the kiss and moaned, “Oh God. Yes!”

She lifted one foot and I pushed her pants off, then she switched feet while I removed her pants and tossed them aside. She opened her legs and I slipped a finger up, testing her pussy, finding it bald and slippery. I slipped a finger inside, while Judi kicked her own pants away. Judi, as usual, had trimmed her pubic hair to a little triangle above her slit. She dropped to her knees and gazed into Jess’ pussy. She took my finger out, sucked it dry then looked again. She looked between Jess legs and smiled at me. “You’re right. It is just the prettiest little pink pussy I’ve ever seen too.” Then, grinning, she said, “I see you got her to shave it for you too.”

Judi licked Jess’ lower lips from back to front, then swirled her clit with her tongue. Jess moaned and sagged. She gripped the back of Judi’s head. “Oh please! Please!”

I stood up and pushed my jeans off, kicking them away, and placed my nearly erect cock between Jess’ ass cheeks. She sagged against me while Judi licked her again. “She’s delicious too.” Judi agreed. Then she licked my cock and it sprang fully to life. Judi looked up at me over Jess’ shoulder. “Jess?”

Judi slipped a finger, then two inside Jess. “Jess?”


“Would you like Rich’s cock inside you while I do this?”

“Oh yes. Please! Can I have his cock? Please!”

“Sit down and put her on your cock.” Judi ordered. I moved to the edge of the bed, stacked the pillows, and sat. Judi turned Jess and backed her up. When her legs hit the edge of the bed she sagged, I aimed my cock, and as she sat down, I directed myself into the slippery depths of her pussy for the first time in almost a year. We both moaned as I went fully inside.

I sighed. Jess said “Oh yes. Thank you.”

“You are welcome, Jess.” Judi crawled over and positioned herself between Jess’ legs and went back to eating that yummy little pussy. Jess just sat, impaled on my cock, while Judi licked and sucked, while cupping my balls in one hand. Jess started to wiggle slowly around my cock, while moaning and getting ever wetter. It was so tight and hot to be inside her again with Judi suckling her clit, I was just happy to be there. I reached around and cupped her breasts, rolling and pulling on her nipples. Suddenly Jess groaned and I felt a flood of moisture down my legs. Jess’ pussy grabbed at my cock, squeezing and trying to get my cum. Fortunately I wasn’t ready yet. I felt Judi press her mouth tightly against Jess and heard her slurping noisily. Jess’ hands went out and grabbed Judi’s head, holding her tightly. After several minutes she turned and started pushing. Gasping she begged, “Please. Stop. Oh God. Let me breathe. Please!”

Judi pulled her head back. “Honey, you are right. That’s not only the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen, it’s also the most delicious.”

I lay back grinning. “I’m glad you agree.” Jess lay back against me. I wrapped my arms around her and whispered in her ear. “Does that take the edge off your little problem?”

Jess turned her head and kissed me. “It’s a start.” She agreed. She raised her head. “Judi, could I return the favor?”

Judi stood and held out her arms. Jess pulled herself up and off my cock. “Of course, if you want. But only if you want.”

“You are such good friends. Of course I want. You’ve let me use your husband, and you just gave me about the best orgasm ever. I hope I can do a little for you.”

They switched sides and Judi lowered herself. Jess grabbed my cock and directed it into Judi. Judi and I moaned again as she slipped down onto me. I felt Jess between my legs and then she said, “Tell me if I’m doing okay?”

“Just think about what I did to you and do about the same. You’ll be fine.”

Jess leaned in and I felt her breath on my balls, then she was licking along both of us. Judi started moaning and whispering encouragement. I could tell quickly that Jess was doing a great job as Judi was bouncing around and her pussy was grasping at my cock. Suddenly she went rigid and leaned back. “Oh my God! Yes.”

Again my legs were flooded. I felt Jess jerk back a little at first, then she was clamping her mouth on Judi, much as Judi had done to her. Judi flipped forward and grabbed Jess’ face. “Oh baby. That was perfect!” Judi gasped. “You have a real future eating pussy. You can have all of mine you want.”

“Was it really okay?”

“Jess, you’re a natural. You were perfect.” Judi stood, plopping my cock out again. “Now, get up here on the bed. Rich hasn’t cum yet, and you need to have your pussy full of cum again.”

“Judi, are you sure you don’t mind?”

“Jess, if you ask me one more question like that again I’m going to paddle that tight little ass.”

Jess’ hips jerked back and she moaned and grinned. “Oh please!”

Judi swatted Jess and Jess jumped on the bed. Judi grinned at her. “How do you want him?”

“I want him on top of me. Looking in my eyes.” Jess smiled at Judi. “I love it when he makes love to me like that.”

Judi smiled at us. “Me too.” Judi reached out and stroked my cock. “Get in there, you need to make love to her.”

I knew better than to ask any questions. Jess rolled onto her back and pulled her legs up until her heels rested on her ass, her knees as far apart as they’d go. I gazed into that perfect pink pussy and stroked myself to I insure I was ready, then I leaned forward to place my cockhead against her lips. When I reached down to aim myself, Judi’s hand was already there. She guided me and I simply slid forward, sheathing myself inside Judi’s friend and our lover. I locked my eyes on Jess’, and slowly moved myself in and out of her. I made love to her slowly and carefully, while Judi lay down next to her and kissed her and played with her nipples.

Of course, slow and careful didn’t last long. Jess locked her heels against my back and drove me as deep as she could. She started rocking her hips and bouncing up into my thrusts. Then I felt Judi’s arm between us. She slipped her fingers in and started stroking Jess clit. I adjusted my angle to slide my cockhead against the sensitive front wall of Jess vagina. She was moaning and bucking and getting wetter with every stroke. Judi leaned in and sucked in a nipple and that put Jess over the edge. She screamed out, “Oh God! Yes, I’m cumming. Please fill me with your cum. I need my cock’s cum. Oh please!” I felt more than saw the flood that erupted between us, soaking our bellies and Judi’s arm.

I couldn’t stop. I pushed a few more hard strokes and started to release my juice inside her. Then my orgasm hit and I slammed as deep as I could get and just lay there, embedded as far as I could reach, moaning, while my cock jumped and pushed spurts of cum against Jess’ cervix. As I finished my arms started to shake. Jess reached up and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and pulled me down against her. She was breathing hard, and her cheek against mine felt wet, like she might be crying. She kept planting little kisses against my cheek and ear. Finally she caught her breath enough to whisper. “Thank you so much. I needed my cock and my cum inside me again.”

Judi whispered a question. “Your cock?”

“Well, I called it mine when he was sharing with me.” Jess turned her head to Judi. “You don’t mind if I still call it mine when you let me borrow it. Do you?”

Judi kissed Jess, then me. “No. I don’t mind. But there’s going to be more sharing than just the two of you from now on, or I will mind.”

I had raised myself back up to look at Jess again. She thought escort bornova deeply for a moment. Then, “Oh.” Thought again, and went “Ohhh! You mean me and you?”

“Yes, and Tim too.”

Jess squeezed me inside her. She seemed lost in thought for a moment. “That sounds fair. If I’m going to be able to use Rich, you should get some of Tim too.” Jess gripped my cock with her pussy again. “He’s still hard in there.”

“Would you like to suck him clean?” Judi asked. “Because I want to lick you some more, and he’s in the way.”

Jess gripped me tighter, inside and out, then dropped her arms. She smiled up at me and said, “Bring my cock up here and put it in my mouth. I want to taste you again.”

Judi whacked my ass, which made my cock twitch. Jess moaned, but I pulled out and crawled up to place my cock at her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked me inside. Then it was my turn to moan. I had to lean against the headboard to keep from falling. Jess sucked me clean, and back to rock hard, all the while making “Num, num” noises in her throat.

I looked back to see Judi licking Jess, seeming to be trying to lick up all of both of our juices. Her face was wet with cum and pussy juice. And she was smiling while she licked and sucked. Jess pushed me back and started to moan encouragement to Judi. “Oh yes. Suck my pussy. Eat all our cum. You are so good.” She stared up at me and whispered, while bouncing my cock against her lips, “I think you should go put this in your wife.”

I pushed my cock back into her mouth and fucked her face for a few strokes. “I suppose I can, if you’re done with it.”

Jess pushed me out and smiled, holding the base of my cock. “I’m nowhere near done with it, but I want to share with Judi for now.” She paused in thought for a moment again. I swiveled off her chest and she gripped Judi’s face. “Jude, come up here and 69 with me, that feels so good and I want to share with you.”

Judi looked up, and simply swiveled into position, dropping her pussy onto Jess’ mouth. Jess took a long lick then looked at me. “Now.” And she held Judi’s pussy open. I knelt over Jess’ head and pushed my cock into Judi. Jess stuck out her tongue as I pushed in and licked along the bottom of my shaft, then went back to Judi’s clit. Having just cum, I was sure it would take quite a while to cum again, but Jess seemed to have a plan. While Judi was concentrating on Jess pussy, Jess was dividing her attention between Judi’s clit and my cock and balls. I was really getting into the feeling of having my cock and balls licked while I fucked my wife, when suddenly I felt a wet finger against my anal ring. Jess lipped in one tiny finger, then a second, curled them forward, and started stroking my prostate. Suddenly I wasn’t going to take a very long time. With all three of us concentrating on pleasure for the others, Judi was the first to give

I adjusted my angle to get us both the best stimulation and it worked. As I felt my balls drawing up for another shot, Judi was approaching her own release. She started bucking back into me, so hard that I was afraid Jess was going to be hurt, but then she froze, and just as my first spurt went out to splash against her cervix, she screamed and flooded Jess’ face with a new squirt of her cum. Through it all, Jess just kept licking and sucking. Slurping happily at the juices in her face. Finally it was all too much for me, Judi’s tight pussy grasping at my cock, Jess tongue laving my balls. All I could do was moan in joy. I finally surrendered and pulled out, and as my cockhead went past Jess’ lips she sucked it into her mouth. It was too much. I rolled off to the side, grabbed a glass of wine and flopped down next to them.

While I sipped on the wine they went back to licking each other. Judi looked at me and said, “We could use you back in here.”

I just laughed. “The only good I could do is die from too much pleasure. I’m going to lay here a few minutes and recover, so the two of you don’t kill me. You’re doing just fine by yourselves anyway.”

I watched for a few minutes while they attacked each other’s pussies. Suddenly Judi dropped her head and squeeled, “Oh God! Again! Oh Yes!” Then she relaxed and flopped down next to me and reached for the wine glass.

Jess sat up, her face covered in cum and pussy juice and pouted. “Hey, I was having fun down there!”

Judi handed her the wine glass and Jess took a drink. “I know you were having fun, I could tell from the great things you were doing to me, but I need to rest.”

“Can I have some more?” Jess whined.

Judi laughed. “Wine yes. Pussy,” and she gripped my seriously limp cock, “Or dick, no, not for a little while, anyway.”

“I hate to be the one to say it, but can we curl up here together and cuddle and rest for a little while?” I requested.

Judi and Jess laughed and nodded assent, so we rolled around until we were propped together on the pillows, against the headboard, sipping wine. Jess cupped my cock and balls in her hand and smiled at me while she stroked them. “I’ve missed these.” She said.

“And they’ve missed you too. It’s been a long time since they’ve come to visit you.”

“Hopefully it won’t be this long again.” Jess smiled at Judi across my chest. “You won’t make me wait another year to use our cock again. Will you?”

“As long as I get your pussy, and you mine, you can have all his cock you want.” Judi replied.

“Hey, doesn’t the owner of the cock get a vote?”

They looked at me and grinned. “We did vote. You don’t get one.”

I tried to frown then realized what they’d said. “So now it’s not even my cock?”

“Nope.” They agreed. Then Jess added, “”And we’re going to have to tell Tim the same thing.”

“I don’t suppose Tim will mind that.” I said.

Judi laughed. “Do you really think Tim will want me too, Jess? After all, he has you at home.”

“We’ll come over and I’ll just tell him he puts it where he’s told to.” Jess insisted. “At least he’ll never have another excuse to put it where it doesn’t belong.”

Judi reached out and put an arm around Jess. “I’m sorry he hurt you, but I’m sure glad you came to me about it, Jess.” They kissed across me, then Judi continued, “It seems it’s all working out for the best in the end.”

Jess snuggled down against me again. “I agree. You know Judi, he’s just so comfortable.” As she patted my chest.

“Yes, he is.” Judi agreed, stroking Jess’ hair. Then she looked up at me. “She’s asleep already.”

I stroked Jess’ back and smiled at my wife. “Well, it looks like your plan worked.”

“Even better than we hoped, I’d say.” She kissed me. “I think that sleep thing sounds good.”

I yawned. ‘I think I agree.” So we slept. I awoke some time later to the sound of voices. I couldn’t quite make it out at first, but I was alone in the bed, so I assumed it was Jess and Judi. I adjusted my position so I could hear better. They seemed to be arguing, quietly.

“Jess, just take your clothes back off and come back to bed. You’re still not sober, and it doesn’t make sense to leave now.”

“But Judi, I just feel so bad about seducing you husband. It wasn’t right, and I don’t care what you say, I can’t make it right.”

“Jess,” There was a long pause, “What happened last night makes it right. At least for me, and I think for Rich, and it should for you.” Another pause, I suspected a kiss. “And it should make it right for you too. We’re much more than just friends now, and I don’t ever want that to change. I’ve wanted you for years, and if it took a little sex with Rich to bring you to me, then I’m okay with that. Better than okay.”

It sounded like a kiss this time. “Oh Judi. I’ve wondered about making love to a woman for a while now. I never expected it to be like this. I never expected to share another woman’s husband, especially Rich.” A pause for another kiss. “ I want Rich, and I want you, I’m just struggling to wrap my head around it all of a sudden like this.”

“For tonight just get your clothes off and wrap yourself around Rich again. It’ll all look better in the morning. I promise.”

There was another long pause, and sounds like clothes being removed. Then Jess said, “Are you really sure it’s okay?” A very loud Smack! As if Jess got her ass swatted.

Judi asked, “Do I need to get Rich’s paddle?”

“Not tonight. But I could use some of that again too.”

“All right then, back in bed.” Judi ordered. “Maybe having me paddle you would help you work through this nonsense that you did something wrong.”

“It might,” Jess agreed, as they walked back into the bedroom.

Judi saw me awake. “Sorry, we didn’t mean to wake you. Someone was trying to sneak out.”

I looked at the clock. “At two AM?”

“It seems she woke up to pee and started feeling guilty again.”

I laughed, “Another good reason to watch her on the toilet.”

Jess ducked her head and blushed and Judi giggled. “Never thought of that. I suppose I shouldn’t go down that road at two in the morning.”

Jess looked a little bewildered. “What road?”

“Mommy and daddy watching the little girl pee.” I replied. Judi nodded, and Jess blushed even more. “Although there might be some fun along the way if we do go there someday.”

I pulled down the covers and opened my arms, “For now, get your butts in here and lets all get some sleep.”

Judi leaned over and kissed Jess again. “And if you wake up feeling like there’s something wrong, just nudge me awake, and slide down and put your cock in your mouth to remind yourself that it’s really okay.”

Jess looked confused, “Why nudge you awake?”

“So I can watch, silly.”

Jess yawned and mumbled, “Okay.” Then she dropped off to sleep. Judi kissed me quickly, snuggled against my chest and dozed, so I just joined them in slumber.

Sometime later, it was at least light this time, I awoke again to the feeling of a warm, wet mouth on my cock, and a small hand gripping the base. I assumed that must be Jess. I opened my eyes and confirmed that part. She was stretched out between my legs, but with her legs drawn up under her so that her ass was in the air. Judi was kneeling next to her hips, her left arm stroking Jess’ back, bornova escort her right occupied below the curve of Jess’ ass. I was really enjoying the feelings, as well as the view, when Jess lifted her head off my cock and moaned, “Oh God, Yes! That feels so good!”

I reached out and stroked Jess’ hair away from her face. She looked up at me and smiled. I cupped her chin and asked, “Is that really where you want that?”


“Where would you like me to put my cock this morning?”

Jess blushed and ducked her head. When she looked up she smiled, “In my ass?” She asked.

“Where was that again?”

“Please, fuck my ass. I want my cock up my ass. I want to feel you cumming in there again.” Jess smiled at me. “Please?”

I looked at Judi and she laughed. “Looks like we should trade places.” She said, as she crawled up to take my place leaning against the headboard, while I went around to kneel on the foot of the bed, between Jess’ feet.

When I looked down I could see that Jess was fully ready for me. Her pussy was dripping and open, and her asshole was thoroughly lubed, and slightly open. I smiled when I spotted the bottle of lube. It seemed Judi was a step ahead, whether at Jess’ request or not was hard to know. I picked up the bottle and dribbled some onto my cock, and a bit more onto Jess’ pink pucker. I gripped my cock and used the head to smear the lube around a bit, then started to push in. Jess looked back at me and said, “Go slow, nobody’s been in there for months, it’ll be like the first time again for a minute.”

“Okay.” I agreed, as I applied gentle pressure with my cock against her ring. For a moment there was resistance, then she relaxed and my cockhead pushed in, followed quickly by a couple of inches of cock, before I could ease the pressure. I paused to watch as Jess resumed suckling on Judi’s pussy. Judi closed her eyes and moaned, gripping Jess’ head in her hands. I felt Jess relax a bit and I slid my cock fully inside her. To be honest it was even better than I remembered, and I remembered that being in her ass was fantastic.

I looked up at Judi, and found her watching me. “How is it, Rich?”

“It’s fabulous, babe. Even better than I remembered.”

Judi lifted Jess’ head and said, “Don’t forget to use your hands down there, Jess.”


Jess went back to eating Judi’s pussy, while I concentrated and pleasing her ass. I stroked her slowly at first, reaching around to rub her clit. I watched Jess’ arm working back and forth, indicating that she was jacking into Judi’s pussy while she sucked and licked. I kept working slowly, wanting to savor being back in Jess’ ass, and enjoying the look of pure pleasure on Judi’s face. Judi just moaned and whispered encouragement to Jess.

I watched Judi’s face and realized she was about to explode with a tremendous orgasm. Suddenly Jess squealed and jerked back. I watched a spurt of Judi’s cum splash above Jess forehead, then Jess dove back against Judi and sucked her dry. Finally Judi pushed against Jess head and laughed. “Enough! Let me breathe! Oh God babe, you are so good at that!”

Jess giggled, “It’s going to take some getting used to, the way you squirt when you cum like that.”

Judi grinned, “I’m going to love getting you used to it.”

I increased the pressure on Jess’ clit and she moaned. Judi pulled Jess up and stroked her hair. “Lay your head here on me and enjoy Rich.”

I focused on pleasing Jess. I got into the rhythm she’d enjoyed before and fucked her ass while rubbing her clit and stroking her back. As Jess’ moans increased Judi lifted her head and looked into her eyes. I felt Jess start to cum around my cock and the first flow of her cum on my hand. Jess squealed, “Oh yes! Fill me! Please!”

That was all it took. I pushed my cock as deep into her ass as I could and shot my load deep inside. I stared into Judi’s face as I filled Jess with my cum, again. She was smiling, but her focus was on Jess. Spent, I leaned against Jess, and she slid further up Judi’s body, her face still turned to look at my wife’s. Jess finally spoke, “Judi, thank you, so much.”

“No Jess. I need to thank you. I always want to remember the look on our faces as you came together. As you pleased, satisfied, each other. As my friend, my lover, and my husband took so much pleasure in each other. Making love and letting me watch.” Judi leaned down kissed Jess deeply. “Thank you for what you’ve given me.”

Jess whispered, “Judi, thank you for sharing and teaching me. It was better than I could ever have expected. I will always owe you my gratitude for everything you’ve shared with me. Not just this night, but all the nights before.”

Judi leaned down again and kissed Jess, then kissed me. “How about you?”

“I’ve just spent the night making love to my two favorite women ever. I’m almost afraid to say anything.”

Jess turned and grinned at me. “Well, I’ve got a request. Can you pick me up like before and carry me to the bathroom? If not, we’re going to make a much bigger mess of this bed.”

Laughing, the three of us managed to get Jess and I pushed back upright, then she locked her legs around me, and I carefully slid off the end of the bed and carried her away. Judi called after us, “Don’t start anything new until you get back here so I can play too.”

Jess giggled. “Oh, she’s no fun.”

“I heard that!” Judi retorted.

I set Jess down so she could do what she needed, and went to the sink to clean up. Before either of us could finish, Judi joined us. As I finished washing myself Judi looked at Jess, then asked me, “Need some help with that?”

I smiled back at her and replied, “I think I’ve got it. Thanks.”

So, she dropped to her knees and slurped my cock into her mouth. Judi rolled my nearly limp cock around in her mouth, and quickly started bringing it back to life. “Hey,” Jess yelled, “I thought we were waiting.”

Judi took me out of her mouth long enough to say, “You had to wait for me, I don’t have to wait for you.” She sucked me back in and continued to suck me back up.

I heard the toilet flush and found Jess kneeling next to Judi, and felt her hands on my ass and balls. “Can I have a mouthful of that?”

Judi paused again, “Well, it’s hardly a mouthful.”

“You know what I mean. I just want him in my mouth again. I’ve missed him so much.”

“Then take it.” Judi turned me to Jess. “I’m sure he doesn’t care which of us sucks on him.”

“As long as it’s one of the two of you, you’re probably right.” I agreed. Jess took my entire cock in her mouth until pushed her nose against me. I gasped and gripped her head as my knees buckled. “Would the two of you mind if we move to the bedroom?”

“Don’t you like getting sucked in the bathroom?” Judi grinned.

“It’s not that. But if Jess keeps doing that I’m going to fall down, and I want to fall somewhere softer than this floor.”

Judi jumped up and pulled Jess to her feet. “Come on. Let’s take him in the bedroom.”

Jess stood, but kept her hand wrapped around my cock, so obviously I followed. They backed me against the bed, but Jess stopped me when I started to sit down. “Oh no. I want to do this while you’re standing. I want to see if I can make your knees buckle.” She knelt again and sucked me back deep in her mouth.

That alone nearly made my knees weak. Jess had remembered exactly how I like to be sucked and she applied everything she knew. Judi helped, first by kissing me, then by sucking on my nipples and rubbing my ass. Then she stood up, winked at me, and started sucking on her fingers. Jess rolled my cock around her tongue, and when I closed my eyes and gasped at the pleasure of it, Judi reached around and slipped a wet finger in my ass. I moaned and looked at her. “Feels nice babe.”

“Then you’re really going to like this.” And she knelt and slipped another finger in as she leaned in to kiss Jess on the cheek. “You keep sucking on him the way he likes and I’ll see if I can’t help get you a breakfast cum.”

I knew that Judi knew the same trick Jess had used and she was quickly massaging my prostate with two fingers. Jess kept sucking me, first taking me completely in her mouth and swirling her tongue around me, then pulling back and licking and nibbling near the tip, then forcefully face-fucking herself. Needless to say, between what they were doing to me, and the sight of Judi kissing and stroking Jess, I was quickly ready again. I gripped Jess head and moaned. “Oh God! Jess, here it cums!”

Jess gripped my hips and pulled me deep inside, stroking the base of my cock with her hand and slipping the remainder of my cock in and out of her juicy mouth. I could only moan as my cum spurted against the back of Jess mouth. I felt her swallowing and watched Judi kiss her as I collapsed onto the bed. They both followed me down and kept me shooting shot after shot into Jess. Finally I could only lay back and beg. “Please stop! Please. I can’t stand it anymore.” I tried, very ineffectually to push Jess off my cock, while Judi kept wiggling her fingers and causing me to spurt with each stroke.

Jess finally pulled me out of her mouth, but kept her grip on my shaft. “Do you suppose we should let him stop cumming?” She grinned at Judi.

I was panting and trying to beg but there wasn’t much coherent coming from my mouth.

Judi raised up to look at me. “I think we’ve pretty well emptied him for now. I suppose we can let him rest a while.” She slowly extricated her fingers from my ass.

Jess leaned forward and licked the last drop of cum from the head of my cock. She climbed up and leaned over me and kissed me. “Thank you. I needed that so much.” Then she leaned over to Judi and kissed her too. “And thank you for sharing with me. Again. Even if you didn’t know when you shared him before.”

Judi reached out and grabbed Jess head and kissed her deep and savagely. When she finally let go both were panting. “What’s important now is that he’s ours to share whenever we want, from now on. You let me know when you want some and we’ll make sure we’re ready for you.”

Jess smiled. “Both of you?”

“You know it. He doesn’t get your pussy unless I do too.” Judi confirmed.

“I can live with that.” Jess agreed.

I’d finally recovered enough to raise my head and grin at the two of them. “I think I can live with that too.”

Judi and Jess looked at me and laughed. Together they said, “What makes you think you get a vote?”

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