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Chapter 1

Once Jakob’s mom had recovered from the shock of her son’s statements she began the short drive home. Jakob was silent but his mind was working. There had been no sex on the long bus ride home from Orlando, just some hand holding and kissing; he and Jessie had talked and talked about their future. They agreed that discussing everything with their parents right away was the best approach. When he and his mom arrived Jakob walked in and told his dad he needed to talk with them. He summarized what had happened on the ride to Orlando, omitting the explicit sexual parts. He told his dad about their plans to attend college and live together, then marry once school was completed. His dad puffed his pipe in contemplation. When Jakob was finished he placed the pipe in its holder and asked if they had been intimate.

Jakob had always been truthful with his parents and had anticipated his father’s question. “Yes, Dad, she was a virgin just like me. It was the second best thing that’s ever happened to me. The first was when she said she loved me.” And then he went on to tell about the rented room he and Jessie had shared.

His dad continued his thinking, puffing his pipe for several minutes before saying, “If this young lady is joining our family I think we ought to meet her, don’t you?”

“Yes, Dad. Thanks,” Jakob exclaimed as he rushed off to bed. When Jakob had gone he turned to his wife asking her, “Have you ever met her? Do you know her or her family?”

“I’ve seen her around school and the stores any number of times, but we’ve never actually met,” she replied tentatively. “I think her father is Harry Holmes. You know– the accountant.”

“Yes…I have met Mr. Holmes. Is she anything like her father?” he inquired further.

“I don’t think so. What’s she like? From what I’ve heard she’s fairly intelligent and gets good grades, too. On a scale of one to ten, she’d be a twelve, at least—tall and thin, good posture, light brown hair just below her shoulders, high cheek bones and skin most women would die for. Oh, yes—the brightest green eyes I’ve ever seen and a body most men would kill for.”

* * * * * * * *

Jessie’s ride home was in stark contrast to Jakob’s. When her mom had arrived she immediately asked Jessie, “OK…how did it go? Did you get anywhere with him?” When Jessie had first told her that she really liked a boy who was just too shy to even talk to her, they had actively discussed how to seduce him. On her ride home she told her mom everything—all the intimate details.

“I knelt on the seat, giving him a really good look at my body. When I turned around I could see he had a huge erection.”

“Oh, my.”

“I checked around—just about everyone was sleeping so I jerked him off.”


“Then I licked and sucked up all his semen. There was a lot of it and it tasted really yummy.”

“Oh, dear,” was all her mom could say. That’s how the conversation went all the way home. All in all though she was very accepting of everything Jessie had told her. The big problem would be her father who was known to enjoy bullying people to get his own way. This, too, Jessie had discussed with Jakob. They would stick together whatever he tried.

Chapter 2

The following morning Jakob was up even earlier than his usual 5:30. Once he had finished his chores he cleaned his truck—a 2010 Toyota Tundra– inside and out before breakfast and showering. He paid special attention to his hair, combing it carefully before trying unsuccessfully to tame his ever-present cowlick. He dressed in a solid blue golf shirt and clean khakis with white ankle socks and sneakers. Then he went to pick up Jessie for school. Mrs. Holmes answered the door. He was about to introduce himself when she said, “Good morning, Jakob. C’mon in. Jessie will be down in a minute.” It was just a moment later that Jessie appeared at the top of the stairs dressed in a pale yellow top that emphasized her breasts, held up by two thin spaghetti straps, and a mid-thigh length black skirt. Jessie flashed him quickly while her mom’s back was turned so he could see she was wearing no underwear; her bald pussy was totally exposed and accessible to him. It was clear from her top that she was wearing no bra, either. She hurried down the stairs and ran to Jakob. She held his head while she kissed him, rubbing her breasts against his chest and her leg into his crotch. Once again, Jakob’s body responded strongly, so when Jessie stepped away her mother could clearly see the straining cloth created by his growing erection.

“Oh, my,” Mrs. Holmes exclaimed, “you certainly didn’t exaggerate, did you, Jessie.”

Of course Jakob was mortified. “Uh…I’m sorry, Mrs. Holmes.”

“For what, Jakob?… for being human?…for loving Jessie? There’s no reason to apologize for any of those things. But, Jessie, don’t let him go to school until you’ve taken care of that. You caused it…you deal with it.”

“With pleasure, Mom.”

“Oh, by the way, Mrs. Holmes,” Jakob interrupted, “Jessie and I have some things to do this afternoon so it might be best if I took care of her dinner tonight.”

Jessie looked at him questioningly, but all Jakob would say is…”Two surprises…two surprises.”

They left the house and Jakob opened the passenger door, assisting her up into the seat before buckling her in. By the time he had walked around to his door Jessie had unbuckled her belt and slid across the bench seat to be closer to him. She leaned in for a quick kiss before he started the engine. Jessie rubbed Jakob’s erection slowly but firmly, causing it to throb as it grew in size and firmness.

“You’d better be careful or I’m going to have a very embarrassing accident.”

“Then you’d better find a place where we can fuck—the sooner the better. I’m dripping all over your seat, not to mention my skirt.”

Jakob pulled out of the driveway and up the street. After a few blocks he located an empty lot holding several cars and a large dump truck, all with “For Sale” signs on their windshields. He pulled in closely behind the truck. No sooner had he turned off the ignition than Jessie was out of her belt and had turned to face him. She clutched his head and kissed him. This was no soft gentle kiss. It was hard, hot, and hungry, borne of her overwhelming need for him. When she finally broke the kiss she pulled back just a few inches still clutching his head. “I never believed I could miss someone like I missed you last night,” she whispered to him. She opened his seat belt and pulled him toward her. She removed his pants and straddled him. Jakob moved to penetrate her but she stopped him, placing her hand over his lips. “Let me do it,” she begged him. “Let me work for you.”

Jessie held his rigid cock just below her slit. She was so eager, so hungry for him that her natural lubricating fluids flowed from her cunt like water from a tap. She slowly…very, very slowly…lowered herself onto him. Jessie had learned to love the sensation of Jakob’s cock entering and stretching her vaginal walls. She wanted it to last so she took almost thirty seconds before she felt the tip of his dick brush against her cervix. She stayed motionless in this position for several minutes, feeling her membranes expand to accommodate this rock hard intruder.

Finally, she initiated a slow sinuous motion which rubbed Jakob’s cock over all of her pussy walls, creating friction in spite of her copious fluids which soaked her thighs as well as his abdomen. Her pace quickened as she became hotter, craving completion for both of them. Jessie moved her hands from his shoulders to his hands, guiding them under her top to her firm breasts and hardening nipples which Jakob gladly massaged and pinched. Suddenly, Jakob felt a tiny twitch in her vagina—her orgasm was about to begin. He thrust deep and hard into her again and again. She shuddered and shook explosively as her orgasm took control of her body. Jakob continued his wild thrusts until he shot ONE…TWO…THREE…FOUR…FIVE thick hot rivers of semen, drenching her pussy and womb. His cum and hers leaked from within her down her thighs covering both of them.

They lay there together reveling in the success of their union. Finally, Jakob told her, “I could stay with you like this for hours but we need to get to school.”

“Don’t worry, we can be late.”

“Jessie Holmes,” he kidded, “you’re a very bad influence on me. You’ll ruin my perfect attendance record, for sure.”

“You mean you’ve never been late or absent all year?

“No, I’ve never been either late or absent—not since kindergarten.”

Jessie clung to him for another minute before jumping up and back. “Let’s go. I’m a mess but I can clean up when we get there.”

Jakob reached below the seat and produced a small plastic bag with two clean white towels. “I like to be prepared,” he told her as he passed one to her and wiped his body with the other. They left the lot and arrived at school with only minutes to go before the first bell. They made arrangements to meet at lunch.

Chapter 3

When Jakob had cleared the lunch line he looked all over for Jessie. Eventually he saw her friends waving him over. When he had deposited his tray he noticed them grinning mischievously. “Oh, Jakob, you’ve been really naughty, haven’t you? Jessie was leaking your cum from her pussy all morning. Her thighs were so sticky she had to go to the lav and wash up. We wish we had that problem, we’re so jealous.” Jakob sat and saw Jessie approaching, her inner thighs red from rubbing with the coarse paper towels. Jessie sat and kissed him before buca escort bayan they ate. Sally cleared her throat, “I broke up with Joey last night. I got tired of getting no sex from him. I guess the word is out because I got two offers so far this morning. I’m planning on some serious fucking this weekend…thanks to you, Jakob.” He didn’t know what to say so he just smiled in reply. He was actually embarrassed. Sex was something personal and private to him; he would never discuss sex with Jessie with anyone—other than Jessie, that is. After lunch the girls left the table, leaving Jessie and Jakob alone. “So,” Jessie began, “what’s up this afternoon?”

“If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it? Let’s just say you’ll have a good time and leave it at that, OK?”

After school they met at his truck. Once seated inside Jakob took her hand, kissing the ring he had bought her at Sea World. “I have to ask you to break a promise you made to me.” He removed her silver ring—the one with the kissing dolphins—and put it onto the same finger on her right hand. Jessie seemed to be confused so he continued, “You’re going to need room there for your real engagement ring. That’s surprise number one. Reach into the glove box, will you, please?”

Jessie opened it and found a large manila envelope. “My dad,” Jakob continued, “went to the bank for me this morning.” He took the envelope from her, sliding it into his waist band.

“You don’t have to buy me a ring. I’m happy with this one,” Jessie replied.

“It’s something I want to do. I want everyone to know that we are really serious about each other, not just some goofy kids playing at love.” Jessie looked at him and understood. “You’re right. We know we’re serious but a lot of other people probably don’t believe us. Let’s go. I can’t wait.”

Their town was a small one, not big enough to support a jewelry store, but there was a pawn shop that sold a lot of jewelry among other things. That’s where they would begin their search. Jessie had no idea how much Jakob could afford so she started looking at some rings with tiny diamonds until Jakob shook his head and pointed to some with stones in the one carat range. They finally settled on one about 1.25 carats in a white gold setting. It cost Jakob just over $4,000. Jakob opened the envelope and calmly counted out forty-one hundred dollar bills. There were several more that he returned to the envelope.

Once the ring was sized and cleaned he carefully placed it on her finger saying, “I love you, Jessie, more than I can ever possibly tell you.” A tear came to Jessie’s eye, but it was a tear of sublime happiness. She kissed him and they left the shop.

“ Jakob, that was a wonderful surprise. No wonder I love you so much, but what’s next? Can’t you tell me?”

Jakob opened the truck door for her, climbed in behind her and drove away in silence. He was grinning but Jessie couldn’t figure out what was going on. Finally she said, “Jakob, you know it’s not nice to have secrets from your fiancé.”

“I know,” he replied, “and this is the last one I’ll ever have, but it’s something I have to show you.”
He drove down the highway until he pulled off onto the gravel drive of an abandoned farm. The house looked like something you’d see in an old cowboy movie. The paint was faded and the roof well-worn. There was a low porch that ran the length of the house. “This is the old Webster place. My dad bought it last winter. It’s about 800 acres. We talked this morning at breakfast. He knows we’ve been having sex and, obviously, we’re going to continue. He doesn’t want us doing it in the truck. He thinks it’s too dangerous—too easy to get caught. There have also been some incidents of muggings and robberies in the past few months. I’m sure you’ve seen them in the papers. Anyway, he offered this place to us. We can come here for sex if we want or to spend a weekend, anything we want to do. It has electricity and the water is connected. I know because Dad had me clean it out last week before the trip. I don’t know what he was thinking about at the time but it’s all ours now. Want to go in?” Jessie just smiled in reply.
Jakob helped Jessie up the step to the porch. He opened the door with his key and led Jessie in. The house was small but neat. She could see they were in the living room with an old TV, a worn couch and an upholstered easy chair. One doorway led to a large eat-in kitchen. To the left was a short hallway to the two bedrooms. It was in that direction that she led Jakob. The smaller bedroom with two twin beds was on the left; the larger “master” bedroom was farther down the hall facing the rear of the house. The bathroom entrance was opposite. Jessie walked in to find a double bed with an old iron headboard. The bed looked lumpy and it was, but it would serve them well until a replacement could be found. Jessie wiggled her finger to invite Jakob to follow her. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs, her feet pointing skyward. “OK, fiancé, do your thing; whatever you want, I want it, too.”

Jakob kneeled before her and slowly removed her thong. It had been thoroughly soaked during the morning’s sexcapade. The dried cum made the cloth stiff like cardboard. He lifted it over her heels and got down to work. He placed his tongue just in front of her ass and licked forward. He ran his tongue over her soft smooth labia. She responded with a soft mewing sound as he moistened her pussy with his saliva. Jessie gripped his head forcing his tongue into her slit. Jakob could taste her fluids as she self-lubricated. This was ambrosia—nectar of the gods. He drove his tongue deep into her in search of her delectable pussy juice. Using his tongue he fucked her hard and fast. “Ohmygod,” Jessie squealed. She thought she was in heaven when Jakob slipped his finger into her ass. “Oh, fuck me! That feels so good. Fuck me with your tongue. Fuck my ass. Put another finger in me…PLEASE!!”

Jessie was panting rapidly. Her eyes couldn’t focus. She stared vacantly toward the ceiling. She could feel the pressure rise in her cunt and spread throughout her body. Jakob was working her hard when she contorted her body in a spasm of euphoria; that spasm lifting her almost a foot off the bed, the springs groaning when she fell exhausted and drained, covered in sweat and cum. She relaxed for several minutes while she recovered. Jakob kissed her inner thighs, licking her clean, sucking up her juices as they leaked from her cunt. Finally, he kissed her pussy and rose to lie next to her. It didn’t take long for Jessie to discover how aroused he was. His erection jabbed into her side.

“Oh, I guess you really enjoy eating my pussy. You’re even more turned on than I am. She reached down to stroke him. She gripped his rock hard cock through his pants. Jakob groaned in response. Jessie leaned over so she could unbuckle his belt and slide his pants down and off his legs. His cock stood up pushing the leg of his boxers aside. When Jessie fingered his cock her touch was electric. The cock leaped up several inches in response. “Lie back, Tiger. Let’s see what I can do with this.”

Jakob did as he was told. He lay back as Jessie moved between his legs. She cupped his balls, rubbing them tenderly. She licked each testicle getting exactly the reaction she wanted—Jakob moaned in ecstasy. Jessie moved up, leaned forward, and licked his enormous cock from base to tip. She pushed her tongue into the hole at the head just before taking the head into her mouth. If Jakob had felt pleasure before, now he felt as though he were soaring through the heavens. Every part of his body tingled with delight. Jessie was only able to get about a third of his cock into her mouth. She resolved to practice, practice, practice until she could deep throat him. What fun that would be! She sucked and moved her head up and down, her mouth simulating her cunt. When she heard Jakob utter a loud “UGGHHH” she knew he was about to explode. She took a deep breath so she could swallow all of his cum, and she did it just in time. Jakob rammed five huge splurts of cum straight into her throat. When he had finished she slowly licked his cock clean, even pulling the last few drops from his tip. She then kissed the cock that had given both of them so much pleasure, and leaped onto the bed, falling into Jakob’s embrace.

They rested for almost an hour, slowly regaining their strength, recovering from their sexual ordeal. Then Jakob rose on one elbow, leaned down to kiss his lover, “Hungry?” he whispered.

“Famished, any ideas?”

“Sure, we could go out or bring in—Chinese, pizza, whatever you want.”

They decided to get pizza delivered. While they waited Jessie had some questions for Jakob. “Jakob, I love my ring, but are you sure you can afford it? I would have been satisfied with something much smaller.”

“I told you once that I don’t throw my money around, but what I didn’t tell you is that I do have a fair amount of money. My grandfather left me over $100,000. My dad had two brothers who died young—one in Vietnam, the other in a bad car collision—so he was Grandpa’s only heir, other than me. Also, I’ve been working on our farm and others since I’ve been ten. You know my dad has the largest farm in the area. He has a lot of equipment the smaller farmers can’t afford so he rents it out when they need it. It comes complete with an operator—me! Dad gives me sixty percent of what he charges so my share is usually somewhere between 500 and 700 dollars a day. I have to work long hours, but it’s worth it. I’ve cleared at least $20,000 a year for the past eight years. Of course, I invested it. At first my dad managed the money, but three years ago he turned all that escort buca over to me. I’ve done pretty well—averaged more than ten percent a year. So, anyway, I plan to pay my own way through college and grad school and we should have more than enough to get us started once we’re married.”

When he finished he looked at Jessie. She just sat there in awe of him. “The more I learn about you, the more incredible I find you are,” she said finally. “How lucky can I get?” They started to hug, which led to a kiss, which might have led to more, had the pizza delivery not interrupted them. After their dinner Jessie excused herself to the bathroom. She laughed when she saw the old fashioned tub on legs. It looked pretty big, though, and that gave her some ideas. But they would have to wait. Now she had to go home. She knew she would miss Jakob more than ever. She could hardly wait until they could be together.

Chapter 4

Jessie was invited to meet Jakob’s parents on Saturday afternoon. She was really nervous when Jakob picked her up. Jakob introduced her and her nervousness melted away when his mom hugged her. Jakob’s dad, however, just stood there with his hands on his hips. “I will have to talk to Anna about the lies she’s been telling about you. She told me you were a twelve on a scale of ten. You’re easily a fifteen! I’m glad my son has such good taste.”

“Thank you, Mr. Johannson.”

“That’s something we’re going to have to change. I can’t have any daughter-in-law calling me ‘Mr.’”

“Can I call you ‘Dad?’ Is that OK?” she asked.

“Much better. Now, how about a hug?”

Jessie gave her new dad a big hug and when she pulled back she noticed a large lump in his pants. “So that’s where he gets it from,” she thought. Dinner was steaks cooked on the grill with baked potatoes, baked beans, and corn on the cob. Jakob did the honors cooking the steaks, something that once again surprised Jessie. She wondered if she would ever know the full extent of his abilities.

During dinner Jakob’s father commented, ”I see you’re making good use of the Webster place. That’s good. I’m glad. You are both young and healthy. You should be enjoying each other.” Jessie was a little embarrassed by his frankness but saw that Jakob took it in stride. She assumed correctly that they had a very open relationship just as she had with her mom. She tried to help with the clean-up after dinner, but Jakob’s mom told her, “I’ll do this. Then I’ll take care of that lump in Sven’s pants. You two go and take care of each other.”

Jakob drove to their new hideaway. He led her into the kitchen where he slowly removed their clothes. They stood naked in the moonlight as they moved together for a kiss. Jessie loved the way Jakob’s tongue sought hers and wrestled in their mouths. She was a bit surprised when jakob lifted her onto the counter top. He moved her legs up onto his shoulders, a movement that placed her pussy directly in line with his throbbing cock. He was leaking pre-cum which he rubbed into Jessie’s slit, not that she needed any extra lubrication. Her pussy was soaking wet. Jakob pushed his hips forward, sliding his cock easily into her velvet tunnel. Jessie pulled his head forward so they could kiss as they fucked. Jakob could feel Jessie squeeze her vaginal muscles, increasing his pleasure. He licked two fingers then pushed them into her ass. “Oh, yes, Jakob. I love that. Fuck me with your fingers. I can’t wait until you stick your cock in there. I hope it will happen soon.” Jakob pulled his cock out and rubbed his tip against Jessie’s swollen clit. It was only seconds before she came so hard she squirted all over him. They both laughed. “We’ll have to remember how to do that. I’ve never done it before. It felt so great. Now let’s take care of you.”

Jessie slipped off the counter and bent forward in front of Jakob, her hands on the counter. Jakob grabbed her by the hips; his cock slid right into her hot silky hole. Jessie pushed back, forcing him deeply into her. As Jakob thrust forward, Jessie pushed back. They had never fucked like this before but it was only seconds before they had coordinated their efforts with great effectiveness. When Jessie felt his cock throb she pulled off, spun around, and pulled his cock into her mouth just in time to swallow his entire load. She licked their combined fluids from his cock enjoying her own taste as much as she relished his. “I’m determined to get all of this cock into my mouth,” she told Jakob. “I want to practice every day, OK?”

“Only if I can practice on you at the same time.”

“It’s a deal!”

While Jakob and Jessie were satisfying each other his mom had just started the dishes when Sven, her husband, came into the kitchen. He stood behind her, raised her skirt, and put his hand on her ass. Anna had a good body for a woman of her age—almost forty. She was tall and thin with small breasts and narrow hips. Her ass was round and her abdomen flat. Most importantly she made maximum use of her assets. She squirmed her ass back into Sven’s hand. “Go ahead, stick your finger in my ass. Get me ready for your cock.”

“Ah, Anna, you know what I like, don’t you.”

“I know you liked rubbing against Jessie. I’m going to have to keep a close eye on you, I think.”

“She is a beauty, I have to admit. In some ways I envy Jakob. But I’m more than satisfied with you, my dear.”

“You’d better be,” she kidded as she led him into the bedroom, his finger still up her ass. Anna pulled her blouse over her head, undid her bra, and threw her skirt onto the floor. She knelt on the bed and bent forward, inviting her husband to fuck her pussy or ass. Sven dropped his pants revealing a monster cock, even bigger than Jakob’s. It was oozing pre-cum which he rubbed into his wife’s slit. Anna was already lubed up and ready for sex. She reached back and pulled his cock into her pussy. “Put it there first to get it lubed up then I want you in my ass and I want it hard.”

Sven placed his hands on her waist so he could pull himself all the way into her. When they were first married Anna feared sex because of his mammoth size but years of experience and the birth of their child had made his entry much easier. Sven loved the feel of his wife, the contractions he felt when she flexed her muscles. Sven pumped her hard and fast and when he was ready he pulled out, moved his cock up and pressed against her sphincter. Sven was so large there was no way this wasn’t going to hurt initially, but that pain would quickly yield to intense pleasure as his rock hard cock pressed against the thousands of nerve endings lining her anus. She grunted as he made entry. Sven knew from years of experience that he needed to wait now for her to recover. She would signal him when she was ready. After a few minutes Anna pushed back, forcing his cock deep into her ass. “Fuck me hard, Sven. Fuck me hard!” Sven pushed his cock all the way into her bowel then withdrew before ramming home again. He repeated this savage motion over and over until his balls started to clench. “Anna, I’m close.” She pulled off him and took his cock into her mouth so she could swallow his offering. She had never objected to the taste of her ass because she loved the taste of his cum so much. Anna was an oral junkie. She’d put almost anything into her mouth, especially after it had been either in her pussy or her ass. Sven lunged forward as his first stream of creamy cum hit her tonsils. He repeated several times, filling Anna’s mouth with creamy cum. She showed it to him before swallowing and licking him clean.

“You know, Anna, I think I’ll keep you.”

The following day Jakob went to meet Jessie’s parents for dinner. He had already met her mom, of course. When introduced to her father who had a reputation for rudeness and bullying he said, “Pleased to meet you, sir,” and extended his hand. Mr. Holmes ignored this gesture, instead staring into space.

During dinner the expected interrogation began. “I assume you’re infatuated by having sex with my daughter, like all of her other boy friends.”

“Sir, I won’t lie to you. Jessie and I are having sex together, but I assure you that she was a virgin just like me.”

“I find that hard to believe. Just take a look at her.”

“I love looking at her. She’s beautiful. But you’ll have to take my word about the other part.”

Howard changed his direction of attack. “I’m sure you know that Jessie is in the top ten percent of her class, ranked 25th out of, what is it, two hundred and fifty something? I can’t imagine you could possibly meet such a high standard.”

“Actually, sir—I’m number six which would put me around the top 3 percent.”

Her father just glared. Jessie was upset that he was being so rude. “Why do you think you are good enough for my daughter?”

“Well, sir,” Jakob started, trying to be polite and respectful, “the truth is… I don’t think I am good enough for her… but for some reason she thinks I am,…and that’s what really matters.”

Now her dad was becoming angry. This conversation was not going as he had planned. “Well, I hate to tell you this, but I can’t really see Jessie as a farmer’s wife.”

“I agree with you, sir. But your concern is moot since I’m not planning on being a farmer.”

“You’re not?” It was Jessie who was surprised to hear this.

“No… for several reasons. First, my dad is young—only 42—so I expect him to work for at least another 25 to 30 years. I wouldn’t be taking over the farm for a long time. Second, the family farm is becoming an anachronism. The future of farming is in big corporations like ConAgra that can afford all the expensive equipment and are big enough to diversify and take advantage buca escort of economy of scale. I’ve spoken to several of their local executives. They run into a lot of Ag grads and a lot of business grads but very few with both sets of skills. That’s why I plan to have a dual major—agriculture and business. I’ll get my MBA once I graduate.”

“You seem to have an answer for everything. A real know-it-all, aren’t you?”

“No, sir, there are probably millions of questions I couldn’t answer, but I was able to answer the ones you asked.”

Howard Holmes was accustomed to getting his own way at all costs. So far he wasn’t getting his way at all and he wasn’t happy. He played his ace in the hole. “I don’t think you are right for my daughter and I don’t like this relationship. I especially don’t like the idea of you seducing my daughter and coercing her to have sex with you.”

“Daddy! That just isn’t true. If anyone did any seducing it was me that did it. Jakob doesn’t have to coerce me—I love doing it with him. And, the truth is that I’m not good enough for him. We came here hoping to get your blessing…”

“Well, you’re not getting it, and if you persist in this relationship I’ll cut you off without a cent. Then where will you be?”

“Mr. Holmes, I’m more than happy to pay for Jessie’s education and support her. I’m paying my own way through college and I can afford to cover both of us.”

“Really? Where would a bum like you get that kind of money—steal it?”


“No, sir,” stated Jakob calmly, “I’ve been working and saving since I was ten. You can keep your money. We don’t want or need it.”

That was the final straw for Howard Holmes. “I’ve had enough of you. Get out!”

Before Jakob could say anything Jessie put her hand on his arm and stood. There was a tear on her cheek but steel in her eyes. “Daddy, you just don’t get it. We came here to ask for your blessing but with or without it we are going forward together. Unfortunately, it looks like you won’t be a part of it. Jakob has made me very happy, happier than I could ever imagine being. I want to be with him and I’m going to be with him whether you like it or not. Let’s go, Jakob. I’m sorry, Mom.” She took Jakob’s hand and they left the house.

They drove silently to the Webster house—their house now. Jakob stopped the truck and turned to Jessie. “ I don’t want to be the reason for you losing your family.”

Jessie took his hands in hers. “Jakob, we’re going to talk about this now—once and only once. You are not the cause of this. You actually had nothing to do with it. It’s just how my father operates. He always has to be in total control. I’m the one who made the decision to leave and I’d make it every time. I love you and my father is an asshole. We can live here. OK, we’ll need a new bed, but otherwise it’ll be fine. Plus… I will have a family—yours.”

They exited the truck. This time, at the door Jakob swooped Jessie into his arms and carried her through. He carried her straight to bed where they held each other until they fell asleep.

Meanwhile, at the Holmes residence Mrs. Holmes sat at the table in silence, glaring at her husband. Finally, she spoke. “You’ve been bullying people for years and getting away with it. I can’t believe you did it to your own daughter. You’re a sick, sick person. This was my parents’ home. The deed is in my name. Pack a bag and get out—now–before I call the police and have you removed. I’ll send the rest of your things to your office. You and I are finished.“

Chapter 5

Jakob and Jessie woke early the next morning, aching from the lumpy mattress and hungry. There was nothing in the house except a few cans of Coke. Jakob used his cell to call his dad. To his surprise he knew all about the fiasco of the previous evening. “Mr. Holmes called here last night ranting about how you were destroying his daughter, insisting that the relationship end.”

“What did you do, Dad?”

“I told him I was looking forward to Jessie joining our family. He went ballistic. Later on Mrs. Holmes called and told us that she had thrown him out. She was concerned for Jessie. I told her she would be safe with you, but Jessie should call her sometime today.”

Jakob told Jessie about the calls. She sat in the kitchen, head in her hands. “Are you OK?” he asked.

“Yes, Jakob, actually I’ve never been better. But I’ve been thinking. I don’t want to get married after college. I want to get married now. I’m worried about what my father will do. I’m sure he’s furious at both of us. If we’re married there won’t be anything he can do. We’re both old enough so we don’t need anyone’s permission.”

“I think you’re right, but we have to agree—no children until we have both finished school. We both need our education—me to support us, you in case something were to happen to me. Agreed?”

“Yes, and it will give us lots of time to practice, practice, practice. Speaking of which, I didn’t get any last night, and neither did you.” She took Jakob’s hand and led him back to the bedroom. Jakob was hard by the time she pushed him onto the bed. “I told you I wanted to get all of you in my mouth. Now is a great time to practice. Jessie knelt in front of him, stroked his huge cock, and began licking it—all around the swollen head—before putting her lips around it. She pushed it into her mouth until she gagged then moved it back out just a little. Again she pushed it in. It filled her mouth so she ran her tongue along the shaft to increase his enjoyment. In and out she continued. Her gagging decreased as her mouth grew more and more accustomed to it. She had managed to get more than half of it in when she felt the cock shudder. A deep breath held her while she gladly received the results of his orgasm. His cum sprayed straight into her stomach. She felt she could really get to love doing this. Slowly she pulled a good six inches from her mouth. “Progress,” she said. “I’m getting there. Soon I’ll be able to take all of you.”

“You don’t have to, you know. I have no complaints about anything you’ve done for me. In fact, I love everything you’ve done, but now it’s my turn.” He pulled her up to the bed situating her at the edge. He knelt on the floor pushing her legs up. She was shocked when he put his tongue on her asshole. Slowly he teased her by running his tongue all around her sphincter before pushing on its center. If Jessie was surprised at her rim job she was astonished when he pushed his tongue into her anus. “Oh…oh…oh damn. Jakob, that feels so fucking good…so fucking good.” Jakob started to fuck her ass with his tongue, just as he had done with her pussy. There are many more nerve endings in the anus than in the vagina so this sensation was extremely intense—pure and total pleasure. “I don’t care if it hurts. I want your cock in me. Do it now. I want it, no, I demand it. Do it now.”

Jakob rose and moved to the bed stand for some lube which he applied liberally to his cock and to Jessie’s asshole. He slowly applied pressure and Jessie pressed against him. Gradually he forced his way into her ass. She cried with the pain but it passed quickly and she pushed again against the intruder. Jakob’s cock eased its way into her bowel, touching flesh never before touched by any living thing. Jessie thought it felt wonderful. She felt completely stretched and filled—a sensation she had never before experienced but wanted again and again. Jessie’s ass was understandably incredibly tight so it took no time at all for Jakob to cum again. This was another sensation Jessie loved—the feeling of hot cum exploding into her bowel. When jakob pulled out she had a gaping hole through which his cum poured. She put her fingers to her ass and scooped up as much as she could, shoveling it into her mouth. Jakob was almost totally drained but he still wanted to get Jessie off—to do for her what she had undertaken for him. He placed his mouth over her swollen clit and sucked, pulling her button between his teeth, licking as he sucked. She felt as though her entire being had exploded in complete rapture. As she collapsed onto the lumpy bed she pulled Jakob to her. “I’m going to miss this bed,” she whispered just before falling again into a delicious sleep.

Chapter 6

Both Jakob and Jessie had exams the next day. They had studied together in the old Webster kitchen. It was good for both of them as their skills and knowledge meshed effectively. At the end of the day they drove to the town hall for a marriage license. They were just mounting the steps when Jessie’s father appeared behind them.

“You—Johannson! You’ve ruined everything I have. You destroyed my marriage and my life. I’m going to settle the score now if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Excuse me for disagreeing,” said Jakob, “but you did all that yourself. And I believe it just may be the last thing you do.”

Enraged, Howard Holmes lunged toward Jakob, running up the steps, a large knife in his hand. “Jakob!” Jessie yelled but it was unnecessary. Jakob had seen the knife and was ready. It was a match of a flabby 49 year old accountant against a toned 18 year old farm boy. As Holmes brought the knife down to stab him Jakob intercepted the blow, gripping his arm with his hand. Jakob squeezed his arm so hard Howard’s eyes bulged from the pain; Jakob’s other hand found its way around Howard’s throat. Slowly Jakob forced the older man down until he fell on the steps, the knife bouncing away on the concrete as he rolled down the steps gasping for breath and totally defeated. It was only a moment before the police arrived to arrest Howard Holmes on more charges than Jakob and Jessie could count. Nobody in the town was the least bit sorry or upset to learn of Howard’s fate, so hated was he for the way he had treated the townspeople for years.

It was the next day when hand in hand Jakob and Jessie climbed the stairs to the license bureau and their future together.

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