Eva and Daddy Ch. 06

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Eva finally gets her daddy (sorry, this chapter is essentially no story, only sex)! I hope you enjoyed this series – it was my first, and it ended up being longer and more involved than I had initially planned. Please vote and comment, and let me know if you would ever be interested in reading other stories! Thanks!


His body sated by two of the best, most mind-numbing orgasms of his life, Warren knew that for the rest of the night he would last. Reaching out to turn off the shower, he stepped out of the stall with Eva, grabbing a towel. Her lithe body was thoroughly flushed from the shower and their lovemaking, and was one of the most beautiful sights he had ever seen. Despite his recent orgasm, he felt his cock starting to stir as he stared at the young siren in front of him. Quickly drying them both off, he then swept her off her feet and carried her into the bedroom. Nuzzling her ear, he huskily whispered, “What have you done to me? This is so wrong, but I want you so much.”

“Oh God, I want you too, Daddy!” Eva breathily replied, and turned her face towards her daddy’s, kissing him passionately. Their tongues dueled, mating with each other as Warren placed Eva gently on his bed. He continued to explore the contours of her mouth with his tongue, tickling the roof of her mouth, or the edges of her teeth, as he sent one hand questing down her body. Finding the smooth, soft globes of her breasts, he caressed first one and then the other, taking his time to fondle and appreciate each of them. She moaned into his mouth as he gently flicked her nipples before pinching and twisting them between his thumb and forefinger. Warren loved how responsive, needy, and insatiable his little girl was, and he felt his cock slowly stirring back to life. Lazily sucking on her tongue, he let go with an audible ‘pop’ and said, “I want you to cum just from me loving your pretty titties.”

Squeezing her small mounds together, he bent his head and suckled one stiff peak into his mouth. Eva let out a strangled cry as she arched up into his mouth and tangled her fingers into his hair. “Yes, daddy, yes…make your baby girl cum.” Warren alternately sucked, bit, and licked his baby girl’s nipples, occasionally lightly rubbing them between his teeth, while he pinched and played with her other tit with his callused fingers. Before long, Eva’s hips were moving restlessly as she creamed her sweet cunny, gasping for breath as each love bite and pinch of her nipples zinged straight through her body and to her clit. Her nipples were starting to get overly tender from all the attention when Warren unexpectedly bit down hard with his gums, simultaneously firmly gripping and pulling her other nipple. Eva gasped and came, humping her hips up into the air with each ripple of pleasure.

Not wasting any time, desperately wanting a taste of his baby girl’s creamy pussy, Warren moved straight down to her cunny as she came. Pushing her knees apart, he spread her outer labia with his hands before voraciously attacking her tender cunny with his greedy mouth. He slid his tongue into her sopping wet folds, slurping her sweet girly juices, and flicking her clit. “Mmm…” he moaned into her pussy, “you taste so good, baby girl, just like honey. Daddy loves your little pussy so much.” The sudden sensation of her dad eating her out coupled with his dirty words was too much for Eva, and she came again, hands on his head, holding on tightly to the source of her pleasure. Each stroke of his tongue on her clit sent a shudder throughout her young body, and when he reamed her love-hole with his tongue she almost wept from the orgasmic bliss that raced through her.

Warren avcılar escort loved the smell and taste of his baby girl’s sex, he could have tongued and sucked on her delicious honey clam forever. However, his erection had grown with each slurp, and was now insistently rampant, the head slick with precum as it hung between his legs. Grunting, Warren moved to position himself between his daughter’s legs, rubbing his cock against her slippery pussy. Kissing her breathlessly, he asked, “are you sure you want this?”

“Yes, daddy, yes. Ohmygod, daddy … stuff my little virgin pussy full with your big daddy cock, I want you so much!”

Before Eva had even finished talking, Warren positioned the head of his cock at the entrance of her womb and pushed. Hips straining, beads of sweat broke out on his forehead as he looked down to see his massive cock stretching the entrance of his baby girl, her clit looking red and flushed as it too was stretched taut. He felt his cock grow harder at the erotic sight. “Just relax, baby, just relax,” he muttered, as Eva stiffened at the invasion. Maintaining the steady pressure, both father and daughter let out a sigh of relief as his head popped in past the tight entrance.

“Oh god, daddy, you’re so big,” Eva whimpered.

“It okay, baby, it’s okay. We’ll take it slow. Ohgodyoufeelsogood!” he panted.

Making sure not to dislodge the head of his cock from its nest, Warren rearranged himself so that he was kneeling between Eva’s legs, with her knees hooked over his elbows as he held onto her waist. Thus stabilized, he began slowly pumping his hips back and forth in short sawing motions, working his cock into his daughter’s tight snatch. He continued to watch as his prick penetrated Eva’s soft, pink, creamy wet folds one inch at a time. She was so tight, and he could feel all of her muscles squeezing his cock, protesting the invasion. They both listened blissfully to the sounds of their harsh breathing, and the squelchy suck and pull of her cunt as it gave way to his marauding cock. Sweat dripped down Warren’s forehead as he fought the desire to just slam deep inside his baby girl in one thrust, wanting to give her petite body time to adjust to his massive girth.

When Eva felt so full, she thought she would burst, she looked down between her legs and was surprised to see that there were still three or so inches left of her daddy’s cock. “Ohgod, daddy…” she said breathlessly, her tender pink pussy squirming around on his cock because of the aching fullness rippling from her cunt, “you’re not going to fit. My little baby pussy already feels so full.”

“It’s okay, baby, it’s okay,” Warren reiterated, “Daddy’s baby was built to take his big cock inside her tight little pussy. You can do it” He retreated a bit and started pushing just the first few inches back and forth inside her tight canal. Eva felt every ridge of her daddy’s cock as it worked in and out of her little cunny. Her muscles started to flutter as she moved her hips in rhythm to her dad’s thrusts, her pussy slowly releasing more cream to lubricate the motion. She moaned with each thrust, her pussy quickly blooming around his cock, loving it when it was deep inside her and missing it when it was gone. Delirious, Warren’s thumb rubbing her taut clit was the last straw, and she screamed as she came, firmly gripping her dad’s buttocks.

Biting his lips for restraint, Warren waited patiently for Eva to cum. Her pussy was like a vise around his cock, he had never fucked such a gloriously tight hole. As she yelled and came on his cock, Warren used the distraction to push avrupa yakası escort her knees up to her shoulders and thrust firmly into his baby girl’s rippling quim. He grit his teeth against the pressure, so pleasurable it almost bordered on pain, as her struggling pussy fought against his invading cock. Eva screamed even louder than before at the assault. Warren was just about to give up when he finally felt her pussy giving way. Soon he was balls-deep inside his baby girl, his sticky pubes matted against her creamy mound, his entire cock gripped tightly by her quivering cunt. “Yes, baby, you did it!” he shouted hoarsely.

Eva yelled and came again as she felt her daddy bottom out inside her pink cunny, feeling so full, so stuffed, so impaled and in love, in love, in love, that she blacked out as she continued cumming on her daddy’s cock. Warren let go of Eva’s legs and waited until she came back to Earth before starting to plunge in and out of her pussy with long, deep strokes. Exhausted, Eva could barely hold on for the ride, as her daddy fucked her fiercely. “Mmm…you feel so good daddy. I love you so much. Did I do good daddy? Does your baby girl’s pussy feel good to her daddy’s cock?” she mumbled.

“Yes, baby, your pussy is the best, tightest and sweetest pussy I have ever fucked,” he mumbled in reply. Warren leaned down to give her a kiss, but because she was so petite compared to him, the strain on his neck became too much before long. Instead, he filled his palms with her creamy breasts, fondling them and squeezing her nipples as he pounded in and out, slamming harder and faster with each thrust. Eva clung to her daddy, loving his wildness, his roughness, that she could bring this beast out in him. Higher they soared, higher and higher with each furious thrust, their orgasms unfurling red-hot inside of them. She cried out with each plunge as she felt her clit swell, and his cock stretching impossibly further inside her, before finally, he roared and came, slamming deep inside her silken sheath. Feeling the splash of her daddy’s warm seed inside her womb, Eva also convulsed one last time, her arms and legs locked tight around her daddy, while her pussy clenched tightly on his cock.

Pulling out, Warren stared at Eva’s ravaged pussy. Her whole body glistened with sweat, and was flushed from their exertions as well as her arousal. Her creamy pussy lips were also flushed and gaping wide open, with a stream of his cum oozing out and down her butt crack. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen. Leaning down, he lapped at her sore pussy, loving the taste of his jism mixed with her pussy juice. With one last swirl of his tongue on her clit, he let go, looking up to find Eva already asleep, snoring softly. He chuckled to himself. Poor baby girl, he had completely wrung her out. Turning off the light, he snuggled in behind his daughter and promptly fell asleep.


When Warren came to a few hours later, he found himself deliciously refreshed and wrapped around Eva, his erection lodged firmly against her round bottom. Amazed again that last night had not been a dream, and that he had finally taken Eva’s virginity, he grinned impishly. He had had the best sex ever, and it was with his little girl! His cock hardened further at the thought as he breathed in the sexy, sleepy fragrance of his baby girl.

Easing his upper knee between Eva’s legs, Warren slowly bent and lifted his leg, taking hers with it. Reaching between her now open legs, he started to tickle and fondle her pretty pink pussy, gently rubbing her clit until he felt her start to get wet in response, bağcılar escort kissing the pads of his fingers with her girly cream. Lubricating his fingers with her dew, he slowly worked his middle finger in and out of her sticky slot, then two fingers, and was rewarded for his efforts with another gush of pussy juice. Cautiously, not wanting her to wake up just yet, Warren scissored his fingers inside her tight cunny, trying to help stretch out her vaginal walls, before replacing his fingers with his cock. Clenching his teeth, he spread her wider with his hands as he deliberately worked his manhood inside his baby girl. All the while rubbing her clit, Warren was both disappointed and elated when Eva started moaning and humping back against him.

“Uhhmmm…oh daddy … this is the best way to wake up, everrr!” she exclaimed.

Flipping her face down in the bed, Warren bent his legs beneath her and spread his knees, taking hers with him, leaving her with ass up in the air. Gripping her buttocks, he used his thumb to spread apart her cheeks so he could watch his swarthy cock as it entered her flushed and leaking pussy. “Watch Eva,” he growled, “watch as your daddy fucks you with his big daddy cock.”

Satisfied when Eva raised herself on her elbows and bent her head to watch them from below, he snarled and swiftly plunged his cock deep inside her cunt. Shuddering and quaking from the pleasure, Eva came as her daddy fucked her hard and fast with his enormous cock and played with her hot, swollen clit. Warren, feeling each ripple and quake of her cunt, fucked her faster, panting as worked his cock in and out of his baby girl’s little cunny. With each shove, Warren felt and heard a fresh gush of cream ooze out of her pussy, dripping down his balls and onto the bed below. Daddy’s little girl was really the hottest fuck of his entire life.

After cumming so much the night before, Warren found he really was in no hurry to end this morning tryst. He felt Eva’s pussy blossoming around him as he continued to stroke faster and deeper, until her cunny was again pulsing around the enormous cock penetrating her womb. She lost track of the number of orgasms she had, until she finally felt like a puddle of sweat and mush, whimpering half-heartedly into the bed-sheets with each plunge of her daddy’s beautiful prick into her sopping quim. She felt her girly cream seeping out from around her daddy’s cock and dripping down her swollen clit. This must be what heaven is like, she mused dreamily to herself, loving the fire burning deep inside her tender pussy. From that moment on, Eva knew she was forever ruined for all other cocks, and that her heart, body and creamy pink cunny belonged only to her daddy.

Warren felt like a man possessed as he continued to plough his baby girl’s creamy depths. Her sticky, squelching, juicy pussy was heaven around his cock, as was the sound and feel of his flesh slapping against hers. This was his baby girl, his goddess, his sex kitten, his every fantasy come to life. With his cock buried deep inside her tight and tender pussy, and thoughts of the last few days running through his head, Warren finally picked up his pace. Reaching around her, he rubbed Eva’s stiff clit, moving even faster when he heart her wail in response. As an indescribable heat spread from his cock throughout his body, he groaned loudly and drove his rock-hard cock deep inside his baby girl’s creamy depths, filling her womb with jet after jet of his cum, and feeling it overflow around his cock and onto his thighs. Exhausted, satiated, he collapsed beside Eva, gasping as though he had just run a marathon.

“Ohmygod… I love you daddy … so good…sooo goood…,” Eva mumbled sleepily, “I’m so glad we have a whole week before mom comes back…”



I really hope you enjoyed reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it (although it was definitely frustrating at times). Please vote and please comment!

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