Emma’s Secret Pt. 05

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*All characters in this fictional story are 18 or older*

Emma’s Secrets Pt. 05

On the walk home, Emma couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened last night at the restaurant with her teacher and the manager and his wife. It was only a few months ago that her boyfriend had broken up with her for fucking his best friend and called her a slut. Emma wondered what he would think of her now she was letting men fuck her for money.

As soon as Emma stepped inside her house her father pulled her into the bathroom out of sight of her mother and kissed her and said, “Emma I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, Daddy,” she replied.

He held her in his arms and reached under her school skirt to feel her pussy and said, “Your mother is going to the shops and as soon as she leaves, I can’t wait to fuck my baby girl. “

Emma reached down and gave her father’s hard cock a squeeze through his pants and said, “I can’t wait for you to fuck me and feel your cock inside me, Daddy.”

“Is that you Emma?” yelled her mother.

Emma left her father in the bathroom and walked into her parent’s bedroom and said, “Hi Mommy, how did you and Daddy enjoy having dinner with Mr Wilson?”

“It was wonderful night and I’ve been given a promotion; the only problem is it means I will be away from home more often. You will have to take care of your father for me, do you think you can look after him for me?” asked her mother.

“Yes, I can look after Daddy,” Emma replied trying not to smile.

“How was your sleepover at your girlfriends?” asked her mother.

“We had a lot of fun,” replied Emma.

“You know that I don’t like you having sleepovers on school nights but last night was special,” said her mother.

“I know Mommy,” replied Emma.

“As soon as I’ve changed, I want you to come with me to the shops to give me a hand,” said her mother letting her dress slip down to her ankles.

Emma stood and stared at her mother standing there in her underwear and couldn’t stop from comparing her mother to Barbara the lingerie shop owner. After her mother had changed dresses, they went into the kitchen to where her father was sitting waiting for Cathy to leave, so that he could spend some time with his daughter.

“Mal, Emma is coming with me to give me a hand, we won’t be that long,” said Cathy walking out of the house.

Emma looked at her father, he had a disappointed look on his face, it would have given them enough time for a quick fuck or at least time for her to suck her father’s cock.

As soon as his wife and daughter had left the house, Mal went into his daughter’s bedroom looking for a dirty pair of her panties to masturbate with. When he looked through her school bag he was surprised to find a lace thong that was caked in what looked like a mixture of her juices and cum, there was also a lot of money wrapped in a clean pair of panties.

Mal sat on the bed and looked at her dirty thong, he immediately thought about how much Emma loved having sex for money. By the look of the amount of money she had hidden in her bag, she must have been having a lot of sex. When Emma’s mobile phone went off, Mal picked it up from her dressing table realising that Emma had forgotten to take her phone with her.

It was a message from Thomas telling Emma to meet him at his apartment tomorrow morning, telling her he had more friends for her to meet. Mal was shocked and he wanted to know who Thomas was. Hearing his wife’s car pulling into their driveway, Mal pushed everything back into Emma’s school bag and was sitting watching television as they came into the house with the shopping.

The rest of the afternoon was very quiet and it was like they were a normal family without any secrets. They had dinner together and watched television together before going to bed.

After Emma had gone to bed, Mal went into her bedroom to give her a kiss goodnight and said, “Emma I’ve missed being with you so much… could you skip school tomorrow so we can be together?”

Emma looked at her father with her sweet innocent face and said. “I’m sorry Daddy but I have to go to school tomorrow, there is a test I have to take.”

Mal gave her another kiss and ran his hand under the bedsheets feeling her naked body, he left her bedroom knowing she had just lied to him. He needed to find out what the hell was going on, he decided to follow Emma to Thomas’s apartment tomorrow morning.

Mal had a restless night thinking about what his daughter was doing, who were these men that were paying to fuck her? Mal was jealous that she hadn’t asked him to arrange introductions to any more of his friends that he knew would love to fuck her.

The next morning at breakfast Mal said, “I have an appointment to go this morning, Emma would you like me to give you a lift to school?”

“No thanks Daddy, I’d rather walk to school,” replied Emma.

After they had finished breakfast Mal gave his wife and daughter a kiss goodbye and left to attend his appointment, he parked the car not beylikdüzü escort far from their home and waited. He saw Cathy leave for her work in her car and a ten minutes later watched Emma leave the house. Everything looked normal Emma was dressed in her school uniform and was walking towards her school carrying her school bag.

Mal followed his daughter from a distance and saw her taking a detour, fifteen minutes later he watched her approach the entrance to an apartment building. After pressing a door buzzer she opened the door and enter the building. As Mal sat in his car opposite the entrance to the apartment building and thought about how he was going to find which apartment Emma was in.

When he saw two men approach the apartment building and press the door buzzer and enter the building, Mal’s first thoughts were that these two men were Emma’s customers. After fifteen minutes of trying to decide on what to do Mal climbed out of his car and went over to the buildings entrance and looked at the buzzers and saw the name Thomas Rodgers apartment nine on one of the buttons.

Mal pressed the button and the front door of the apartment was unlocked allowing him to enter the building. He took the elevator up to the second floor and knocked on the door of apartment nine. The door was opened by a man wearing a bathrobe who looked a lot older than Mal.

“Please come inside,” said the older man.

Mal stepped inside the apartment and quickly looked around as the older man locked the door.

“Where is she?” asked Mal.

“She is in the bedroom with two other customers,” said the older man.

Mal started to walk towards the bedroom when the older man stopped him and said, “Your early, it’s twenty for oral and one hundred for the works.”

“I’m not fucking paying you anything,” barked Mal as he pushed the older man.

Thomas tried to stop Mal from entering the bedroom and said, “If you don’t pay, you’re not fucking her.”

“Asshole she my fucking daughter… do you know how much trouble you’re going to be in?” barked Mal.

“Your daughter?” Thomas nervously stuttered.

“Yes, she’s my daughters and you must be Thomas, I’ve seen the text messages you have sent to Emma,” replied Mal.

Pushing open the bedroom door, Mal stood at the doorway looking at his naked daughter on the bed, she was on her hands and knees with one man driving his cock in and out her cunt, fucking Emma like she was a cheap slut and he was rushed for time. The other man was holding Emma’s head up by her hair as he fucked her mouth.

Mal wanted to yell out for them to stop but the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth. Thomas pleaded, “Please don’t stop her… they have already paid to fuck her and will be mad as hell if they’re interrupted.”

After watching his young daughter for several minutes, Mal said. “We need to talk.”

Thomas led Mal back into the lounge room and asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

Mal looked at Thomas and nodded his head and said. “Yeah, I need something strong.”

“How about a whiskey?” asked Thomas.

“Yeah that be great,” replied Mal.

“If you’re Emma’s father you must be Mal,” said Thomas handing Mal a glass of whiskey.

“So Emma has told you all about me?” asked Mal taking a sip of whiskey.

“Yes, she has… and she told me that you’re also fucking her,” said Thomas.

“How long have you known Emma for Thomas, how did all this start?” asked Mal taking a large swallow from his glass.

“I met Emma at the shopping centre when she skipped school to buy clothes… she started talking to me and asked if I would pay to fuck her,” said Thomas.

Mal blamed himself for giving Emma the idea that she could make money by letting men fuck her.

“I thought it be safer if someone was to look after her and she had a safe place to meet men,” said Thomas.

Mal thought about what Thomas had said and he knew that Thomas was right, he didn’t want Emma walking the streets being a street prostitute and said, “I suppose I should thank you for looking after her.”

“How many men has she had sex with?” Mal asked.

“She has met about fifteen men in my apartment,” said Thomas.

Mal shook his head in disbelief and asked, “How does this all work, where does Emma find all these men that are willing to pay to fuck her?”

“Most of my friend’s are old like me and like girls Emma’s age… and I’ve introduced them to her,” replied Thomas.

“What does she charge them?” asked Mal.

“The going rate is usually twenty for a blow job and one hundred to fuck her cunt… if they want to fuck her ass it’s more,” Thomas explained.

“She let the men fuck her ass?” blurted Mal.

“Yes, she loves having her ass fucked, ” replied Thomas.

As they continue chatting about Emma, the two of the men walk into the lounge all dressed and ready to leave, after Thomas unlocks the front door and the men leave he returns and fills Mal’s glass with more beyoğlu escort whiskey and sits back down beside him.

“She isn’t going to stop having sex is she?” asked Mal.

Thomas laughing replied, “Emma definitely loves having sex and I don’t think you could ever stop her from having sex.”

Mal starts thinking about what he should do and after a few quiet moments, he said, “Maybe we should come to some arrangement… what if I let Emma continue to use your apartment?”

Thomas smiles and asked, “And in return?”

“I get to use your apartment along with my friends with her… and she doesn’t take any more time off school,” chuckled Mal.

“That sounds good to me… and I still get to fuck her as much as I want,” chuckled Thomas.

As Thomas sits back down beside Mal, Emma walks into the lounge room naked and her mouth drops open when she sees her father and blurted, “Daddy… what are you doing here?”

“Yesterday I found all the money that you had hidden in your school bag. I then read a message on your phone that Thomas had sent you, so I decided to follow you this morning to see where you went,” Mal explained.

Emma remembered how she had forgotten to take her mobile phone with her when she went shopping with her mother, with tears in her eyes she cried, “I’m sorry Daddy… I didn’t know how to tell you about Thomas and his friends.”

“It’s alright Emma don’t cry… everything is going to be alright,” said Mal holding out his hand to his daughter.

Emma took her father’s hand in hers and asked, “You’re not mad at me?”

“Well yes, I am… but Thomas and I have made an agreement for you to continue using his apartment to meet men… and for me and my friends to use his apartment with you,” chuckled Mal.

Emma giggled as she watches as her father stands up and remove his pants and underwear, letting his hard cock spring out.

“I think it’s time for Thomas and me to have a threesome with you,” chuckled Mal as Thomas stands up and lets his bathrobe fall to the floor to reveal his cock is also hard.

Emma smiled at her father and Thomas as they stood there stroking their hard cocks. The sight of fresh cum dripping out of his daughter’s cunt and running down the inside of her thighs had Mal’s cock throbbing. She led her father into Thomas’s bedroom and climbed onto the bed.

Mal rolled Emma over onto her stomach and lifted her up onto her knees and looked at Thomas and said, “Heads or tails?”

“Heads,” replied Thomas, Emma started to giggle knowing what was about to happen.

After rubbing his cock over his daughter’s cum filled cunt, Mal thrust his cock into her ass, making Emma squeal out and gasp for breath.

“I heard that my daughter loves having her ass fucked,” blurted Mal.

When Emma didn’t answer him and he grabbed hold of his daughter’s hips and began thrusting his cock in and out of her ass, she began moaning and whimpering as she felt her father’s cock going deeper into her ass with each thrust.

Thomas watched Emma having her ass fucked by her father for several minutes then lifted her head up and pushed his cock into her mouth. As Mal continued thrusting his cock in and out of his daughter’s ass, Thomas began thrusting his cock in and out of Emma’s mouth, with each thrust of his cock Thomas’s balls made a clapping noise as they slapped against her chin.

Mal grinned at Thomas and started to slam his cock hard into his daughter’s ass, making another clapping sound as his balls slapped against her. Mal had always tried to be gentle with his daughter, but now that he knew that his daughter liked being fucked hard, he gave her what she wanted and loved.

It was now becoming a race to see which of them would cum first, Thomas and Mal were now competing against each other, furiously fucking Emma’s mouth and ass. Emma was now being pushed back and forth with each of their thrusts. Mal was finally enjoying sharing his daughter with someone else and it was every bit as exciting as he knew it would be.

Mal thrust his cock as deep as he could into his daughter’s ass and kept it there as his cock exploded inside her ass, filling her ass with his hot sticky cum. He kept his cock buried inside his daughter’s ass to become soft and limp as Thomas continued fucking Emma’s mouth. A few minutes later Thomas was squirting his hot cum into Emma’s mouth and to Mal’s surprise, he pulled his cock out of Emma’s mouth and squirted several loads of hot cum all over his daughter’s face.

After Thomas had finished painting Emma’s face with his cum, he asked, “Would you like another drink?”

Mal pulled his limp cock out of his daughter’s ass, and replied, “Yeah another whiskey would be great.”

As he stared at his daughter lying face down on the bed with his cum dripping out of her ass, Emma rolled over onto her side letting her father have a good look at her cum covered face.

Mal looked down at his slime covered limp cock and moved over in front of bostancı escort bayan his daughter’s face and said, “Clean my cock for me sweetheart.”

“Yuck, Daddy your cock is all slimy and dirty,” squealed Emma.

“If you’re going to be a slut and have your ass fucked, you need to learn how to clean cocks,” chuckled Mal.

As Emma took her father’s dirty slime coved cock into her mouth and began sucking and licking his cock clean, Mal said, “That’s a good slut keep cleaning my cock.”

Just as Mal removed his clean cock from his daughter’s mouth there was a knock on the apartment door and Thomas yelled, “Mal, can you answer the door for me.”

After throwing on a bathrobe, Mal went and answered the door there were two men standing there eager to come into the apartment. One of the men thrust a bundle of dollar notes into Mal’s hand and said, “Two hundred dollars that’s what the slut wants.”

“Yeah that’s enough,” replied Mal as he invited the men inside the apartment.

“Where is the slut?” the other man asked.

“She in the bedroom,” replied Mal.

Mal led the men through to the bedroom and when they saw Emma lying naked on the bed covered in cum and ass dripping with cum, they quickly


“Fuck, she looks young, how old is she?” blurted one of the men.

“She’s eighteen,” Mal replied.

With his hand around his hard cock, the other man said, “I’m going to enjoy fucking her ass.”

“That’s going to cost you another hundred,” said Mal.

“Fuck. it is worth it, to fuck her ass,” the man said.

Mal watched as the man roll his daughter over onto her stomach and lift her up onto her knees. Without any foreplay or any lube the man drove his hard cock into Emma’s cum filled ass. Emma let out a low moan and lifted her head up off the bed and looked over her shoulder at the man as he drove his cock deeper into her ass. With his cock all the way inside Emma’s ass and his balls resting against her, he began pumping his cock in and out of Emma’s ass.

The other man lifted Emma’s head up by her hair and drove his cock into her mouth, then began pumping his cock in and out of her mouth at a rapid pace Mal stood there at the doorway watching his daughter being fucked by the two men.

“Oh fuck, her mouth feels fantastic,” blurted the man fucking her face.

Mal wondered what the men would think of him if they knew that Emma was his daughter. His thoughts were interrupted when Thomas tapped him on the shoulder and handed him a glass of whiskey.

After watching Emma for a minute Thomas chuckled, “She a sexy young slut, isn’t she?”

“She sure is, it’s easy to see how much she loves cock,” blurted Mal as he walked back into the lounge room with Thomas.

“Emma also enjoys eating pussy,” chuckled Thomas.

“Are you telling me that Emma loves being with females too?” asked Mal.

“She sure does, she told me about having sex with a woman at a lingerie shop the other day and only last night I watched her sucking on a waitress’s cunt,” replied Thomas.

“How old was the waitress?” asked Mal as he took another mouthful of whiskey.

“She was about twenty-five, twenty-six, if I had to guess,” said Thomas.

Mal was silent for a minute then asked, “Has Emma ever mentioned her mother Cathy?”

“She told me her mother was very attractive and had lovely breasts… would you like to watch her with her mother?” chuckled Thomas.

“That would be fucking great… Cathy is bisexual,” Mal replied as he finished his beer.

“Emma told me that her mother is always going away with her boss and that he is fucking her, is that true?” chuckled Thomas.

“Yeah it’s true Cathy has been fucking her boss to keep her job,” replied Mal.

As Thomas went to fetch them another whiskey Mal sat there thinking about his wife and daughter, he knew Cathy liked women but does she like girls Emma’s age, and would she do anything with Emma.

When Thomas handed him another whiskey Mal asked, “Do you know of any other girls that we could have some fun with?”

“Emma’s high school teacher Mr. Roberson might know of one,” chuckled Thomas.

“Her school teacher, how would he know?” asked Mal.

“We ran into him at a restaurant last night, Emma sucked his cock and he and the restaurant manager fucked her and that was where I saw her licking and sucking on the waitress’s cunt,” chuckled Thomas.

Mal slipped his hand inside the bathrobe and wrapped his hand around his hard throbbing cock and gave it a few pumps and said, “I wish I had been there to watch and join in.”

“Talking about joining in let’s go and see how she is going,” chuckled Thomas.

Both men stood up and headed towards the bedroom and when they looked in they saw that the men were getting dressed and Emma was lying on the bed passed out, covered in the men’s cum. As Thomas let the men out of his apartment, Mal sat down on the bed next to his daughter and stared at her naked cum covered body.

When Thomas returned to the bedroom, Mal was standing over his passed out young daughter and was furiously pumping his cock at his daughter’s face. Thomas chuckled and pulled out his cock and started pumping his cock as well. Mal was the first to start shooting his cum over her face and a minute later Thomas’s cock was also squirting cum over her, both men were giving Emma a cum bath.

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