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Edited by Roadie Joe

(The following a fictional piece based on mature material between consensual adults. No fictional characters were harmed or abused during the making of this piece. If at any point in time while reading you find yourself to become irritated, nauseated, offended or start to suffer from any mental ailment, discontinue reading immediately and find yourself a book. Thank you and I hope you enjoy.)


I’m writing this because it’s something I need to do. I need to write this for my own well being. I have to silently peck the keys in my dark study in the hopes that the chattering of the keyboard will not spark the interest of my wife Helen, just two doors down. I know it sounds kinda silly, but that’s just me; ‘Scaredy Cat Jack’ as the kids in school called me. But enough about me. This is truly about my daughter…

In order to get the ball rolling, I will only say that which is needed. The raw facts of the immediate time. I am just thirty minutes away from turning the ‘Big Forty.’ Helen still has another two years. Our daughter will be nineteen in two months. Now that we’ve been introduced, let’s begin with Lilly.

When Lilly was born, Helen and I laughed at what we held. Tears of joy would pour down our faces as we had suddenly become parents. This little wonder had us to look to, and we now to her. Naming our child was something that we struggled with but it didn’t take us long at all to find the one that truly fit.

Lilly was always an oddball. She was a quick learner, but learned things in the most peculiar of manners. But that was our girl. As she grew older, her wit stayed as sharp as ever. She began to show a lot of the looks she obtained from her mother. She had soft blonde hair, just like Helen. Both of them have eyes that were that emerald green you only find in jewelry shops. Same small nose, and similar giggles. However, she did gather some from my side as well. But my features need not be discussed.

She had a normal childhood as far as I could tell. We always maintained a healthy relationship with her all through her years. When she reached High School, she was just shy of being the head of her class. Not only that, but she was turning heads like the best of them. My little girl had begun to fill out in places a father never should notice. Her bust had grown to fill C-cups proudly. Her posture stood tall with the rest of her fit body. By her senior year, she was quite something. Having been involved in jazz dance the past four years kept her firm and fit. Her hair she kept shoulder length. But as for her fashion sense, she always wore tight clothes. Nothing sleazy, but definitely ones that framed her form.

It was about a month and a half after we celebrated Lilly’s eighteenth birthday that the first incident occurred.

I had just come home from a long and boring business trip. I opened the door and set my brief case down. As I was about to hang up my coat, I noticed an extra jacket on the rack. It belonged to Lilly’s best friend Celeste. Celeste was almost the visual opposite of Lilly. Her hair changed as often as a chameleon. Long and red one week. Short and dark the next. Her face had more roundness compared to Lilly’s, but not in a bad way. Celeste was also on the dance team.

As I looked around the entry room, not a soul was to be seen. It was a Friday. Helen always works late on Friday. The other two would more than likely be up in Lilly’s room doing whatever it was that those two do. As for me, Friday night meant poker night which I always thought was a fine tradition to end the work week.

I loosened my tie and popped the first few buttons free on my collar shirt. Now I know it isn’t exciting, but I do have a bit of a routine when I get home. Mainly that consists of what I’ve already described. But of course, after that is about the same. Grab a beer, read a line from the paper as I pass the kitchen counter, and unwind on the couch until the bottles empty. Repeat every twenty-four hours.

So there I was, sprawled out on the couch with the cold beer cooling my hand. My head back staring at the ceiling. My vision beginning to blur the specs of spackle from lack of focus. Just melting into the couch. I then hear a door open upstairs.

My eyes shift position on the ceiling as if I were able to see through. I look to the approximate location of Lilly’s door and visually follow the footsteps radiating through the floor above me. They draw nearer the stairs. That familiar giggle is heard announcing the arrival of Lilly in front. A laugh behind her from the soft mouth of Celeste as they come down the stairs. From where I’m seated, I cannot see them or them me. For some reason, I sank further into the couch. Hiding it would seem. I now could hear every word.

“So?” my daughter inquired.

A brief pause.

“I don’t know,” Celeste responded. “It seems really… I don’t know.”

“Come on. It’s not like you’ll be the only one. You know I will be doing it too.”

What the hell are these two up to, I wonder.

“Yeah, I know but…. göztepe sınırsız escort I mean… I’ve never…”

“I haven’t either,” Lilly quickly interrupted. The levels in her voice did little to hide her excitement. It hid her intentions very well, though.

“Come on Celeste. Don’t you think it will be wild?” I could almost hear her raise one eyebrow. The fridge door opens. Bottles clang.

“Oh, I don’t doubt it.” She responded.

“Then why not?” pleaded my daughter once more as metal scrapped together followed by the hiss of a bottle cap. That little snit. If she just took one of my beers…

“Well… I’m not sure…”

Another pause filled the air.

“Fine,” Lilly said. “I’m going to. You’ll just miss out.”

“Wait!” Jumped Celeste’s voice. “You said you wouldn’t without me.”

“Well I changed my mind. I’m gonna do it, and I guess you’ll just miss out.” Footsteps began to head back to the stairway and began to trot up.

“Lilly! Wait!” Cried Celeste as she followed behind.

My eyes followed the footsteps across the ceiling once more. I door shut only to be followed moments later with the low reverberation of bass from above. What was it that they were talking about? Millions of possibilities were flying through my head. The father figure in me felt like running up there and finding out, yet what if it was something simple and harmless. No good would come from that.

Slowly I arose, shaking my head at myself as I slowly headed back into the kitchen. Upon disposing of my trash, I noticed the bottle cap. She had indeed raided my brews. I wonder how long that’s been going on. And here I thought it was Helen.

I looked up to the ceiling and shook my head once more.

Kids…. Always up to something.

As I headed towards the stairs, I snagged the paper on the counter. Quickly I skimmed the topics as I climbed the steps. Pretty much the same thing now-a-days. War, Crime, Weather, and some student from some school being honored for something.

Lilly’s door was closed as I entered the hallway. The music blaring out from the crack was barely masking their mumbled voices. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes as I walked past but then came a low moan that almost made me stumble. I turned and stared at the door. There is no mistaking what that sound meant.

“How does it feel?” Celeste

“Oh God it’s cold!” Lilly’s voice cooed.

I know I shouldn’t have, but I leaned against the door pressing my ear to the wood.

“Just cold?” Celeste sounded disappointed.

“Oh no. It’s… It’s kinda’ weird but it feels…. Oh wow,’ my little baby purred scarcely keeping her breath.

The soft moans seeped through the door and right into me. A stirring in my loins slowly began. What am I doing!

“Hurry Celeste… You.. You gotta’ try it!

“It doesn’t hurt at all?”

“God No! If you don’t put them in, I will for you!”

Suddenly I had no idea what they were talking about, but for some reason, my hardon had a pretty good idea. My breathing intensified as I pressed harder into the door eager to hear Celeste’s response.

“You would?”

Then the music suddenly stopped. Did the song end? Did the girls stop it? Do they know I’m here? What are they doing?!?


And then I heard a new sound. A new moan. This time from the soft lips of my daughter’s companion.

“Oh Lilly! What are you… UGH!” Celeste cried.

“I don’t think you’re wet enough. I’m just trying to help,”

Oh God yes! Help her part of me pleaded. My body felt on fire with a different sensation boiling through me. I looked down to see my hand betraying myself and siding with my rebellious erection. I couldn’t help but continue stroking myself through my pants as I heard these taboo sounds.

“Oh Right there! Oh YES!” cried Celeste as the bed squeaked. She must be rocking that thing.

“That’s a good girl,” my baby encouraged “Get nice and wet for me.”

“Oh Lilly! GOD damn! Oh!”

Whatever was planned, I’m sure Celeste was plenty wet for her. God I know she would be plenty wet for me. How I longed to be in that room right now. My imagination was just going wild with what they were doing. Never before had I had these thoughts, but my urges were suddenly getting the best of me. I bit my lip hard to fight the need to pull my dick out.

Celeste’s panting increased. She was close.

“Make her cum, Baby,” I whispered into the door. “Make her cum

“Oh God! Lilly, I’m… UUUGGGHHHHHH!” Celeste erupted in passion. The rolling pleasure of an orgasm raking through my body.

“That’s a good girl,” Lilly purred.

Celeste’s heavy breathing could be heard still as she basked in the glory of the feelings.

“God that was good!” voiced Celeste. “I thought you were going to put them in me though.” She questioned.

“Yeah, I thought so too. I guess I just got carried away. I’m a little surprised. I’ve never done that to a girl. I don’t know what came over me.”

“We’ll göztepe ucuz escort I’m sure as hell not complaining. You seemed to know what you were doing and it felt fine by me!”

They both giggled. How fucking adorable, I couldn’t help but think as my own breath came back to me. I could taste the sweat which now covered me.

“So… Are you gonna put ’em in still?”

“If you want it.” Lilly responded.

I looked down at my still strained hard on. I could almost hear it screaming at me. My blood seemed to be boiling inside me. My thoughts were now turning to flee to some dark corner of the house and beat off in my dark fantasy. Yet, as much as I wanted to, as much as I needed to, I couldn’t leave the door. I could still hear them.

“Oh Gosh!” Celeste stuttered. “They do feel weird…. But I think I like it. How long do we leave them in for?”

Okay, time to gain control. Slow your breathing. Slow down. I forced their voices into a distant corner in my mind.

“The lady at the store said you use them for about ten minutes and you will be randy as all hell. Allen’s gonna’ be in town tonight so I don’t think I’m taking them out ’til he gets here.”

“There we go.” I demanded control of myself. “In and out. Deep breaths.” I promised myself that I could handle this.

Allen was Lilly’s old boyfriend. I personally never cared much for the little prick, but Lilly did. She could do so much better.

My blood is cooling. Down. Calming down.

“So what? You gonna’ jump his bones as soon as he walks in?” Celeste asked.

Slowly, I begin to control my body again. There we go.

“That’s the idea. Mom’s always working late now-a-days, and Dad’s got a poker game tonight. I’m gonna’ fuck him silly on Daddy’s big bed!”

What?!? Suddenly my body ignited again. My daughter’s dirty mouth releasing her naughty plans turned my body on again in ways no father should. Why, Dear God, Why?!? Control Yourself!

“Call me afterwards, okay? I wanna’ know all the details. I won’t even take mine out until then too.” Celeste chirped. That little minx.

“Sounds like fun.” Lilly replied.

And then a danger arrived. The sound of footsteps inside the room coming closer. Oh SHIT!

I dove out of the hallway and into our room as fast as I could manage. Into the room I take up sanctuary. I think it was quiet. I hope it was quiet.

Lilly’s door opened and I could hear their soft voices down the hall. Then a brief silence followed by muffled laughter. Footsteps headed down the stairs, out the front door and I am alone again.

My member reminds me I need to release some tension. Now’s as good a time as any I guess. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of my work clothes faster but I desperately needed to get the batter off the brain and I had my mind full of possibilities. So freshly naked, I look forward to these next minutes.

My rock hard cock seemed to laugh at me like a master to pupil as I snagged some of my wife’s hand lotion and prepped myself. Yes, I thought looking down at it, you won you little bastard.

I smeared the lotion on my hand and placed my lubricated palm onto my quaking member. No sooner had I done so than a soft tapping on my bedroom door.

‘Daddy?’ Lilly’s voice called. Oh Lilly.

No! Oh Please NO! Not now!

‘Daddy, are you there? I saw your car in the drive way. Dad?’

I’m frozen in place. My hand around my cock, greased and moving. I can’t help but keep squeezing my rod to the sound of my sweet Lilly on the other side of that thin door. My cock was screaming for her to come in and aide. Down you fucking beast!

A hushed click came from the turning doorknob. She was coming in!

The shock suddenly left me as I scanned around in panic. I ran into the master bath and grabbed a large bath towel. No sooner had I rounded that corner than my bedroom door opened.

‘Oh Dad’ She sang in that popular sing-song fashion.

I hastily wrapped myself in the towel pinning my raging dick in the twelve-o-clock position. There was no way of hiding the bulge, but this was all I had.

I found my voice.

‘Oh L… Lilly!’ I choked from the bathroom, ‘I didn’t hear you come in.’ I rolled my eyes as I quoted the ridiculous line unintentionally. I did everything I could to stay out of sight. It was all for naught as she trotted into the room and right round the corner into the master bath. She halted right in front of me seeming ever so chipper.

There I was; face-to-face with my daughter as I tried to hide the erection of my life. The very same one I should be beating furiously right now with forbidden thoughts of her and her friend…. What the hell have I become?!?

Sweet Lilly never looked down as she stood in front of me.

‘Hi Daddy!’ she squeaked as she placed her tiny hands on my shoulders and stretched up to kiss my cheek. My erection tried to bust out of its fluffy prison when it seemed to sense her presence. Crafty little fucker.

I couldn’t help but glance at kadıköy anal escort her ass in the mirror as she stretched up. So firm and round. I sure have a daughter to be proud of. I couldn’t pry my mind off the fact I knew there was something in her prepping her for her wild night.

She settled back down. ‘So when did you get home?’ she asked. Her cheeks a bit red.

‘Oh, um.’ My mouth was incredibly dry. ‘Not long ago. I just felt like a shower today.’

Please buy it. It seems plausible to me.

‘Okay,’ she said with a smile. ‘I’ll let you get to it.’ She said as she turned and began to leave. And then, as she left, she stared into the mirror. I looked to her reflection and saw not her eyes. They were busy traveling over my body. My little girl checking out her father. She rounded the corner and stopped at the bedroom door.

‘Oh, and I thought you should know; Mom called and said she would be pulling another all-nighter. You know how she is when she’s got a trial going… Anyway, I’m in charge of dinner tonight. How’s frozen pizza sound?”

‘Perfect’ was all I could manage.

‘Goody. Twenty minutes then!’ she said and closed the door.

It wasn’t until she shut the door to the bedroom that I noticed my dick again. The towel had loosened and there was no doubt in my mind that she had noted my raging cock bench pressing the towel away from my body.

Twenty minutes…. I actually have to shower now… but I think I can still take care of this problem….yeah. But first things first…

I hopped in the shower and began the traditional once around we all know so well. Just to get that out of the way. Then I take a stance and close my eyes ready to finally release these demon seeds I’ve built up.

I close my fist around my swollen member and begin to slowly pump. An uncontrolled moan escapes my lips but dies in the dull pouring of the shower. I let my mind wander to where ever it may with what I heard.

There is Celeste. Lying legs spread on little Lilly’s bed. In my mind, she is shaven and wet. Her hips rotating as she squeezes her eyes shut. Her pouting lips panting hard.

Between her milky thighs, I find Lilly. Sweet Lilly. Naked as the day Helen birthed her. Her skin glistening in the sweat of lust. Her firm ass in the air as she plants her face in the moist mound of her life-long friend. Her arms grab Celeste’s thighs and pull her hard against her face. She pushes her tongue into Celeste as deep as she can.

Celeste’s moans fill this air. Her panting. She grabs her breasts. She pulls her nipples. She grabs Lilly’s head and pulls her tight. She pulls her hair. They press their bodies together. Tighter. Gliding on each other’s sweat. Limbs spread. Bodies arching and panting. The air is hot.

Then slowly, the character’s shift. Suddenly, I’m looking at Lilly being eaten out by Celeste. I’m looking at my dear child grinding her pussy against her friend’s face as she pleasures her. And then she opens her eyes.

Suddenly, those seductive green eyes are locked on me as she pants. Her chest rising. She stares at me hard as she moans and purrs. Rocking her hips, she whisper’s my name. I can see myself walking forward in a trance with my rock hard cock in one hand.

Lilly roughly grabs Celeste by the hair and practically throws her away. She spreads her legs further and begs me to come closer. She leans back. Her hands slipping down her body. Starting at her neck, they slide past her collar. Her fingers trace her nipples as she passes them by. Her stomach. Her navel. And then both soft hands cover her pelvis, hiding her forbidden fruit from her father.

I’m standing over her. I’ve never been harder. I grab my cock at the base and aim it down slightly.

“Show me,” I tell her.

With a wicked smile, she pulls her hands apart and opens her pussy to me, spreading her soft lips. The wetness of her nectar drips down her.

‘I want you to enter me. Please Daddy,’ She begs.

‘Daddy, give it to me’ she pleads.

‘Bury your cock in me, Daddy’

‘Fuck me, please,’

‘Fuck me, Daddy’



The voice wasn’t in my head anymore. That one came from my bedroom. My hand freezes as I can make out Lilly’s shape through the frosted glass of the shower come into view.

‘Hey Dad, can you hear me?’

I turn the shower off, suddenly self conscious of myself.

‘Jesus, Lilly!’ I cried.

‘Oh relax, Dad. I can’t see anything. Besides…’ She trails.

I hate heavy words. Instead of dwelling on the meanings, I move on.

‘So what couldn’t wait?’ I ask.

‘The pizza’s going cold. You gonna come down or what?’ She asked.

SHIT! If my dick could swear, it would be cussing up a storm right now.

‘Uh, yeah. Just give me a minute, okay.’

‘Okay. Hurry up.’ And she leaves again. I look down to my abused tool and for the first time in my life, I apologize to a part of my body. It’s gonna have to wait… Again.

My blood felt like pure stored energy. I was starting to feel an ache from the need to release. But certain things will have to wait. Besides, I’ve almost been caught twice now by the last person who should ever see that side of me.

I toweled off and threw on some clothes. At least I felt on the outside, because nothing but dirty thoughts are all through my mind now.

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