Don’t You Have a Wife?

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Rose was in the kitchen when she heard the two raucous voices approach the house. Soon, the pair’s heavy, boot-clad footsteps were heard climbing the front steps of the wood house followed by the screen door opening and slamming shut behind them.


“In the kitchen,” she responded to Tim, her husband.

“Why did you marry such a dumb son of a bitch?”

Rose turned her head from the sink to answer her brother, Roger, as he and Tim entered the kitchen. “Because he’s cute.”

When he was not covered in dirt and mud from whatever the two of them had been doing, Rose did find Tim to be a handsome man. At twenty-eight, Tim was a lean, almost lanky, six feet four inches tall. His sky blue eyes were enhanced by his dark brown curly hair that hung past his shoulders in a messy, barely contained ponytail that looked like it hadn’t been brushed in weeks. His narrow, angular face had a shadow of beard and moustache growth that surrounded his thin lips.

“All looks and no brains? I can deal with that,” Tim said with a chuckle. To Roger he said, “Better than looking like you, I guess.”

Rose smacked Tim playfully. “Be nice.”

Roger was the same age as Tim and two years older than she was. The siblings were each a few inches shy of six feet tall with stocky frames that didn’t look overweight but were thick. They shared the same red-brown hair, his being cut short and hers flowing to the middle of her back. Roger also had a full beard that was more red than brown. While she had green eyes, his were green-hazel in color.

Both men took turns giving Rose a peck on the cheek in greeting.

As Tim grabbed beers for the two of them and Roger took a seat at the kitchen table, Rose asked, “Hungry?”

“Yeah,” both men answered in between their continued chatter.

While she fixed them plates of leftovers, she smiled fondly listening to them. The two men had been friends practically since they were born and still acted like boys half their age when they were together. Even though they seemed to have their own language, they included her willingly in their relationship.

“Thanks, Rosie,” Roger said once he finished eating. He stood and took his dirty dish to her and gave her another kiss on the cheek.

“Excuse me,” Tim said seriously. “Why are you grabbing my wife’s ass?”

“Because it’s nice,” Roger said as he ran his hand over his sister’s rear end slowly. “Jealous?”

“Maybe,” Tim said as he stood to take his plate to the sink. When he turned to retake his seat he felt Roger reach out to fondle him as well. “That’s better.”

Roger left his sister and moved toward Tim. “I’ve got something you can feel if you want.”

“Man, don’t you have a wife?”

“Yeah, but she’s not here,” Roger replied.

A few moments of silence followed.

When Rose turned away from the sink, finished with the dishes, she saw why. Her brother was standing in front of her husband with his hard cock sticking out of the fly of his jeans and Tim was slowly stroking it. She leaned back and watched for a moment as Tim’s fist glided along Roger’s thick length with practiced ease. Every few strokes, he’d pause at the tip to run his thumb over the blunt tip to spread around the bit of precum that seeped out.

Without a word she walked over and saw the men look in her direction sensing her movement. In position in front of Roger, she dropped to her knees and Tim guided the dick into her mouth.

Roger sucked in a deep breath then expelled it just as quickly. “Oh, fuck.”

“I don’t know which is hotter,” Tim mumbled. He sat back and opened his jeans to release his own erection. “Seeing her suck your dick or fucking it.”

Roger leaned down to work Tim’s dick with his hand. “Ain’t nothing better than this dick here.”

Tim gently thrust his hips in counterpoint to Roger’s slow moving callused hand. While he was a bit jealous of the girth of Roger’s eight-inch piece, he knew his thinner ten-inch dick was nothing to be ashamed of.

After a few minutes, Rose turned to take her husband’s cock into her mouth. Though she had plenty of practice with his cock, their positions conspired to keep his arrow-shaped head out of her throat. While she worked Tim, she felt Roger tug at her shorts as he opened then lowered them. She moaned around the hardness in her mouth as his broad hand dived inside her underwear and over her ass to tease her slit with a thick finger.

“Damn, Rosie,” Roger muttered. “Tim not taking care of you? You’ve just about soaked through your panties already.”

“Please,” Tim said with a chuckle. “You know she gets it good and often. Isn’t that right, babe?”

Rose pulled off and began to stroke him in order to respond. çeşme escort “You know he’s just fucking with you.” To Roger she said, “If you’re so worried about it, why don’t you shut up and fuck me?”

“Yes, ma’am,” Roger said. He helped her completely remove her bottoms then removed his before positioning himself behind her. After lining himself up, he took his time sliding into her, enjoying the way she spread around him. While his hips were pushing his cock deeper into her, he grabbed Tim’s cock from her and began to work it.

“Shit,” Tim said around a sigh of pleasure. Watching his wife get dicked by her brother — who was his best friend and brother-in-law — was hot enough. But having that same guy mouth his dick while he was inside her was the best. And Roger was doing as good of a job on him as it appeared he was doing to her. In between sucking him deep, Roger would pause randomly to play with his foreskin. Tim could feel his friend’s tongue dive into the tight collar under his crown, sometimes pulling it up over his head to nibble at it with just enough pressure to not be painful. Tim’s eyes moved between the siblings seeing pleasure on their faces that he was sure was reflected on his.

Feeling empty, Rose took her husband’s dick back from her brother. She let out a squeal when Roger gave her an especially hard thrust in retaliation.

“I wasn’t done yet,” he said darkly into her ear.

“I think you were,” she tossed back, bracing herself for another hard thrust.

“You two are ridiculous,” Tim said as he ran a hand through his wife’s hair. “But I ain’t going to stop you from fighting over my dick.”

“We ain’t fighting over it,” Roger protested. “We’re fighting ’cause she’s a selfish bitch.”

Though she knew he was just trying to get under her skin, Rose turned to glare at him. “And this selfish bitch is about to kick your sorry ass out of this house and tell you not to think about fucking either one of us again.”

“Please,” Roger scoffed. “You like this dick too much.” To illustrate his point, he adjusted his angle slightly and dragged his length out to the tip before pushing back in even slower while he reached around to finger her clit.

Despite herself, Rose let out a moan feeling her brother’s cock drag against her walls. “Fuck you,” she said once she caught her breath.

“Nope, fucking you,” Roger corrected.

“Not anymore.” Tim grabbed Rose by the arms and pulled her up. “You ain’t treating my wife right so you don’t get to fuck her. Come here, babe,” he said to her as he pulled her onto his lap facing him. “I’ll be nice to you.”

Despite Roger’s grumbling, Tim felt his brother-in-law grab his dick to line it up for entry. Rose was wet and loose around him from taking Roger’s thicker dick. As she sank further on him, he felt her passage tighten as he entered space where her brother hadn’t reached. Once she was resting on his lap, he reached out and pulled Roger toward him with one hand and grabbed her waist with his other. “You’re dealing with me now,” he told his friend just before taking his cock into his mouth, tasting the mix of precum and Rose’s fluids.

Not holding back, Roger placed a hand on Tim’s head and set up a quick pace fucking Tim’s mouth while watching his sister ride her husband. He let out slightly pained groan when Tim began to tug at his balls a little too roughly but didn’t stop him. His free hand moved down the front of Rose’s shirt to play with her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and he had easy access to pinch and pull at the firm nipples.

Rose moaned and pressed her chest against her brother’s hands wanting more contact. As she did, she continued to rise and fall on Tim, enjoying the feel of his length moving through her. Beneath her, she could feel his hips moving shallowly in counterpoint to her motion. At just the right angle, his rough pubic hair grazed across her clit with enough pressure to keep her stimulated. Though she enjoyed sex with Roger and always came away satisfied from their fucks, Tim was a better, more giving lover. Even now, as Tim sucked Roger’s cock, she could tell her husband was more focused on her pleasure.

While Roger continued to use his mouth, Tim moved a hand around his friend’s body to knead his ass. It was large and round and, despite its size, was rather firm. Gradually, he worked his hand toward the sweaty cleft between the two globes. Without anything other than the sweat clinging to Roger’s ass hair to slick his finger, he pressed inside feeling the muscles grudgingly part around him as he began to tease the puckered hole.

“If you’re going to play with it, you better be ready to fuck it,” Roger said to Tim after letting escort çeşme out a moan.

Tim released Roger from his mouth. “You better believe I’m going to fuck that ass.”

“Sometimes I feel like you two don’t even need me around,” Rose said.

In response, Tim grabbed her head and pressed their lips together. His tongue invaded her mouth, taking possession of it and sharing the taste of Roger’s cock. When he finally broke the kiss, he said, “Sorry, babe. You know I love you.”

Rose smiled back and gave him a wink. “I know.”

“What about me?”

The couple glanced up to see Roger putting on an exaggerated pout.

“Sorry.” Rose kissed the leaking tip of Roger’s cock. When she pulled away, a short thread of precum grew between them before snapping. “I love you, too.”

“Ain’t gonna say I love you,” Tim grumbled. “But I love this dick.” He wrapped his lips around the crown to resume sucking it but pulled off when he felt Rose press her lips close. Pulling back, he shared Roger’s shaft with her, their lips meeting around the hard, thick flesh.

“Aw, fuck,” Roger groaned. He placed a hand on each of their heads and began to gently thrust between their lips. Even if he hadn’t been able to see them, he was able to feel the difference between their lips on him. Tim’s were firm and rough, a nice contrast to the softer, supple lips of his sister. As he fucked his cock between them, he was also fucking his hole on the two fingers Tim now had in his ass. The stretch and shallow penetration felt good. It was the best of both worlds and his cock responded by pushing out a thicker stream of precum that began to lewdly drip from his tip. Despite the pleasant feelings he wanted more. Reluctantly, he pulled his cock from between the two sets of lips then turned around and said, “Eat my ass. Get it ready for that dick”

Tim willingly buried his face in the firm globes. His nose pressed between them sniffing the salty, fermented, musky aroma of ass sweat. His tongue reached out and flicked around teasingly searching for its target. Though he could have easily located it, Tim took his time moving it along the crack, enjoying the taste and feel of the red hairs surrounding the opening. While he worked Roger’s ass, he reached between the larger man’s legs and slowly stroked his hard cock.

While her husband ate her brother’s ass, Rose continued to ride Tim. With her hands, she spread Roger’s cheeks apart giving Tim better access. When Tim’s tongue began to continually work the puckered opening, she moved the fingers of one hand close and pressed inside Roger. After finger fucking him for a moment, she pulled out and was pleased when Tim took it and a second finger in his mouth to wet before pushing both digits back inside her brother. Repeating the process, she eventually worked a third then fourth finger inside Roger.

“Better put that cock in me soon or I’m going to blow,” Roger panted.

After giving Roger’s ass a small but sharp bite, Tim gently pushed Rose off him and turned Tim so he was bending over the table next to them. Once in position, he lined himself up and steadily pressed into Roger. Slicked with a combination of his and Rose’s fluids Tim buried his cock inside his brother-in-law in one long, steady thrust. Even after his pelvis touched the pale ass in front of him, he continued pushing as far as he could against Roger’s fleshy globes wanting to insert every inch of his length.

“Goddamn that’s deep,” Roger said between clenched teeth. He was thankful when Rose sat on the table in front of him and spread her legs. He buried his face between them and began to eat her pussy, hoping to divert his attention from the already lessening discomfort in his ass.

Rose moaned loudly because of what Roger was doing to her pussy and the sight of Tim fucking her brother. From her angle, she could see a good portion of her husband’s slick, shiny dick moving in and out of Roger’s ass as he started a steady fuck. She ran a hand through her brother’s messy hair as he sucked her clit and slowly fucked her with a pair of thick fingers.

Tim took his time long dicking Roger, pulling his length out to the crown before pushing it all back in. As he did, he ran one hand over the man’s wide back while the other began to milk the leaking cock between his brother-in-law’s legs. With each stroke he could feel Roger’s moans rumble through his body and the man’s tight ring flex erratically around him. The hard cock in his hand likewise twitched uncontrollably and Tim knew Roger wasn’t going to last much longer. It was no surprise when Roger raised his body and moved toward Rose. Tim moved forward with the man keeping himself buried in the tight ass and çeşme escort bayan watched over Roger’s shoulder as he slid his dick inside Rose.

As he buried himself inside his sister, Roger let out a moan then said, “This never gets old. This shit here is the best of both worlds.” After pausing to adjust his stance and position, he pulled out of Rose which caused his ass to swallow more of Tim’s dick then reversed the motion diving deep into his sister while emptying his bowels of her husband’s dick. It took a few moments before he established a rhythm that satisfied both sides of his body as well as the couple around him.

Rose couldn’t control her sounds of pleasure and didn’t want to. Because of their position, her brother’s cock was hitting all the right places inside her and one of his hands was working her clit hard. His other hand had taken up residence on one of her tits and was pulling and pinching the swollen nipple. Her other tit was being worked by her husband just as hard as he reached around Roger. Eventually, Tim’s other arm reached out and pulled her head forward. Though it was awkward, she saw him lean around Roger and she moved forward to meet his lips in a deep kiss.

Sandwiched between the couple, Roger’s movements were reduced to shallow humping while they kissed. When they pulled away, Rose pressed her lips against his and allowed him to kiss her deeply before Tim claimed his mouth in the same way they had claimed Rose’s. As they continued to kiss, Roger felt Tim resume motion in his ass. Soon, the man had a hard, fast pace going. The force of it moved his dick against Rose. Roger tried to match the rhythm but Tim grabbed his hips preventing it. The stuttering motion of his dick inside his sister’s tight pussy produced just enough restrained stimulation that he soon felt his balls tighten. Between deep breaths, he announced, “Oh, fuck. I’m gonna cum.”

Rose pulled her brother’s head back into a kiss. His heavy breathing washed over her face as he moved closer to his orgasm. She smiled against his lips as he gave a strangled grunt and felt his cock harden and begin to pulse inside her. The warm fluid further lubricated his erratic movements produced by Tim’s continued thrusting.

Tim could feel Roger’s asshole twitch around him in orgasm. The spasms threatened to push him over the edge and he gradually slowed his thrusts while Roger unloaded into Rose. Once the man went limp, he pushed Roger out of the way and slid into Rose, feeling Roger’s warm cum flow around and coat his dick.

“Fuck, man,” Tim said with mock anger as he began his fuck. “I told you I should go first. I can barely feel anything except your jizz in here.”

Roger snorted. “You’re just mad because that pencil dick of yours can’t satisfy anybody.”

“You didn’t seem to have any complaints a minute ago.”

“That wasn’t because of you,” Roger said. He leaned down and began to play with Rose’s tits again while his mouth worked her clit. “It was because of my wonderful sister’s perfect pussy.”

“Fuck yeah it is,” Tim agreed. He watched Roger mouth and lick around Rose’s pussy, eating some of his own cum that had begun to leak out around his thrusting dick. Unconsciously, Tim licked his lips thinking about the last time he had been in that position tasting the salty, bitter mix of his and Rose’s fluids on Roger’s cock.

Rose’s cry of pleasure broke into his thoughts and he watched her convulse around him in orgasm. The feel of her pussy pulsing around his length pushed him over the edge and he soon emptied his load into her. He continued to gently thrust into her, mixing his load with Roger’s as his aftershocks faded.

“If she gets pregnant, this one better be mine,” Tim said when he finally pulled out and sat in the chair he had originally vacated. He reached out and began to gently finger Rose’s swollen pussy lips, occasionally dipping into the gaping, cum filled hole.

“Survival of the fittest,” Roger said with a smirk as he retook his seat across from Tim.

Rose had given birth to three children and while they hadn’t done any tests, two of them had features and reddish hair that resembled the siblings while one of them had Tim’s darker features. No one in their circle of friends and family had ever questioned it and Tim happily played father to all three.

Rose sat up on the table and said, “You guys really know how to make a girl feel special.”

Tim leaned over to give her leg a gentle kiss. “I’ll make you feel special tonight.”

Roger grabbed his discarded jeans and put them on. “I’m your brother, it’s not my job to make you feel special. That’s why you have a husband.”

“You’re just going to fuck my wife and leave?” Tim asked as Roger stood and moved to the back door.

“Yep. I spent most of my life living with her, no need to hang around any longer than necessary. Don’t worry, I’ll be back to fuck you tomorrow.”

“Do you ever fuck your wife?” Rose asked.

“What do you think I’m about to do?”

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