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Eliza Martin gnawed on the tip of her rubber eraser while she focused intently on her homework. She was 18 and a very dedicated student, but not to the point where she had a social life. Oh yes, she had a social life, a very active one. Her boyfriend was faithful and her friends loved her.

Her boyfriend John was very attractive with baby blue eyes and dark hair. He was envied by most guys and adored by most girls but he had chosen her.

Eliza was deliciously attractive with shiny, curly, red hair and cream skin. A small amount of freckles covered her nose and her green eyes always shined with such intensity it made many guys hot, when she glared or even stared at them for too long. Her breasts were large and firm being a 32 C she had to remind guys often to look at her face.

She had long pale legs and a slim waist, but not too tiny. Her ass was tight and John loved feeling her up when they were hot and heavy.

Eliza’s family was very loving and Eliza thanked her luck stars for them. Her mother was 32 but still in her prime. Since Eliza had gotten her red hair from her dad her mom was a luscious blonde with green eyes and full plump lips, not that Eliza noticed that much. Her dad was attractive in her eyes too. He was tall and muscular with blue eyes and floppy red hair that hadn’t reached the point where it was supposed to gray. And last but not least, Eliza’s 20 year-old brother, Ethan had blonde hair and blue eyes and a large frame like his father.

They all supported Eliza with whatever she did.

Eliza felt her mother move behind her and place a dainty hand on her back while glancing over her shoulder. Eliza looked up and saw the loving smile on her mom’s face.

“Having trouble?”

“A bit, but I’m tired, would you mind if I just finished it tomorrow morning, I promise I’ll get up early.” Eliza closed her eyes and prayed for her mother’s approval.

“Of course you can dear, if you’re tired go to bed. You know I love you and I want the best for you but if you think you can finish it in the morning then I trust you.” Eliza sighed and kissed her mother on the cheek before bounding up the stairs to her bedroom getting ready for bed and sinking into her soft plush comforters.


Eliza woke up early the next morning, Thursday, like she promised her mother she would. She smelled strawberry pancakes and walked downstairs inhaling the sweet aroma. Her mom and dad were sitting down at the table wrapped up in their playful, loving banter.

She entered the room and they smiled warmly at her. Her dad wrapped her in a warm embrace and kissed her red head.

“Liz, your teacher called earlier and said that she could wait until after your break to get the homework.” Her mom clapped.

“Yes your mother was very upset to see you so tired.”

“Oh Roger, you know you were upset that you didn’t get your goodnight kiss.” Her dad waved the comment away and beamed at his daughter.

“So Liza, I have some news. Ethan called and he’s coming home tonight!!” Eliza’s face broke out into a huge grin.

“Really?” She exclaimed. She loved her brother and couldn’t wait to see him.

“Yes he said he’d be here when you came home from school.” She clapped her hands and knew she’d be thinking about the homecoming for the whole school day. She heard John’s car honk to get her out of the house and her mom and dad frowned.

“That boy’s not very considerate.” Her antalya escort mom observed. Eliza groaned and said her goodbyes before hoping into John’s car but not before giving him a hot kiss. She moved her tongue around his mouth like pro and ran her hands up and down his body before gripping his silky hair. He moaned into her mouth and she bit his pierced bottom lip.

She felt her pussy get wet and she knew if they went too far she wouldn’t be able to stop. Not that he’d mind. But in front of her parents house. Hell no.

“Oh baby, don’t fucking give me kisses like that and expect me not to sport a hard-on for the whole day.” Eliza waggled her eyebrow and kissed his cheek.

John shook his head and sighed before taking off in his maroon Buick.


Eliza kissed John goodbye before heading off to meet one of her best friends, Lucy-Ann Manjra. Eliza loved her dearly and Lucy loved her back. They had been best friends through thick and thin. Lucy was of Native American Descent but her mother was white. She had striking blue eyes that stood out against her naturally-tanned skin and guys found her very attractive. Many said they were polar opposites, in looks and personality.

Lucy was shy but outgoing when people first met her. She was rude to those she didn’t like and everyone knew who she didn’t like. Eliza however was quieter on those she didn’t harbor friendly feelings for.

“Hey Lizzie, how’re you? Did Mrs. Graham call your house too?” Eliza wiped imaginary sweat from her brow. Thank god she wasn’t hallucinating when her parents said the Trig homework was due after break.

“Yep, I’m glad about that one. Guess what? Ethan is coming home tonight!!” Lucy knew how much Eliza loved her brother and was ecstatic about her friend’s happiness.

“That’s great Liz! Now come on before we’re late for homeroom!”


As John drove her home she thought about their relationship. She did love him, but probably not as much as he said he loved her. They sex was good but he never totally satisfied her. As they kissed for awhile in the car she realized that her brother could be in the house and she was wasting time making out with John.

She pulled away and John groaned. She saw the bulge in his pants and rubbed his cock with her hand. He slapped her hand away and growled. She smirked and danced into her house.


“ETHAN!!” Her tall brother scooped her into a tight embrace. Her dad and mom looked at them with bunches of love.

“When did you get back?”

“Few hours ago actually. But look babe, I’ve got to go with mom to the store for about an hour, because you know she can’t choose one of anything ever.” Mom popped him on the back of the head. Eliza frowned but was happy he was finally home. She nodded and Ethan and her mom headed out the door.

She turned back to her dad and found he was looking at her with a face of disdain that made her want to cry.

“I saw you making out with John in the car Liz. In front of the house? Really? You know me and your mother don’t like him and you flaunt your relationship in our faces.” Roger stalked up the stairs and Eliza followed swiftly behind him and followed him into her parents’ bedroom.

“I’m sorry. I would never do that. I love you. But I really like him too.” Roger rubbed his hands across his face and murmured a, “I don’t forgive you.”

“Then what do I have to do?”

“I kepez escort want you to kiss me like you did him.” Eliza did a double take. What?! Her dad walked up and locked the bedroom door. Eliza’s eyes widened, accentuating her fear but her pussy was wet at the thought of kissing her delicious father. His blue eyes seared into her and he moved close to her. But then he did something unexpected.

He slapped Eliza right across the face. She staggered backwards in fear.

“Kiss me, bitch.” Eliza clenched her eyes shut and leaned into his warm scent. Roger gave her a rough kiss and rolled his tongue around in her mouth. He gripped her ass tightly and bit her lip. Eliza had tears in her eyes. This was her dad but she loved everything he was doing to her.

“Please stop.” She begged.

“Fuck no. I love you baby. I want to show you that love.” He growled. He forced her down on the bed and ripped open her button-up shirt. Her luscious tits were confined by a push-up bra that fastened in the front, making it easier for Roger to admire her tits. The bra fell away and Eliza saw her father’s eyes widen.

“Beautiful.” He murmured. Eliza felt her heart pound widely. He rubbed his hands along her pink nipples and pinched them in the most painful pleasure. He leaned down and licked the valley between her breasts and moaned.

“Do you like that slut?” Eliza sobbed loudly but that seemed to only egg her father on.

“I knew you would.” He reached down and unbuttoned her pants and drew them down to her ankles taking her lace panties with her. Her shaven pussy glistened in the dim light of the bedroom. She was angry with herself that she was aroused by her dad’s rape.

“Do you love me?” Did she? She thought. She nodded. Even after this she would love her dad.

He kissed her again hard while taking off his clothes. Soon he was naked in front of her and her eyes were on his huge cock. It was hard and long. Thick too. Eliza felt her pussy ooze precum and Roger noticed too.

“I told you you’d like it, now suck my cock you little slut.” He ordered. Eliza got off the bed and got on her knees. She ran her fingers up and down her father’s boner and thought of what a nasty thing she was going to do. She closed her eyes and deep-throated her own father. He moaned and started face fucking her.

She started to choke but knew she’d have to suck it up because Roger looked like he was at no point to stop. He let out a strangled groan and came in her little mouth. Roger pulled her up and kissed her hard letting his hands roam around her tight little body. Eliza whimpered into his mouth and moaned when Roger moved his fingers in her tight cunt.

“Mmm, you’re nice and ready for me aren’t you Lizzie?” Eliza nodded. Not knowing whether it was from fear or pleasure. He pounded his fingers into her and she moaned. Before she came her dad threw her on the bed again and slid his thick cock into her. She had never been stretched this far before and it hurt like hell. He fucked her hard and fast and she felt him cum over her stomach.

“Go clean up slut and get dressed. You’re forgiven.” Eliza stood shocked as her father held the door open for her. She walked away and went to sit in her room and try to comprehend what had just happened.


“Wake up you slut!” Eliza jumped awake. Her dad was leaning over her with her mother and brother behind him.

“Mom?!” She manavgat escort smiled at Eliza and moved to her bed. Straddling her, her mother gave her the sexiest kiss she had ever had. Her pussy got wet again. Her mother’s soft hands unbuttoned her daughters blouse before she was moved off. Eliza opened her eyes and came face to face with her brother’s blue ones.

“Ethan?? Don’t hurt me.” Ethan smiled. Before she could cry she was on her stomach. Her jeans were pulled down and her ass was on display to the family she loved so much. She felt her mother’s hand rub her asshole and stick her finger in it and pump in and out. She heard the dropping of jeans and knew she was in for a world of pain. She heard her brother’s voice.

“I love you so much, Eliza, I want to fuck you into oblivion and you’ll learn to enjoy it.” With that he forced himself into her ass. Eliza jumped forward and screamed. It hurt so much. Her dad covered her scream with his loving kiss. The pain died away after a few thrusts. But she couldn’t believe her own brother was fucking her.

And that she liked it.

When he came all of them left her room.


When she came downstairs two hours later her family was sitting down waiting patiently. Her dad looked sad and her mother looked pretty upset too, as well as her brother.

“I’m so sorry, Liz.” Her Dad came up and embraced her.

“We love you, its just, you’re so beautiful, and we all fuck each other, you were just the one that none of us could have.” Ethan said. Her mom stood up and kissed Eliza tenderly on the mouth.

“I’m sorry my dear. But now that we have had a taste, I don’t think any of us can stop.” Eliza cleared her throat.

“I don’t want you too.” The room lit up as the her dad, brother and mom beamed with happiness.

“God I wanna fuck you right now.” Ethan blew air into her earlobe as he pressed his body to hers. She felt his cock hard against her ass.

“Do it then.” She took off all her clothes and bent over the counter. Ethan was more than happy to oblige, even in front of his parents. He entered her cock into her ass and thrust hard and deep. Her tits jiggled with the power of each thrust. She moaned in pleasure. She had never had it in the ass before and it felt delicious.

“Oh god I’m going to cum!” Ethan released into her ass. Eliza sighed and turned to face her brother who strode quickly to her and kissed her with so much love it almost made her cry.

“My turn.” My mother rubbed my nipples between her fingers and stroked my pussy with her hand. I had never felt so dirty in my life. Or so good.

“My little girl has grown up so much.”

“I love you mommy.” She murmured and kissed her mom softly on the lips. Her tongue asked for entrance and Eliza gave it. She and her mother battled for control until Eliza gave up. She came up for air and her mother kissed her collar bone and licked her nipples. Again she was ripped away.

“Now, slut I want you. Do you love your daddy?”

“Oh yes, Daddy I want you to fuck me and make me your little whore.” Eliza needed more pleasure. Her Dad flipped her on her back, drew her legs around his head and fucked her tight pussy. He fucked her hard and pinched her nipples. Ethan, not able to stand on the sidelines got on top of her and forced his cock into her hot little mouth. Julia just watched touching herself.

Eliza had never felt so much pleasure in all her life as her dad and brother came in her at the same time. She moaned until her own pussy spurted out loads of cum. Her mother licked every drop up. Eliza felt her mother’s 3 fingers enter her red and tender pussy and she whimpered in pleasure.



Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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