Desires within Young Girls Ch. 23

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Going All the Way

Exams were over, and I was on a flight to Atlanta with Sam. I couldn’t believe it. At long last, he was going to show me everything! We had a whole week together in Atlanta to explore our inner most naughty desires! During the car ride to the airport, Sam kept fingering me through my now very soaked panties. I couldn’t wait for him to fuck me. What would he do to me, I wondered? He said he had several things planned, and I couldn’t wait. I brought my sexiest underwear—bras, panties, nighties, stockings, leg warmers—and some very cute, short dresses and tight pants and jeans. I was planning to be his wet dream for a week! I brought lots of sexy makeup and perfume, and he said he had a few toys in the bag that he was going to use on me! OMG!

“Brandi, I need to talk to you for a few minutes before we land and get to the hotel.” Sam whispered.

“Okay.” I whispered back in his ear and licked his ear lobe.

“Okay, first, no displays of affection anywhere on this trip in public. Do you understand?”

“Okay, but why? No one knows us.”

“You don’t know that. And I don’t want any suspicion raised whatsoever. In fact, that’s what I want to talk to you about.”

“Okay, Sam, calm down.”

“I’m calm. I just want us to play this right. So, here’s how this is going to work. Your mom thinks we are on this trip for me to take you to see some clients. So, on two of the days that is exactly what we are going to do. You are coming with me to meet some clients as my stepdaughter, which you are.”

“Okay. Is that all day?”

“No, but it will take up a good part of two of our days. That helps maintain our cover. Second thing we are going to do is I’ve booked two rooms adjacent to each other, so you will have one, and I will have one. We are checking in as stepfather and stepdaughter.”

“But Sam, I thought we are going to be together!”

“We are going to be together. You will come to my room, and you can even spend the night, but we are going to keep up appearances. When we go out to eat or whatever, we are going out as stepfather and stepdaughter. Got it?”

“Yes. I can’t wait for you to fuck me.” I whispered.

“Okay, Brandi, you have to listen and pay attention. No flirting or fucking around when we are out. Understand?”

“Understand. Got it. No giving you a blowjob under the table at dinner.” I giggled.

“Brandi.” Sam said sternly still whispering close to my ear. “Don’t kid around. This is serious.”

“Yes, sir! I understand. I’ll be good. I prommmmisssssseeee.”

We arrived at the hotel and checked in, and I immediately went to my room to change, put on makeup, and get ready for Sam. I put on a pair of sexy leg warmers, cute little antalya escort striped panties, a white top, and no bra. My puffy, ample nipples pushed through the fabric of my top. I put on some sexy perfume from Victoria’s Secret and knocked on Sam’s door. I was ready for him to take me-to do anything he wanted to do to me. We arrived with enough time before dinner to have a nice fuck session, and I wanted it to be memorable.

Sam opened the door and his mouth dropped. I sauntered by him, and I felt his eyes watch me and my tight little ass in my panties walk by him. I sat on the edge of his king size bed and pouted.

“Sam.” I said in my sexy little girl voice. “Are you going to teach me, sir? Are you going to teach me to be your whore? Your dirty little slut? Your filthy little fuck bitch?”

Sam looked longingly at me rubbing his crotch through his jeans. He looked so sexy. He hadn’t shaved in a day or two, and the stubble on his face and his tight blue jeans were driving me crazy. He stared at me for a long time, drinking me in. Finally, he walked over and ran his fingers through my hair and gently massaged the back of my neck.

Then, he turned.

He grabbed my hair gruffly and pulled a fist full of it back.

“Get down on your knees, Brandi. I’m going to show you how to deep throat my throbbing cock.”

“Yes, sir,” I replied and got down on my knees and looked up at him. He still had my hair in his right hand as he fumbled with his pants to undo them. I decided to help and undid his pants and zipped them down sliding his jeans to the floor. I pushed his boxers down, and his dick sprang out!

God! It was big, swollen, and veiney. His helmet was shiny from his precum. He was more than ready.

“Put it in your mouth, Brandi, and show me what a good little cocksucker you are.” He whispered harshly to me.

I wrapped my mouth around his thick dick, pushing as far as I could without gagging, but it was too much. It was so big in my little mouth! He pushed it further in to my throat, and I could feel myself starting to gag.

“Brandi, don’t use your teeth to stop me. Relax your throat muscles.” He took his left hand and massaged my throat muscles. “Let it ease down your throat, baby. I’m going to teach you to suck me. I want my dick all the way down your throat until my balls are on your chin, but you have to relax.”

I choked and gagged as he pushed further, still holding my hair. I felt the tears welling in my eyes and my mascara running. He pulled back, giving me much needed relief.

“Lay back on the bed,” Sam ordered. I laid down on my back, and he pushed my legs apart. For a long time he looked at my crotch and panties and rubbed my thighs and alanya escort rubbed my pussy through my panties. I was so wet!! He stuck a finger into my little hole through my panties and rubbed and teased my little cunt as I squirmed.

Finally, he leaned in to me and nuzzled my neck and ear. “Are you ready to take my cock in your mouth you little slut?”

“Yes, Sam! Yes, I am.” I whispered.

“Get down on your knees, look up at me, open your fucking mouth, and show me what a big girl you are, and suck my cock! Do you understand, my little whore?”

“Yes! Yes, sir!”

He positioned himself over me, dominating me, and grabbed a fist full of my hair once again. He took his other hand and wrapped it around my throat. “Open your mouth, Brandi. And this time, take it! Take it down your throat and work my dick all the way down! Use your lips to control it and put your tongue on the underside of my cock and slowly work it down into your throat. I want to cum in your pretty little mouth. I want you to taste my fucking cum and swallow it like my sweet little slut that I know you want to be for me! Are you my bad little girl, Brandi?”

He pulled his dick out and looked sternly at me. “Well, are you?”

“Yes, Sam! I am! I’m your bad little girl!”

“Then beg for my cock, Brandi! Tell me you want to suck it and taste my cum like a good whore!”

“I want it! I want your cock and your cum, Sam! I want to be your fucking little whore. Please, please fuck my mouth! Abuse me like a dirty slut!”

I must have said the right thing, because Sam grabbed my hair again and shoved his cock into my mouth! I nearly gagged on the first thrust! He pushed some more, pulled back, pushed some more, pulled back, until finally I had three-quarters of his giant cock down my throat! It felt so massive, and the whole event made my pussy wet and aching! All I could think about was his big dick filling up my tight little pussy and pounding me until we both came in ecstasy!

“That’s it, Brandi! You dirty little cocksucker. Look what a whore you are. You have a giant dick in your mouth, and you’re ready for my cum! Your face is a mess of tears and mascara! You are such a little slut!”

Sam pushed some more, holding the back of my head. Then he took both hands and wrapped them around my head and thrust into my mouth like he was fucking my tight little cunt. I could barely take it. And just when I thought I was going to completely gag and choke on his dick, he pulled it out, grabbed it in his right hand, pulled my head and hair back with his left hand and stroked it exactly three times and then shot his load all over my mascara stained face!. His load was massive! Splotches of belek escort cum shot out on to my cheek and nose and hair and began to drip down the side of my face. I stuck my tongue out and caught the last drips of his dick and tasted him and swallowed.

He stepped back still stroking his cock which was still hard and swollen. Then to my surprise, he pushed me down on the bed, ripped my panties off, and shoved his still swollen dick in my sopping cunt!

And he fucked me, grunting and panting and nuzzling my neck and hair while my face was still covered in his cum and mascara!

“I”m going to fuck you until you cum my bad little girl. I love to look at you with my cum covered all over you. You are my little hot slut!”

I wrapped my legs around Sam and met his thrusts with my own rhythm, wiggling my ass underneath him and grinding my hips to meet his. I couldn’t believe how hard he still was and how much he wanted to fuck me! It was like a rabid animal released inside of him.

“Oh my god, Sam! Fuck me hard! I want to be your dirty, nasty, fuck slut!” I cried.

You want to cum all over my dick, Brandi? Is that what you want to do? Do you want to unload your pussy juice all over me?”

“Yess! Oh, god, yessssss!!” I cried. “Your dick feels so gooooooddddd inside me, Sam!”

“You are such a filthy girl, Brandi. My cum on your face is so sexy. I can’t wait to explode inside of you!”

“I’m Daddy’s bad girl,” I cried!

“Yes, you are Daddy’s bad girl, aren’t you? All that cum on your pretty little face! Your mascara running! Your eyes welled up with tears! Such a dirty slut!”

Sam was pounding me now. Our bodies slammed together as I felt the hard slap of his thighs against me. He had my legs pushed back now, my knees pushed up against my ears, and he was pounding my cunt, harder and harder!

“Are you going to cum for me, Brandi? Are you going to slop that pussy cum all over my fucking cock? Huh, you dirty little girl? Cum for Daddy! Soak my dick, Brandi! Cum for me!”

My pussy was screaming!! I felt it build as Sam talked so dirty to me! Finally, I felt that moment of no return. My pussy began to tighten and pulse! I could feel the orgasm welling from deep within me. My legs tightened around Sam, and I threw my arms around his neck and pulled him in to my cum-stained face. Sam licked my ear lobe and thrust hard one last time! His dick filled my little fuck hole to the hilt, and I felt myself go . . . .

My orgasm flowed like a river, releasing what felt like a high pressure balloon! I felt myself leave my body for an instant, looking down on the scene as Sam fucked me.

My body convulsed around him, and he leaned up, looked deep into my eyes, thrust his cock in me again, and while watching my orgasm in the movements of my face, he shot a load deep in to the far recesses of my womb and collapsed on top of me.

Sam left me dizzy and thirsty. I was spent, and all I could think was what a week this was going to be!!

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