Desires within Young Girls Ch. 14

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“Stephanie! You aren’t going to believe it.” We were sitting at her kitchen table with our stuff spread out for the biology test on Monday.

“What, for God’s sake?”

“Are your parents here?”

“No. Why?”

“Where are they?”

“They went shopping or something, why?”

“Because I don’t want them to hear me, and you can’t breathe a word of what I’m about to tell you.”

“Okay. This sounds fucking serious.”

“It is. You HAVE to keep quiet. You can’t even tell Veronica.”

“Okay! Jesus! What’s wrong with you? You’ve been acting weird ever since you got here.” Stephanie stopped. A look of horror came over her face. Her mouth opened and she put her hand over it and stared at me wide-eyed. “Nooooo. You didn’t!!”

“Did what?” I asked abruptly.

Stephanie was silent staring at me. “Did, did, you and Sam . . . .” Her voice trailed off, her hand still over her mouth.

I didn’t say anything. I looked away.

“Brandi! Did he fuck you? Did you fuck him? Talk to me!”

I looked at her, looked down, and threaded the fingers of my hands together and put them on my lap. I looked up at her, took a deep breath, and nodded.

“Oh, my GODDDDDDDDDDDDD! Are you fucking kidding me? Did this happen after the party?”

“No.” I said quietly. “But I got him to spank me that night. But he wouldn’t do anything more. And he watched me masturbate.”

“What the fuck? He watched you masturbate? Again? Did you leave your door open or something?”

“No. After he spanked me he told me to pull down my dress and that was it. So I went upstairs and closed the door and started masturbating and he came up and knocked and then came in.”

“Oh my god!! That’s creepy! Did you let him to watch you?”

“Well he wanted to talk, but I didn’t. So, I just continued to masturbate while he stood at the door.”

“MY FUCKING GOD, Brandi! What the hell has happened to you?”

“I don’t know! I’m like horny all the time!”

“So when did it actually happen?”

I was quiet for a long time. Stephanie kept looking at me. “Last night,” I whispered. “And, and, and, again this morning.”


“Well, this morning was kind of not actual sex or whatever.”

“Then what the fuck was it?”

“Uhmm, how do I explain this? He, he, he kind of fingered me and I jacked him off.”

“What? antalya escort Wait. Why?” Stephanie had a look of utter confusion.

“His cum is all over my panties I’m wearing now,” I said quietly, looking down at my crotch.

“He came on your panties???”

“Uhmm.” I swallowed hard. “Yeah.” My voice lowered. “And my cum is all over his boxers which he is wearing now.”

“Oh my God. What the fuck is wrong with you? Why are you wearing underwear with each other’s cum all over them?”

“It’s kind of a pact. You know. Instead of blood.”

“What the fuck? What kind of a pact is that? I like never fucking heard of this. You came on each other’s underwear?”

“Uhmm, yeah! Well, he actually pushed his boxers into my vagina.”

“I can’t believe I’m fucking hearing this! Are you high or something? What the fuck, Brandi?”

“I know. I know. It sounds totally freaked out. But it was really erotic. Samuel said that it would be our pact to keep this secret.”

“Secret? Then why are you telling me? And since when do you call your stepdad, Samuel?” Stephanie was incredulous.

“We agreed that you are the only one I can tell. AND YOU CANNOT TELL ANOTHER FUCKING SOUL! I mean it, Stephanie. This is fucking serious!”

“I won’t!! You know I won’t! But I just can’t believe what I’m hearing!”

“I can’t believe it either. But now it’s happened. I had sex—for the first time—with my stepdad.”

“Oh my God, Brandi! Are you alright? Did you want to do this?”

“It was my idea. I like totally seduced him. I mean, I was even mad when he wouldn’t do anything the night of the party. He spanked me on my bare butt!”

“What???? He spanked your ass without panties? Did he pull them down?”

“No. I did. And I told him to do it!”

“OH MY GOD. And you let him watch you frig yourself? Were you drunk or something? Because nobody gave me any liquor at that party. Maybe you caught a buzz with some weed?”

“NO! I had nothing to drink the night of the party. Sam gave me vodka the next night when we did finally do it.”

“This is unfucking believable.”

“I know. I know. But Stephanie, it felt sooooooo gooooood!! I’m addicted to sex, I think!”

“And I thought I was going to be the first of all of us to pop my cherry. ‘Cause I’m like rubbing myself all the time down there.”

“I alanya escort know! I mean, uhmm, I don’t know about that. But I totally thought that you would be out there ahead of all of us. Because I kind of think of you as the more daring and wanting to do stuff with boys. Like giving Bobby that hand job. Which I have totally never done. Until now. The only thing I’ve done with a guy is get felt up and make out!”

“Okay. Okay. Whoa. Let’s start from the beginning. Tell me what happened after the party.”

“I came home late, and Sam was gonna’ take my phone away again. And I like got really bold and walked over to him and told him to spank me like last time.”


“He like said no, Brandi. We can’t do that again. And he started talking about how it was all his fault and he should have never spanked me and it had to stop. And I like wasn’t listening to him. It’s like I didn’t care what he said.”

“And so did you just like pull your pants down?”

“I just bent over him and pulled my jeans down. And I said to spank me because mom wasn’t home and it would be over quick.” I stopped for a moment and took a huge swig of milk and wiped my mouth. “And then I just like said that I should pull my panties down because it would be more of a punishment. And like I don’t know! I was thinking he just saw me naked earlier, so what difference does it make? But I wanted him to see me, I guess. And I wanted to feel the, the, you know.”

“Know what?”

“The swat.” I stopped and squirmed in my seat. “I guess.”

“So he spanked your bare butt. Is that what you are telling me?”

“Yeah. Yeah. He did.”

“Did it hurt?”

“Oh my God, yes! He hit me harder this time then he did last time.”

“So, then what?”

“And he like stopped and told me to pull up my pants. And I like got mad!!”

“So then he came to your room and watched you masturbate?”

“Yeah! I was so mad at him that I closed my door, but I was so horny. My ass was really stinging but I was all wet down there, so I started rubbing myself, and then Sam knocked on the door saying he wanted to talk. And I didn’t answer the door, and then he just opened it. I had put the covers over me, but when he started talking to me, I didn’t answer. I just pulled down the covers and started masturbating in front of him. belek escort It was really a turn on knowing that he was watching me!”

“I can’t believe this! Brandi. You are fucking crazy! So nothing else happened?”

“Not that night. The next morning I told him about seeing him and my mom fuck. And I told him I wanted to do that. You know, like for him to show me. And he really didn’t say anything to like contradict that. So he gave me some money and I met you and Veronica at the movies.”

“Yeah! And you didn’t say anything about any of this. What the fuck?”

“I know. I didn’t want to get into it. Plus, I kept thinking that something was gonna happen that night. And it did.”

“So, after the movies with us, he fucked you?”

I didn’t say anything again. I took another swig of milk and looked down.

“Brandi! Hello? Oh my God. This is crazy.”

“Stephanie. You have to believe me. Sam had had a couple of drinks or whatever. And he offered me some vodka and I like did two shots and then I went upstairs and put on the panties and bra I bought when we were at Victoria’s Secret before the movie.”

“Oh my God!! You wore those for him? I like saw you buy those!”

“Yes. And I came downstairs and he was on the sofa. And I like told him to spank me, and he did. And then he started rubbing me down there. And it like felt really good. And then he kind of lifted me up and put me on the sofa with my knees on the floor. And he like started, you know, licking me.”


“Stephanie, it felt soooooooo goooooooooood. And then he turned me over on my back and pushed my legs back and licked me some more. And then, he, he, uhmm, pulled down his pants and his, uhmm, ah, cock like jumped out!”

“OMG!! Was it big?”

“HUMONGOUS! Like at least 8 inches. I didn’t know what to think!! I was afraid he was going to hurt me. Oh, Stephanie, what I have done?”

“Oh my god, Brandi. Are you okay?”

“He fucked me, Stephanie. Right there. And I cried, but I, I, loved it!! It was so incredible! And now I, I, I want him! I want to do it again so baaaaadddd.”

Stephanie didn’t say anything. She put her arm around me and stroked my back. After a very long pause, Stephanie finally looked into my eyes. She took a deep breath. “You know this is fucked up,” she whispered. “Do you love him?”

I looked at her with tears welling in my eyes. “Stephanie, I love him more than anything. Oh my God. My mom!!” And I broke down crying and crying, ruining my mascara once again!

Stephanie hugged me and rubbed my hair. “It’s okay,” she said softly. “It will be okay.” She sighed.

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