Decisions Ch. 02

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Despite the fact that I had the memories of our debauched fucking the previous night floating through my mind, and that my cock was still nestled in my daughter’s tight cunt, I was a little surprised that I started to get hard again. I had cum three times in the last… fuck, what time was it?

I glanced across Sammy’s sleeping form to my alarm clock. 11:15.

I had cum three times in the last 10 hours. I hadn’t done that since college, and I wasn’t even sure if I had really done it then.

I knew Sam and I needed to talk. She initiated things this morning, but I needed to make sure I hadn’t hurt her or taken advantage of her last night. Well, I knew I had taken advantage of her… she was at least slightly drunk and no matter how provocative her story was I shouldn’t have fucked her. I couldn’t say I actually regretted it though. She was easily the best lay I had ever had. The only thing I would regret is if she regretted it. Or if she didn’t want to do it again. Because even though I knew I shouldn’t want to fuck my daughter, I wasn’t going to give this up if I didn’t have to.

After a few minutes, she rolled away from me and on to her stomach, allowing my dick to slip out of her. She moaned at the loss, but made no other move. I used the opportunity to take a quick cold shower. The icy water helped me to tone down my pulsing hard-on enough so that when I got out I could relieve myself. I put on a pair of scrubs that I frequently wore around the house and headed downstairs in search of sustenance.

I wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of memories that assaulted me as I walked into the kitchen.

The kitchen table was pushed back against the sliding glass doors leading to the patio. One of the chairs was in the hallway, and another was balancing on two legs in the corner. I knew I had fucked her hard, but I didn’t remember moving chairs, and I certainly didn’t remember shoving the table six feet across the floor.

God… the things I had done to her on that table. I tasted her and sucked her clit into my mouth. I had shoved four fingers into her juicy pussy. I had pelted her with my cock and I had shot my cum deep inside of her.

Dammit, I was hard again.

I spent the next few minutes straightening up the kitchen (and willing my cock to chill the fuck out) and decided on fixing breakfast for lunch. I got the French toast in the oven and had just finished cleaning the last of the dishes when I heard Sammy come into the kitchen.

I leaned back against the counter and watched her enter the room. She was wearing one of my t-shirts and walked slowly into the room, running her fingers over the kitchen table with a smile.

“Morning, Daddy.”

“Morning, Sam.”

“Mmmm… what smells so good?”

“I made some French toast, should be ready in about 20 minutes. Can we talk, Sam?”

“Mmm… I don’t think so, Daddy.” She shook her head at me as she took her usual seat at the kitchen table.

“What? Why not? We really need to talk about last night.”

“Well, the way I see it, the only reason we would need to talk about last night would be because it was fucking awesome, or because you were sorry it happened. While I would love to rehash how you fucked the shit out of me right here,” she said as she reverently glided her hand across the surface of the table, “I think we’d be better served making new memories. And I don’t think you’re sorry it happened. For the record, neither am I.” She hadn’t taken her eyes away from mine at all during her little speech.

“You’re right, baby, I’m not sorry it happened.” I really wasn’t. “I am sorry that we had both been drinking. It might not have happened if we hadn’t. I can’t help but feel I took advantage of you. I’m your father, I shouldn’t be doing those things to you.” Not that I was prepared to stop.

She rose from the table and crossed the kitchen to where I was still leaning on the counter, arms crossed in front of me. Shit, why didn’t antalya escort I put on a shirt?? When she reached me, she pulled my arms away from my chest and I let them hang by my sides. She reached her little hands up and ran them across my abs and up my chest, leaving one resting on each pec.

“Daddy,” she looked up at me, her beautiful blue eyes looking deep into mine, “if it hadn’t happened last night it would have happened another night. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for ages. That’s why I was so bored fucking the boys at school.” Sammy leaned towards me, standing on the tips of her toes, and whispered in my ear, “I didn’t want anyone but my Daddy anymore,” before licking my neck from my ear down to my collar bone before backing up a step to look me in the eye again.

I couldn’t stand there doing nothing anymore. My daughter had just confessed that she was bored fucking teenage boys because she wanted me. I don’t know how any man could have resisted that. My hands found their way from hanging limply at my sides, to fisting the fabric of my shirt that was draped around her hips. I pulled her back to me so that her lithe little body was pressed firmly against me and lowered my face to hers.

“Are you sure, baby?”

She responded with a seductive “yes, Daddy,” and I covered her mouth with mine, taking her tongue into my mouth and tasting her again. I somehow managed to loosen my grip on her shirt and dropped my hands to her smooth, creamy thighs, working my way up. I reached behind and cupped her ass in my hands, kneading her luscious cheeks once I discovered she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her hands had moved just a few inches south of where she initially laid them, and she started to roll my nipples around in her fingers. I was ready to reach around and sink my fingers in her hot pussy again when the oven timer went off, signaling that the French toast was done.

Sammy pulled away from me, panting, and gave me a mischievous look. “We should probably eat if you’re going to make good on what you promised me this morning, Dad.”

I smirked right back at her. “Oh, don’t you worry, baby girl. I will make good on my promise. You’ll have a river of my cum flowing out of you by the time I’m done with you.” I winked at her before turning to pull breakfast out of the oven.

We ate at the kitchen table, not saying much, but shooting each other seductive glances and grins. Every time she moaned at the taste of her meal my cock throbbed in response. When she took her last bite, a drop a syrup slid off the toast on her bottom lip and started to drip down her chin. I was forcefully reminded of the image she planted in my mind the previous night of some college boy cumming on her face and her not wanting to waste it. Before she could do anything, I reached up and guided the syrup back to her mouth with my thumb. “Don’t waste anything, baby,” I said, fully meaning the double entendre.

She sucked my thumb into her mouth, and swirled her tongue around the tip, closing her eyes and moaning as she did it. I was just about ready to start with her again, but wanted to clear up a couple more things first.

I pulled my thumb from her mouth and she opened her eyes, pouting at me. I gave her my best Dad face and sternly told her “Samantha, there are still two things we need to discuss.” I never used her full name unless I was serious, and she looked worried. She didn’t respond, but I saw her throat constrict as she swallowed her nerves. I couldn’t wait to see her throat constrict as she swallowed my cum.

“First, there is the issue of your boyfriend. I understand if you want to keep seeing him for image reasons, but under no circumstances are you allowed to fuck him. I wasn’t kidding last night when I told you that your cunt is mine.” She swallowed again, and shifted in her seat, my words clearly getting to her. She looked less concerned now, and there was a bit of a twinkle in her eye as she responded, “Okay, Daddy.”

“Second, lara escort there is the issue of your behavior last night. You drank alcohol at a bar; you came home two hours after your curfew; you didn’t call to let me know where you were or when you would be home.” I listed her transgressions as I counted them on my hand. “You were out in public dressed like a slut; and you fucked a boy who wasn’t your boyfriend. Of course, you also fucked your father. While I’m really not upset about that last one, none of this behavior is indicative of how you were raised, is it Samantha?”

She licked her lips and shook her head, “No, Daddy, it isn’t.”

“I think you need to be punished in order to help you learn your lesson. What do you think, Samantha?” She merely swallowed her nerves again and nodded. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had to do it, but I think you need a spanking. I’m thinking one for each indiscretion. Of course, I prefer nice round numbers, so I’m going to round up to ten. How does that sound, Samantha? Does that sound fair?”

She nodded again, clearly unable to form words. I couldn’t remember a time I had seen her speechless. I might have been worried that I was crossing a line, if I hadn’t noticed the flush covering her cheeks, her increased breathing, and the way she was rubbing her thighs together to provide herself some friction.

“Go upstairs and wait for me on my bed. I want you on your hands and knees. And lose the shirt.”

She practically ran out of the kitchen and flew up the stairs. I glanced at the seat she had just vacated and it was glistening with her juices. I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one affected by our conversation or our teasing over breakfast. I looked down to my own lap and saw a good sized wet spot on my scrubs where my cock had leaked all over it.

I took my time cleaning up the kitchen and thinking about what I was going to do when I got upstairs. It was going to be a good day.

I walked deliberately slowly up the stairs, knowing that she could hear me approaching, hoping that it was heightening her anticipation of what was to come. I pushed open the door to my room and – fuck – she was naked on my bed resting on her hands and knees like I asked, but I didn’t expect her slick pink pussy to be facing me in the doorway. I guess I had expected her to set herself up short-ways on the bed so that she could see me coming, but this was just so much better.

“Very good girl, Samantha,” I commended as I approached the bed and her naked form on top of it. Her knees were almost at the end of the bed, with her feet dangling off the edge. “I don’t think we’ll have any special rules for your first spanking, but we may in the future. I want to hear you while I teach you a lesson today.”

I reached out with one hand and stroked her smooth ass, before raising my hand and smacking it down on her right cheek.

“Ow!” She cried as her body bucked away from the sensation.

“Do not run away from me, Samantha,” I said sternly. “You need to take your punishment before we can have any more fun today.”

I performed the same action on her left cheek this time, hitting it with a sharp smack! She cried out again, but her body didn’t move away as much the second time.

I took turns alternating cheeks, and trying to spread the beautiful redness that was creeping up under my hands, by spanking her higher and lower; she really seemed to like the ones at the base of her cheeks. By the time I got to ten, she was panting for breath and her thighs were glistening with the juices that were dripping out of her pussy, and my cock felt like an iron bar in my pants, and the wet spot on the front of them had grown substantially in size.

Rubbing her cheeks tenderly, I asked “do you think you’ve learned your lesson Samantha? Or does Daddy have to spank you some more?” I was almost hoping she would ask me to spank her some more, but almost all manavgat escort of the blood in my body had gathered in my dick and it was throbbing with the need to be buried inside of her.

“No Daddy, I’ve learned my lesson,” she replied with a breathy moan.

“Good, baby.” And with that, I ripped my scrubs off, grabbed her hips, and pulled her back towards me, stuffing my cock inside her in one swift thrust. We both moaned at the sensation, and I stilled inside her for a moment. I was fairly certain I was going to blow my load quickly, but I couldn’t get enough of the sensation of her tight, wet walls gripping me firmly. “Fuck baby, you’re so good,” I groaned. She could only moan in response, and the sensation vibrated through her body all the way down to where her pussy was surrounding me.

I pulled back slowly, watching where we were joined, seeing the evidence of her arousal slick around my cock, before I slammed myself back into her. We were both breathless and moaning as I fucked her, removing my cock from the confines of her tight pussy and forcibly shoving it back into her as quickly as possible. Over and over, I pounded into her, grunting and incoherent. She tossed her hair to one side and looked back over her shoulder at me, “Spank me again Daddy! Please, spank my ass while you fuck me!”

Shit; I was more than happy to oblige. I had to slow the pace of my thrusts a bit, but I brought my hand down on her ass over and over again as she moaned and cursed underneath me, overwhelmed with the sensations.

After a handful of extra smacks to her ass, she dropped from her hands to her elbows, her head resting on her forearms as she pushed herself forcefully back at me, meeting my every thrust. “Ungh, Daddy, I want to be a good girl for you! Spank me so I learn my lesson! Please Daddy, teach your bad girl to be good for you!”

“Oh fuck yes, baby, you are a bad girl, but I’ll teach you to obey your Daddy!” I spanked her ass a few more times before I could feel myself reaching the point of no return. Reaching up to her beautiful mahogany hair, I grabbed a fistful of it in my hand and yanked backwards, “I thought I told you to be on your hands and knees,” I growled at her.

She wasn’t able to voice a coherent response, merely grunting and moaning back at me, nearing her own release. “Touch your cunt, Samantha, make yourself cum on my cock!”

Sammy brought one hand down to where I was still thrusting violently into her, and rubbed her hand on her mound, her fingers brushing my cock every time it exited her wet hole. I felt her feverishly rubbing several fingers over her clit in an effort to follow my order, and only seconds later I felt her cunt clamping down on my cock and watched her body spasm in front of me. She removed her hand from her dripping slit, and I reached mine down there to replace it. I wasn’t ready for her to be finished cumming.

I could feel my balls tightening and knew I was seconds away from cumming myself, but I had to coax one more orgasm out of her. I reached three fingers down to her pussy and forcefully rubbed them across her throbbing clit. After only two passes of her sensitive clit, she exploded around me again, and this time I couldn’t hold off my own release. Keeping one hand clamped down on her clit, I pulled her back up towards me by her hair, needing her as close to me as possible as I came inside her. We were both twitching and jerking as we continued to cum together.

Before I disentangled my hand from her hair, I brought my hand from her clit to her mouth, telling her to clean my hand. She grabbed my wrist in both of her tiny hands and sucked each of my fingers into her mouth in turn, slurping her delicious pussy juices off of my hand.

Finally, I let her go, and she flopped down on the bed in front of me, turning so she was on her back. “Shit, Dad. That was fucking hot. I don’t know why I’ve never wanted to be spanked before, but I’m not sure if that’s going to be an effective punishment. I might do stuff to piss you off so that you have to spank me a lot more.”

I crawled up the bed, my arms and legs on either side of her luscious body. “Baby girl, you just say the word and I’ll make sure your ass stays nice and red all day long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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