Dear Diary Pt. 04

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Claudet was leading Peter by the hand like a small boy, as promised she was taking him to meet Jimmy Pearce. Peter was quite amused by this.

“Just like my first day at school” he said, “will you be coming to get me as well mum?”

“Cheeky bugger!”

“Well I like the idea of you coming for me…”

“Later,” replied Claudet, “much later, you are going to pay for that. Now here we are.”

Claudet knocked and opened the door calling out to Jimmy.

“Come in lass, what can I do for you today?”

“Peter wants some advice about cameras, I thought I should bring him along as you’ve not met him before.”

“Good idea, but there was no need lass knew his old man well, and his mother better, but the less said about that the better. So, what do you want to know lad?”

“Right I have work to do,” said Claudet, “I’ll leave you two get on with it.”

Peter reached out and shook Jimmy’s hand. He couldn’t help thinking about the ‘and his mother better’ bit of the remark, this was something that he thought he should find out more about, especially as his relationship with his parents, especially his father, had never been that good.

There might be something that would put some things into context – but that was for another day when he knew Jimmy a bit better.

“Ok,” said Peter, “I’ve always had an interest in photography but have not been doing any for a number of years. I know all about film cameras, but the whole digital thing was in its infancy when I gave up, so it’s a whole new ball game to me. The first thing I want is a simple, small camera that will, more or less, fit in a pocket, that I can use to record a project that I am about to begin. Later I will be interested in something more sophisticated like the Canon A1 SLR that was my last camera.”

“Right lad, you’ve come to the right place. As you were a Canon user I suggest you stick with them, their digital cameras are not that different to what you are used to. I like both their Powershot and EOS ranges. Here let me show you what I use.”

He went to a corner and came back with his bag, pulling out a small camera and handing it to Peter.

“This is the G7x from the Powershot range, for a small pocket-sized camera I would say this would be ideal. It has a similar menu system to their basic DSLR’s without the size. Get to know your way around this and the more sophisticated cameras will pose less of a problem.”

Jimmy proceeded to show Peter the basics of how it worked and what could be done with it. Peter thought that it all looked pretty simple, but was sure that it could probably do much more than he was being shown, he was very much looking forward to this voyage of discovery. The next camera that Jimmy pulled out of his bag was a monster in comparison.

“Ah,” said Peter, “now that I recognise as a camera, not too dissimilar to my old A1.”

“Indeed eve gelen escort lad, in fact it’s a direct descendant of the A1. For your sophisticated camera I would recommend a full frame sensor like this 6D, it gives much more satisfaction than most of the ones with crop sensors. But don’t worry too much about all the sensor stuff right now that’ll come if and when you need to know it. I suggest you get a Powershot and get to know it really well before moving on, and I think that for recording a project that should fill that function quite well.”

“Ok, so where can I get a, what was it, G7x?”

“My advice would be to buy it online lad, you’ll get a better price, and if you pay for delivery it will be with you within a couple of days. Here, take this one back with you have a play with it and bring it back when you get your own. I have another one to take its place if necessary. By the way the G7x has been replaced recently and the latest version of this is the G7x MkII, equally as good if not better.”

“Thanks Jimmy, I’m sure you will be seeing more of me seeking advice, and the next time we’re in the Ship at the same time the beer is on me.”

“That’s fine lad, anything you want to know don’t be afraid to ask, and I never turn down free beer.”

‘Don’t be afraid to ask, I won’t’ thought Peter, and it will not be all about cameras and photography, as he walked out of the door. He took a good look at the little camera, noticed that it had an ‘auto’ setting so he switched it to that thinking that it was a good place to start. Next, he found the power switch and switched the thing on, immediately the screen at the back lit up and he could see what the camera was seeing, this was something of a bonus he thought. By the time he had walked back to the house he had taken twenty or thirty photos of various things along the way.

Once back in the house Peter dug out his laptop and started to do a little searching to find the best online shop to buy from, he soon found one that not only had good reviews, but had good prices as well. They not only sold cameras but a vast range of accessories as well. He set up an account, found the camera Jimmy had suggested, and found that by paying a little extra for delivery it could be with him the next day. Now how to get the photos onto his laptop he thought that Claudet might be able to help there, so he wandered into her study noticing that she was doodling on a piece of paper so it would be ok to disturb her.

“Claudet love, camera, photos, laptop, transfer, how?”

“Oh, you have a camera already? That was quick.”

“No, Jimmy lent me this one, but I have ordered one and it should be here tomorrow.”

“Jimmy lent you a camera, my, you are honoured.”

“While we are on the subject of Jimmy did you pick up the ‘knew his old man well, and his mother fatih escort better’ bit? There was something going on there.”

“Yes, I did, but that’s for another time. The answer to your original question is that the camera probably has some sort of card for storage. If your laptop doesn’t have a card reader I have a usb one, let’s go take a look.”

They went back into the kitchen where Peter had been doing his stuff on the table.

“Ok,” says Claudet, “your laptop has an SD card reader, if the camera uses an SD card you are in luck.”

After a short exploration of the camera they discovered that the storage card was inside the battery compartment and that it was indeed an SD card. From there it didn’t take them long to work out how to get the images from the card to the laptop and to start looking at them.

“Hmm,” said Claudet after they had looked at four or five images “you have a good eye for a photo”

“You never really lose it, but I am sure that I can do much better once I get the hang of a new camera and can move away for just using the auto functions.”

“Well there’s a wealth of subject matter around here for you to practice on, and to relearn your art.”

“Indeed, and I’ll be taking the new camera down to Jimmy tomorrow for a quick tour around it, and a tutorial on how best to use it. And some advice on software, I think I’m going to be wanting a better image viewer than this basic one, but I guess that the camera will come with some basic software to get started.”

“But that’s all for tomorrow, there’s nothing that you can do until then, well except for one thing that you can do right now.”

“What’s that then?”

Claudet sat up on the edge of the table, slid her skirt up and pulled off her panties, handing them to Peter said

“Feel those.”

“Hmm, very wet aren’t they?”

“And what do you deduce from that then?”

“That you might be a little horny.”

“Hmph, ‘a little’ he says. Get that cock out and fuck me.”

Peter divested himself of his jeans and boxers, thinking that the writing must have gone well today, and stepped between her legs. Fortunately, the table was just the right height. Taking his cock in hand he stroked it a few times to make sure it was good and hard, also to tease Claudet a little, before bringing it to her pussy lips and tracing them with the tip, rubbing it back and forth alone the shape of her slit. He felt her start to slide forward on the table eager to get him inside her, he leaned back a little to maintain the merest contact – she got the message and stopped, she knew that when Peter wanted to tease her there was nothing she could do about it.

Wiggling his cock from side to side Peter parted her pussy lips, noting that they were slick and shiny, and introduced the tip of his cock between them. Claudet was sighing and halkalı anal yapan escort moaning her frustration that he was teasing her. He began to trace her lips again with the cockhead, running it the full length back and forth, keeping this up for a couple of minutes until he felt her clit appear to nudge into the hole of his cock. He began to rub the tip in circles manipulating her clit as it lay there in its wet little bed. Claudet was now moaning even more, and her belly beginning to heave, he knew the signs all too well and wanted to judge this perfectly.

Peter waited and waited, all the time rubbing over and around her clit with his cock, waiting until she was on the point of orgasm. As she was just on the point he pushed the tip of his cock down and entered her with a long, deep, fast thrust pushing her right over the edge of her orgasm which made her scream out with joy. Holding there deep inside her for a couple of minutes he allowed her orgasm to subside a little, but not too much, before starting to fuck her seriously with long, slow measured strokes to bring her back to the boil again.

He kept this up for some minutes until Claudet groaned out

“Yes, c’mon, I want it hard, fast and deep…”

Ever the gentleman Peter began to fuck her much faster, with long, deep, hard strokes, slamming his cock so deep his balls were banging against the edge of the table. He knew he couldn’t keep this up for long. Long slow fucking he could keep up for ages, but fast and furious didn’t last long. Claudet was now moaning and groaning, trying to give instructions but her words had become incoherent. But he knew what she wanted and continued to hammer his cock into her hot, wet hole feeling it sucking at his cock like a voracious mouth. He could also feel his cock swelling, thickening and hardening as his own orgasm approached.

Claudet was positively howling in sheer bliss by now, and he knew she was close, her second orgasm always being much more intense. He also knew that he could keep this up long enough to push her right through it. Her moans suddenly changed and became almost deep-rooted growls as her orgasm built, and her pussy was beginning to contract as if milking his cock for its juice. Peter could feel his own orgasm beginning to boil in his balls and started banging into her with short, fast hard strokes pushing her into an all-consuming screaming orgasm which had the effect of triggering his own as he rammed his cock so deep he could feel the neck of her womb as his cum started to flood into her.

He held there deep and hard inside her for some time, he lost track of how long, but it couldn’t have been that long. As he became aware of the situation he realised that Claudet had collapsed forward with her head on his shoulder. She had obviously fainted with the power of her orgasm, he had known this to happen before and just stood there holding her and caressing her back until she began to come round.

“Are you Ok love?” he asked.

“Fucking hell Peter,” she replied “I’ve not had one like that for simply ages, not one that pretty much knocked me out anyway.

“I think we need to get cleaned up and then get you some food.”

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