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The “Coffee & Cake” was as packed as the mall since Christmas was only two weeks away. Ginny and Dawn were fortunate that a small booth in the corner opened up just as their turn came to be seated.

Ginny said, “Ooh this is nice, and those cinnamon buns smell fantastic…share?”

“Why not,” her friend said. “But you’re such a bad influence on me Ginny, you never gain an ounce, and I gain a dress size after we’re together, but we do have fun – not to mention all the money you help me get rid of.”

“Hey, we work hard enough, Ginny said, “Let’s enjoy it while we can. I think the kids are going to like all this stuff.”

“Kids…can you believe it Ginny, your Tommy and Frank Jr. practically running the business and my Billy getting that bonus to join West-Tech?

“Yeah it is amazing how the time went. You know Dawn, I really didn’t think it would work out with my boys going in with ‘Frank the Fuck,’ but they are doing well.”

“See Ginny, I always said he would be good for something some day.”

“Well he was never any good to me, and as long as I don’t have to see him, it’s okay.”

They ordered and Dawn said, “Ginny, let me ask you something, did your boys ever get out of line with you?”

“Are you kidding, Frank Jr. mouthed off to me enough to make me glad he finally moved out.”

“I didn’t mean like that,” Dawn said. “And I meant to ask you, how come Tommy didn’t move out with him?”

“Well…I guess Tommy still likes living at home, and you know he’s different than Frank. Frank is out every night with a different girl and Tommy just wasn’t ready.”

“Well anyway, I’m glad that Tommy and Billy are friends; they’re as thick as thieves lately, aren’t they? But you know Ginny, I worry about Billy, he’s so shy, and I also worry that he doesn’t date; I can count on one hand the number of times he’s been out in the last few years. That doesn’t mean that he’s not thinking things, but I don’t know if they’re the right things.”

“What are you talking about Dawn?”

“I mean, well I’ve noticed something with Billy in last few months, sometimes I think I can see that he’s…hard.”

Ginny laughed out loud. “Boys that age are hard all the time, your not that old that you’ve forgotten. Remember Max?” She laughed again.

“No, I mean I notice it now when he’s around me…and he always seems to be looking at my body.”

“Well, you do have a nice pair babe.” Ginny laughed and said, “I think he’s just thinking about getting laid. Speaking of which, you haven’t done much mattress dancing yourself lately for a sexy single parent. Girl, you should get yourself a nice young twenty year old…honey, they can go all night.”

Dawn laughed, “Are you talking from wishful thinking or experience now?”

“OH experience babe, long, hard, experience; oh yes, very long and very hard.” Ginny laughed out loud and then covered her mouth.

“Who is it? You didn’t tell me you were seeing someone…you have been a little too cheerful lately…I should have known…so spill.”

“Oh Dawnie, I haven’t had it like this since…I don’t think I ever had it like this. I’m not kidding about him going all night. Five minutes after we do it, he’s ready to go again. It’s been unbelievable.”

“So details, details, who is he, where did you meet him?”

“Uh…can’t say babe.”

Dawn looked hurt. “Are you kidding, after all this time, you don’t trust me?”

“It’s not that sweetie, it’s just complicated.”

Dawn muttered, “Complicated my ass.”

“All right Dawn; nobody knows, and nobody can know, but believe me I’ve been dying to tell you, so at least I can talk about it with someone”

“So come on already Ginny, what’s the big deal, is it the mayor’s son?”

“No Dawnie, it’s my son.” She hesitated. “It’s Tommy.”


“Okay, don’t flip out on me Dawnie, it just sort of happened, I know it’s messed up, but it was so great neither of us can stop. Dawnie, it’s so good, every night, he’s there, and he wants me so much.”

“Wow…well, I am floored. That wasn’t even in the realm of my wildest thoughts. You’re sleeping with Tommy? Oh my God, I have no idea what to say.”

“I’ve told you a lot of things in the past Dawnie and I know this is a tough one; you’ve always been there for me, that’s why I told you. Just say you’re happy for me. I know it’s wacky and I have no idea where it’s going to end up, but I am having a good time.”

“Sure I’m happy for you Ginny, it’s just that…I don’t know; this kind of thing doesn’t just happen.” Dawn was disturbed, and fought the urge to show her friend her disapproval. But there was a curiosity and she asked, “My God, how did it start?”

“I hate to tell you this, but the first time, I was still married to Frank. It only happened once and then I stopped it. Frank was out of town and he took Frank Jr. with him. I went in to take a nap and asked Tommy to wake me for dinner. I was having a sex dream with I don’t know who, and in my dream the guy is stroking my ass. I wake up and antalya escort it’s Tommy who’s stroking my ass while I’m lying there in my bra and panties. So I say, “What are you doing?” He doesn’t say anything; he just starts kissing me. I was still excited and wet from the dream, and he was all over me, and I didn’t want to stop Dawnie. Things had gotten so bad with Frank; I just didn’t want to stop.”

They were both quiet and Ginny thought about how hard it was to stay away from her son until she finally split with her husband. And she thought about the day Frank moved out. Frank Jr. had helped him and then stayed over. She pictured the look on her younger son’s face when he said, “Do you remember that night mom, and how many times we made love, and how it felt when I was inside you?” She knew the answers to that and to next question he had asked. “And do you remember all the reasons you gave me in the morning why we had to stop, mom?”

She could hear own words again, “Of course I remember sweetheart; I remember every minute and every way you touched me…I remember it every day.” Dawn also remembered the morning after that first time, when she woke, and how her son asked her to love him one last time before she left him for work. And how she took off her dress and he pulled her into bed before she could finish undressing. She remembered how he took her in their final act of lovemaking. She remembered lying on her side, holding her stockinged leg up as he pushed his thick hardness into her pussy from behind. She remembered his excitement and her own feelings of shame and guilt, and the wet pleasures of release as she stifled her cries during the most intense orgasm of her life.

Ginny didn’t say any of this to Dawn, but when Dawn asked if it was more than just sex for her and for Tommy, she said, “I don’t know babe, and right now, I don’t care.”

For days, Dawn kept re-playing the conversation she had with Ginny. She couldn’t imagine why a woman would let her son sleep with her. And it was even more unsettling for her when she looked at Billy looking at her. There was no longer any question about the way he was looking; he was looking with lust, and the lust was for her. It was terrible, and she did all she could to stifle any excitement stemming from the knowledge that a young man wanted to sleep with her.

At first, she wondered if Billy knew about Ginny and Tommy having sex, but each time his eyes stroked her body, she became more convinced. She knew that he knew, and what he wanted. The thought plagued her; her son wanted her, to sleep with her, to fuck her.

Each night, as Dawn drifted off to sleep, her thoughts turned to Ginny and Tommy, and then to herself and Billy. More than once, in the fog of half remembered dreams, she saw the unbidden images of her Billy touching her, his cock thick and throbbing for her. More than once an unrecognized young man filled her flesh with his, making her feel what she’d missed for so many years.

Dawn’s phone rang, as it did almost every morning as she was having breakfast and Ginny said, “I was thinking about Billy and you know what you should do, you should take him to the Bunny Ranch.”

“Are you kidding?”

“No I’m not kidding, we’re only twenty five minutes from the best legal brothel in America, the girls are clean, and it’s about time Billy got an education.”

“I couldn’t do that Ginny, it would be too embarrassing.”

“Come on Dawnie, that boy needs it, and it might get him out of his shell, well, anyway, you do what you think is best.”

Dawn did think about it and decided that maybe her friend was right, maybe that would be what her son needed to turn his mind from his incestuous thoughts. That evening Dawn garnered the courage to say, “Billy, you’ve got a birthday coming up and I want to give you something…different…a night at the Bunny Ranch…you know what that is, don’t you?”

He said, “Mom!” He hesitated for a moment and then said quietly, “Yes of course I know what that is.”

“Well you haven’t been there, have you?”

“No mom.” His discomfort was evident.

“Sweetheart, there’s nothing wrong with talking about this, we always talk about things together, this shouldn’t be any different. I know you go out sometimes, but you never stay very long with one girl; and, you haven’t slept with anyone, have you?” She got her answer from his silence.

“Well it’s time honey, and I think it will give you some confidence to go out more…if you know what to expect, and what to do…”

He said, “Oh mom.”

“Really honey, let’s just go over there tonight, okay?”

There was a long pause before she heard him say, “Okay.”

Dawn called the Bunny Ranch and got the details. On the ride over she laughed and said, “You better enjoy yourself Billy; if you knew what this is going to cost me…”

When they arrived, she was surprised that he allowed her to go in with him. Six women came out and Billy was asked to choose one. He pointed to Starr, who was probably in her fethiye escort early thirties, the oldest of the girls. She had dark hair and a full bust, the closest in coloring and body type to Dawn. Star took Billy to her room and told him she’d be right back. She had seen Dawn signal her that she wanted to talk.

Starr said to Dawn, “I’ve had a lot of fathers bring their sons in; it’s nice to see a mom doing it too.”

“Dawn smiled at her and said, “It was time; I want him to have fun, but I also hope you can teach him something…is that okay?”

Starr laughed, “Of course honey, you paid for enough time for a bit of education also.”

When Starr went back into the room, Billy was sitting on the bed with his hands folded in his lap. Star walked over and sat beside him. She could see how nervous he was, but she didn’t spout any platitudes about relaxing and what a good time she was going to show him. She put her arm around his neck and gently kissed his face and neck until he was at ease enough to put his hand on her arm and stroke it.

She smiled and said, “Now how about if we start up here darlin’?” She removed the halter top that showcased her big breasts and she could see his eyes widen even though he was trying to be discreet. She said, “Tell me what you’re thinking baby.”

“I’d like to suck on them,” he said.

“Well you just go right ahead,” she said as she cupped one of her heavy breasts and offered it to him. He sucked on her nipples long enough to make Starr think he would do it all night, so she said; “You got my titties all excited, now it’s time for some pussy baby.”

She made a hand motion and asked, “Do you know what that means?” He shook his head ‘Yes.’ Her thumb held her ring-finger down below the three upright digits. “I thought you might,” She laughed, “It seems all the college boys know the ‘Shocker,’ but Starr is going to show you something even more pleasing for your lady friends.’ It’s called the ‘Butterfly.’ She wiggled her index and middle fingers and then took off her panties. She was shaved clean and Billy couldn’t help but stare at the shiny slit. Starr sat back on the bed and opened her legs. She said, “You look all you want baby.” She let him touch her as she explained the sensitivities of her anatomy. When he had his face between her legs as she’d instructed, she taught the young man her version of ‘The Butterfly.’

Pros don’t usually come with their clients, but sometimes they do. Starr was excited at the prospect of teaching the young virgin, and his ministrations on her clit sent her over. “You have a tongue with talent baby,” she said. “Now we’ll get started.” She undressed him and was sincere when she remarked that the burgeoning hard-on under her stroke was going to make the girls very happy. Billy had his first blow job and the experienced Starr knew exactly when he was going to come, even if he didn’t. She took the condom off him and allowed him to come on her tits. He’d come quickly.

He apologized for coming so fast and she said, “That’s what you’re here for baby; you’re going to come a lot more before we’re through.” During the next few hours, he did. She took Billy through many positions and techniques, and during each orgasm, one word reverberated through his mind and body, ‘Mom.’

When Billy finally came back to the sitting room, he was flushed, and the smile he wore was one of excitement. Dawn thought she hadn’t seen his eyes sparkle with that enthusiasm for years. On the ride home she didn’t question him because he seemed content to quietly savor his experience. Before they went off to their bedrooms, she kissed him and said, “Happy birthday baby.”

He hugged her close to his body and said, “Thanks mom; it was a great present.”

During the following months Billy dated lots more than before, although there was only one he saw more than a few times. Her name was Jennifer and they had sex after a few dates. She liked oral; she especially liked his oral. She told him it was the only time she’d ‘Lost control’ during sex. Billy didn’t lose control and didn’t lose any sleep over cooling the relationship. He ended it after a few months.

Even Dawn dated more at that time, but as she told Ginny in their morning talk, “It just doesn’t mean anything to me, I’m not interested in having sex with these guys, and when I do, it doesn’t do anything for me, maybe it’s not important to me anymore, I don’t know.”

Ginny answered, “It would be important if you were doing it with the right person. Don’t give up Dawnie, he’ll come along.”

Dawn was very ambivalent about talking with Ginny about her relationship with Tommy and she hadn’t mentioned it in months. Finally she asked, “Do you and Tommy still…?”

Ginny said, “Yes, we still…” she exaggerated the last word and said, “You can’t even say it, can you Dawn?”

“Of course I can, I just…I don’t know Ginny, it’s just so hard to understand, how a mother could do that with her son.”

“It’s not so hard to understand if kaş escort they make each other happy, and they’re not hurting anybody and…oh forget it, you’re so judgmental about this thing, I think you forgot you’re supposed to be my best friend.”

Dawn said, “Oh I’m sorry Ginny; I really didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s not you Dawnie, maybe it is hard for anyone to understand it if they’re not in the situation themselves. We’re all looking for love honey, sometimes it finds you.”

The next week, they met at the mall and Ginny said, “Here Dawnie, I bought you something to make up for my giving you a hard time.”

Dawn said, “You didn’t do anything honey, it was me, but thanks.” She reached into the bag and pulled out something brightly colored in a clear plastic wrapping. At first she didn’t know what it was.

Ginny laughed and said, “It’s Rod and Rod Jr. for those lonely nights.” When Dawn realized it was a dildo, she turned red and dropped it back into the bag. They laughed together and Dawn hugged her friend feeling the familiar warmth.

For Billy it was a time that his confidence moved into high gear. Despite seeing girls his age, he became even more interested in his mother. He touched her more and kissed her more, careful not to do it in a sexual way, except in his mind. Dawn generally responded with warm hugs and affection. He liked it when she had her hands on him as she spoke to him.

It was summer and he walked around shirtless most of the time and it was an accident that she saw him that day in the bathroom with the door open. It wasn’t an accident that he had left the door opened. He knew she would walk by. He was standing sideways by the medicine cabinet after a shower, and he was almost completely hard, and Dawn was surprised at how big he looked. She turned away, but not before the image of his young body was etched into her memory.

When Billy came down to breakfast, Dawn was at the sink. There’s something about women doing dishes that makes men want to come up behind them – and do things. Billy was no different. With the water running she didn’t hear him come up to her. She jumped when he held her hips and kissed her neck. He said, “Can I help?”

She laughed and turned her head to smile at him. She said, “That’s okay baby, I’ve got it. Thanks anyway.” He controlled the urge to press his groin against her butt, and just then the light bulb blew. She jumped and they both laughed as he went to the closet.

He pulled the light cord and before getting the step-stool and bulb, Billy noticed a cigar box sticking out from under the towels. He took it down and opened it and found it filled with pictures. He brought the box back to the kitchen and after changing the bulb, he said, “Mom, how come these pictures aren’t in the albums?”

“Oh, those are mine, from a while ago; I looked at them the other day for the first time in years.”

“Can I see them mom?”

Dawn hesitated, and then said, “Okay.” They sat at the table and began going through the photos. “I wasn’t bad looking once upon a time,” she said. They were looking at some shots of her in shorts and a halter top. Her cleavage excited him and he began to harden.

Billy said, “You looked great and you still do mom.”

“Thanks baby.” She smiled.

Some of the pictures were cut. It was obvious that she had cropped out his father. He was too young to remember him, but he knew the marriage did not end well. He knew she was unhappy for long time. He put those thoughts aside as he took another handful of pictures from the box.

There were a couple of sexy shots where his mother was fully clothed but posed provocatively on a couch and Billy said, “Wow, pretty cool mom, great legs.” She smiled and flushed a little.

Billy picked up one of her showing a gently swollen belly and smiling widely. She said, “That’s you and me honey.” She got up and gave him a peck on the head. “Enough nostalgia for one day,” she said.

“Mom, can I have a couple of these?”

“Dawn stopped a moment and then said, “Sure sweetheart.” She didn’t watch which ones he took before returning the box to the closet.

The next morning after breakfast, Billy came up behind his mother as she was doing the dishes. His brain was fevered from the fantasies of the night before and whether, accidentally, on purpose, or accidentally on purpose, his hard-on brushed up against his mother.

Dawn became agitated, but maintained herself even though her heart was racing. She fought the surge of excitement caused by the knowing that her son found her body sexy enough to make him hard. “Billy, sit down,” she said. “We have to talk about this.”

He played innocent, “What are you talking about mom?”

“Look Billy, you know what’s going on with Tommy and his mother, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question. He shook his head ‘Yes.’

Well I want you to know something. Maybe taking you to the Bunny Ranch gave you some ideas, and maybe Tommy may have given you some ideas, but I don’t care what he and his mother are doing. And I just don’t think what they’re doing is right.” She hesitated and then said, “It doesn’t matter; Billy, you and I are not going to have sex.” It was out there as plain as day, and all Billy could do was to try and get a coherent sentence out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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